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u/ibdthrowaway1 · 9 pointsr/ostomy

I got my Ileostomy in September through emergent surgery. It's been rough, but I can tell you that for just about every problem with an Ileostomy, there's a solution.


The stink is solved by using M9 drops. Personally, I fill a bottle like this and take it with me when I leave the house. Two squirts with every empty. EDIT: changed link to amazon page... the one I linked before wasn't the right one.


Hiding the bag beneath your clothing can be challenging, but I find using one of these and sucking in my stomach a bit as I would when I try to stand tall, I look totally normal.


Everyone has different solutions for leaking. After trying almost everything, I've settled on using Coloplast pouches and barrier rings for a variety of reasons... but the trick I found to get a really solid seal is to use a blow drier on low and warm up the seal and the wafer before applying them. Then, once they're applied, make sure to push around the stoma and make sure everything is sticking together. EDIT: Oh, also, I make sure and dry off around the stoma right before I apply the barrier ring. It can get wet pretty fast so it has to be done right before putting the ring on.


As for the emotions... what helped me the most was watching youtube videos of other ostomates. In particular this guy: (I'm not a vegan but the vast majority of his videos have nothing to do with veganism) and this guy: ... particularly this guy. Personally, seeing his attitude was exactly what I needed to see. He doesn't give a fuck, and you can tell. He made me realize it's going to be okay. He made me realize I was thinking too much and that I needed to just let go.


Best of luck =)


u/pepsterOC · 3 pointsr/ostomy

I hear you, my friend (literally). I've been embarrassed in meetings, movie theaters, etc... It really fuckin sucks!

I've found something that works pretty well for me. I use a belly binder type wrap. Here's a link to one on Amazon:


I know, there's no hole to feed your bag through, but that's what makes it work. You just wrap it around and it puts some pressure on your stoma and stifles the sound quite a bit. Also, it seems to make it so I can feel a toot coming on sooner, so I can hold my hand over it, which pretty much makes it silent. I haven't had a problem passing stool into my bag while I'm wearing the wrap. It just expands as my bag fills up. I have both an 8 inch wide one and a 12 inch one. I like the 12 inch size better because the 8 inch one often slips below my stoma. One problem I have had though is if my output is extra runny, and I let my bag get too full, it has forced a bit to leak through the vent in my bag.


Another thing is this item I've seen on line. It's called the "Stoma Stifler." I haven't tried it, but my ostomy nurse told me that it works pretty well for many of her patients. Here's a link:


Good luck.

u/weirdal1968 · 2 pointsr/ostomy

DMSO by itself can slowly reduce scar tissue - more info - but one important property is that it increases tissue permeability. That is to say it allows other substances to easily penetrate cells. This can be dangerous if you are using DMSO with hazardous substances but that is not the case with digestive enzymes.

The DMSO/enzymes combination relies on Bromelain and Papain to chew up excess Fibrin (scar tissue) and the DMSO allows the enzymes to reach tissues it normally wouldn't. More on enzymes and scar tissue reduction.

DMSO can be ordered via Amazon - link - and I used Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System because the powder in the capsules can be mixed with the DMSO - link. You simply grab a glass or metal drinking glass (definitely not plastic due to the DMSO), fill with 12oz of water, add two capfuls of DMSO, break open an enzyme capsule and pour it into the glass then stir/shake until most of the powder is suspended in the mixture. Drink the mixture at least 2 hours after eating and do not eat or drink anything else for at least an hour so the enzymes break down the Fibrin and not your food.

If you aren't willing to try the DMSO/enzyme combo Systemic Proteolytic Enzyme pills such as Wobenzyme N may also work albeit more slowly.

Whatever path you choose I wish you the best of luck in solving your scar tissue issues. Just remember if one surgery caused scar tissue growth further surgeries also have a significant risk of the same outcome.

u/rampantdildonics · 2 pointsr/ostomy

Alive and Kicking by Rolf Benirschke. Great story about the placekicker from San Diego Chargers diagnosed with UC, his surgeries, complications and his ileostomy. Been ages since I read it but I remember it was a great book. Also great for partners of an ostomate to read.

The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Urostomies. Barbara the author has a colostomy and the daughter (also a writer) is an RN.

u/willywonkaz · 1 pointr/ostomy

It's my first summer with ileostomy andI have been having issues with sweat and itchy skin as well but I am still searching for solutions.

Regarding showers, I love this shower guard. It's a bit clunky and not very cheap either ($35 on Amazon) but you get used to it quickly and my bag never gets wet with it and I need to take quick showers in the morning before going to work. I traveled in Spain for 2 weeks with this and was a big relief to be able to take quick showers in warmer temperatures.

u/Handyturkey · 2 pointsr/ostomy

Internal deodorant I've heard mixed reviews about:

DEVROM® 200mg Capsules (Internal Deodorant)- 100 Capsules

Make sure that it does not interact with your other medications!!! (Ask your doc or pharmacist)

Foods that increase odor:

Brussel Sprouts
Baked Beans

If you experience a problem after eating one of these foods, try a small amount again in a few weeks. Always experiment before cutting out your favorite foods.

Buttermilk, parsley, kefir, and yogurt may help reduce odor. You can include one of them in your daily diet.

Also, I heard cranberry juice is good

Certain vitamins and drugs can cause odor, so remind your doctor that you have an ostomy when he is prescribing medication for you.

u/covercash · 1 pointr/ostomy

Things can easily soak through a towel before you wake up and realize there was a leak... go on Amazon and get a proper mattress protector/pad. For example:

UltraPlush Premium Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector - Super Soft Quiet Cover

u/dvaderbmore · 1 pointr/ostomy

Hi! I've had this problem! I use the adhesive wipes first to take as much off. Then I use this cleaner and rub it in for a minute or so with my fingers. It feels nice and soothing actually. I then wipe it off with tissue. It's worked well for me.

u/spartans1311 · 1 pointr/ostomy

I don't really wear anything anymore, I just let it show these days. But I have a few of these laying around that work good an aren't too expensive:


Also some women's sports bras/bandueas can be picked up really cheap at target or walmart and can work decently. Something like this:

u/in_arkham · 2 pointsr/ostomy

I use this and my wife says she doesn't even notice the appliance.
TYT50000101 - StomaSafe Classic Ostomy Support Garment, Small, 31-1/2 - 39-1/2 Hip Circumference, White
I've been using this for about 8 months without a problem. Holds up well too.

u/CodeTheInternet · 1 pointr/ostomy

For drying, I use these super-soft med cloths and they do an excellent job by themselves.

u/closet_grower · 4 pointsr/ostomy

I’ve worn a Phoenix Belt for 7 years and it literally makes me forget I have an ostomy. They’re pretty expensive but imo totally worth it.

u/sir_wigalot · 3 pointsr/ostomy

3M tape is called Medipore. I have the 1" wide roll. When the time comes to get another roll, I'll go with the 2" wide roll. It would help having more overlap.

Hypafix is about the same. The only difference from the 3M Medipore is that the Medipore is perforated and the hypafix, you have to cut it with scissors.

Finally, pink tape. I found it's technically called Hy-tape.
Same thing as far as the width of the roll, 2" is better (imo).

Let me know how things go. I'd like to get back into swimming some more myself. Eventually I'd want to get back to scuba diving, but I'm not sure how well that would work with a wetsuit.

u/Sully1102 · 1 pointr/ostomy

I guess some people call it pink tape.

HY-TAPE The Original Pink Tape, 1 in. x 5 yds - Each.

u/xaqori · 1 pointr/ostomy

Seriously this stuff is liquid gold. I know it seems gimmicky, but I've used it (same issue you have) and IT ACTUALLY FREAKIN' WORKS!

u/Evesore · 1 pointr/ostomy

100% no. If you're washing output off your skin around the stoma your products have failed and should be changed.

I can go up to 14 days without worrying about a leak and without skin damage. Here is what I've learned:

Wafer – The hard wafer is your most important line of defense because it doesn't lose its integrity. You don't want to let output, OR WATER, touch the barrier products behind the hard wafer. Don't wash the stoma and don't shower without your pouch on. Water and output trapped behind the hard wafer will quickly destroy your protection.

The only way output can irritate your skin is if it sneaks between the wafer and the stoma. The correct wafer hole size is critical; too small and you expose the barrier products, too big and the stoma can shrink down then get stuck behind the opening, or the plastic can rub against the stoma causing a lesion.

Belts – Ideally the stoma sticks out past the hard wafer and output falls down into the pouch; convex products and support belts can help keep the stoma sticking out past the wafer. If you want additional wear time, I highly recommend trying a belt. I can't stand the belts that attach to the sides of the flange; I like the ones that look like this.

Barrier products – More is not always better! I actually get more wear time with the thin version of the moldable barrier ring. The thicker the ring the less your ostomy will protrude out past the hard wafer. The primary goal is to not let output/water touch these products. I don't use the barrier film wipes. I've never tried the paste.

Skin care – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; damaged skin has greatly reduced wear time. Take your time removing the wafer for a change, don't pull the wafer off, push down on the attached skin using remover wipes. I also liberally use adhesive remover spray (highly recommend!). Clean thoroughly using the adhesive remover wipes and water, then using paper towels/water make sure 100% of the adhesive remover is washed off. You do not need additional soap, additives in the soap will reduce your wear time. Completely dry the area; I use a blow dryer as a final step. Add stoma powder to damaged skin then remove any excess.