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u/Gamekatt101 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Hi, hope you don't mind a random comment/question, but you seem to know what you're talking about when it comes to this Anker stuff. XD More then me anyway.

Anyway, would this power bank be a good match for this phone? I want something travel sized, but I don't want it dying on me in an hour either. I just know all this talk of the GPS draining the latest phone models in mere hours means I'd better be prepared. Thanks for any help you can give me, 'cause it's really appreciated.

u/TheFirstRecordKeeper · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

They are available for preorder maybe I haven't checked in a week. Amazon definitely will have them and another place I think best buy? 100% certain on the amazon though and they will be going for $34.99. Only thing you'd have to do is press the button when a pokemon shows up and press it again to have it throw the ball for him. Is he totally paralyzed or does he have some kind of function in any of his fingers? If so the watch would be an amazing investment is he's adamant about wanting to play.

Edit : here's the amazon link if you're interested

u/Shepherd7X · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

Got this for 27 bucks on a Prime deal, but it's well worth 40

Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100

Can not say enough about the Anker brand, own multiple products, fantastic customer service. I've never had a faulty product, but anyone who does gets a free replacement in a very timely manner.

This charger lasts forever. I'd recommend it.

u/R00zel · 6 pointsr/pokemongo

Just got myself this:]

US Link:

Really great. The clamp is adjustable, comes with two silicone webs (US version comes with 3, count 'em, 3!), allows tilting and swivelling if you want to enable battery saver. Good price too.

I feel like cycling is the way to go. Quick travel between pokestops and gyms (I took 3 this evening!) , because you're on cycle paths or pavement it's much safer to stop, you don't need to look at the phone at all because the sound tells you when pokemon appear, plus it's great exercise! (My app says I burnt over 500 calories today.)

u/deliciousexmachina · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

In OP's picture that's actually one of those bendy, "octopus" style phone tripods, with the legs bent around the handlebars to secure the phone.

Looks like you could get one on Amazon for about $7.50
(that was the cheapest one I saw that was Prime eligible, there are lots of different ones for sale), or I'm sure any Best Buy (or similar electronics store) would have them too.

Alternately there are actual phone bike mounts such as this one
(again, just copied and pasted the cheapest one I saw in the first 5 seconds, best to do your own research)
which would be less risky since they're actually designed to do that.

u/Scarzio · 79 pointsr/pokemongo

I ordered the skin from Shirt Punch a week before Christmas and arrived soon after. Installing it was fairly simple and the quality is pretty nice.

The band I ordered off of Amazon as part of a set of bands designed for the Misfit Shine, they fit very well on the Plus and I decided to go with the white one as I felt it looked the best with the skin I have.

u/Durzaka · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

The number one thing you want to avoid is a rubber tipped stylus. They are garbage for actual touch sensitivity and smoothness of use.

Im not sure if having a Galaxy S8 will affect your choices significantly, but this is what i got for my Google Pixel at the start of this year:

its phenomenal. It glides effortlessly across my screen, has great accuracy, and comes with a carrying case (that holds both of them) in case you dont want to keep the pen alone in your pocket.

Just for example, I bought it to play Tsum Tsums, which is a rapid match 3+ game but with gravity, and the accuracy has been great for that so it should work just fine for PoGO.

u/DrLuciferZ · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Anything Anker is really good

Personally own this and its previous version. Both are super good.

their Power core Series is pretty popular.... if you want QuickCharge it's few bucks more here.

Anker goes on random sales often... so I'd keep an eye out for it.

u/CombustibLemons · 1 pointr/pokemongo

As a veteran Ingress player, I can say that multiple battery banks are the best way to keep your battery up if you're going to be playing seriously. They are so cheap. I would recommend something like this to carry in your pocket to keep your phone charged. It adds about 6.6 Galaxy s7 batteries worth of power or about 11.7 iPhone 6s batteries worth of power. You can play for a lot longer that way.

u/Bjandthekatz · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

It'll last me 4+ charges of my phone, and realistically with my brightness high I can get 5-6 hrs of gaming on a battery. So I'd say at the minimum 20 hrs of screen time. I have the model before the one I linked and I would highly recommend this portable charger. They have an amazing warranty and make great products.

u/Radlyfe · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Check these out and buy them depending on how much you'd like to charge your phone. 1st link is good for about ~10 charges. 2nd link is good for ~5. 3rd link is good for ~2 and a bit more. They come with free shipping (over $25). Personally, I'm going to soon buy the 1st link because that's enough to keep me catching Pokemon for the whole day.

As for your side note... Train your Pokemon to max CP before evolving. When you're lower level, focus on collecting Pokemon to stock up on stardust and candies. Don't train/evolve anything just yet, unless you've caught a Pokemon with high CP (e.g. Pidgey with 80 or so).

u/tokerjoe · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

This, I've been super impressed with Anker, not your usual shitty third party accessories company.

u/1-800-948-8488 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I bought this bike mount but I'm going to return it since it doesn't seem all that secure. The phone is only attatched with an adhesive thingy that sticks to your case, which then clips onto the mount. It works well but I've heard bad stuff about the adhesive backed thing coming off the phone.

I ordered this one on amazon, it'll get here tomorrow. Hopefully it's better. Also cheaper. I'll report back if you want with how I'm finding it.

u/batorade · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I have had this on my bike and it has proven super effective since starting to play PKGO so far!

u/bloodypython · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Sorry to hear that. Walmart had sold out by this morning but I found that Amazon has them in stock. Unsure if amazon works where you live but heres the link just in case:

Good luck!

u/SKGlish · 1 pointr/pokemongo

good and cheap are two words that dont go together very well in this situation. this is the best quality for the money right now

u/jas330 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I would honestly spend $10 more and get this anker one. link Been using 2 of these since I started playing ingress and they have been perfect. Its not insanely thin but its thin and light enough to where I can put it in my pocket and just forget about it until I need it.

Anker is a really good brand and everyone I know has never had a problem with one of their products. They aren't one of those chinese companies that will just leave you fucked if it breaks. Dropped one of mine once and anker was great about helping me out

u/Techcole · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

$18 is not bad for 20,000mah ( you phone is approx 2500-4000 depending on phone.)

Don't know if this one is good but it's cheap with 4 star ratings out of 1,300 reviews. I'll dig deeper for the best cheap battery pack.

Also! Bring a 2-3 ft. Cable so you aren't messing with a 6 inch cable+battery bank+phone.

u/Anselwithmac · 1 pointr/pokemongo

for my ~5 hours of gameplay a day I can confirm only ~80mb of data used. Not bad! thats really about ~20ish a day!
As for battery, I recommend this power bank hands down for the best price to performance ratio on a quality 20,800 mAH battery!

u/OneUniqueUnicorn · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I replaced the standard band with this and have been super happy! Plus, colors!

u/malvagio87 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Not a need but an option to its player base would be nice.

Ordered this so my phone doesnt die instantly since while I play at work, the battery seems to just drain in a few hours of it constantly being on.

u/Soupah_Nyntendo · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

I have an IPhone 7 Plus and it kills my battery as well. Like another person said a portable battery is the way to go. When I play Pokémon Go this is a must have in my book. This is the battery I use it’s a monster. I’ve charged two phones and an iPad off of it up to 100% and still had battery power left over. I just charge it overnight and then throw it in my bag for whenever I need it and it holds it charge. Highly recommended and I feel it’s worth the $40.

(Sorry it wouldn’t let me put a link to this but here ya go!)

Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More – Black

Happy Gaming!

u/scottk1969 · 4 pointsr/pokemongo

Adding this link as a comment.. it is direct to the Amazon listing where PRIME MIGHT pop up. It will show "PRIME" and be 34.99

Any other listing on Amazon is 3rd party, this is the official one where the "fulfilled by amazon" will appear. If it doesn't say fulfilled by amazon or isn't 34.99, just try again later.

u/magrumpa3 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

I would personally recommend this one. It is incredible. It has USB-C qualcomm quick charge which I absolutely LOVE.

u/audio_pusher · 1 pointr/pokemongo

only 18.99 shipped in two days prime and it works like a charm. It seems some people in the reviews say it smokes after awhile ,but most reviews are completly positive

u/silvaduarte · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I bought this sucker earlier this month (and it was also a tad cheaper). Needless to say my brother, friends, and I love it.

u/Acedevilman · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Amazon's got great prices. I personally went a little extra and paid $40 for an Anker 20,100mAh. Though, you can easily find a 10,000mAh one for $20.

edit: I was talking about USD though. Here's the Amazon Canada link for the one I got.

u/PUSSY_MASTER · 2 pointsr/pokemongo


USA or this


20000mAh battery for super cheap compared to stores that charge like $50 for 6000mAh.
Fast charge also

u/ThirdJewel · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Heads up, it's actually in stock at Walmart and it isn't actually that expensive to get it though Amazon. Got links if you still want them. Good luck

u/Tetroy64 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Considering they are sold out everywhere...... and the only place I have called that will have them in 100% confirmed is Gamestop! Just make sure to be at Gamestop a little bit before it opens and then that should secure your chance of getting one! That is what I will be trying to do tomorrow!

u/hdtv35 · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

A RAVPower 26800mAh battery, with two micro usb cables for me and my friend! Gotta keep team Instinct alive before Valor and Mystic make us go extinct!

u/ihatedurians · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

I'm not sure if you can buy this in AUS, but check out the Anker 16,750 mAh.

I currently have this powerbank and it is awesome! It charges my phone to 100% about 5 times before I need to recharge the powerbank. On top of that it's on sale right now for $26 USD.

u/TunerSteve · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Im pretty sure amazon wouldnt sell this saying its by Nintendo..


u/AudibleKnight · 4 pointsr/pokemongo

I bought this:

a while back. I ended up pulling it out after legendary pokemon had been out for a bit, and I was getting frustrated with my finger tip having different consistencies (ie my finger would drag more or less at different times) that would affect my throws. I now use it on my iPhone 6 every time I catch a raid boss now.

The stylus has 2 tips. A fiber tip and a disc tip that is covered by a cap. I feel like the fiber tip doesn't catch my movements 100%, which led to some wasted throws. The disc tip however is perfect as it's basically a little plastic circle that has a joint that lets it flex and move as you move the stylus (and thus why it needs a cap to protect it).

However, since you're more concerned about cost, you're probably better trying a bag of the cheapo keychain/pen stylus and see if that works good enough.

u/Strix_the_Owl · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Gotcha. In that case, I'd recommend getting a 20,000 if you're out with friends, as all of you can use one charger. Otherwise, A smaller one will do.

If you have a backpack and want to do 20k:


u/CIPHERSTONE · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I just ordered two of these. Pretty affordable.

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount Holder. Fits any Smart Phone: iPhone 6 Plus Bike Mount, iPhone 6S (+), 5S / 5 etc.. (all iPhones) Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Google Nexus, Nokia, Motorola. Bicycle Handlebar (& Motorcycle) Compatible Cell Phone Cradle

u/SweetBoson · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

Greeting Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Anker?

Anyway, their powerbanks are very common among ingressers, as they have a nice quality/price.. And I suggest a 20k mAh power bank like [this] ( if you plan to travel a lot, and forget to recharge it sometimes (tried it, 4+ full charges, even while playing at anomalies).

Don't spend more than 50$, it's not worth it :D

u/Eklypze · 1 pointr/pokemongo

That's why I bought one of External Battery Pack My battery life was already really suspect, so it's an amazing purchase for this game and just a really good purchase in general. And I got it with 1day shipping on Prime.

u/BatskyStarman · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I didnt get anything! As the decently priced ones were all gone. I am going to pick up an anker amazon though, heard excellent reviews

u/odorous · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

This one.

Scroll down a bit on the page for the promotional offers.

You get THIS and THIS for free with purchase.

Li-PO battery inside gives better longevity. Cheaper than the ankers and bigger. Registering the products at their website gives you 18 months no hassle warranty with a life time warranty. No problems with it so far, have only made 4 full discharge cycles on it. So far, I love them both.


This is what my checkout screen looked like.

/u/ddow13 down below has some instruction on how it works..pretty simple though

u/LinK1029 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Is this the one you have?

How long have you had it for and how do you like it?

and is it able to fit in your pocket?

u/DetachableMonkey · 1 pointr/pokemongo

If you have the Pokémon Go Plus accessory, both it and your smartphone will vibrate when a pokemon is nearby.

Edit: Not sure why the down votes, but from the amazon order page, it says "When the smart phone with Pokemon GO and the paired Pokemon GO Plus accessory are within range of each other, both will begin to vibrate when a Pokemon is close by."

u/Melhelix · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Pick up a battery charger for it. Anker makes a wonderful one that's 40 bucks on Amazon right now.

u/GrantRSmith · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I have recently bought this power bank:

I really like it, it's always convenient to have around and it's not too bulky. It can charge my iPhone 6 around 7 times. I've had it for about a month and I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a power bank.

u/Gearhead31 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Anker is the best charging brand in America

Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More - Black

u/BanditBadger · 1 pointr/pokemongo

There was a sale for Amazon prime yesterday, $30 for a 20,000 mah battery pack (60% off). Picked one up myself, unsure if it's still going on. Will check when I get to my computer.

Edit: Here it is. Seems the sale price has gone up but it's still pretty reasonable (40% off).

u/zerotangent · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Anything by Anker is awesome. This one is great and affordable. I personally have the larger 20k mAh version which is bigger and more expensive but it can charge my iPhone 6s Plus a handful of times on a single charge. I also use it to charge my cameras on the go

u/Rangizingo · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Hmm, well a portable charger like this one (I just picked the first one I saw, though I've worked with Anker before for giveaways on my YouTube channel and they make good products) is a must have. If I find one of these companies that I can buy stock in I will cause the must be selling like crazy about now. As far as network and gps , I don't have much advice as it's device specific. I can say if you're in an area with wifi networks around that your phone will try to ping to, just turn wifi off cause that's a sure fire way to make the game lag/crash.

u/Twofu_ · 7 pointsr/pokemongo

> It's good for 2-3 full chargers

Does that mean you'll have to buy a new one after that? I'm currently shopping for one myself and found one over at amazon for sale

u/Themonstermash666 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

This thread for me thinking and I just bought an Anker 2nd gen E5 for $25.99 (71% off) on Amazon.

I'm on mobile so I apologize for not being able to make a hyper link but if you're interested the link is here:
Anker 2nd-Gen Astro E5 High-Capacity 16750mAh 3A Portable External Battery Charger with PowerIQ for iPhone iPad Samsung and More

u/iGoWumbo · 6 pointsr/pokemongo

I'm just going to leave this here....

It has a huge discount for Prime + it was Deal of the Day yesterday. Picked it up for $26 and saved my life.

u/FlubzRevenge · 1 pointr/pokemongo

This one?

$90 regular and $25 but not in stock atm, I look at the reviews, most were good, 81% good, but the rest were bad. seems pretty good to me, but the bad reviews leave me skeptical.

u/BGaf · 1 pointr/pokemongo

If you have Amazon Prime, this is a really good deal today.

$27 for a 20,000 mAh battery.

u/ekime187 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Have a note 3 and bought this one it's on sale and will charge your phone 4 or 5 times. It does weigh a ton but does work nicely.

u/tommy_418 · 4 pointsr/pokemongo

6 700 mah dont worth this price this one : as 20000 so more than 3x for the same price ...that's the one i use and i can play an entire day with this and my Samsung s7 edge...when i get home i'm still at 100 %...the only cons is that it is a little big and doesn't have any attach to help carry it

u/Zavrii · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

For some reason the recommended item inside amazon is showing as a referral link for some reason. Here is the original link without the ref tag on it:

That is for the 18.99 one.

19.99 one is:

It won't let me edit my title link so just use the non ref ones here.

u/nugdown · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Anker brand power banks are very popular. I picked up a 20,000 mah one on Amazon for $26 on sale.

u/kelderan · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Wouldn't hurt to get an external battery since the game can suck it down pretty fast. Other than that, be smart. Bring water and shade. The Pokemon Go+ comes out later this month.

u/Pudinx · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Description in Amazon

A Bluetooth device that notifies you when an opportunity is near and with a button to trigger certain actions without needing to get your phone out.

Not necessary for playing the game, it's just a Plus

u/noydbshield · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Anyone looking for a portable battery, Amazon has one on sale today for a good price

u/BarryMacochner · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I need to buy another for my battery pack. Was gonna go solar but got that thing for $19, wish I'd bought a couple of them now for hunting trips.

u/JustDroppinBy · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

This one was recommended by someone on this sub who was very proud of their mobile power and carried around 50,000mAh.

I bought it (this one alone holds 22,400mAh) and it's worked flawlessly for me. I've let other people charge from my spare slots and still haven't run out of juice before getting tired and going home. Just make sure you've got a belt or draw string on your pants.

u/Sqeaky · 6 pointsr/pokemongo

I bought two of these:

One for my cell phone and one for this:

The light on the battery pack was better than the light on my bike so I replaced it.

u/hyperfocus_ · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Draining enough that it's a bad idea to plan to play Ingress for any considerable period of time without a battery pack.

Also draining enough that battery companies like Anker sell special edition battery packs featuring ingress team logos:

Edit: this shouldn't surprise people, as your phone's screen, data, and GPS receiver (three things that use the most power) have to remain on for the game to function.

u/bbenji4211 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

A better version of the go plus
DATEL Pokemon Go Gotcha Wrist Band for Iphone/Android

u/sunsmoon · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Boyfriend and I are sharing this with our squad. With two people charging off it the entire time we're out (~5-7 hours) it barely dips below half.

u/Slobotic · 4 pointsr/pokemongo

Ordered mine today w/free same day shipping. I got the moster version so I can offer a charge to people I run into at the Lure Module parties.

u/Sequel_P2P · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

off-topic, but i'm seeing a lot of people sour about how little their batteries are helping because of the massive battery reqs, but there's a solution

i use two of these, and bring them to lure zones in case people really need charges ++ also, they double as flashlights in case you're for whatever reason in the dark with your chargers.

u/scaht_ · 1 pointr/pokemongo

If you're going to be playing while riding on a bike, I highly suggest one of these, makes playing so much more convenient -

u/BadEugoogolizer · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I read a bunch of best of lists and reviews all over the place and decided to order the Anker 10000mAh here

Won't be in stock til the 29th as of this posting, but when I started comparing them it was due august 4th, so it may be even sooner.

u/TheLonelyLumen · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Phone detects the power bank the same way it does any other charger so yes you can keep your phone charging and play.

I have this one for heavy use when my gf and I grind out several heavy 6+ hr sessions that stays in the zip up pocket of my mochi bag.

26800mah RAVPower

Though this is overkill and could last a week of heavy use. Maybe you want something a little smaller and lighter then I would recommend..

Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100

And if you want something really light that isn't for heavy use I'd recommend..

Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger, Ultra-Compact

Beyond this the smaller options will only give you a charge or two max and for what you are doing I wouldn't recommend anything smaller.

u/Tagruato_Corporation · 1 pointr/pokemongo


Looks like the preorders are all sold out. There's eBay listings up to 700 dollars for a preorder spot.

u/nagesagi · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Physical device that you link just like the go plus. DATEL Pokemon Go Gotcha Wrist Band for Iphone/Android

u/jmnugent · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Any experienced Ingress player will tell you ..... games like this pretty much universally require an additional battery pack. Go get yourself an Anker and you'll be fine. This is the one I have,.. it kicks serious ass:

With regards to gameplay... .Yup.. it's a new game. Ingress had issues like this for years as it grew and expanded and the player-base constantly put strains on the system. I'm not sure Niantic could have predicted the massive interest this game would spawn.

Patience grasshopper.

u/ILaughAtFunnyShit · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I got this one. I went from needing to stop playing after 2 hours to being able to play the entire night without worrying about my battery dying.

u/foxanon · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Just get one of these. I bought two of them. Now wife and I can play forever.

u/WHILE_I_POOP · 1 pointr/pokemongo

This is what i got. Use to have a cheap little $15 that would charge my phone once. But this bad boy works for long all day pokemon adventures, beach trips or disneyland and you can flip your lighting canle around to charge it.

AUKEY 20000mAh Portable Charger with Lightning and Micro-USB Input, 3.4A Dual USB Output for iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung and More

u/Nextelbuddy · 1 pointr/pokemongo

No problem!

Bike cellphone holder - Aduro® U-GRIP PLUS

Bike light - Super Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light -

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C/Type-C Ultra-High-Capacity Premium External Battery/Portable Charger/Power Bank (6A Output, PowerIQ & VoltageBoost) for Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Samsung & more

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sports 4.1 Bluetooth Headset Earbuds Ansion Lightweight HD Stereo Earphones Noise Cancelling Headphones W/Mic In-Ear Sweatproof Earpiece HandsFree for Smartphones-Black

u/HopelessClevelander · 5 pointsr/pokemongo

I bought this one off of Amazon and it hasn't failed me yet. Probably cheaper than what you're looking for though.

u/EZlyDistrakted · 4 pointsr/pokemongo

Its an unofficial device that mimics the Pokemon Go Plus except instead of just alerting you about pokemon and pokestops it can actually grab them automatically. Theres also a manual mode that acts just like a regular Go Plus, but the main feature is the auto mode.

u/jbuschini18 · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

Anker 20000mah power bank...#1 on Amazon, usually $50-80, on sale today only $26.99...recommended by Ingress players. I just bought one, charges iPhone 6s 7 times and weighs the amount of a soda can...def recommend .

u/UncleJungleGeorge · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Someone mentioned the anker brand in a thread yesterday, and they happened to be on an Amazon prime flash sale. It looks like they're a bit more now, but the last one I owned worked for over two years of every day use outdoors before the connections crapped out.

u/immanewb · 1 pointr/pokemongo


Searching on Amazon and clicking on any item from said search result will create a "referral" link. Hard to tell whether the referral link is a result of your Amazon search or your affiliate link, which would give you a cut of the sales.

Either way, here's the direct link to said item without the referral tag:

u/Mii753 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

As I am writing this, the Anker 20,000 mAH(Yes you read that number right) is an Amazon Prime Deal of the Day at $26.99, instead of $39.99. This lasts for another 11 hours as of 12:44 PM PST

u/Maie13 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

What? Pokemon Go Plus? Yeah, it's the little vibrating accessory. It's available for preorder but is currently sold out at many retailers. It's due to release later this month.

u/RoxasTheNobody · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Okay, this is a Power Bank, the only difference is it used Lithium-Ion 18650's. They're a large, single cell battery with a 2,500 to 3,000mAh capacity. [This has 8 of them, apparently] ( for $33

Now, I vape. I know 18650's. They can be cheap with a wholesale licence.

u/Xerao · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Holy shitt, you seem to know alott about PowerBanks, what would you recommend then? i've looked into a few.






Those are a few i've looked into but no idea if they are any good, and i'm still unsure about these since i'm not an expert at powerbanks and electricity stuff

u/Colt3792 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Cheaper, and has a slightly higher power output.

I bought two of these on top of having a 10,000 mAh already.

u/TRB4 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I just bought this one EasyAcc Monster 20000mAh Power Bank and one of these iClever BoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger.

The power bank has 2 inputs for recharging the battery pack, and with the wall charger I bought with it, it can be completely recharged in about 6 hours instead of the typical 10-12 hours a 20,000 mAh battery pack normally takes.

Also the output is up to 2.4A per port up to 4.8A total. Meaning that you could charge 2 devices simultaneously at 2.4A each, or 4 devices simultaneously at 1.2A each. Assuming your devices can accept a 2.4A input, but if not the power bank will automatically limit the output to whatever your device can handle.

u/softguitar · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I use this one for Ingress (but you probably don't need that much):

Anything by Anker should do fine.

u/tachycardicIVu · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

It allows you to catch pokemon without opening the app. It's a bracelet with a plastic device on top with a button that links to your game.

u/Anjz · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I'd suggest an Anker, I got one a couple months back and it's saved me so many times from going low bat.

u/TazzM90 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus - Not Machine Specific

Amazon has preorder option

u/tentaclefish · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

4th picture on the Amazon page shows you can clip it onto a pocket

u/Nirvans · 1 pointr/pokemongo

this one is 20000mAh and it charges as it normally would with a wall charger, I highly recommend it

Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacit...

u/ggKevin · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Also, the deal of the day has this one if you aren't in a hurry! It is much larger, though. You may want to hold this one in a bag.

u/nithos · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Portable Battery Charger - playing will destroy your battery. Tons available at all price points.


Insulated water bottle, jerky or another travel friendly snack.

u/thebabaghanoush · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Snagged a $15 bike mount from Amazon and can't recommend it enough. Pokestops can be done drive-by style, but for any Pokemon I actually want to catch I just pull off the path for a minute or two.

u/DyceFreak · 5 pointsr/pokemongo

>Can confirm that you're a casual PoGo player based on your battery level.


These things are cheap

u/AquatikJustice · 1 pointr/pokemongo

My wife and I both use this one when we're out and have had ZERO issues. It even has a built-in flashlight.

u/Beadlocks · 1 pointr/pokemongo

For $1 more you can buy this. Which is 5,650 mAH higher and has 3 USB ports.

u/nmkd · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

I have this one, but it's not on sale on

u/TheIrishGoat · 1 pointr/pokemongo

After having to charge my phone several times today, I was looking at this.

What are you using?

u/SINZAR · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

Yup, for only $10 more, can get one that is 16k mAh.

u/Jamie_De_Curry · 1 pointr/pokemongo

link This is the one I picked up.

u/ObviouslyIncredible · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Sentey Power Bank 20800mah, Dual Auto-switchable Usb 2.1A/1A Ports, Portable Charger Power Bank for Smartphones, Tablets, Protection Pouch Included, LED Indicator and FlashLight Battery LS-2180 Black

Buy a few of those and you're set to travel for days.

u/Bell_Biv_WillemDafoe · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

I don't know about the UK, but in the U.S. they have this one that's currently their deal of the day.

u/comicsNgames · 3 pointsr/pokemongo

I actually changed my order to this there is a prime deal today doing $14 off.

u/EpicWolverine · 29 pointsr/pokemongo

I ordered the same one (Anker 20000mAh for $27), but it's not supposed to be here until Friday...


u/rhonage · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I'm currently tossing up between the Powercore 20100 (link) and the Powercore 20000 (link) (same thing, but QuickCharge 3.0). Is there any reason I shouldn't get the 20000?

u/StormKing00 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Got this coming tuesday. Everyone reccomends Anker even a group of ingress players I ran in to

u/CallMeTHELazer · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C/Type-C Ultra-High-Capacity Premium External Battery/Portable Charger/Power Bank (6A Output, PowerIQ & VoltageBoost) for Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Samsung & more