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u/draginator · 1 pointr/pcmods

So for $10 of led strip and $25 of controllers you'd be able to make 10 sets of strip kits for $35. Selling at $20 each would net $200 and then $165 after materials and probably $130 profit after shipping and magnets. You can probably get an even better deal on the rgb led strip as well to increase profits.

Overall I'd say it is a pretty good deal but I wouldn't buy it for only 1 foot of led strip. Especially not $8 for another foot. Great for people who don't want to solder and/or just want an easy kit. This however, also exists and is only $17 with prime shipping.

u/LastnameWurst · 1 pointr/pcmods

I suggest upgrading your CPU cooler to something possibly like the Cooler Master Hyper Evo, use some ArctiClean to clean up the CPU before the install after you remove the old cooler. I suggest using coffee filters to clean it up because they are lint free and work very well. You can find tutorials online on how to install a new cooler if you have any issues with it. You can either use the thermal paste the cooler comes with or get some Arctic Silver 5, I think Radioshack repackages it and sells it.

I also suggest setting it up so the fan is pushing air through the cooler towards the back of the case and if you can afford it, get a second fan for the other side and do a push/pull config and that will help temps a lot.

Or if you have enough room and want a good solution to lower CPU temps I suggest getting something like the Cooler Master Seidon 120XL. I have one in my build and helps the CPU temps since my case is so small

Also get some cable ties, that shit is a mess

u/TrickyHunterO_o · 1 pointr/pcmods

I got some random LED strip setup on Amazon for $14.99, I just connected it to a SATA power cable and it came with a remote. Pretty easy to set up. Super Bright Computer LED Strip Kit - Vibrant LED Computer Lighting LED Computer Lights - RGB Multi Color 2pcs 20inch LED Strip Light with Multi Function RF Remote for Desktop PC Computer Mid Tower

u/POLLODH · 2 pointsr/pcmods
  • Can you put a link to get that LCD controller board? looks very useful.

  • The lcd brick doesnt get very hot? i know those WD black can get warm and to add more heat on the top doesn´t seem very good for the drive.

  • Also, look this mobo, another user used it in a nes build, with something like this you dont even need a regular psu
u/Retrosmith · 0 pointsr/pcmods

I prefer these when I'm doing LED lighting. It requires a little bit of soldering, but just a singe Molex connector where the AC power brick is. Two wires total.

Long strip, lots of color options, remote control, has the ability to adjust your color settings in R,G or B one step at a time in either direction and save custom color profiles and has several different pulsating/flashing lighting effects if you're into that.

Regardless of which one you get, if you go with a long LED strip like this you should either get the NON-waterproof version or be ready to cut and solder the strips at every corner. The waterproof covering is excellent but doesn't bend very well at all.

Also, invest in some thin double-sided tape. The adhesvie that comes with a lot of these isn't very good.

u/Markbro89 · 2 pointsr/pcmods ships from Rochester, NY. They are great. is also in the states (apparently in a merger at the moment but a new store will be open tomorrow) I learned the most from there and purchased a good Pin removal tool from them and quality sleeving. frozencpu also carries most of Lutro's products. also carries the tools.

I know your in Canada but I hope this may still help you.

u/Dracomarine · 1 pointr/pcmods

Here is my build. I used a pci express extender so i could flip the video card horizantal with the fans facing up. This is vital for airflow. Also i highly recomend the latice i used, its amazing for airflow, provides ample protection and isnt too hard to work with. Just make sure to seal it with something non conductive.

For mounting the motherboard to the case i used plastic motherboard risers and superglue. This didnt stick well but it isolate the motherboard from the case electrically.

Your case look good, im just looking to pu everything possible inside of my next project so i figured adding a keyboard in a slide out slot under might be sometthing to look into.

I would also look into using a laptop lcd instead of a dedicated monitor to save space and weight.

u/nivek_c · 1 pointr/pcmods

stock cpu cooler might be able to handle a modest overclock but if you had the extra cash and wanted to be positive the cpu would stay cool then id say scoop a 212 evo as well

u/Head_Cockswain · 1 pointr/pcmods

> The whole point was to prevent GPU sag but I guess I could run some bends to keep the card propped up.

I'd get creative with some form of pillar or even do something with suspension like in Pi.

I'd do something novel with suspension from above.....but I've got a horizontal motherboard in the HAF XB case.

I've looked into such vertical GPU mounts before for the sake of something novel(gpu laying fan-side up in my case) and I keep coming to the same issue, awkward cabling / plugs.

The only way around it that I see would be to cut into the case to allow for this from Cooler Master or something like it for full access to the back of the card and to use normal cables.

Not sure if your case would need cutting, but most have bars or slats between/under the PCIE covers.

u/streetmitch · 2 pointsr/pcmods

These leds are what i use. They are really bright have every color you can imagine. it does come with 16 feet, which i did manage to use in a full size tower. It has sticky tape on the back which is ok i still ended up having to use some 3m double sided tape. ive used these in 4 builds and i love them. ive tried cathodes its hard to get them into small spaces and behind stuff without either being able to see them or them not fitting. my cathodes also only lasted just over a 2 years where leds should have a longer life span.

u/wolfcry0 · 1 pointr/pcmods

Your amazon link is mixed up I believe

I have 2 of these sets in my room, they work pretty well and are quite bright

u/Strikaaa · 1 pointr/pcmods

Get one of these (Mnpctech, Puget, Atlas, Bitspower or any kind of bolster),
put something below it
or attach a piece of string to your GPU and the top of your case.

Backplates can also reduce GPU sag (or rather bending) but those support brackets probably do a better job.

u/jeffro422 · 2 pointsr/pcmods

Something like this may also be helpful then. It hasn't been out long and hopefully they will be restocking it. You also have this one which is more specific to Cooler Master cases but you could mod it to fit differently if you cut a side panel. Brackets just might make things easier for you.

u/Dstanding · 1 pointr/pcmods

Galvanic corrosion will be an issue any time the two metals are connected by something conductive. In this case, water. Even distilled or DI water - it'll snap ions out of the metals in a heartbeat and instantly become conductive again.

Also, that water block you linked is said to be copper in the title, and then aluminum in the description.

If you could get the 10mm thick block to work, that'd be your best bet. Or you could just build a 100% aluminum loop; it won't perform as well as copper but it'll still be fine for your purposes.

As for the power supply, the one you linked might work but it looks a bit sketchy since it doesn't have an output amperage rating. I've got one of these which is rated for 2A on the 12V; that'll be enough for a good pump and a few fans.

u/bcc123456789 · 1 pointr/pcmods does this look like the connector in OP’s photo? I’m pretty sure it is. Not 100% though.

u/IntergalacticViking · 1 pointr/pcmods

Wow thanks for that idea! I just picked this up from Amazon along with the fibers I suggested.

I'm now trying to find a cheap solution for some end fittings, I want some of the 'stars' to be larger than others so I can recreate Ursa Major. These would be perfect but there is no price listed. I've contacted them for a quote on 20 of them.

u/hineybush · 1 pointr/pcmods

I had the NZXT kit that /u/neums08 posted, but found that the LEDs were too far apart.

I bought this LED strip from Amazon and wired the included power jack thing to a 12v molex connection with a 100-ohm resistor in series. I wired in a power switch, and put it in the PCI slot plate from the NZXT kit. It's pretty clean looking, I just want to find something to diffuse the LEDs even more because I don't really like the point-lighting they give off.

It's essentially the same as the kit that /u/agent67248 posted, but more DIY and no RGB functionality.

u/i8m · 2 pointsr/pcmods

Something like this seems ideal.

If you already have some sort of fan cover/grill laying around, you could just make it catch dust by cutting up a nylon stocking stretching a bit across the back before mounting.

u/fuser-invent · 2 pointsr/pcmods

I just use metal hole saws, you also need the Mandrel to attach it to your drill. The best way to do it when working with metal is to but the hole out of a piece of wood first, clamp the wood down to your case and then use it as a guide so you get an even cut. It works with acrylic case windows too but you have to be gentle.

u/HingleMcCringle_ · 6 pointsr/pcmods

LOVE it. looks awesome and I think the effort really paid off.

my only question is, where did you buy the mount for the GPU? Not the PCI Extension cable, the part where it mounts the case.

edit: found it. but where did you buy it?

edit 2: oh, fuck me, it's on Amazon, now. a few months ago, you'd be luck if you got the notification from coolermaster before they sold out. I though I'd come back and leave the link incase someone else wanted it

u/Icanthelplt90 · 4 pointsr/pcmods

If its power, then its a mini sata power for like, slim BR drives and whatnot.

You can get an adapter like this if you need it.

u/torquemasterice · 1 pointr/pcmods

Get an LED strip with 3258 or 5050 leds like this

You will have to cut it into strips and then solder them together. You can then power it from a molex plug from your PSU. If you're not comfortable with soldering (it's an easy job this one, good for beginners to learn), you'll want a strip with a molex connecter pre-soldered.

u/FastRedPonyCar · 2 pointsr/pcmods

I bought mine off ebay. Looks like they're either not selling right now or out of stock. I don't see it listed on their site so they may have discontinued.

There's this one though.

u/flamecmndrlaharl · 2 pointsr/pcmods

There's a 2A one over here on Amazon

u/mosarmini · 1 pointr/pcmods

Ah, I'm looking to just have a simple white LED setup. If I were to buy this, how do I connect it to the molex connector?

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/pcmods


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/pcmods

Here you go. I have 2 of these. Both running i3 with 8gb RAM. Both have wifi in the mini mSATA slot and a 120gb regular mSATA. The HTPC one has a 2.5" 1TB HDD for extra storage.

u/DiEz3l · 1 pointr/pcmods

For some of the pieces you're not sure how to attach. Check out this stuff.

Used it for years in my R/C hobby, And am using it in my 540T and 900D in some spots. Stuff is absolutely awesome.. It's double sticky tape, that fucking works and isn't 1/2" thick.

u/efx0a · 1 pointr/pcmods

Thanks! At first I thought I would have to bolt the window in, which I didn't like since it doesn't look as clean. I ended up getting double sided mounting tape from Walmart, I believe it was 3M brand. Similar to this -

So after I cut the window out with a dremel, I used rubber grommet edging that I bought at Performance-PCs (which is where I bought most of the modding supplies I used in this project) - to line the edge, then apply the mounting tape and set the window in.

u/kantlivelong · 6 pointsr/pcmods

Check these out:

You can power them from a standard 4 pin molex with a little soldering or crimping. They can also be cut to length.

u/Waddoo1313 · 1 pointr/pcmods

Ironically I'm taking circuit theory right now but thank you. My last question is would something like this work? Unfortunately its mobile, and my only concern would then be the barrel size. However I do have a similar if not the same 12V "box" as superbright; point being with that, I think they'd be all the same. Correct me if I'm wrong.