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u/derlum · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

Totally doable, but know that neighborhood and elevation will matter. I bought a refurb of a Winegard FL5500C for ~$25 that is essentially the same as the Amazon amplified antenna. If you can afford to wait check and regularly, one will pop up for cheap.

Take your time and experiment patiently with placement. Second floor would've been most convenient for me but when I moved it to a window on the third floor over a lot of my neighbors' rooftops in Graduate Hospital, I got better results and a few more channels -- about 55 in total including all subchannels. A lot of those are 24/7 infomercial, religious, or foreign language, but there are some hidden gems. Channel 35 has multiple English-language subchannels of 24/7 news including France24 and NHK (Japan).

Another bit of info that doesn't surface often with these Leaf-type antennae is that you get much better reception if you keep the lead wire running in taut, straight lines. Not sure what the signal theory behind that is, but before I secured my lead to the window frame and it curled in lazy circles, my reception was spotty.

If your final placement ends up being convenient to a coax outlet, it might be worthwhile to plug in and distribute reception to the whole house/apartment, unless you have cable internet. Cable companies including Comcast use the same frequency bands for cable internet as OTA HDTV, and your TV signal will get stepped on if you try to share the line. I found that out the hard way.

Finally, if you like what you get over the air, think about possibly eventually hooking up a DVR solution to ease the transition from cable. I got an HDHomerun Plus and a Synology NAS that work together with Raspberry Pi boards connected to my TVs running XBMC. The end result is a whole-house DVR system with program guide that looks and feels very much like cable/satellite with the bonus of being able to watch on laptops/phones/tablets. It dumps recordings to H.264 MKV files on my NAS that I can copy and take with me. It's worked so beautifully for me that I've been meaning to put together a howto of my whole project but just haven't gotten around to it yet. In the meantime I'd be happy to answer any questions.

I hope this info is at least a little helpful. Sorry for the text wall, I guess I have a lot of info to dump since I just completed the transition myself. Good luck!

u/Mines_of_Moria · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I got this:

It works well, I get something like 20 channels. It does occasionally stutter or have issues, but for the most part the signal comes in clear. We pretty much use it to watch the news. It worked extremely well for the super bowl. I would be a little reluctant to watch a show I really cared about with it, as there is a good chance you would miss pieces of the show when you lose signal from time to time.

u/poopsicle88 · 5 pointsr/philadelphia

Theres a great book on philly that I'm working my way thru that any one from philly would love. So much stuff and the story of how the book was written is pretty cool as well

Philadelphia: A 300-Year History

u/turnpikenorth · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

If you are into this sort of thing, the book Philadelphia: a 300 Year History has a lot of great pictures from all throughout the city's history as well as great text to learn everything there is to know.

u/devinhelton · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

> Who were the people who lived in these massive blocks of row homes before the current crop of tenants moved in? I'm certain the slummy looking areas were well maintained and safe at some point in the past.

Yep. Philadelphia War Zone by Kevin Purcell is a very interesting first hand account of what happened as West Philadelphia fell apart right around 1970. I highly recommended reading it.

u/beansjawns · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Ah, yes. Meant to say if you don't buy your own modem/router. Also, u/beep41 -- I have an ARRIS Surfboard SB-6121 rated for up to 172 Mbps if you want it. You'd still need a wifi router to complete your setup, but it's a solid little modem in perfect condition.

u/FastEddieSnowden · 1 pointr/philadelphia

You're right: it's a little bit hard to know without looking at the original study or at least an accurate summary thereof. I am assuming that these studies are not in laboratory conditions and are rather interpretations of real-world data. When I said "cannot," I assumed (wrongly?) that you cannot cause crime in order to study crime-fighting techniques.

BTW, this book is the best thing I've read on the subject.

u/MRC1986 · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

This is a better book.

Saw the author and illustrator at The Rosenbach back in May. Got myself a signed copy. There's a recipe for Fish House Punch inside. The lecture event had some, it was strong but good.

u/lost-picking-flowers · 9 pointsr/philadelphia

In the meantime.. :D.

Art museum/fairmount area strikes me as quite quiet and very nice in general - I stayed around there for a week before my apartment was ready to move in to and it was really quite peaceful at night.

u/Jethro_Cull · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I have a new AppleTV w/ Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. I also use my parents password for cable TV channels like FX, ESPN, and NBCSN. I also use this antenna, which works great 100% of the time:

u/ragingblackmage · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

I use this antenna in my attic, it gets all the major networks flawlessly.

compact outdoor antenna

This is by far the best guide for setting up an antenna that I've found, from the sidebar of r/cordcutters

how to use TV Fool

u/Green_Go5 · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I just received this today, and I'm on the 10th floor of a 26 floor building in center city, my windows face another building, and I just pulled in 50 channels.

The good - I get CBS, FOX, and NBC, so the majority of games are covered.

The bad - No 6ABC, but you'll probably have a better chance.

u/envriogis · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

You can rent their modem for $7 a month or buy one of your own. I have this one. It's a decent modem, keeps up with the speeds and it's pretty popular for people who are trying to avoid the rental fee. Keep in mind you will need a wireless router also if you want wifi. A lot of the modems Comcast gives out with their service have built in wifi/modem combos.

u/MichaelMoniker · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Bought this but a 50 mile version.

Been running the channel search a few times. Turned everything off and on and unplugged and plugged stuff back in.

I'm just confused why it showed up when I first plugged it in and was coming in perfectly and now it's not coming in at all.

u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/philadelphia

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel & Loud Events

u/modus · 1 pointr/philadelphia

You're going to want to use a directional Yagi antenna. I got this one and get ABC at 100%. If you need other types of mounting hardware, has a good selection.

Also, remember not to use an amplifier first. Using an amplifier unnecessarily, can overmodulate the signal.

u/sunofernest · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

Get a floor jack and a set of these roll the car into the middle of the fucking street
*slash a tire for good measure

u/Brolonious · 5 pointsr/philadelphia

This book has a recipe for it.

City Tavern would be your best bet but looking on the website now, it doesn't seem to have it.

Also ask the folks at Art in the Age this book is recent from them and they might know more.

u/mrfogg · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I used to live in a warehouse loft apartment here and had a similar problem. First of all, it isn't normal and if they are coming back in large numbers season after season. That's a problem with the building. You should definitely look into moving.

  1. These traps were by far the most effective for me. Usually with some kind of nut-butter. Try and place them where you think the mice are coming in. Glue traps worked well too, but you have to be quick or else the mice will chew off their own legs and escape back into the wall, and having to drown them is gross.

  2. More steel wool. Behind the stove, under your sink, in your closet, wherever there might be more holes.

  3. Keep all your food in air-tight containers. Take out your garbage frequently as well and wipe down your counters and vacuum. Good job on already doing this.

  4. Your neighbors need to be on the same page, or else the mice will just keep coming down from their apartments to yours.

  5. I've heard that little things of lavender or essential oils along the walls or corners can help keep them away.

  6. Make your landlord pay for a professional exterminator! A real one.

u/yugtahtmi · 0 pointsr/philadelphia

Philly has 1000s of Art Murals around town. I think it has the most in the world. So perhaps a book about that.
Here is one I found on Amazon

u/thanksbastards · 19 pointsr/philadelphia

Turn off the computer

Turn off the tv

Read a book

u/Baron_Von_D · 4 pointsr/philadelphia

Bike cuffs
I wonder if those are harder to break then a u-lock.

u/Projectile_Setback · 6 pointsr/philadelphia

A $300 bike isn't really worth stealing. Bike thieves aren't stupid and aren't going to invest time popping locks for a $300 bike. It will get stolen if it's not locked, but it's not likely to be the target of a deliberate and sophisticated effort. That gets saved for people who are idiots that locks $2,500 road bikes with shitty U-Locks.

Get her a decent bike and put Pinheads on the seatpost and wheels. Lock it with a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-Lock. If it's going to be left overnight, lock it with both that U-Lock and a Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain, as this is going to require two sets of tools in most cases, or a minimum of 4 cuts and two batteries in the event someone is using a grinder.

u/phiberoptick · 1 pointr/philadelphia

there is a lot of mis information out there. is pretty good. i wasted a lot of money and effort. people say DE is good but you want 100% silica powder like this and these strips. the powder put all over. then put all your shit in plastic tubs with one of those strips. as you put stuff into tubs clean it with rubbing alcohol. its a metric fuck ton of work, but it can be done.

u/this_shit · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Bummer dude, losing wheels is never fun. Grab this deal while it's hot. If you want to keep locking up with a single U-Lock/no cable, you can try locking skewers like these or these. I've used the latter for years now; they're not bulletproof, and with enough time you can definitely get them off, but it's all about reducing that 'crime of opportunity' hazard.
Alternatively use a cable or a 2nd U-lock.

u/iaintbrainwashed · 4 pointsr/philadelphia

I have one of these hanging in a tree that i bought from Greensgrow Farms, where 75% of my garden came from.

it will fill up in a week. thousands. I bought it because I feed stray cats on my driveway, ten feet from the tree, and I hated seeing flies hovering around their heads while they ate. This thing removes flies all day long. They’re attracted to the liquid bait, (water plus bait packet) and volunteer to enter at the top and it's over by drowning. Dealing with the trap when it’s full is a challenge.

u/TechnoAllah · 1 pointr/philadelphia

What kind of snap traps were you using? I had issues with the wooden ones you get at the hardware store not working, but these ones kill with impunity.

u/SandysonLocust · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

That kinda ignores how white West Philly was until the late 1960s when the police started turning a blind eye to black crime and white people got violently ethnically cleansed from their traditional neighborhoods by black gangs of teenagers.

“Philly War Zone: Growing Up in a Racial Battleground” is a great memoir about this time & many of the reviews back up the author’s story.

u/redwoodser · 4 pointsr/philadelphia

I have no idea why there are so many flies in your basement, so my solution does not stop them from appearing, but will kill every single one that ends up down there. I would place a trap in the basement to attract and kill all the flies, and that might keep them from migrating upstairs. Hang this thing on a beam with a piece of heavy string or wire, or simply place it on a table or on the floor. There is a dry mix that gets added to water, called bait, and when it gets half full or full it will begin to smell and should be flushed down the toilet. Before you open it up, kill the newly trapped flies in the trap by pouring bleach into it at the open holes on top of the trap. That way they will not fly out when you open it up. Maybe next year the problem will diminish or dissapper altogether. Good luck.