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u/C_Schranke · 3 pointsr/overcominggravity

In general I have had a hard time coming by any training/exercise books with just as high a quality as overcoming gravity.I have also heard a lot of praise for Becoming a Supple Leopard, but the little I have read of it (some of the crossfit boxes I come at have it for the members to use) had not really been my style.I have instead opted to incorporate Yoga in my mobility and flexibility routine, mostly because I like doing Ashtanga yoga but seldom have the time for it.Here a lot of the theoretical stuff on building a training and such from overcoming gravity has proved helpfull in combination with Power Yoga for Athletes, as I have been able to create my own practice. There are also a lot pre-made practice in the book. Every pose is well described as well as showing where the stretches are and even giving advice to which sports it will benefit (I do however believe that you need to create a practice which works the whole body instead of only doing things which will benefit a certain sport). Edit Note, remember yoga is not about getting into the exact same position (as one who has practiced for years) or look good, but to feel the stretch, then it dos not matter how far you go, it will come with time.

In addition to this I have relied on youtube, here Tom Merrick have a lot of good videos on stretching, mobility and flexibility. Emmet Louis has some good videos, especially on shoulder and overhead mobility.And if you want to take an approach more in a yoga style I will recommend Saturno Movement.

Right now I am following a yoga program by Saturno Movement through his academy (paid web platform) and like it, but I would look into the other things to see if they fit my need before signing up for it, especially if you only feel that mobility and flexibility are the only areas you need more guidance/inspiration in.

u/JanellePage · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

I LOVE yoga! I really like hard yoga workouts (when I say hard, I mean strength and show off moves). I highly recommend Dylan Werner (he's kickass, Patrick Beach, and Ashley Galvin. I have used the Alo Moves app for years (was formerly named the Cody App). Dylan has some great stretching classes called Elasticity and Plasticity (his true strength series are phenomenal too, heck I love everything he creates). They are very similar to the GMB Focused Flexibility that uses PNF style stretching. Basically, you are remodeling your fascia. Oh, and Steve's Overcoming Poor Posture (same author who wrote OG coupled with Jarlo from GMB) is a great book with some solid stretches. I feel like I just barfed this out and didn't really organize my thoughts for you, but if you tell me more about your yoga goals, I can probably give you better direction. If you are already hitting it hard with strength workouts using your BW, you probably are more interested in stretching and mobility--maintaining or increasing flexibility and range of motion. In addition to the resources I already listed above, I highly recommend "The Supple Leopard" . Happy Stretching!

u/troubledwatersofmind · 2 pointsr/overcominggravity

I'll check that out. Thanks!

I found this book to be useful. Specifically the chapter on rehabilitation after tendon injuries. It's not all that accessible to the community though, both financially and in terms of practical knowledge. I think there is definitely needing to be written if you can stomach another one.

This book is geared towards climbing injuries but it is well written and decently digestible. If there was something more complete in terms of a gymnastic perspective, I would buy it in a heart beat.

Edit: Didn't realize you were a climber too Steve. Sorry if you were already aware of those books. Just trying to pass along the little I've learned. Thanks again for all the great info in your book(s), website, and on here!

u/DREADLOCKSS · 3 pointsr/overcominggravity

Steve is right on i think, just wanted to add that another option is Strong Curves by Bret Contreras, it is aimed specifically at women and includes (and argues for) more intense glute focused training. Because of how it is aimed at women you might have here more intrigued by it but i can't speak from personal experience if its better than something like starting strength for women. Steve do you have any experience with strong curves?

Each workout on Strong Curves follows this template

  • Glute Dominant Exercise
  • Horizontal Pull or Vertical Pull Exercise
  • Quad Dominant Exercise
  • Horizontal Press or Vertical Press Exercise
  • Hip Dominant, Straight-Leg Hip Dominant, or Hamstring Dominant Exercise
  • Glute Accessory Exercise
  • Linear Core Exercise
  • Lateral or Rotary Core Exercise
u/kronik85 · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

That really sucks man. It's so easy to overdo some things so easily. Currently I'm battling my own shoulder tendonosis, fairly effectively.. lately I've gone the shotgun approach of throwing a bunch of treatments at it and whichever one works, great. The current regimen is...

-Adding Glucosamine/Chrondroitin/MSM (1500mg of GlucChron, 1500mg MSM....) to my daily men's vitamin

-Doubling up my fishoil intake

-Prescribed Prednisolone ( 84mg for the total "pack".. started out at 24mg/day, 20mg, 16mg, 12mg, 8mg, 4mg... currently on the second to last day)

-Previously prescribed meloxicam 15mg daily (arthritis antiinflammatory... wasn't prescribed with my prednisolone though, shoulda asked the doc about this. I take it before workouts. I'll text my dr. friend and ask her later about doubling up on this and prednisolone)

-penetrex - an anti inflammatory cream... i hadn't heard about traumeel, and though i steer clear of homeopathic medicines... the reviews on amazon are pretty outstanding... i'll look into that

-trigger point therapy... while i've concentrated a lot on the shoulder complex, yours is a little different. my bible is the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.... it's awesome and I'd suggest everyone buy a copy. I went and copied (likely) the relevant pages for you.. Starting with the tricep section, which also referenced other muscles to check for trigger points, and branching out from there. It's a bit more targeted of an approach than plain SMR and may zero you in on some problem areas.

Tricep page 1

Tricep page 2

Teres Major / Latissimus Dorsi

Serratus Anterior page 1

Serratus Anterior page 2

If it helps you, strongly consider buying it. It's a fantastic resource. And it's like $14 with Prime shipping.

-Lastly... and most importantly, rest. I've pulled back on a ton of shoulder training and stress to give myself some time to heal. It's been hard, but my shoulder last night has felt stronger than it has in over a month. Hopefully I don't get overly eager and get it aggravated before it's ready for a full workload.

Good luck man, injuries suck.

edit : sorry for the formatting guys.

u/kuoseph · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

I actually JUST got my 40lb ZFO weight vest today. Ordered it Sunday from their ebay store $59.99. I'm happy with my purchase. Mini-review:

Adjustable for a snug fit. Weights are 16 2.5lb bags that you can pull out of their pouches to adjust the weight. I wouldn't recommend running in it, but I got it for the same exercises you listed above. I'm a small guy (5' 8", 38" chest) so it's actually slightly uncomfortable for me to do pullups with, as my shoulders cause the straps to push into my neck, but whatever... it's not all that bad. Fine range of motion for dips and pushups.

It's sold on Amazon as well, but I wanted to use Paypal. They also have 60 and 80lb versions.

I also considered this vest but I ended going with the ZFO one because there are more reviews and I've seen it around for over 5 years.

Hope that helps!

Oof, just noticed Amazon charges $28 shipping. Get it at the ebay store for free shipping!

u/vagabond17 · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

Thanks for the link, Steven. I would also like to add, that this review on of your book OPP seems to say that theyve been able to reverse years of computer using your techniques proscribed. After all, lots of computer work leads to poor posture, which is exactly what OPP sets out to correct! :p In my view, that's a pretty good endorsement.
>This is a much smaller book than his previous one. I think it is as big as it needs to be though. It's basically some great explanations followed by some exercise info and how to do them. The rest of the book gives you different exercise plans. Ive been using the exercises throughout the day for the past 2 weeks and have already seen some great improvements in my shoulders starting to open up. 20 years of computer work has done some serious damage and my shoulders are on fire constantly along with pretty terrible posture. I have been doing exercise on and off for years and this is the first time in a while that I am feeling that progress is being made. Looking forward to more recovery.

u/eshlow · 2 pointsr/overcominggravity


In regard to programming I would say Mark Rippetoe's Practical Programming is solid.

As far as anatomy goes I'd just take a class in college on A&P would be solid. I haven't read this one but it has good reviews and is a consistent seller on Amazon -- Strength Training Anatomy

Injury prevention Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and all of those guys associated are good ones to look toward. It depends because most injuries/prehab/etc advice needs to be specific to a certain type of injury, so it's difficult to make specific predictions rather than general. I'm hopefully going to come out with my own material after I finish up 2nd edition of OG.

u/kmellen · 4 pointsr/overcominggravity

Nancy Clark writes very well for the lat person on this topic.

You can also find various material from the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Dietetic Practice Group page.

If you are more advanced in health sciences or biochemistry, then I recommend Advanced Sports Nutrition by Dan Benardot.

Feel free to ping me, as I am a sports RD by profession.

u/raymcizo · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

And if you plan on moving your rings a lot and not having a permanent place to hang them, I would really recommend getting competition straps, where the clips lock into number loops, rather than having to sling the straps through a buckle every time you move them or change height. I got mine on Amazon for 58 bucks (compared to 150 from rogue) and having used both, I prefer the cheap ones. I have no association with them lol, just love their product and got a few friends using them and they couldn't be happier

u/HeadOpener · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

Becoming a Supple Leopard is a great mobility and injury prevention book that will also increase your progress too! The Author is Kelly from Mobility WoD which is a great resource in itself.

u/spicyhotwings · 2 pointsr/overcominggravity

Generally with people who have an anterior tilt of the pelvis, from tight quads, they have a curvature in their lower spine, called a lordosis, here is a highlight of the imbalance between the short and weak muscles, however best to get it assessed with a practitioner, such as PT, or therapist to know if that is what you have.

A method for testing the hip flexor and quad range of moment is by doing a thomas testing:

In general, massaging and stretching the short muscles, will help to unbind them, reduce their tonicity and promote greater ROM, however if a person is stuck with a certain muscular pattern, unless that is addressed, then the way they originally use muscles will reoccur and likely their over use of the quads will continue. To readdress (dis)functional muscle patterns, full body exercises, that reinforces and exerts stress and tiredness on specific weak muscles, such as gluteus and hamstrings are beneficial, like single leg squats, single leg dead lifts, nordics etc. but it looks like you're actively working on your weak muscles.

Some exercises highlights, focusing on hamstrings:

For stretching, you can get plenty of books on the subject, for example, the following gives instruction and anatomy overlay.

Stretches to - promote thoracic extension (lying on towel), lumbar flexion (lying side twists, knees to check, or childs pose), hip extension (thomas test, deep lunge) and knee flexion (lunge with foot grab).

What happens if someone has tight quads and hip flexion is that during running, they would want to stride and land with their feet away from their body more, this drives with their quads and puts a lot of pressure on their knee, this restriction means that they are less able to propel their leg behind them, to drive with their glutes and hamstring, which ideally means that their foot lands more under their body, with their knee bent less. Overall this what the aim of the imbalance correction should do.



u/ongew · 2 pointsr/overcominggravity

Yeah, ok, Tacfit sounds good since your goals are: 1) to move better, 2) to support your parkour practice.

You're probably already past this point, but I'd like to mention that CC is not good for building strength. The progression requirements (e.g. 2x20 uneven pushups) are unnecessarily high. I would work with lower reps (5x5, and if possible, microload), which is probably my only regret doing CC.

Regarding how to combine it all, well, the bodyweight Tacfit programs involve a LOT of pushing. You might want to get 'Tacfit ROPE' and combine that with /u/Antranik's [bedsheet method] ( or the semi-portable jungle gym. When I did a modified version of Tacfit Warrior, I always substituted in Double Rows (Tabletop rows) for shoulder balance.

I think the best way to integrate it is to decide two things:

  1. 4 day wave or 7 day wave? 4 Day wave would be: No - Low - Med (OG) - High (Tacfit)

  2. If 7 Day wave, is Tacfit or gymnastic strength more important?

    If gymnastic strength, probably:
    No - Low - Med (OG) - No - Low - Med (OG) - High (Tacfit)

    If Tacfit, probably:
    No - Low - Med (Tacfit) - No - Low - Med (OG) - High (Tacfit)

    As you should expect, cocktailing the training programs will lead to slower progression in both.

    Why I changed over to purely OG was because strength takes a lot of time to develop (6-24 months?). Muscular endurance and cardio take less time (I think 2-4 months), so I decided to make space in my schedule for OG and if I ever need to build back my cardio again, I'll swap in a training cycle of Tacfit.
u/greenplant2017 · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

So not exactly Overcoming Gravity, but Pavel is a fun read anyway -

He talks about only building to the one arm pushup and pistol as your only fitness tools.

u/lancerbrown · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

Just bought these and love the ease of adjustment!

Also looking at this pull up bar because it gets you higher off the ground.

u/phusr · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

That is very interesting. The thing I often wonder about Amazon is who is selling the product. The $50 option wasn't there when I did the search. If you look at the sellers one is selling it for $50 and the other is $110. Someone must of gotten it in stock.

u/nurdyguy · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

For the elbow, in addition to the the wrist curls already mentioned I've had some improvement using this

I twist and hold for 10-seconds then slowly reverse the twist, do both directions.

u/skny3dmodel · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

$110? Are you sure? lists the book at $49.93 Canadian currently with shipping.

u/ksafrost · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

I wouldn't say that my doorways are that solid. If I were to try a pull up with the upper ledge of the doorway, it would creak and you could see it bend slightly... I just don't know what to do in that situation.

This kind of pull-up bar would not work

Been looking into these kinds of bars

Ceiling and Wall mounted pull up bars are even more expensive, and I know I cannot progress to where I want without a pull up bar.

Edit: Forgot to mention I live in a very rural town, more specifically my house is pretty much in a secluded woodsy area, and there are no playgrounds near.

I could try to use a tree for the rings, but I still would not have a pull-up bar.

u/Indira_Gandhi · 1 pointr/overcominggravity

Are your hip flexors tight? I used to get really bad recurring lower back pain on one side too, especially after doing any sort of overhead pressing. Then I read this book:

Which told me my hip flexors were the problem. I started foam rolling them aggressively and I got better. It was like magic.

I don't have much experience seeking help from professionals except for getting completely useless PT after knee surgery, but there are so many rave reviews for ART practitioners changing peoples lives, why not try a different therapist if your current one isn't helping?

u/rational-tiger · 1 pointr/overcominggravity


Long-time lurker, first time poster here. Over the past three weeks, I have had pain in my forearm extensors at rest, especially while typing and extending my wrist. I'm almost positive I got this injury from doing too many three finger pull-ups.

I've rested from pulling exercises for two weeks, then started using a Theraband flexbar the past week (protocol: 3 sets of 15 reps, daily). Pain has maybe declined 50% since the peak three weeks ago.


While I'm pretty sure the Flexbar is helping...

  • I don't really have any wrist or elbow pain in the lateral epicondyle (i.e. tennis elbow).
  • My understanding is that the Flexbar is the eccentric exercise for rehabbing tennis elbow.

    Accordingly, I wondered if any of you had experienced a similar injury and had advice on the rehab protocol, especially what might be injured and what eccentric exercises to do. For example, I'm considering adding rubber-band finger extensor training.


    This injury is driving me crazy, so I really appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks!