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u/ObligatoryHandle · 1 pointr/phillies

Do you like baseball books? The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant by Robin Roberts is one of my favorites. It's a blow-by-blow account of the best and most famous Phillies team for the club's first hundred years.

u/sokrazyitmightwork · 2 pointsr/phillies

I used to have one that was written by Sarge. It was really just kind of a summary of the season, but it's nice to hear it from a guy who knew the team and watched every game. I wasn't the biggest fan of it, just because I hated hearing Sarge talk and his writing voice is the same as his broadcasting voice, but if you liked Sarge then I would definitely recommend it.

Edit: Quick google search brought it up here

u/obiwan_canoli · 2 pointsr/phillies

I thought I'd see if I can pickup a copy of that book, here's what I found

Apparently someone has a surplus of HK clones they're trying to unload! LOL

EDIT: Here is the actual book, if anyone's interested.

u/Frommyiphone2 · 2 pointsr/phillies

You may like Watching Baseball Smarter
by Zack Hample. It explains some things about the game that a new fan might not recognize.

u/yallfrompurchasing · 1 pointr/phillies

You sure? It looks exactly like this McFarlane SportsPicks MLB Series #11: 6" Roy Halladay

u/Smartfood_Fo_Lyfe · 1 pointr/phillies

Oh. You didn't say clock radio. That's hilarious. You should get a little transistor. This is the one I use.

u/Rsubs33 · 0 pointsr/phillies

> The Phillies don’t pay nearly that even if you gave Machado and Harper 10 year 350 million dollar contracts

Actually it is what you said, you are implying the Phillies don't pay near the 150 mil even adding 70 mil to their pay roll, (FYI it isn't 60, its 70 350 mil for 10 years is 35 mil a year times 2 is 70, again take a basic math course) now if you add that 70 to the 125 mil you are already paying your 40 man roster (not including minor league players) this = 195 mil. Seriously you don't know basic fucking math, so i don't know how much longer I can continue the conversation. Order this and give it a read and we can try to resume this conversation in like 10 days or say its prime, so I figure that gives you a week to read it over or at least get through the addition, substations, multiplication and division sections.

u/foggybottom · 1 pointr/phillies

Between innings someone needs to get out there and use this

u/funkyted · 2 pointsr/phillies

Bill Baer's 100 things to know might be what you're looking for.

u/mccrackinfool · 1 pointr/phillies

The poster I got off Amazon, everything else I made