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u/samandiriel · 0 pointsr/phoenix

I would recommend Cisco over Motorola, given my networking experiences. I just got new service last week and I picked up the DPC3010 from Amazon. It was $25 used from CQ Deals. Any seller will do, so long as the condition is "Very Good" or "Like New" - networking hardware is pretty long lived.

Make sure that whatever you get that it's on Cox's list of compatible equipment.

u/ikeepitmello · 1 pointr/phoenix

We just planted our spring/summer crop, it's mostly tomatoes and stuff like squash, cucumber, etc. Dave the Garden Guy from 3TV has a great book on arizona gardening, and there are some great Facebook groups as well.

u/Rommyappus · 1 pointr/phoenix

The starter decks are a good start but they usually don't have enough cards in them, and too many land. This is a good thing to get as well:

It will have random cards in it from all colors, so he'll be able to tweak and customize the decks to his liking.

And yea.. this can be an expensive hobby.. but it doesn't have to be. If he is able to work I'd say time to get a job if you want more than this!

u/I_AM_GRUMPY · 2 pointsr/phoenix

Black Box G1W-C Capacitor Model Dash Cam – Heat Resistant – Full HD 1080P H.264 2.7" LCD Car DVR Video Recorder – WDR 140° Wide Angle 4x Zoom Motion Detection Night Vision G-Sensor

I'm not sure if I have exactly that one because mine was a gift a year and a half or more ago and there are a lot of clones. It's a G1W-C style dashcam or something similar. Good budget cam but some people aren't too lucky it seems .

The -C on the end is for capacitor meaning the battery is super short but better to withstand heat vs batteries

u/Cmfiii · 5 pointsr/phoenix

It's a great ritual that I do when the weather is warm and they are out. Go on Amazon and get the 12" tweezers if you want to capture them for the thunderdome. No matter what, don't pay the ridiculous costs of 'Scorpion Proofing' your home. It doesn't work any better than owning cats and using Cy-Kick pest spray monthly on your baseboards and doorways ( BTW, I heard chickens are the best at catching & eating scorpions.

u/AV1978 · 2 pointsr/phoenix

Buy this modem. It's $99 on Amazon Prime delivered today. Supports up to 1.4Gbps throughput for the coming 1GoFiber service they will be offering in the fall.

Cheaper than renting. As to the business plan im curious why you didn't opt to go with the 300/100 plan instead? It's only $200 versus the $100, gives you more speed and its dedicated. On a residential plan you share your access with the neighborhood. On the business plan you do not.

u/vgf89 · 1 pointr/phoenix

I think it's this one, maybe this one, but I'll have to check when I get home. Definitely a Motorola Surfboard series docsis modem at the very least though.

Now that you mention it, I also had Rocket League issues on Comcast with that modem back in new mexico so it could very well be a modem issue. Looking up the surfboard chipset, it seems like it is likely a puma 6 chipset so that would make sense. Could be the wifi router too, idk, haven't messed with that myself.

u/Johnny_Motion · 3 pointsr/phoenix

Here's a "self-help" option:

PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent

It's a device that emits an ultrasonic noise that is unpleasant to dogs. It's triggered by barking, and unless you know what it is, your neighbor will be none the wiser. The dog will figure out that the noise happens upon barking and poof the dog is trained to not bark.

You would set it up as close to their yard as possible for range purposes. I know it's not free, but it is a much better alternative than calling the police, and you're essentially buying peace between you and your neighbor, and quiet for sleep. Seems like a small amount to pay.

u/silverbullet1972 · 14 pointsr/phoenix

For the best modem, get this one:

And in combination with this router, you will get every bit of speed you pay for:

I regularlly get ~180Mbps down. Good luck! (I only pay for the 150 down plan)

u/bloYolbies · 4 pointsr/phoenix

Nice! To help your problem along, I'm pretty sure this is the AZ 4x4 bible. Might be worth ordering or at least checking out from a library.

u/AFew10_9TooMany · 2 pointsr/phoenix

We’ll ask around to friends and family but that’s a hard to find item, out of print, and publisher doesn’t have any either...

If anyone gets back to us I’ll let you know.

In the mean time, i know this wouldn’t be cheap, but sounds like time is short and precious... it looks like one seller on Amazon does have it and will ship same day...

A Dark Dark Wood - David Carter - Amazon

If you ordered tonight or tmw should arrive wherever by Tuesday...

I lost my mother a couple years ago and my cousin just lost his father so I totally understand and respect what you are trying to do.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/phoenix

Yep. Crown King and pretty much everywhere. I really recommend this trail guide

u/speech-geek · 1 pointr/phoenix

Give me one second and I’ll try to find the book I had to read in my AZ history class in college.

Edit: Found it! It’s pretty comprehensive but not too bad of a textbook vibe. I think the most interest part is the battle over water at the turn of the century and how that charged a lot of the politics of the state - oh and the Mormons as well.

Arizona: A History, Revised Edition - Southwest Center Series

u/thephoenixx · 1 pointr/phoenix

I have Cox, didn't want to be a moron using their subpar equipment for ridiculous prices so I bought my own modem.

Went with the Arris Surfboard and ended up going with Google Wi-Fi for ease of use as I'm not a hardcore tech guy and wanted a mesh network that was easy to use.

I actually bought the 3-pack for the Google WiFi and I love it. I actually had my own router prior to buying the Google Wifi and used that with the modem and got OK speeds, but switching gave me better speeds than what I was paying for. I pay for 100 down/10 (I think) up but I was getting sometimes 130 down/20 up.

I want to switch to gigabit internet but I'd need to upgrade the modem to the DOCSIS 3.1 version so I'm kind of mad I didn't just do that in the first place. Otherwise though, love the setup.

u/GuatemalnGrnade · 1 pointr/phoenix

Unless you absolutely have to buy it from a store, you will have better luck buying it online.


u/jufar19 · 1 pointr/phoenix

I bought these for my dog. he used them all afternoon yesterday running around the pool on cement/rocks/grass and they held up well. Not sure how long they'll last but for the price i'm fine with getting a month's worth of wear out of them (the occasional walk when the pavement is still hot and hanging out by the pool). My border collie wears a size 5.

u/SickOfAZ · 3 pointsr/phoenix

Get DE (food grade, not for pools), mix with water and spray like crazy. I'm not sure if they make a bigger bag. This would be the best non-toxic route. Also clean your yard out of any debris like dead plants and clutter.

u/nevalk · 1 pointr/phoenix

You can get a docsis 3 modem for under $70. I don't see the point in renting one for $7/month, even if the first 6 months are free.

u/SSChicken · 4 pointsr/phoenix

Don't be too scared, it's not something you want to be breathing in like you wouldn't want to breathe in lots of flour or baking soda or anything either. They do sell Diatomaceous Earth in food grade however so it's certainly not inherently harmful if ingested. Some people eat it on purpose as a supplement.

u/vectaur · 3 pointsr/phoenix

You can't buy the "good" stuff at Home Depot. You either wanna hit up a Bug & Weed Mart type place in town, or just do what I did and order from Amazon.

One of those Cy-Kick bottles lasts me like 8 sprayings on a 3k sq ft house. Well worth the $40.

Edit: also -- if you buy Cyfluthrin, you won't need anything else. It kills everything under the sun.

u/ghdana · 1 pointr/phoenix

I literally just installed an antenna 5 minutes ago and I had to adjust it and put it on the wall instead of the TV to get 12-1. Using this thing and get everything.

u/monichica · 1 pointr/phoenix

I don't see one online just by using google but I know one exists because it's in this book. I got it at Southwest Gardener in Phoenix. Its published by the master gardeners so it also has that same planting calendar in it that's linked above.

u/climb-it-ographer · 7 pointsr/phoenix

It's not the first time that Phoenix has been given that designation.

This book is really well known: Bird On Fire: Lessons from the World's Most Unsustainable City

u/BostonGraver · 5 pointsr/phoenix

I've had this one for 2 years now, no problems. This is a slightly newer version that has no chrome

If you're going to get one somewhere other than amazon, just make sure you're getting the G1W-C/G1W-CB. The C means it has a capacitor instead of a battery; it does better in the heat, but only is powered when your car is running (unless you wire it in to an always-on fuse).

NB: I only park out in the sun when I'm not at home or work. I have had covered parking at home and at work the entire two years I've had the camera.

u/tres_cervezas · 11 pointsr/phoenix

I tried the Petsmart shoes too - they were horrible. I got these on Amazon and they work really well. Even used them walking through an airport.

u/midlifecrackers · 2 pointsr/phoenix

Nah the loose cotton/linen/flax weave, like this or this

u/Elm_Street · 1 pointr/phoenix

I picked up the Motorola SB6121 at Walmart about two weeks ago. I have had no problems with it at all. I'm currently at the 50MB tier of service from COX, and it has been very smooth.
It was about a dollar less than what Amazon is charging for the same device. [Here:] (

Yes, it's an older model, and it maxes out at 150Mb/s, but since that is the very top speed that COX is offering right now, it's not bad. The SB6141, has a higher top speed, and will cost about $10-$15 more, and that will get you to about 300Mb/s.

I had been renting a modem from COX, but got sick of getting disconnect errors while playing Destiny, so I went out and bought the new modem. I've had 2 disconnects in a two week period, whereas with the old one, I could get 3-4 disconnects per hour.

u/PurpleCoco · 2 pointsr/phoenix

A lot of comments about DE. Make sure it's food grade diatomaceous earth and not DE for the pool. You can get it from a feed store. Try not to breath it because it's bad for your lungs.

u/9087876 · 1 pointr/phoenix

join every group/ club you can. Forums, facebook, whatever. it'll take a while to find a group of guys that are into the same style/difficulty as you. wheel with all of them.

I don't recommend going out alone, but if you must this book has solid trails and will keep ya out of trouble