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u/fissionvsfusion · 1 pointr/ottawa

I also have an RCA flat antenna from a few years back, which only gets me Global and absolutely nothing else. I've tried a few other things, but I live in the middle of a concrete walk-up in Centretown so there's no real hope for me. The one I currently have is this one, and I can get about 10-14 channels with it. Maybe 4 of those channels are desirable ones. It's not 100% reliable, but it's decent.

Do you think that rabbit ears with a loop would be better than the amplified antenna I linked above? It's infinitely better than the flat RCA antenna in my experience.

u/Rob26536 · 1 pointr/ottawa

I use this antenna. It works very well for me, I get all 14 local channels, however I live downtown in an 8th floor apartment. I'm not really knowledgeable enough to recommend an antenna for your specific needs, however I have found many posters on this website are quite antenna savvy and may be able to help you more. Good luck!

u/Okei-Imports · 1 pointr/ottawa

This is the one I bought. Tiny little thing. So far has worked in -30C with no issues. Turns on automatically. Only downside I find is the buttons are a bit hard to navigate but as long as you get it set to continuous recording and know the button to push when you want to save something you're good. Bought a class 10 32g micro sd and was good to go!

u/af895 · -2 pointsr/ottawa

You know, I would have said that myself until I read a booked called "The Birth of Plenty" by William Bernstein. If you've ever heard of "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond, the former does a better job of answering the same questions.

The central thesis is that "property rights" and "capitalism" are two of the four factors needed for a society to fully prosper. Communism takes away property rights (and many other liberties - including personal freedoms).

So, if you believe the central thesis of "The Birth of Plenty", a memorial to victims of communism may not be far-fetched, but it's no more important than, say, "a memorial to those who perished in the pursuit of scientific rationalism," one of the other four factors from the book. Funny how the Conservatives never pushed that. Oh right...because they trampled all over scientific rationalism and pursued "decision based evidence making."

I'm feeling wordy today. (regardless: have an upvote ;)

EDIT - Wow. Tough room. :(

u/NekoIan · 8 pointsr/ottawa

For anyone looking for a cheap (indoor) porch camera. I have this one pointing on my porch. It's pretty great for the price.

u/evilJaze · 2 pointsr/ottawa

np. It took me a while to clue in that you were looking for a vegan solution. Now I feel like I need to make it up to you. I don't know if you or your s/o are into cooking vegan for yourselves, but we own the best vegan cookbook we have ever tried (we have over a hundred cookbooks). If you're interested, it's called [Isa does it] (

u/Icy_candy · 2 pointsr/ottawa

There is a trail path from the bottom of the Luskville Falls to Chelsea welcome center, it is about 24km ~ 26km, I did it in 5 hours with few blisters in my toes, but it was so fun :)

Your legs will be jell-o right after the luskville Falls hike, then the fun begins.

For more info, check out this book, it has all the hiking trails in the Gat/Ott region

u/arkeetek · 1 pointr/ottawa

I made a coat hanger antenna following these plans. 8$ of parts, 10$ amplifier and it beats my 80$ RCA antenna. I'm in Vanier surrounded by buildings and manage to get channels from Herbert's Corner.

I also use the Terk HDTVa, it works great! Terk makes quality product IMO, worth the price compared to the generics.

u/Mart243 · 7 pointsr/ottawa

and it's quite nice when you notice they've lost weight after keeping up with it for months.

To the OP: Some public swim have lane swim during the day. Might be able to do it. Try this for a few recipes that may help as well:

u/Gunboat_Willie · 1 pointr/ottawa

And FYI, this is the Power Bank I picked up. Works great and charges fast...Anker

u/local_moron · 5 pointsr/ottawa

Read Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt. He explains it in depth along with lots of other issues with modern traffic systems. Awesome book

u/Coolsam2000 · 1 pointr/ottawa

I've had this one for a year and it's been fantastic.

This is a new one they didn't have when I bought mine. Looks similar and is a lot cheaper... not sure of its performance though.

u/Mankowitz- · 8 pointsr/ottawa

If you are interested by this video, I would highly recommend the book Traffic. It is aimed at a layperson, and it touches on this and other sometimes counterintuitive concepts in Traffic. It is actually a really good read with a lot of academic sources (although they are just listed at the end of each chapter without direct citations).

The hook of the book: is it better for traffic flow if, when faced with a lane that will soon end, you merge over as soon as you can, or wait until the lane ends? (Spoiler: either works as long as everyone agrees, but no matter what, late merging is more efficient).

The synopsis says a lot more about it so I'll copy paste it:

>In this brilliant, lively, and eye-opening investigation, Tom Vanderbilt examines the perceptual limits and cognitive underpinnings that make us worse drivers than we think we are. He demonstrates why plans to protect pedestrians from cars often lead to more accidents. He uncovers who is more likely to honk at whom, and why. He explains why traffic jams form, outlines the unintended consequences of our quest for safety, and even identifies the most common mistake drivers make in parking lots. Traffic is about more than driving: it's about human nature. It will change the way we see ourselves and the world around us, and it may even make us better drivers.

u/coricron · 2 pointsr/ottawa

And that I think rather highly of myself. So I read books on military and diplomatic doctrines to help reinforce that hubris. Things like this.

u/GameDoesntStop · -1 pointsr/ottawa

This stuff is pretty potent. Just an idea.

u/AMouthyWaywornAcct · 2 pointsr/ottawa

I guess you've never worked on the S2 before. Replacing the glass on this line is inadvisable as they are glued together. Use a heat gun, you say? Well, then say goodbye to the LCD underneath the glass as it will break when you pry it from the glass. Yes, go on YouTube and see the people advise you to just replace the entire screen assembly.


I just clicked the link and read the 2 stat review. The top 1 star stated what I just wrote

u/Valiturus · 2 pointsr/ottawa

Wherever you go, I suggest you buy this book.

It completely changed my approach to owning and training a dog. My wife and I followed it to the letter and our Golden was the most obedient dog any of my family or friends had ever seen.

u/Morfesto · 2 pointsr/ottawa

If your digitizer is fine you just need to get a replacement glass kit which is around 20$

Check youtube for instructional videos.

u/newDilly16 · 5 pointsr/ottawa

I don't know about websites, but I bought this book: Hiking Trails of Ottawa, the National Capital Region, and Beyond from MEC, and I don't regret the purchase.

u/eskay8 · 0 pointsr/ottawa

For your phone? Me and some others I know have this one. I bring it on 3-4 day camping trips.

u/nigelthrowaways · 1 pointr/ottawa

Let them have the spot then a shot of this in their windshield air vent

u/shanely · 12 pointsr/ottawa

Talk to your landlord about it, but if that doesn't go anywhere and you don't want to leave - use lots of this.

u/misterkrazykay · 1 pointr/ottawa

I've been tempted to buy something like this for when this new Pixel stand drops. It should work fine with any wireless charging pad but of course your charging speeds will be limited & it uses up the only port you have.

u/s1m0n8 · 1 pointr/ottawa

Another vote for BMI. All diets "work" (in that you can lost weight) but unless it's something you can maintain for the rest of your life, you'll just put the weight back on. You can read Dr Freedhoff's book first if you want an idea as to the nature of the program.

u/Corbeau_from_Orleans · 2 pointsr/ottawa


That kindle book sells for $3.89 for 21 pages. At that price, you'd pay $250 for a kindle edition of Stephen King's The Stand.