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u/ZippyTheChicken · 1 pointr/ota

> 3, 10, and 17

they are super easy to get

so you had dish and then you got cable tv?
as long as your cable tv / internet is not on the same coax you should be good... I considered a roof antenna but we get crazy winds here because we have no hills like you do.. 50+miles of wind building up as it moves from maryland to delaware means all winter we get these crazy gusts all the time.

Honestly heh i wonder how much grounding really matters but if I had a roof antenna they make surge protectors with coax connections.. I would use one of them if i had an outside antenna...

If you use the attic then you don't have to ground it but you could ground it if you want.

there are two reasons you need to ground your outside antenna... first is lightning strikes .. direct and anything within like 100 feet can send a charge right into your tv and burn it out.... the second reason which I did not understand at first is that wind across an antenna can build up a ton of static and that can burn out your tv tuner.

If you are in the attic you don't have to deal with either of those problems.. however you might get as much as 50% better reception on the roof than in an attic.

We have a steep roof but we have trusses in the attic.. its a crisscross of triangular supports every like 2 feet wide for the rafters but the rafters do have some large openings.. so i have to fish the antennas through them and assemble them in the attic piece by piece and then slightly bend some of the longest dipoles which is not good but i have no choice.. the are wedged in there real tight heh

you know you can hook your tv antenna to a radio .. we use to have a stereo tuner that had a connection for that and it worked well

it kinda sucks that philly and allentown are on the same path because if they weren't you could amp the philly antenna and keep the allentown one without an amp and get them all pretty strong.. if you are on the same path then if you amp for philly you might overload the allentown stations..

did you run your report using your coordinates? you can find your coordianates by finding your home on Google Maps and then click your home and it will display your coordinates like 35.0003, -71.2535 or something and you put that in the tvfool and it will show you your nmDB signal strengths .. now I will tell you tvfool is not the most accurate now but that nmDB rating .. if your signals from Allentown are over 60nmdb then you probably shouldn't amp because you have a limit of about 90db on your tv tuner for maximum... and then you have to add a buffer because signals change.. so figure 80db very maximum or 75 safe... ok so you say 75maximum ... your antenna adds maybe 7db so you subtract that from 75dbmax and you end up with 68db .... so what you have to do is make sure none of your stations are coming in stronger than 68db maximum... ok so you look at your TVFool report and you see WFMZ channel 9 is coming in at 45nmdb and that is your strongest station.. so you subtract 45nmdb from your 68db max and you end up with 23db that you have to play with... ok so 23db

you could get a piece of crap like this heheheh
25db amplifier ... BUT it has a little dial on it that lets you adjust the gain so you crank it back to 50% and you end up with 12-15 db boost.

that small amount of boost might be enough to get you some philly stations and not overload your allentown stations.... maybe... heh

or you can get an amp like this

and as you can see it has two separate inputs.. one is for two antennas where you have a VHF and a UHF antenna... and the other is for an antenna that does both UHF and VHF...

Ok so channel 6 WPVI is actually on VHF but so is 9 WFMZ so hmmm rethinking this as i write it.. not sure seperating the antennas and this amp would filter out UHF signals BUT

hmm LVT is on 39 hmm no it is actually on 9 with WFMZ ...

you might have a possibility if you used that RCA one and switched it so it was separate VHF UHF .. and then hooked an Antenna to the UHF Side you might not amp Channel 9 which is pretty much every station out of Allentown

VHF 9 broadcasts these virtual channels

35-1 MHZ MHz Worldview
35-2 WORLD World Channel
39-1 WLVT-DT PBS "PBS 39"
39-2 Create Create
39-3 FRAN24 France24
60-1 WBPH-D1 Religious "WBPH"
60-2 WPBH-D2 Religious "Radiant TV"
69-1 WFMZ-HD Independent "WFMZ 69"
69-2 WFMZ-AW Weather "69News Weather Channel"
69-3 WFMZ-HI Heroes & Icons

so all those channels above are actually being broadcast over Channel 9
and then your tv converts it to whatever station on your tv because there is a code inside the signal that tells it put this WLVT on 39 but its really coming in on 9 VHF

ok that might work

filter out VHF on one of your antennas... and then don't amp an antenna

you are using 2 right?

and then amp the one that you want to be UHF put it through that amp on the UHF connection.. idk might work might not .. might amp everything... but you can always return it to amazon easy...

then you could amp all the stations on UHF from Philly .. check again

7 WNEP is on VHF Allentown

Only problem you might run into is in Reading.. Channel 24 rebroadcasts all those Channel 9 WFMZ stations but maybe you don't get hit by that idk its only a 5kilowatt antenna probably to help reception in the hills around reading but I can't say for sure...

SO.................................. HA!

im i making your decisions even harder than you thought they were? HAHAHAHAHA

ok so the page I am reading is and the philly market

it gives general info

The Physical channel column is the one you are concerned with

you will see a lot of the stations near you are reporting 9 (G) as their physical channel

WPVI is on VHF 6 if you can grab that with your vhf antenna and get 1-2 bars out of 5 on your tv it should lock pretty well under most circumstances you have another ABC you might get too

and then you can run a antenna which you amp on UHF and that should improve a lot of stations out of philly for you ....

IF that RCA Amp works like that .. I truly forget but I have owned one .. I am pretty sure it will amp VHF and UHF on separate antennas or amp everything / both VHF UHF on a single antenna

But Amping UHF and keeping VHF unamped seems to be your solution to better reception from Philly and maybe you can't get ABC 6 WPVI .. but maybe you can.

if you tried that RCA Amp you have to open it to switch it from 1 antenna to separate antennas .. they ship it as an amp for a single antenna amping both VHF and UHF ..

anyway you can see i like antennas heh ... see what your tvfool says for signal strength .. mount your antennas and use a combiner to combine them both into a single coax out ... has to say in and out on each port.

then run that to whatever... see what you get

if its not great then maybe you try that amp to boost your UHF stations from Philly

idk heh

Wish you good luck ... screw paying for tv :o)

u/fizzlebeef · 1 pointr/ota

Sorry, I can't comment on LP Techshield, but I was looking for attic antennas about a week ago. before I ordered anything I decided to do a test in my attic with my older, standard mohu leaf antenna. I'm about 27 miles away from my local transmitter and all the channels came in perfectly clear.

If you currently have an antenna you can test with maybe you can go over to the house and test with your antenna and a small TV to see if you can pick up any channels. It's hard to say though because interference will vary in any indoor placement so you don't know until you try.

I did an amazon search for attic antennas and this one popped up with good reviews so I ordered it.

I should have it sometime next week so I'll try to remember to report back, but if my leaf can pick up everything, then this antenna should work great.

I would recommend starting with the antenna I linked to and see if it works. You can always return it. Home Depot has the same antenna available for online order and would probably be an easier return process in store if you wanted to go that route.

Also, I've seen people hang larger, exterior antennas in their attic. Doing that might pick up a better signal if you end up having signal issues.

Good luck!

u/Mr_You · 2 pointsr/ota

Make sure the antenna is pointing North toward WGGB/ABC (your weakest station). Ideally you would have an attic window or vent facing Northerly and could position it near this location.

If you're using a passive splitter then consider replacing it with a distribution amplifier. Ideally there should be only one splitter in use. You really can't go with a preamp or you'll risk over boosting your stronger stations potentially resulting in reception issues.

If you want to try another antenna in the attic then consider a Winegard HD7694P or HD7698P (best) pointing North. This would also gain you an additional NBC station and CW on VHF-Hi from WWLP. Your stronger stations will be picked up from the side of the antenna. Check the antenna specs and measure the boom length and element widths in your attic to be sure it will fit when pointing in your optimal direction. If your attic entrance is small then you may need to assemble the antenna in the attic.

If you have an existing satellite dish that would allow your ClearStream2 to point North then that would be the optimal location. Remove the dish hardware leaving the J-mount. You can't reuse a satellite dish switch/"splitter". I'm doubtful that adding the VHF Kit to your antenna would gain you the extra NBC/CW stations (not enough gain).

See this post for more information on connecting an antenna using existing unused coax cables and sharing a single indoor/outdoor/attic antenna between multiple TVs/DVRs.

u/phineas1134 · 3 pointsr/ota

Compared to me, you have a lot of stations with a pretty strong signal. It might be worth trying out a simple flat indoor antenna that is easy to put up discreetly indoors. Channel 2 WESH is a VHF high station so you may have trouble getting that without a VHF antenna.

If that does not pull in enough stations, You could try what I use on one of my TVs that I have had great luck with. I use a DB2e with a VHF retrofit kit Mounted on a Paper towel holder that is placed on a shelf above my TV. Those antenna's would also work as outdoor antennas someday if you ever move somewhere else. Also, I know the paper towel holder thing sounds crazy, but it looks pretty good and has worked great for me for years.

u/deavir · 1 pointr/ota

Thank you for the detailed reply. I think you might be correct with the placing the DVR is the attic. While the house is a cape style so more a crawlspace then attic it is still pretty hot in the summer. The recast is expensive but it seems to be a pretty good solution as I hate station guide charges and already have firetv's on my tv sets and Echo's throughout the house. Going with a HDhomerun and Plex or Tablo might save some money but an integrated solution might save a few headaches.


There are no close neighbors with antenna's but the ones in nearby neighborhoods are aiming them at Canada or south. I will say though that the antenna's I usually see are the old style and large. I wonder how many are just up there for historical reasons.


What do you think of the option of DB8e with retro kit for VHF pointed south and other side directed toward Canada? I would rather go a little overkill and install once, maybe get away without an amplifier.

u/FTLast · 1 pointr/ota

If by RCA Yagi you mean this antenna ( it is most definitely NOT crap. In fact, I just used one to replace an Antennas Direct DB4e. It's got decent VHF-Hi gain, which the DB4e did not, and for my purposes the UHF gain is acceptable.

BTW, it's a log-periodic antenna, not a Yagi, so it has better performance than you'd think based on its size.

u/robjdib · 1 pointr/ota

Thank you everyone for your insight.

I will be ordering the DB8e- I like the lifetime warranty. We get pretty strong winds and a lot of of snow where I live so I could see the warranty eventually being needed.

For VHF I am thinking about added the VHF retrofit kit. It seems to have great reviews despite it being so small.

Lastly should I add a LTE filter? I realize after the spectrum transition a lower frequency LTE filter will be needed

u/mk553 · 1 pointr/ota

Thanks for the ideas, everyone.

I've since procured one of these (an Onn ONA16AV004 Digital Signal Amplifier):

And one of these (a Channel Master CM3414 4-Port Distribution Amplifier) to replace my existing passive splitter:

So, I learned there's a difference in VHF and UHF channels and the antennas one should get, and what used to be VHF around here, no longer is. Most of all my channels (in the 76102 area code) are in the UHF range, with just about 2 that remain VHF...and both of those are shown to be difficult to receive in my area.

I also ensured my antenna is facing the best direction, using my iPhone's compass to more accurately match what degrees the various websites say it should be facing.

And with the Signal Amplifier, I now get all the channels when I'm in the attic, with the VHF channels having about a 30% signal strength. The rest are about 50% - 75%.

However, when I test it out at the end of the line-drop before the splitter (which is in the basement, about 20-25 feet below), I lose all the VHF channels. The rest of the channel strength remain more-or-less the same (if they're degraded much, my TV isn't really showing me exactly how much. It pretty much just reads "bad/normal/good").

Now, with the Distribution Amplifier, I test at the end of those lines (basically, the living room and bedrooms) and signal loss is more substantial, and I lose more channels that were originally in that 50% range when in the attic. But at least I get a lot more channels than I did before...

Any suggestions of what else I could try (short of going up to the roof)?


To answer questions:I live in an ~100 year old house, so the walls are thick, but the gable where I placed the antenna in the attic is relatively thin (compared to the rest of the house). It just has to receive signal through douglas fur wood and asbestos tiles. The antenna is probably about 30' off the ground.

Most of coax is ran near to other power lines, and I'm considering adjusting those to ensure they aren't overlapping or touching. One of them is ran over fluorescent lights.

Here are the rabbit ear results:


Thanks so much!

u/ZivH08ioBbXQ2PGI · 3 pointsr/ota

If you're getting a usable signal at the antenna itself (with a short cable to a TV), but you lose the signal after a splitter or long cable run, you should purchase a preamplifier. This gets mounted ON the antenna, and is powered over the TV cable itself, and amplifies the signal where it is usable, to account for the long cable run and splitters.

Every time you split the signal, the signal strength plummets. A simple two-way splitter gives each output a little less than half of the incoming signal. This is OK if you've got sufficient signal strength, but it's important to do this properly.

Amplifiers are not magic. They can't take an unusable signal and make it usable. In other words, if you put an amplifier at the end of the 150 ft of cable, where the signal isn't usable, it's not going to help. The signal is already degraded. You need to amplify before this, where the signal is good.

And YES, you can have too strong of a signal, and the effects are as bad as too weak of a signal.

Start with that. If you live in Menards territory, you can find the RCA preamplifier there for around $20.

u/upofadown · 1 pointr/ota

The Stealthtenna product page is here:

u/blitzkegger · 1 pointr/ota

that's kind of what I thought but I even moved it over next to the window today just to see if that fixed it and it was the same thing. the window faces the hill where the towers are located - my town is in valley so all of the broadcast towers are on one hill and way above me.

I am going to play around with it a little more but what do you think about something like this:

This way I could mount it out where the directv satellite is and it's out of sight out of mind. The wife would not be too happy if I had a cord running across the living room to get the perfect spot with the indoor antenna.

u/RockFourFour · 1 pointr/ota

Assuming you can roof mount, I would recommend an antenna like the DB8e.

It has great range, and your signals are all green/yellow. This antenna also allows you to point at two different directions at the same time. Start off with it pointed directly Northwest, then angle one side toward the ~290 degree stations, and the other side toward the ~357 degree channels. You should pick up everything.

u/Cartman1234321 · 1 pointr/ota

Thanks! I hadn't thought of pointing it at the top of the mountain, that's a terrific idea. I haven't heard of these UHF/VHF combiners, what's the advantage over a typical cable splitter?

Current antenna (pointing at NBC/Fox): Xtreme Signal HDB4X 4-Bay Bowtie VHF/UHF TV Antenna

u/Rjs987 · 1 pointr/ota

Thanks. How can you tell if an antenna is good or vhf? I assume the thin paper antennas are no good for vhf.

Also my Walmart doesn't have any rabbit ear antennna in stock so will have to order online. Do you think the rabbit ear aantennna will be able to pick up the non vhf channels I currently get?

Also what do you think about this one?

Or should.i just get this big dog

Or this guy.

u/fact_seeker · 1 pointr/ota

My guess is you could get by with an indoor antenna, but if you really want one for the attic, I'd recommend the RCA ANT751. It worked well for me to pick up signals 50 miles away when installed in an attic. It's also a bit less expensive than the others mentioned.

u/ReadFoo · 1 pointr/ota

We've used a Terk antenna for years but we're around 15 miles from the transmitters, works great indoors, upstairs in the closet attached to our Tablo DVR:

u/Dav82 · 1 pointr/ota

My advice. Concentrate on the red stations. What sandbagger8 has suggested for antennas and stations to concentrate on is good advice. However, in your situation, I would consider a combined antenna mounted on a rotor.

The winegard suggested by sandbagger8 is a good choice.

If you do not want to mess with a rotor, possibly consider the Clearstream 4 for UHF channels. Consider the Clearstream 5 if you have to receive the VHF station.

u/nathan118 · 1 pointr/ota

I'm 30 miles from the towers, with my antenna in the attic, and I get everything fine.

Its an RCA off Amazon...tons of great reviews.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

u/Myndflyte · 1 pointr/ota

Yes, the main reason for the attic was to feed multiple TVs. Would even something like this work? Or would something with a little more juice be needed to feed probably 4 TVs?

u/Baron164 · 1 pointr/ota

I picked up this Antenna and put it in my attic and it works really well. I'm also fairly close to the broadcast towers in my area. I'm about 15 miles away so I have pretty good signal regardless.

u/snyderversetrilogy · 3 pointsr/ota

So the satellite dish is on the side of the house then? If the coax cable is coming out of the attic vent near the roof peak you might be able to mount the antenna at the roof peak. This is the antenna I got (they have it at Walmart): It works great, for me at least.

u/Roginator · 1 pointr/ota

I tested the SMARTenna+. It did poorly on VHF channels. Antenna shootout.

I also seem to recall WUSA and WJZ in your area have some sort of quirk in their signals that has been causing problems from some newer DVRs like the latest HDHomerun and Recast. Probably not the problem in this case.

STEALTHtenna is cheap and works pretty well. STEALTHtenna at Amazon (join two of these for almost the perfect solution?)

Clearstream 2V might be a bit less directional, but pricier. Clearstream 2V at Amazon

u/GreatScottThisHeavy · 2 pointsr/ota

It looks like those two channels are in the VHF range which that antenna you linked to is not optimal for.

Try a set of rabbit ears. The dipole setup is better for VHF. Even something cheap/silly like this:

It doesn't look as fancy, but that's what picks up VHF.

If the room has a east facing window, try placing the antenna closer to that window and as high up in the room as possible.

u/bigmoose27 · 1 pointr/ota

Thank you! I figured the 150 mile mark was garbage.

On Denny's website, do you know anything about the EZ-HD antenna? Also, how does it compare to this...

u/CuvisTheConqueror · 2 pointsr/ota

You'll need a converter box from the sound of it. One of these or one of these should do the trick. I don't think there's anything smaller you can use, to be honest.

u/red_dog007 · 1 pointr/ota

I pick up ION out of Atlanat that is 2Edge 60 miles out. My antenna is pointed at 296° and ION comes in from 150°.

This bad boy picks itup from my attic crawl space which is just big enough to fit this antenna. Winegard Platinum Series HD7694P Long Range TV Antenna (Outdoor / Attic, 4K Ultra-HD Ready, ATSC 3.0 Ready, High-VHF / UHF) - 45 Mile Range

I get 55% signal, anything over 48% on my TV is reliable. From the Antennas I have 30ft RG6 that goes into a powered distributor and feeds two TVs, one with a 75ft run.

u/stonecats · 1 pointr/ota

you are under 20 miles from all major stations being in the same direction and all are UHF. any $40 dual bay bowtie or 3' long VHF yagi would be suitable as long as they have line of sight to the ENE horizon. - then use any RG6U Quad Shielded cable. if you want an installer to strap it to a chimney for an additional 5th story height, then the Winegard HD7694P or any 4 bay UHF others recommend is fine. you do NOT need an amplifier for such a short ~50' cable run - most don't work correctly anyway, and are not worth the db loss they can inflict.

u/thraxst · 1 pointr/ota

Interesting, I hadn't seen that ClearStream 2MAX, only saw the ClearStream 2V before. Seems a lot cheaper than the one I saw listed on Amazon, but has one less piece? Not sure what it is.

u/saildawg · 1 pointr/ota

The one you linked is HD7694P (45 miles, I worry that this may not be strong enough), did you mean to link
Either way thanks for the info, I just wanted to make sure

u/Dr__Brain · 1 pointr/ota

I have this antenna. I couldn't recommend it enough especially if you're willing/capable of installing it in your attic. I'm just outside Indianapolis and I'm getting 56 channels with it.

Xtreme Signal HDB4X 4-Bay Bowtie VHF/UHF TV Antenna

u/tvtoo · 2 pointsr/ota

First things first:

  1. carefully inspect the coaxial run from the splitter/amplifier to your HTPC. Maybe it was damaged by a nail or carpentry staple or paint leaked into a connector, etc etc. Consider replacing it with some new coaxial - perhaps even some high-quality coax, like Belden 7915a. Remember that the coax should not bend sharper than 90 degrees at any point.

  2. consider replacing the tuner card under the Hauppage warranty or under your credit card's 2 or 3 year extended warranty

    Beyond that, and beyond the tough reception situation you have -- how long is the coaxial run from your rooftop antennas to the 8-port amplifier/splitter?

    You could be bleeding a lot of signal before it hits the amp and gets locked in.

    Also, you have a religious broadcaster with a tower just 6 miles away that might overload a regular line amplifier.

    I would suggest a pre-amplifier that locks in the signal at the antenna itself before the long coaxial runs and splits. But it needs to be a preamp that doesn't overload because of the "3 Angels Network" on channel 25.

    Consider the RCA Preamp 1.

    If you go with a preamp, then replace your amp/splitter with a regular splitter with no amplification.
u/SaysNothingImportant · 1 pointr/ota

I was thinking that, but then I found this review which unfortunately is exactly my scenario. Hard to ignore that one.

So, HD 7694p vs ANT751... Which one offers better vhf-hi capacity?

u/benzimm86 · 2 pointsr/ota

So I live 30 miles away from the tv stations. I have a 70 mile antenna which is mounted prob 25ft up. I am having problems with cbs and NBC but not any of the other 61 channels I am receiving. Cbs and NBC will be at full strength and then drop to zero and lose signal for a few seconds. I can go hours with no problems but then will go hours with it going in and out. It's not getting pixilated, it completely drops and the tv says no signal.

I just installed this today hoping it would help

2-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV HDTV Amplifier Splitter Signal Booster with Passive Return Path

I also have this antenna

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range

u/Eli_Sisters · 2 pointsr/ota

I'm on the opposite side of St. Louis. I'm probably a little closer at around 70 miles away, maybe. Anyway, I'm basically doing what you want to do in reverse. I pick up the St. Louis stations and pick up a couple Cape locals on the backside of my antenna.

As far as gear, I'm using an Channelmaster 4228HD and a Channel Master 7777 High Gain preamp I have no affiliation or preference for Channel Master, it just happened. Anyway, with this setup, I can get all the St. Louis full power stations (2,4,5,9,11,24,30) and two from Cape on the backside (12,23). I receive 46 about half the time. I will occasionally receive a few of the southern Illinois stations but I've not optimized (aimed) my setup for those.

Actually with this setup, I once received all your locals via ducting for a few hours.

As they say, buy once, cry once. Don't chase around with those garbage Amazon antennas. Get a big antenna from a reputable company i.e. Channel Master, Winegard, Antennas Direct etc. Then get a decent preamp also from a reputable company. Redo your wiring with new RG6 with NO splices or splitters. Finally point your antenna toward the St. Louis cluster of stations (you have enough dbs to receive you locals without pointing. I think you'll be able to get those St. Louis stations especially since you received them on a garbage antenna.