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u/abrooks1125 · 1 pointr/paintball

Well it goes like this: a marker can only perform as well/quickly as it can get air and paint, so you always want to have your loader and tank outperform your marker, and never have your marker outperform your loader/tank.

Basically, if you think you're going to stick with it, I'd recommend spending a little more. If you can up your budget for marker/tank/loader to about $350, you'd be in business and wouldn't need to upgrade for a while.

Try and find a used loader such as an Invert Halo Too, Empire Prophecy Z2, or Dye Rotor in the $50-75 range.

A tank, you're probably going to be able to find some 45-50 ci or 68 ci 4500 psi tanks for $80. There is a link in r/paintball right now for an Empire 68ci/4500psi tank brand new on Amazon for $105, too, and that would be good for ~5 years.

Now let's call it $200 left over for a marker. You could easily find a used Invert Mini for that price, which is a marker perfectly capable of holding it's own at any level. Also, that puts you in range for Proto Rail (aka PMR) markers from 2010-2012, some Proto M7s (a great marker!), or a first-gen Planet Eclipse Geo, or a used Etek3 (keep in mind these would all be used at that price, but it's always better to buy a cheaper used marker than to buy a new marker and continually be upgrading, because that would ultimately cost more).

I'm sure I left out some points, so I'll edit as I think of them, but feel free to ask any other questions.

EDIT: look thru all the PbNation B/S/T sections too. There are always good deals

u/ManualNarwhal · 5 pointsr/paintball

First, most guns operate around 90 psi. 10-20 psi is ridiculously small.

There is a trade off that you have to confront.

CO2 holds WAAAAY more energy than compressed air ever will. If size is your main concern, CO2 would be the way to go. The reason, as you know, is because CO2 goes through a phase change and there's a lot of energy in that step.

Yes, there are 2 or 3 oz co2 bottles. You're going to want to ask on where ot get them. They are specialty made in limited runs for people who play pump paintball. I think they go for 40 bux. The same customers also buy very small compressed air tanks.

Now then, CO2 has a lot more energy stored, but god damn is it dirty. First, you need to make sure it expands. That expansion uses up a lot of heat. If you are continuously running the bottle, it is entirely possible that everything will freeze up. BUT, if it's only 10-20 psi, that may just be a small enough flow to where ambient temperature will work. However, with a constant flow I would bet that your device would freeze up on CO2 Either way, you will probably want to buy an old school "expansion chamber."

That's a really crappy one. Try to buy a used one ( or that has multiple chambers and FINS. The one with the fins is really great. (20 bux).

Compressed air in a small tank may struggle to provide you with enough energy to run for 1 hour. A larger tank, like a 45 cubic inch/4500 psi (called a 45/45) would definitely last you.

Either way, you will need at least two regulators. All tanks, whether CO2 or HPA, expel air out of them at 800 psi (standard) or 400 psi (low pressure HPA tanks only). So you will need to regulate the pressure down from 800 down to 100 using a high pressure regulator. If you are using CO2, (Or even if not) one of the best most consistent regulators is a Palmer's male stabilizer.

90 dollars.

You want to put this 100 psi air into some sort of dump chamber, roughly the size of your thumb or larger. I highly recommend using macroline and macroline fittings in order to make these connections.

The straight one here is 8 dollars. It's a premium, higher costed macroline fitting. Most go for 4-5. But o ring monkey is good people and I always order from there. Pick up some 010 o rings to fix any leaks you may get in your macroline fitting later (which will definitely occur with CO2). The macroline connectors fit into 1/8 NPT threads, which is easy enough to drill and tap.

Then feed that into a low pressure regulator. Now these are getting rarer as most guns have ditched them. Anyways, once again Palmers is going to be your best bet for CO2, and they're one of the best regs there is, hands down. I cannot say for certain that such a regulator will get down to 10 psi and work properly. This is outside the range of almost every paintball gun there is. You definitely are going to have to "Ask the Experts" over at

Most Low Pressure Regulators (LPR) output the air through microline which is different from macroline. You want SOFT microline for the fittings. The only source of soft microline that I have ever been able to locate is from a guy on . His handle is "maggot" and you are looking for his "autococker hose kit." 12 bux

As far as refilling, CO2 is very easy to refill from a larger bottle wit a CO2 fill station

As far as refilling HPA, it is really easy to do so from a scuba fill station.

Of course, be warned. DO NOT EVER PUT OIL INTO A HPA TANK AS IT CAN AND WILL EXPLODE That's really the only thing you'd have to worry about with filling.

u/Co8alt8andit · 1 pointr/paintball

in case you don't want to go threw the hassle of the used market:


hopper/ tank:


a very respectable first setup if you are looking for something that you can learn the basics on and even play decent speedball with. I would look into a carbon fiber tank and a new hopper as some solid upgrades (these will do the job for a long time, I still run my halo on my axe when I loan it out) if you choose to keep up with it and want to put some more money into quality of life. Empire sells solid markers and personally what I suggest for beginners looking to go the speedball rout. they have really good customer support. The dye I series are simply my favorite masks, easily replaced with another mask that better suits your face or is more aesthetically pleasing to you.

u/aphiddeziak · 2 pointsr/paintball

I've bought a mask already - I did a bunch of research (a lot on this sub) and quickly realized that should be the first thing I invested money into. Especially since I wear glasses - I won't have any fun if they won't fit under the mask. The first time I went out I bought one with thermal lenses that can be changed out. I don't remember the brand. But it fits my head perfectly and has only fogged up once. The rentals they had were nasty, quite frankly.

I've been poking around amazon and found this hopper. I've read that no matter the marker, an electric hopper is the way to go. This one seems to be a reasonable price and people seem to like it as well.

I suppose I should also add that my boyfriend and I are splitting the cost of that haul since there are two markers. Mostly. He's putting in 50 I'm putting in 75 - I'm taking to the sport more than him so I see myself using everything more. We've already talked about buying new tanks and feeders for it. And the field we go to rents tanks as well - which is great because that is still cheaper than renting all the gear.

Within the next 2-3 paycheck's I'll probably buy the GoG. I think I'm still going to throw down for this haul - I have a few friends that I could maybe drag along if I had the extra gear to help them out. Haha.

I know it's lame but I really like the look of the Tippmanns. I like the more rugged look than the sleek fancy contours of the GoG! But I once I get better I know I'm going to prefer something that performs well.

u/alizaman · 1 pointr/paintball

not really. the gun is okay, i guess. You can easily do better though. most of the stuff that kit includes are just old/dated items that retailers are trying to unload on people who don't know better.

if youre trying to stay on the cheap side, something like these would be a better option. The most important thing is going to be a good, comfortable mask. i'd prefer a JT proflex over a flex 8, but i couldnt find one on amazon. you could easily find one for the same price on other paintball specific sites. other than that, you have a high quality air tank, a high quality budget marker, and a high quality budget hopper that will actually feed paint. The only thing this doesn't include is a pack and remote which i think you should do without for now. if you need a pack, those can be had for as low as $25.

Ninja 45/3000:

Azodin Kaos:

Empire Reloader:

JT Flex 8(or proflex from another site):

u/hatgineer · 1 pointr/paintball

Get a JT Proshield. It's like 20 years old and a pain to switch lenses, but there's a reason why Empire had to restart production after they discontinued it and people complained. This one even comes default with thermal lens:

The Empire Helix is cheaper with an easier lens as well, which is also thermal:

I would just test fit both of them and buy whichever is more comfortable. If you still can't decide, try factoring in which one lets you see better, lens availability at your area, etc.

u/larvalgeek · 2 pointsr/paintball

Some really solid advice. As it turns out, Full Auto isn't allowed on the course I played on last weekend, and I'm not sure if we're going to get to do any woodsball this summer (I live in Alaska, so it's a short season), so I guess I'll focus on Speedball and consider a woodsball marker for next summer if I can find a game.

I prefer to purchase things on Amazon so would you mind looking over this list to make sure I'm getting the right things?

Halo Too loader


Pack (decided I liked this style vs the vertical ones)

Tank (Do I need a cover? someone said that you should have a cover to protect a carbon fiber tank)


A note about the gun: I am really hesitant to splurge on the Ethas, because while it comes pretty highly recommended, I just can't get over the fact that it looks like a toy. Also, it seems that it's more suited to speedball, and I particularly want to maintain the delusion that I'll be able to find some woodsball games. Am I going to have any issues with trying to woodsball with the Ethas?

u/Kaioh1990 · 2 pointsr/paintball

Thanks mate, really appreciate it. I am still on the fence about this helmet:

Mainly because of the horror stories some of my friends have told me who have gotten shot on the sides and back of their heads. Also the full helmet looks cool imo.

As for pants go (yikes!) definitely on the pricier side of gear. But I'm sure they're worth the investment.

Now I need to find a solid pair of cleats. Getting into paintball has been quite the investment ;)

u/ChiPhiMike · 2 pointsr/paintball

Get each thing individually. Packages are a rip off and most of the stuff that comes with it is complete trash.

The Empire Helix is the cheapest dual pane mask I think? Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong.

The Proto Primo is the best gravity fed hopper you can buy. The next best thing would probably be a used Halo B or something, and that's gonna run you around $50 or so. And for a mech gun you don't really need a force fed.

This 47/3000 HPA tank is cheap and suitable. Cheapest I think you can find.

35 + 12 + 40 = 87. Round up to 90 for the sake of simplicity and shipping. Might even be closer to $100. Leaves you between 0 and 75 given your earlier stated budget.

Everybody around here will tell you that a GoG eNMEy is the best mechanical gun you can buy. And they would be right. But they're $150 new and around $100 used. If you can find a used one and don't mind the extra scratch, go for it and you'll have a pretty good budget setup. If not, you can find a 98 Custom or something along those lines and still have a good time out there. Search the used markets. A great thing about 98 Customs is that they're rental guns. Fields that either shut down or are changing stock will often sell off their old rentals cheap as dirt. I've seen 98s go for as low as $30.

Granted, if you're buying a rental gun you can assume it's been beat to shit. But these things really are tanks. They're kind of a pain in the ass to work on, but there's really not too much to mess with on them internally. If you're even reasonably handy, it shouldn't be something to worry about. Another similar blowback marker that's used as rentals are BT-4s. Not sure if they're really functionally any better or worse than 98s though.

If you have any more questions I'd be happy to help. Unfortunately paintball is an expensive sport/hobby to get into and your budget doesn't give much room to work with. Good luck and have fun out there.

u/NexusRus · 1 pointr/paintball

I do not know why you need a Knife in paintball, I like the pods in the back with my tank on a line so its less in front so I can crouch easier. My friend uses this one Click me for link He enjoys it, I prefer just a pod belt. The pod belt I use is this Proto 3+4

u/MrAsian90 · 1 pointr/paintball

Hey good to have you back /u/dbees! I'm with you, used to be big into it and went to a Bachelor Party and got bit! So here's my setup!

Amazon has the Invert Helix with dual-pane lenses (less fog)

I picked up an O2 tank (Co2 is out, compressed air is the way to go now) for like... $30 or $40. I would link it but the one I bought isn't in stock anymore

I went on ebay and picked up an Ion XE for like... $75 and I had to put a new board in it (for $50) and I also bought a used Halo II hopper and full pod set (w/ some other crap) for $100.

It's not a pretty set up... and it's not the best, but it's enough to go have some fun again!

Welcome back!

u/Seth1358 · 2 pointsr/paintball

Proto primo 100%.

Yes the vforce mask will work.

A steel tank is great for building muscle endurance after holding that fucker up for hours at a time.

And a pod pack is one of the best inventions of all time in my opinion. I recommend the valken fate harness:

u/Zer0_210 · 2 pointsr/paintball

From what I have seen, for a Carbon Fiber tank that runs in this size, the closest thing to your price point is probably Empire's. It's $140 (a little over your request), but still pretty good.

u/lokii_ · 2 pointsr/paintball

You would rather get these if your really keen on getting a mask that fully covers your head. It is a bit more pricey, but it is worth it since it will be very comfortable and is a cousin to one of the most reputable googles in paintball, the JT Proflex.

u/DropbearArmy · 1 pointr/paintball

Valken 17135Harness- Harness Fate 4+3

Something like this is more than you’ll ever need playing rec ball. I’ve bought 3 harnesses and my favorite is an HK army eject that I got used for $20 on eBay.

u/k4ylr · 1 pointr/paintball

You just need a scuba fill station. Something like this.

They mount to the bottle and allow you connect your tank to fill of the bottle.

A true bonafide, field-grade compressor is going to run you north of $3,000 unless you're looking at the little 110v PCP chinesium made ones. Those are a crapshoot and not worth the dice roll IMHO

u/Plasmus642 · 3 pointsr/paintball

This mask is a common rental mask with added full head protection. Rental masks are notorious for being just bad masks. If you feel like you absolutely need a full head mask, go with a JT Flex-8 Headguard. This was my first mask and I still have it. I have i4s now but my friends use it when we play.

But seriously, if you don't absolutely need full head protection, don't get it. It looks kinda stupid, and it's hot and sticky. Not to mention more area to clean when you're done playing. Whatever you get though, get it with a thermal lens.

u/Ghillieguy · 1 pointr/paintball

I don't have this particular gear bag but I have a smaller bag made by the same company and it's been very good to me!

u/Celox1 · 2 pointsr/paintball

I always recommend my pod pack when this question inevitably comes up.

Really aren't many options at this price that are as good from what I can tell.

u/kami102 · 1 pointr/paintball

Contour user here. I haven't used the R7 or GoPro, but I do love my Contour, especially after getting it for $99 on, Although it did go up a little bit in price recently

I slapped the Contour on the side of my Empire Avatars and it hasn't given me a problem at all, and it's taken direct hits with no problem.

The GoPro, IMO, is the better all-around camera. But for only around ~$100 the Contour is a fantastic, alternative. Ignore the terrible music at the start. I suck at selecting music

u/UrbanCatBag · 1 pointr/paintball

If you're looking for just the gun, A TMC will be your best bet. If you also want some other equipment here are some links.

This is a molle vest that also comes with pouches
GZ XINXING Black Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest (Black)

I would also recommend a dump pouch so you don't lose any mags in fast reload situations.
Warrior Quest 1000D Nylon Folding Tactical Dump Pouch - Foldable Molle Magazine Mag Dump Pouch (Black)

Depending on how much paint you shoot your going to want a tank. I use a 13ci 3000 on my TMC and I can get about 5 mags before I'm out.
HK Army Aluminum HPA Tank - 13/3000

You don't need to splurge on anything dance when it comes to the gun. However, YOU NEED A GOOD MASK.

Here's the mask that I use. It's wallet friendly and hasn't fogged up on me once.
Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens - Black Header

All of these items I personally use myself, and all of my loadoat costed me about 350-400 bucks.

u/tacodorifto · 7 pointsr/paintball

Dual thermal lenses are best. But they are not fog proof. But conditions have to be bad to fog.

Here is a cheap dual thermal lens mask. 30 dollars on amazon

Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens - Black Header

u/SOLITUDEbwk · 1 pointr/paintball

You need two things. I purchased a scuba tank to fill mine at home, etc. But if you need to fill a single tank they'll need these:

I'd be really surprised if your local shop didn't already have a DIN adapter (it's needed to fill scuba tanks from their compressor).

u/Captain_McShootyFace · 2 pointsr/paintball

Here is the fill station

It hooks up to any standard scuba tank. You can ask the local scuba shops about used tanks, or even look on craigslist for them to try to save money.

Here is a pre-packaged set up that has everything you would need, but it's a little bit more expensive than buying a used tank.

u/abiding_duderino · 2 pointsr/paintball

Vforce profilers work great, but the coating stopped working after several months. Now I use the Proto Axis mask with thermal lens, though its tight on my glasses.

Check out Cat Crap anti fog for your glasses. You buff on and then off. It works pretty well.

u/bombermanSD · 1 pointr/paintball

I'm using this combo with my new eNVy. Will be upgrading the tank though after I get a new mask and a barrel. It feels a bit heavier than I'd like it to be.

u/mikev53 · 2 pointsr/paintball
I just bought after a buddy from out of town showed me his at clowns vs zombies. 75$ shipped to my door, and it holds a ton. My main complaint is that I cannot lock the zippers closed. Weird thing is it looks like you can only order through amazon and there aren't many pictures online.

u/Usedjagsnextleft · 1 pointr/paintball

Have the exact same tank and I got this for it: Exalt Paintball 68/70/72ci Carbon Fiber Tank Cover - Black / Grey

u/Buwaro · 3 pointsr/paintball

Or this Contour is on sale right now.

u/tenderlointips · 2 pointsr/paintball

The Maddog is not the most comfortable harness. For an extra couple dollars, consider the Valken Fate. It has a bit more cushion and is availabe through Prime.
Valken 17135Harness- Harness Fate 4+3

u/mobomelter · 4 pointsr/paintball

Step 1. Cut a hole in the box

Step 1. Buy this.

Step 2. Buy This

You're not going to find a "cheap" air compressor that can do 3000psi. Period. The cheapest method you can go is the one listed above. You can fill that scuba tank for between 5-10 dollars at a scuba store.

u/ODXBeef · 1 pointr/paintball <- One of those and some people have dive shops closer than their local field and/or find out where the fire department fills their scba bottles.

u/JimmyJames008 · 2 pointsr/paintball

Buy Both. I picked this set up a few weeks ago and used it last weekend. Thinking about getting it again for my 2nd gun.

u/Jgunman · 1 pointr/paintball

just a broke man trying to pick up a hobby. I recently bought a used matte red invert mini. Now that i have your attention, what do you think about this buy?

u/Averageboi · 1 pointr/paintball

I have like.. 2 extra sly masks that I don't sell because they fog up, and I don't want people do deal with foggy masks (they also breathe horribly, and due to all the ear padding, it's harder to hear).

Go for this instead.

46 dollars new^, and it's less prone to fogging than a sly mask.

u/_Taydolph_Swiftler_ · 24 pointsr/paintball

So you've got 250ish for a package for your son? Instead of buying that one I'll make one for you!

GoG Enmey Gun $125

Proto Primo Hopper $14

Ninja 48/3000 HPA Tank $50

JT Proflex $63

For the around $250 mark you will not get a better deal.