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u/SwigNation · 1 pointr/pokemon

Oh my lord! You have missed out on a ton. So for the DS line, HG and SS are the best. The issue is that it's fairly expensive to buy even today. Diamond and pearl were pretty great and as much as platinum is a successor to them, its story is a bit different. Black and white are pretty fantastic. They added more motion to the pokemon during battles. Now if we are getting into the 3DS/2DS games theres a few things to note. I personally though the story of X and Y was really weak and childish compared to the other games. It just felt so far off. OR/AS would be familiar as it's the same story for ruby and sapphire previously but they added a TON of content. Sun and Moon change a lot of stuff. The areas feel more natural and gym battles have been phased out for trials. They were pretty solid games. Okay so if you are debating on buying a 2DS or a 3DS the one thing to keep in is which version are you getting of each. So if you are buying the original 2DS or 3DS you will notice big frame drops during fights in all of the 3DS games. The new 2DS XL has improved hardware to play the games smoothly and will be a bit cheaper than buying the new 3DS. That's pretty much all of my opinions and thoughts on the games.

Soul Silver:




Pokémon Omega Ruby - Nintendo 3DS



Ultra Sun:


New 3DS XL:

I think I listed everything you need. If you want the other variant of each game I'm sure itll be listed near the one provided. Pokemon games dont depreciate in price very much so it might get a little expensive. Good luck and and enjoy a fantastic series!

u/adhdkiki · 1 pointr/pokemon

Oh my goodness. I am sorry for being an ass to you, seriously. And to be honest, the EMS carts suck barrels of dicks at a time. Your best bets for the EMS carts is to buy a Mega Memory card to transfer your saves to and for sake of all things good I restore my LSDJ save to a spare Gameboy Camera cart. It won't function of course, but the save is redundant in case I misplace/lose my Mega Memory card. Another thing it is good for is transferring saves from my USB-hating EMS cart to my functional one for computer backup.

There are 3 main alternatives I am considering for replacing my EMS carts:

  1. Hoping that the Drag'n Derp cart is finished, or maybe some new cart will magically appear. If you can, try to buy/trade for a used Bleepbloop, they are really solid.
  2. Currently looking into making my spare copy of Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages into a LSDJ-flashed cart, and I can back it up using my EMS cart as I see fit.
  3. Also looking at what it would take to incorporate a batteryless flashcart PCB that supports some sort of memory card. Slowly making progress on designs for it with a friend who is designing a BRAM cart for the Sega CD as well as a SMPS tracker cartridge with new hardware ports (MIDI out, etc). This is the most beneficial option to myself and the community, but it is still in a very early state.

    The Famitsu pocket was $20, sniped it on ebay. I never pay more than $15 for a DMG or pocket, aside from my one exception. I prefer the DMG for recording but the Pocket does fine when I am going around University for classes or sitting in the library. I have a phone with a 5 inch screen, which is already plenty to carry in my pocket.

    If you are on SoundCloud or something, send me a link. Sorry for sounding like a pretentious douchebag, but I really know what I am talking about when it comes to nearly anything Gameboy. I can actually give a friend who is a German exchange student a spare EMS cart to mail to you in Germany. She goes home in two weeks, and I can give you a discounted price via Paypal. Shipping withing the country should be cheap. ;) Don't want hardware to hold you back from making music.
u/groftsnurw · 1 pointr/pokemon

I bought myself a "Mega Memory" cart from BigBen. Got it sealed for about 8 bucks. It is basically just something you can put multiple savegames on and organize them. I don´t know if you are able to get that exact thing, but any other savegame transferrer should work just fine.
I then "restored" the savegame on a USB Flash Cart like this one and used the cart´s software to read the .sav out and save it on the computer.

I believe there is an easier and less expensive way, but as I am into making chip music, I just had the necessary hardware laying around.
I hope that helped :)

E: I didn´t find the BigBen Mega Memory in the US. adhdkiki recommended this one to me. It looks exactly the same, except for the label and the color, so it should probably work just fine.

u/EdIwin3052 · 1 pointr/pokemon

I receive the email updates about new Pokemon products coming to the JP Pokemon center. A few months ago i noticed that they were going to release a drum bag like Lillie uses to hold nebby. Ive been monitoring the US Pokemon center about a possible release state side but so far I have found nothing.
At this point i am going to just import it but when searching for the product ive found two different bags. One seems to be a small pouch replica (
The other product ive found seems to be the actual bag judging by the dimensions (
Another thing that also confuses me is that on the campaign page for the products there is no listing for a regular bag but just the pouch (
I wanted to ask for some help on finding the true bag or if anyone has bought this bag and can give me a review of the product. I love how this bag looks and how it is subtle in its design, it shows off a really cool pokemon motif without being all blown up with mons and text.
Tl;Dr: Has anyone bought the drum bag lillie owns as seen in sun and moon from the Pokemon center JP?

u/Sages · 3 pointsr/pokemon

I know people don't like cheat devices, but another use of the 3DS Powersaves is the ability to back-up save data.

I'm not sure if it will backup and reload successfully since it's corrupt now, but you can create backups in for future play sessions.

u/xpoz · 1 pointr/pokemon

he's almost certainly talking about the video games (and specifically the DS/3DS games).

if he's grounded and you want him to get the pokémon experience without necessarily playing video games, one idea might be to get him the pokémon adventures comics. you can get a box set of stories based on the original game boy games for almost the same price as omega ruby or alpha sapphire. these comics are like a better version of the anime, and he'll especially enjoy them if the episodes he's found are the original ones from '99.

u/skinsballr · 1 pointr/pokemon

It depends on what the nephews like. If they are more interested in the cards, then this is an excellent gift.

But, if they are more interested in the video games, you might want to ask them if they have the 3DS (the handheld device), and, if they do, get them the latest games that came out just a month ago: Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire

u/x20mike07x · 19 pointsr/pokemon

This was the best thing my parents ever got me when I was playing Gen 1 & 2 non-stop. All of my favorite pokemon still survive thanks to Mega Memory Card and its superior saving mechanism.

u/ManicOppressive · 2 pointsr/pokemon


It's essentially a peripheral cartridge (similar in that aspect and only that aspect to an action replay or gameshark) that you plug your game into. It allows you to save multiple files onto its hard drive, similar to if you were to save on an emulator. I must confess I don't know if time based events work well doing this, but it's a wonderful way to at the very least ensure that your game doesn't disappear.

u/digital_toast · 1 pointr/pokemon

The general opinion is I should not continue due to costs of ink and paper.

Thank you all for your feedback. Yes, this is exactly the same as Bulbapedia but I did not know there was a national b/w dex out.

Coreus stated that he found one on amazon that looks pretty awesome.

It was just an idea I was throwing around.

u/seanmcdh · 1 pointr/pokemon

You're playing my opposite games, in reverse order. I did Y, and now AS :) You are like Bizarro me, or vice versa! ha

So on the way to the ship, I just stopped at Barnes and Noble and bought this Pokédex. Man does this take me back, except it's about three times as thick as that first glossy Pokédex I bought back in the 90's, lol.

u/Shroudedheart6 · 1 pointr/pokemon

Change the battery. It's super easy to do :) Promise. I've done it to all my Gen II and Gen III games. Then get the Mega Memory Card!!

u/Digipatd · 2 pointsr/pokemon

I understand, but that's still quite an undertaking. It'll be something to be proud of once it's complete! I'm just collecting the cartridges.

For completing the National Pokedex, get the half-sized Pokedex book. I have it and it is an awesome resource. You might want to start running through HeartGold/SoulSilver to get the exclusives now, because it takes a little while.

u/Frodo-Lives · 1 pointr/pokemon

Buy this:
Save your save, change the battery, load save. Childhood friends saved.

u/latiasfan · 3 pointsr/pokemon

The art I got from the collectors guide for Sun and Moon (Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: Official Collector's Edition Guide

The guide comes with 8 prints of some concept art from the game. Are very nice prints too!

As for the frames I got them from IKEA. They are 16x20in frames (KNOPPANG is the name of the model for it) with some clear scrap booking tabs to help keep the images from sliding around as the mat creates too much of a gap between the backing and the glass. Was a lot of work but man do they look great.

u/Zeusie92 · 2 pointsr/pokemon

You can easily find scans but if you want to get the actual books/help out the ones who make these, you can easily order them on Amazon. They even have bundles so you can save a few bucks if you plan on buying them

u/rocky1003 · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Gen I AND II cartridges lose their saves when the batteries die out. I recommend you buy new batteries and follow this to stop the inevitable

Trust me, I lost my Yellow and Blue save files two years ago because my battery tanked.

Also buying this for even more insurance is recommended, makes you sleep better at night! It'll back up and restore any Gameboy Save File

u/27thPW · 1 pointr/pokemon

I've actually hypothesized about this before, but I don't know if this would be viable or cost-effective.

There exists these devices which allow you to make a backup of just about any GB or GBC game, and then allow you to save them onto a computer. You could backup a GSC game with imported Pokemon from RBY, and then, using a program, extract the Pokemon saved as files. Afterwards, you would use another program to convert those Pokemon files into .pkm's which are used in every other mainstream Pokemon game.

The only difficult part would be converting these 2nd Gen files into 3/4/5th Gen files, as a lot of the game mechanics are different. IVs, for example, are out of 15 instead of 31, and EVs (Stat Exp.) are completely different. Additionally, things like gender and shininess are determined by the IVs in 2nd Gen, so things like that would have to be recognised and be taken account for in the personality value.

There are a lot of roadblocks and barriers, maybe too many to execute this feasibly, which is why Nintendo and Game Freak didn't do it. This could, however, be done. Again, this is just a hypothesis and wouldn't really represent real-world scenarios. Who knows, maybe this is a start on something, but this most likely can't be done.

u/light_twin · 1 pointr/pokemon

I was going to say to try your luck at your local GameStop, but those are probably the first to go in the used section. If you wanna try online, Amazon should work. I'd suggest looking for sellers with a high reputation. Besides that, if it happens to be bootleg by chance, Amazon should have you covered so your money shouldn't go to waste. You'll just want to make sure you buy and check the game in advance (no pun intended).

u/CrazyKyle987 · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Yeah, there are. Although that one is ridiculously expensive, i got mine for $25.00 at toysRus a few years back so i could play animal crossing with my friends (this was before DSi). If you search Ebay im sure you could get one, or even if you go searching around at best buy or walmart you might be able to get one.

u/q-quan · 2 pointsr/pokemon

There are tools that can store your save data (they use Solid State Memory, like a flashdrive), and then put it back, so if you obtain one, you could replace the battery while you still have your save. Here is one: I never used one, but it has some good reviews!

Also, here is a new battery for your game:

u/arielmeme · 3 pointsr/pokemon

Preorder bonuses

u/Cookiemonster52 · 1 pointr/pokemon

You can get the collectors edition guide on Amazon for a good price:

I have it and would recommend it. The other gift you could get is an "IOU" for the complete pokedex guide that is coming out in January/February.

u/WafflesGaming · 1 pointr/pokemon

Thanks. I guess I'll just have to buckle down, save up, and find one somewhere used.

Also, yep, some sellers on Amazon are selling it for $290 to $380

u/poodlesigil · 1 pointr/pokemon

So Sun and
Moon! are being listed at 31.99 for Amazon Prime members. It's a long way off, and if the game comes out on a Saturday again and won't get delivered until Monday, is it worth it? I love my Prime but I also like getting the game on the actual day (or at midnight.)

u/satanweed666420 · 1 pointr/pokemon

I've read up to book 4 and its awesome. And I have #13 from the Gold/Silver arc, also a good one. I gotta finish reading these.

u/FancyJesse · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Whoa man, I just looked it up on Amazon.. was gonna get the first 3.. but this I saw this.

Box Set 1 vols. 1-7
Box Set 2 8-14

There is still a lot of time till release.. but I think it's worth the wait.
Plus it comes with a poster. :)

u/misogichan · 10 pointsr/pokemon

It's available from amazon for $210, and this auction is currently at $150. Quite nice, but I was kind of expecting it to be more from all the enthusiastic comments.

u/SuperAwesomeBrian · 3 pointsr/pokemon

I would just like to point out that a brand new plastic sealed Pokemon Yellow is worth $400. Ebay that, buy a used one, replace battery, and good to go.

u/illiriya · 1 pointr/pokemon

Amazon had an exclusive steelbook pre-order. It came win Sun and Moon and a steelbook case here

u/Holly164 · 1 pointr/pokemon

What homebrew program do you use for that? I only have a GBA backup program on my DS flashcart, and a DS backup program on my GBA flashcart.

Alternatively, for those who run Windows, an NDS Adaptor Plus (you can order directly from the makers there, or get it from Amazon US) can back up most or all DS games (definitely the Pokemon ones) and some 3DS ones (NOT Pokemon), and a Powersaves can back up 3DS games (including X and Y, though due to encryption they can only be restored to the same cartridge, so it can only protect from corruption etc. and not loss or theft).

u/c0unt_zer0 · 7 pointsr/pokemon

They made backup carts like these that you could transfer your games to. I've come across them at garage sales for a lot cheaper. But eBay might be another option. This one specifically says that it backs up to flash memory so you never have to worry about the battery running out and deleting your saved games off of it.

u/treacledormouse · 3 pointsr/pokemon

Yes get one of the 'Pokémon Handbooks' (probably this)

Or this when it comes out, although it's more of a strategy guide.

Or you could just play around on the Pokédex section of the Pokémon website.

u/chezkevin · 1 pointr/pokemon

Dunno, but it looks like Amazon restocked on the physical copies of Moon:

u/Dafondo · 1 pointr/pokemon

IIRC, if you have a digital copy, the save files should be located on your SD card. You could copy those over and start a new game. (See Below)

If you have a physical cartridge, you'll have to purchase a Powersaves (here or here depending on your region).

If you're not worried about losing items, you can just transfer your Pokemon to Bank.

u/OinkersBoinkers · 98 pointsr/pokemon

So now we can pay $79.98 for two games in one package or $79.92 for two games in two packages. Oh joyous day!

u/RollRoundInTheToilet · 1 pointr/pokemon

Buy a Mega Memory Card - It'll let you back up your old save! [eBay] [Amazon]

u/SmashingEmeraldz · 1 pointr/pokemon

[Here you go] (

How is the four pack compared to the original release? Would it be worth it to get this?

u/Coreus · 6 pointsr/pokemon

I bought this one. I know this information is available online, but sometimes you can't beat a corporeal book. [Inside looks like this.]

u/OrangeAdventure · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Several hundred was exaggerating a bit, but they're definitely not cheap .

Gen I though...

u/frizzykid · 3 pointsr/pokemon

got one off amazon for like 20$

edit: here you go

u/tru_gunslinger · 23 pointsr/pokemon

Also for those who think the battery might be clocking out soon, or just want to make sure you don't lose anything do to corrupt files.

u/jAquaD · 1 pointr/pokemon

Well, almost all Pokemon games have been on some kind of sale recently.

u/Hardyboy51 · 1 pointr/pokemon

Sorry, I'm not entirely sure myself, but the description makes it sound like it comes with both.

u/AgitatedBull · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Event Pokémon are limited time Pokémon and back on the DS I had a gameshark to hack in any event Pokémon that I didn’t have. Some of these event Pokémon caused special things to happen in the games like unlocking the ability to catch the Regi trio in HGSS or Spikey Eared Pichu.

This is more about experiencing something again and realizing that in order to do so with what I have I’d have to literally erase the old saves, not about getting a living dex.

Also in terms of “buy a new copy of old games”, digital ones from Nintendo are one thing, but this is just ridiculous

u/icemage27 · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Made an Amazon Listing for it instead since I already know how to sell on Amazon.

It's gonna be the cheapest one in the Used Listings

u/BioshockedNinja · 6 pointsr/pokemon

You can buy them off amazon.

i sure as well wont for that price though. and a heads up they aren't that great for actually holding keys. Any keys you put on are likely to chip the paint and the head/body is somewhat prone to falling off with regular use. So while it looks very cool, unfortunately it's not all that functional.

u/junkytrunks · 1 pointr/pokemon

One of these?:

Gamestop (yeah, yeah, I know, I know) has them used sometimes.

Ask the kid at the counter. Usually they can check inventory at surrounding stores too. They are getting hard to find though.

u/Deku-Miguel · 1 pointr/pokemon

Well there's this.

Also it's a strategy guide, unless you skip ahead to later sections you'll be fine. And you can just reference it after going through a route to see if you miss anything.

As for your other question, I'd still probably start with XY, it's got a few more things for beginners and you won't be inducted by as many new systems.

All the pokemon in the Kalos dex are available in Kalos, it would be weird if they were in the regional dex but not actually in the region, so trading between the two will be enough. You only need to import or trade from other sources (ORAS/GTS) if you want the national dex completed.

u/STUNT1990 · 2 pointsr/pokemon

I like this but it's a little over your budget.

u/cnostrand · 10 pointsr/pokemon

If Amazon listings are to be believed, new in box is listed at $164.

u/mkmaq12 · 1 pointr/pokemon

They sell the replica bag of Lillie on Amazon, bit expensive but it's a licence bag that was sold at the Pokemon Center.

u/Knucklessg1 · 3 pointsr/pokemon

back up all your color game saves.

u/Side_order_of_road · 3 pointsr/pokemon

Here is one. I forgot how expensive it is, but you can have multiple files per game.

u/SEJIBAQUI · 1 pointr/pokemon

Nintendo DS systems are fishy about wireless networks. I'd suggest going over to /r/techsupport or a related subreddit, considering this is more about networking than pokemon. I don't know if they still exist, but there's a device called a Wireless USB adapter or something. You plug it into a USB port and it connects to the internet through your computer.

u/flange2point0 · 3 pointsr/pokemon

This was mostly what i was referring to, which is as you said, new in the box (i think.)

u/agmc · 5 pointsr/pokemon

a device to edit your pokemon x/y savegame. amazon link

u/JordanTH · 1 pointr/pokemon

Like this? Will I need the software download too?

u/1-3-4 · 2 pointsr/pokemon

It's been sold out for a while, now.

I pre-ordered mine back in July, tho, so I'm set.

u/tonypizza64 · 28 pointsr/pokemon here you go it kinda pricey for a bag that can't even keep one cosmog in it

u/iadrummer · 2 pointsr/pokemon

This one on amazon seems to have some eu flags on the packaging. Other than that it might be on the label. The powersaves site shows a distinct difference on what each can do, usually no difference but eu seems to get codes first and then the us a few weeks later.

u/Roxas-The-Nobody · 1 pointr/pokemon


  • $35.99,
  • $31.99 with Prime,
  • $34.07 with Prime after State Tax. If your state makes you pay tax. I don't remember AZ having tax...

    2 day shipping, though. I get mine tomorrow/today.
u/rbfsm · 1 pointr/pokemon

It's like 20 bucks on amazon. It only works with 3ds games (cartridge form).

It's a cheating device, so there are all sorts of codes. You don't have to cheat though, you can just use it for backing up/restoring saves, cleaning boxes, resetting EVs, that sort of thing.

edit: this bot though.

u/ChristmasCharizardX · 1 pointr/pokemon

Good eye, but I don't believe it makes a difference.

On - There is the option for Alpha Sapphire, Dual Pack and Omega Ruby

On - Only options are Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Then on - Searching Pokemon in video games there is the Dual Pack. No Dual Pack

But it is the day of the announcement, so maybe in the coming days the Canadian sites will be updated.

Edit - Fixed format

u/SubtleProductPlacer · 4 pointsr/pokemon

Inconvenient critical hits seem to be twice as frequent during nuzlocke runs.

u/ColeAche · 17 pointsr/pokemon

Then the guidebook's cheating territory, too?

If using any info ever to play a game is cheating, then it seems you're out of touch with what defines cheating.