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u/bwerdschinski · 1 pointr/perth

Yep, love it! Intermittent fasting has changed my life for the better in a number of ways and I've lost 30kgs using it. Not for everyone, but there's many forms of intermittent fasting you can use based on your goals, existing condition, and current lifestyle.

Our introduction to the topic was the 5:2 diet Michael Mosely wrote about in "The Fast Diet" ( But the thing that made it all click for me was "The Obestiy Code" by Jason Fung ( as that went into more detail about obesity, insulin resistance, and how fasting can be used as a tool.

Following on from that Jason Fung has a great podcast with Jimmy Moore called Fasting Talk (, and together they wrote a book called "The Complete Guide to Fasting" ( which I've not got around to reading yet. It came out after I started fasting but I hope to get my hands on it soon.

As a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting go hand in hand another one of Jimmy Moore's podcasts I've found helpful is Keto Talk (

Can't stop raving about IF, hope some of those links help :)

u/jessezany · 2 pointsr/perth

Yeah completely understandable, it's not too complicated, but from an outsiders perspective can look daunting. I can't really recommend any specific financial advisors, but if you have the time to do some reading I can recommend a few things that will help you out. A Random Walk down Wall Street and The Intelligent Investor are great, easy to read introductions to value investing, while this post on /r/AusFinance gives some pretty straightforward and practical advice.

While its not the advice you're looking for right now, do consider it as it may help save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

u/Captain-Peacock · 1 pointr/perth

I got these before they stopped shipping to Aus, amazing for the money, can see the moon clearly! ( in AUD plus delivery around $120)

Looking to upgrade to 25 x 100 even more powerful.

u/squeeowl · 2 pointsr/perth

You'll be hard pressed to find letter/legal paper in shops outside of North America. Best bet would be Amazon, it appears they have at least this option on the .au site.

u/DoubleUKayG · 1 pointr/perth

At work I use this to recover "dead" drives:

Plug the adapter up and rotate the drive on all orientation till the clicking stops. Once you've found the sweet spot, just be extra sensitive and unplug everything and plug it back in with that sweet spot orientation you've just discovered. As usual, YMMV.

But yeah, generally, clicking noises are bad cause it's physical.

u/crsf29 · 3 pointsr/perth


My bet would be to try Kakulas Bros in Northbridge first, and then maybe pop in to some specialty/international grocers and ask if they've got them. They're the little red buggers in prepared spanish olives. Get a jar and dig em out maybe?

For the life of me I can't imagine what sort of American recipe you're making that requires these, and I'm an American. Dafuq you doin?

u/skryring · 2 pointsr/perth

A thread about ants was posted last year and a lot of people mentioned Amdro and this was linked. Way cheaper than buying it at bunnings (it came to something like $60 inc shipping for me but its way more than you would get buying it from bunnings).

I never got around to using it though, but I've noticed ants again so plan on doing it soon.

u/manageditmyself · 4 pointsr/perth


>An international poll conducted by The Economist magazine found more people in favor of protectionism than of free trade in Britain, France, Italy, Australia, Russia, and the United States. Part of the reason is that the public has no idea how much protectionism costs and how little net benefit it produces. It has been estimated that all the protectionism in the European Union countries put together saves no more than a grand total of 200,000 jobs--at a cost of $43 billion. That works out to about $215,000 a year for each job saved.

>In other words, if the European Union permitted 100 percent free international trade, every worker who lost his job as a result of foreign competition could be paid $100,000 a year in compensation and the European Union countries would still come out ahead. Alternatively, of course, the displaced workers could simply go find other jobs. Whatever losses they might encounter in the process do not begin to compare with the staggering costs of keeping them working where they are. That is because the costs are not simply their salaries, but the even larger costs of producing in less efficient ways, using up scarce resources that would be more productive elsewhere. In other words, what the consumers lose greatly exceeds what the workers gain, making the society as a whole worse off.


>Only part of the problem of getting the general public to understand international trade is due to their not having the facts. Another part of the problem is their not having enough knowledge of economics to withstand the barrage of self-serving arguments put out by many in business, labor, and agriculture, who wish to escape the consequences of having to compete in the marketplace with foreign producers.

Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy* [link]

u/Gonadicus · 3 pointsr/perth

My mum does not drive. Her pimp provides all necessary transport.

Milo tins actually detract from the vehicle performance. The GReddy decals and stick on aluminium look fuel cap covers probably contribute more to performance.

Edit: you should read this book mrscienceguy. Spearwood library used to have a copy.

u/zeekiz · 3 pointsr/perth

Peel back the headliner in the affected area and use some adhesive spray. Try and get something that's designed for headliners.


u/laidlow · 3 pointsr/perth

Been living alone for about 4 years now, struggled badly at times due to depression and loneliness. Started doing some mindfulness practices and meditation to deal with it last year and it has made a huge improvement. Still have bad days but the frequency and duration have decreased dramatically and I'm much more grateful for what I have.

That's the book that got me started. If you're skint let me know and I'll send you a copy, I have a few spare that I bought to give away.

u/RedLeader7 · 2 pointsr/perth

There's no need to be stupid about this. These have been around for years :