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u/mrb11n · 2 pointsr/orioles

Welcome! Good job on choosing the best team in baseball! I'm a fan of all over (Steelers, FSU, Wizards/Thunder, Orioles) but we have a great community of people here! If you ever have any questions you can ask pretty much anyone! If you aren't that into baseball in general then I would recommend watching some movies about baseball (Sandlot, Moneyball, etc.) for the Orioles here there is so much History! /u/aresef has done a good job going over the biggest players in history. If you want to look at the Orioles World Series wins, I would check out this dvd which is only $10 on amazon. Once again, welcome! hope to see you a lot next season!

u/BaltimoreBirdGuy · 4 pointsr/orioles

If you can, watch the local broadcasts or listen to the radio broadcasts. You will eget a lot of random stories.

As for learning, the best if you just listen to stories from old O's fans. I'm sure your grandma would love to share. Also, wiki is probably a good start. I'd recommend starting with just searchign wiki and reading about people:

Cal Ripken
EArl Weaver
Rick Dempsey
Brooks Robinson
Jim PAlmer
Frank Robinson
Eddie Murray

There are obviously tons of others to look up but those would be a good start beyond just current players.

Also, a quick amazon search yielded this:

I have no idea if it's good or not but it could be worth checking out.

And welcome! Go O's!!!!

We'd welcome you as a ravens fan too if you ever get fed up with the Eagles =D

u/dwhite21787 · 4 pointsr/orioles

I own a few of these, read all but "Tales", and they're pretty good.

Orioles Encyclopedia

Baseball in Baltimore - photos

Pitching, defense and 3-run Homers - 1970 O's

The Earl of Baltimore

Baseball in Baltimore - 100 years

History of a Colorful Team - St. Louis & Baltimore

Four Decades of Magic

Tales from the Dugout

We should start a group on LibraryThing... edit: done.

u/ZackMorris78 · 1 pointr/orioles

What radio are you using? I have this one and the reception is amazing I can pull stations from Upper PA/NJ here in VA with this lil thing. The batteries last forever too in this thing. It's the best cheapest gadget I've ever bought.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/orioles

To summarize, it's Astroball, that's our rebuild process because we have the people in place to properly execute it.

That being said, we're at the foot of the mountain. In my perspective, it's a good time to be a fan, because you get to watch all these guys grow and progress.

On a bitter note, does anyone want to buy an authentic White O's Jersey with "Broxton" on it? ugh

u/unclenoriega · 4 pointsr/orioles

If anyone wants to read about it, I've setup an Amazon Giveaway for Astroball. I set it to generate unique, private links—I don't know if there's a bot for this kind of thing—so just post here if you want one, and I'll PM the link. I got three copies.

Apparently it can take up to 12 hours to finish setting up for some reason, so it might be a little while.

Edit: All gone

u/ruffyen · 8 pointsr/orioles

Read Astroball if you want to understand how this team will be rebuilt.

The draft is a huge part of it, but they are also going to look for ways to exploit their opponents utilizing data.