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u/redheaddit · 2 pointsr/organization

Not medical field, but I've worked with needs like this before.

The simple human can has an interior plastic liner that should prevent the plastic bag from sinking. It's not as tedious as it sounds, but when the tag is full you remove the entire liner before removing the bag of dirties, put in the clean bag, pull it taught and shove the rest of the plastic at the top through a little hole and that keeps it from falling until you're ready to remove the bag. Plastic cans won't help with that issue unfortunately.

Reusable wipes are a great idea for your situation. I used the ubbi pul liners in a 6.6 gallon sterilite step can when I cloth diapered my daughter. They say 7 gal, but it's a good tight fit on that step can and it will prevent it from falling into the can. Wash the liner with the cloths each cycle, and having a 2 pack means you always have one clean. You might be able to get away with washing the wipes 1-2x weekly depending on the specific situation, so stock up on wipe cloths based on the projected need between washings.

Ubbi Twin Pack Cloth Diaper Pail Liner, Washable and Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Water and Odor Resistant, Drawstring Closure and Door Knob Hanger, 7-Gallon, White

STERILITE 10949004 Step Can, Black, 6.6 Gallon (fyi that price is currently outrageous, but you can find these at Target, Kmart, dollar general, Walmart, etc)

I've used these wipes for babies

OsoCozy Flannel Baby Wipes - Reusable And Washable - 15 Pack (Unbleached)

But I think for a mostly grown man, you could get something thicker like cheap cloth napkins, or kitchen hand towels, or those bundles of washcloths at any big box like this:

Simpli-Magic 79078 Cotton Washcloths (Pack of 24), Size: 12" x 12"

Fyi, buy the wipes in a single color that is NOTHING like your other linens, if you plan on keeping this stuff fully separated and want to ensure there isn't a potential cross contamination or stains on your nicer linens.

You can search for wash routine recommendations basically on any cloth diapering forum these days, but it usually goes something like this:

Only white vinegar in a soak and rinse cycle, then wash with a cloth diaper safe detergent (I've used Charlie's Soap for all our laundry for over 12 years but there are other brands that people swear by so check them out) with an oxygen booster (oxy clean) to disinfect and whiten. Dry as normal.

If you encounter barnyard smells in clean laundry or if he ever develops a fungal infection, bleach it all in hot water and dry it in the sun and you will be good to go. Otherwise, bleaching is overkill and will tear the linens apart in no time.

And last, I hope you recover fully from your surgery. Take care!

u/lovethefreeworld · 1 pointr/organization

I agree with what everyone else said on getting rid of stuff because you do have a good amount of cabinet space. Then get more efficient and clever about how you use the cabinet space you do have. For one I would move the racks you have on the counter into the cabinets so you can store things underneath them and create more space. Someone else mentioned a tiered plate holder. I have one of those and it works great!

Finding ways to use vertical space has done wonders for my small kitchen. For the spices you could mount a rack like this one on the side of the cabinet to free up counter space:
I purchased a magnetic knife rack that hangs on the wall because I only have two drawers in my kitchen I needed for other things:
I've even seen people do pegboards, with adjustable hooks for hanging pots, pans and utensils:

I would definitely get a small dish drying rack that fits into one side of the sink and get those dishes off the counter. It will look much neater. The stuff on top of the fridge would look more tidy in a basket/crate. I'd get two command hooks and hang those potholders on the wall right above the stove. I also use command hooks to hang pot lids on the inside of my cabinets. I'd also move the cutting boards off the counter and down below facing sideways so you can pull them out easily. Cutting boards are great for low deep spaces.

A general rule of thumb is that a bunch of smaller items will tend to look more cluttered than a few big items. So if you need to keep something on the counter make it the bigger appliances.

u/TootsNYC · 1 pointr/organization

Train everyone to always put the lid down on the toilet.

Install an automatic closer

And put a sticker on the underside of the lid or seat that says “close the lid so stuff can’t fall in”

And then get some opaque “Tupperware” type food storage containers to store things in
Vremi Silicone Food Storage Containers with BPA Free Airtight Plastic Lids - Set of 4 Small and Large Collapsible Meal Prep Container for Kitchen or Kids Lunch Boxes - Microwave and Freezer Safe

Square floral containers that look like a useful shape

Corelle makes them in metal

If you get them in the same design, or in the same color, it will look calm.

You could go with white, and then you could use different designs or items (a bread box for bandages and
a pitcher for combs and a salt box for dental care, etc)

Marie Kondo would have you get clear or frosted so you can see what’s in them. Those would be easier to find.

I keep my wound-care stuff in one, tooth care stuff in another, etc.

Get ones that are identical or coordinating so they look calmer

And then you can wipe the shelf easily because you can just pick up the container.

u/PM_ME_UR_UFO_PICS · 2 pointsr/organization

I have a nail polish shelf like this on my wall. they come in all kinds of sizes and materials (wood, metal, plastic, etc) and can be custom built. this is good for not only displaying them like art, but also it helps you be able to see everything you have. I used to keep them in photo boxes sorted by colours and I found that I never used most of them because I couldn't see the bottles when they were stood upright.

I use a train case for all the tools/accessories. you could also try looking at arts and craft supply stuff because they often have all sorts of containers that can be useful for nail stuff (hobbies like jewelry making, sewing, scrapbooking, etc require lots of tiny pieces so the containers have little compartments for everything)

(I also recommend majorly decluttering if you haven't already. I used to have probably around 300 bottles of polish but one person obviously can't use that many, even if you did your nails every single day it would take years to get the moneys worth for every colour. just keep what you use, donate or sell the rest. so now I just keep what fits on the acrylic wall shelf)

u/productivitygeek · 2 pointsr/organization

Could you hang a couple of spice racks on either wall? Something like these maybe: You don't need to keep spices in them, they work for other items as well.


Or if you need a place to keep spices, I really like these: they stick on to the wall and work great! They come in 2 sizes so check which you need (there's also a combo pack).

u/knotquiteawake · 4 pointsr/organization

First, use these:


Second: put like cables in ziplock bags. Either quart or gallon depending on how many you have. Then label those bags and put them in a box like you have been.


I have literally used hundred of those cable ties though. Use those for sure.

u/leslietheriveter · 1 pointr/organization

You could buy archival storage boxes/bankers boxes. Like /u/pro-organizer said, use whatever sorting system works best (alphabetically, chronologically, etc.). Smaller cases can be put in a manila folder and large cases that don't fit in a manila folder can use the folder as a separator. On the tabs of each folder write whatever identifying information your dad usually uses when looking for cases so you'll see it when you take the lid off a box.

u/KatieHawkeye · 3 pointsr/organization

We use this wine rack from Amazon.

Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Wine Rack...

It's amazing!

u/smallerdemon · 2 pointsr/organization I love this thing for that. It's metal so it conducts heat away, and it's got space underneath for both airflow and cables.

u/-itsjustaphase- · 2 pointsr/organization

These seem to work great for underwear/socks/bras/etc.

u/Dsblhkr · 2 pointsr/organization

What about a behind door organizer? Like this... 24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

u/e_lizbit · 1 pointr/organization

An beauty influencer I follow on instagram uses something similar to this to organize and display her collection of sunnies!

u/jaylandsman · 2 pointsr/organization

I just finished the life changing magic of tidying, which is excellent, and has made an immediate difference.

The Getting Things Done is deservedly famous too.

u/webbymcwebberson · 1 pointr/organization

We have all our records in Foremost storage cubes. The prices vary; sometimes they're cheapest from Target, sometimes Amazon. They're great! We don't have any books in ours but of course you could put books in them.

u/billFoldDog · 1 pointr/organization

A fishing tacklebox or two ought to do it.

These plano boxes are stackable and can be inserted into Plano tackleboxes like this one

u/feawennenharma · 1 pointr/organization

Sth like this

And then put the right amount of hanging file folders in. Is expandable and durable.

Should do the trick!

u/whoniversereview · 1 pointr/organization

I use these for various vintage video games and the same manufacturer makes them for DVDs as well.

u/1ddqd · 1 pointr/organization

I use this, mounted to the rear of my desk, to handle cables that run the length of the table top. Cables all exit on the right side of the desk and run down one leg:

I use this to handle cables that run across my floor (live in apartment, can't build them into the wall):

I used this to wrap/bundle my cables when they are too long:

u/ipsquibibble · 1 pointr/organization

Does the ladder lead up to a hole on the ceiling that accesses your loft? I wonder if [this] (Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic Ladder, Fits 8-Foot 9-Inch to 10-Foot Ceiling Height, 250-Pound Capacity, L224P would work, I don't think you'd need a contractor to install it and it swings up out of the way when not in use.

u/KatsKlaw · 5 pointsr/organization

One of those plastic over the door shoe storage things. Then glue gun or velcro a line in the middle of each compartment to make extra compartments. You can store multiple earings together. Organize each section by metal type, color, beading, material, etc.

Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

u/val319 · 3 pointsr/organization

Things coming to mind are office organizing drawers used as silverware drawers. There’s plastic 3 pack versions. Like these but don’t pay that much. Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer - ClearView Wide 2093 (White / Clear) (10.25"H x 14.5"W x 14.25"D) Walmart is usually cheaper. I’m thinking you could measure And stack them in the weird cubby area. In not sure if you’re going to eat on the other side. Ikea used to sell a pop up table.