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u/theimp_ · 3 pointsr/orlando

If this is your first programming language its a tad unfortunate that it has to be C++ but by no means does it mean it is bad or anything. In fact its the language most aspiring computer scientists started out with in college prior to the 2000s.

You can start off with
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++
and then going onto The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition after completing the first one. There is also C++ Primer that is also highly recommended as another book for starting out.

A book along with web searches when you have questions will get you pretty far. Having someone to ask questions if you get stuck on something conceptually is also useful. The best advice I can give you is to really play around with the language as you are learning and do most of the practice exercises too. Stroustrup also has solutions to the exercises from the first book I mentioned online. Hopefully you have some months available to learn the language. On top of that you might need to learn some computer science topics like data structures as well. You just can't rush these things but you can accelerate it a little.

As for me, my C++ knowledge is 'rusting away' by the day. I learned the STL with C++ when it was made official only a couple years after (like over 10 years ago). Nowadays you have Boost and the language itself has changed. I have not presently needed to update my C++ knowledge to what is latest and greatest but I shall.

Also worth pointing out is that In my experience, when you work with different companies you might find that you never use official C++ libraries and most current language features, but you are supporting legacy stuff that was first written maybe 20 years ago when not even built-in STL was available. This means either you are going to use some now-arcane implementation of someone's version of base libraries or the company rolled their own from the ground up many years ago, and because its so well entrenched in the code-base it continues to be used many years later. Not a big deal, but you might want to find that out for yourself, that if you are learning the latest and greatest of library and language features - you might or might not be using it in practice with your company.

You can PM me if you have questions but I'm not sure I can commit the amount of time you might need in a tutor role.

u/NoIdeaHowToHobby · 1 pointr/orlando

I paddle a good bit. I'd strongly recommend buying the book in the link below. It's $13 but is an excellent jumping off point and well worth the money at twice the price. There's also the state paddling trails but I refer to the book more often than I do that website. You'll exponentially enjoy your time on the water if you set up shuttles for rivers(i.e. a friend).

u/tastychomps · 14 pointsr/orlando

Some of my favorites, with some favorite dishes:

  • Prato (widowmaker pizza, meatballs, whatever is new on the menu) - Park Ave, Winter Park
  • Kappo at East End (chirashi sushi bowl) - Audubon Park
  • Txokos Basque Kitchen (get the kalimotxos coca-cola and wine braised pork belly) - Audubon Park
  • Taipei 101 (get the spicy fried catfish meal box) - UCF Area
  • Cask and Larder (get the nashville hot chicken and waffles) - Winter Park
  • Cappadoccia (get the hand made gyro platter with rice and turkish bread) - Semoran
  • Vietnam Cuisine (pho, and banh cuon rice crepes stuffed with mushroom, pork) - Mills 50 District
  • Sushi Pop (anything, try the khao sao curry noodles with duck confit) - Oviedo
  • The Pharmacy (garlic butter rock shrimp) - Sand Lake, Restaurant Row
  • Croissant Gourmet (the croque monsieur topped with fried egg, almond croissant) - Park Ave, Winter Park
  • Bull and Bear (pasta explosion, gnocchi, tomahawk ribeye) - Disney area
  • Chuan Lu Garden (authentic sichuan - cumin lamb, spicy fried fish, hand pulled noodles) - Mills 50 District
  • Border Grill (authentic street tacos) - Kirkman / Universal area
  • Del Dios (pizza) - Colonialtown / Orlando Exec Airport
  • Others: Hollerbach's Willow Tree, Sushi Tomi, K restaurant, Le Coq au vin, Chef Eddies, The Rusty Spoon, Mamak, Donut King

    source: i food blog at and
u/SkitScout · 1 pointr/orlando

One good and easy step you can take is to pick up one of these modems Amazon Link you will save $5 every month for no modem rental charges through Brighthouse and you will notice that your internet speed is much more consistent. I switched about 6 months ago and it has made a huge difference, like youtube videos will actually stream and not buffer over a 20MB/s connection. Reset counts on the Motorola modem: 0.

Google Video Quality Report basically verifies what you are experiencing in terms of speed fluctuations.

u/consigliere58 · 2 pointsr/orlando

I would recommend that you read The Art of Raising a Puppy by Monks of New Skete before you adopt a puppy. Good luck.

u/an_ennui · 9 pointsr/orlando

Suburban development 🎉

For those interested, this book gives a very easy-to-read overview on American city planning: It’s tough to read living here, though, because after reading it you’ll definitely be bothered by so many things you never noticed before.

u/Beyondintodarkness · -1 pointsr/orlando

> Sorry but Obama tried Keynesian economics.

So first let me correct you here. To say that Obama tried Keynesian economics is to say you don't understand Keynesian economics. Keynesian economics is not something you can jump on when things are bad and quit when things get good again. Keynesian economics requires a country to maintain it for several economic cycles in order to see its full benefits. Its an economic model that relies on a surplus existing when things get bad so then you can start running a deficit in order to stimulate the economy. Obama attempted to put Keynesian economics to use when his predecessors had not which limits how great the recovery can be.

> It's the reason why under his time in office we had the worst economic recovery since WWII.

Again, this seems like a great talking point if you don't actually understand how economics works. The Obama recovery was practically the best possible scenario. What you're describing is the amount of time it took to return the economy to pre-recession growth rates. When you consider that the recession was in many ways actually worse than the great depression on an economic scale and multiple nobel prize winning economists defined it as a depression, not a recession, it actually becomes a credit to the Obama presidency. Obama actually had one of the best economies and economic policy models of recent presidents. Thats not just me saying that, thats even the right leaning bloomberg..

> You also contradict yourself in your post by first stating that the President doesn't have much influence over the economy and then stating Trump could take a recession and make it a depression.

I believe if you read again what I wrote you'll find what I actually said was:

> People in general believe the President influences the economy much more than they actually do...

The key portion there being "more than they actually do" not that the President does not influence the economy. Saying that the President does not influence the economy at all would be absurd. The President influences the economy in any number of ways but almost all of those take years, in not decades, to show up. People tend to believe the President is in his office every day deciding what the economy will be the next day. The primary way that a President influences the economy in a direct sense is through leadership. The president influences the hearts and minds of people all over the country and the world. In this case if a President projects calm and hopefulness investors panic less. If a President is under investigation for possibly being under the influence of a hostile foreign power and is acting EXACTLY as you would expect a president who is under the influence of a hostile foreign power to act while also being incapable of holding a thought long enough to calm someone down the markets are going to be more volatile as people are more scared and paniced as the future becomes harder to predict.

u/stonedat9am · 1 pointr/orlando

I don't know most of the technical stuff, but I have this antenna
In the Ocoee / Winter Garden area and I get all the major channels (sometimes NASA too on a good day). The trick is to get that baby as high you can. I also have it spliced to 3 TVs.

u/rustylikeafox · 16 pointsr/orlando

Don't forget!

If you have an Alexa enabled device, you can always ask her if they are on sale!

credit to /u/TheLowEndTheory for the skill

u/jgcoded · 2 pointsr/orlando

Nobody can teach you modern c++ better than Stroustrup's book: The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition

u/madeinguam · 5 pointsr/orlando

I recently bought "Orlando: Then and Now" and that's all the book is - past and present pics from the same perspective, side by side. I highly recommend it.

u/mess_is_lore · 16 pointsr/orlando

Architecture student here. A good book to read is The World Without Us if you're interested in what happens to infrastructure days to millennia after we are gone.

The building is definitely prone to mold spores and rodent infestations. In years to come I imagine the infiltration of vegetation will weaken the structure if upkeep is suspended. Other than that, it will probably become a large, 'modern' bat house.

u/unquietwiki · 1 pointr/orlando

Hang out in r/sysadmin , build stuff, and get a copy of this book: you'll be fine.

u/okiedawg · 1 pointr/orlando

I have something like this. I have a home and it is attached my roof.

You have to run cables up the roof, but used existing cable lines.

I use it to power two HD televisions without any boosters. I get all the basic channels (Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS) 99 percent of the time.

u/Opheltes · 39 pointsr/orlando

My suggestion is to buy a portable AC. They're not super expensive ($300 for a unit that can cool 400 ft^2 ), you can set it up in 3 minutes, and it'll save your sanity if your AC goes out.

We bought ours in July 2015. We had a newborn who had just gotten out of the NICU when the house flooded. It knocked out the AC and bathrooms for 2 weeks. It was awful but the portable AC made it livable.

We used it again last month when our AC went out multiple times. (The old owner did some very against-the-book things and wrecked multiple components).

u/ampeed · 1 pointr/orlando

Fujifilm 1068620 Superia X-TRA 400 35mm Film - 4x24 exp, (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

u/agent-wonderbread · 5 pointsr/orlando

Your modem is quite old at this point. You should consider upgrading, as it will probably fix the problem.

I bought this and it works flawlessly.

u/ElarNightshade · 1 pointr/orlando

WaterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage | Be Safe During Disasters (100 Gallons)

u/mk262 · 4 pointsr/orlando

That is the fundamental disagreement. I don't think we have a "gun problem". We have problems with people.

If we snap our fingers and all the guns disappear, we still have crazy people, we still have violent people, we still have terrorism. Europe is up to their eyeballs in truck attacks, grenade attacks and stabbings. Even in the gun-free paradise of the UK. Australia is currently dealing with gang shootings in a country where handguns are essentially banned.

We have issues with:

  • nihilism, especially with young men
  • immigration (Orlando pulse shooter, Fort Hood)
  • terrorism, also arguably an immigration problem (see previous)
  • mental health, including an uncomfortable conversation about whether people on mood stabilizers qualify as mentally ill

    The most difficult problem is the last one. We are in a society where huge numbers of people take medications to deal with depression, anxiety and various personality disorders. If we go tell those people they are too dangerous to own guns, they're going to get upset. You can go all the way back to the clocktower sniper to see links between medications and violence.

    I would encourage you to read Columbine if you have a legitimate interest in understanding some components of this. You can take a tldr away that those shooters bought guns that were compliant with the assault weapons ban of the day. They were using rifles that had 10rd magazines and sawed off shotguns.

    edit: To answer your question directly, I don't think there is political will to handle any of the major causes of these problems and that nothing will be done. The next shooter already has his guns. The shooter after that probably does too. It's 100% going to happen again. Until we as a society are ready to tackle the really ugly problems under the surface instead of just posting hashtags about turning rifles into manhole covers, it's not going to stop. Arming teachers and what not can only help to a degree.