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u/lola_cakes · 4 pointsr/poledancing

itac for superior grip!! I get sweaty palms too esp when I'm nervous or scared of trying new tricks (I hate going upside down ironically lol). You will find that adrenaline is one hell of a drug, and muscle memory will likely kick in so you can get through it! Even if you "mess up", anyone in the audience who is not in the pole world may not even be able to tell! I get soooo incredibly nervous even after performing several showcases, an event in this club in front of like 1000+ people, and even competing but I still love it so much! It's an incredible feeling, even if I slip up! There's so much support from all the other studio members and instructors, and the audience is just blown away even by the simplest things. I love showcases :).

The day of your showcase, do not overwork your body by training too hard but instead try to stretch. Practice breathing - slowly in through the nose, out through pursed lips. Shake your hands/arms to work out some of that nervous energy. Don't forget to eat some, even if your nervous. Your body will need fuel. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Maybe even take a swig of some champagne or a shot of vodka before, but only if it won't make things worse lol. Don't forget to breaaaaaaaaathe during your routine, and take note of timing while you're on stage. It's pretty common (for me and several others at least) to go much faster during the actual performance than you have trained time and time again. Hand your phone to someone who can record you in the audience (tip - turn your phone on airplane mode for this).

Congrats on your first showcase and please check back in to report how it went!

u/Zerogravity86 · 2 pointsr/poledancing

I was doing it once a week when I started but I'm up to about 3 classes a week now, 1 on Monday and 2 over the weekends. As for athletics, I had been doing some strength training for about a year before I started pole so I had a good base to build off of for pole and I still doing training during the week which I think really helps me out. You may want to look into some basic strength training stuff as the guys that I've seen that do that as well advance a lot faster than guys that just do pole.

Sweating...Yea, it's a problem. I know a guy that specifically uses gloves because his hands sweat a lot but most guys I know that do it just tend to use a shaving gel or dryhands but try out a bunch of different grips and see what works best for you. Grip tends to be pretty personal.

Also, on that note, you may want to look to shaving your legs or chest if you've got a good amount of hair. Having your body hair getting yanked out on a pole is not a good feeling.

u/internet_observer · 9 pointsr/poledancing

Look at /r/bodyweightfitness at their recommended routine for strength, it's a great place to start. Follow online yoga videos like yoga with adriene to help with flexibility. You can also look into books like Overcoming Gravity if you like more information and want to try structuring your own routine.

u/OkBad8 · 2 pointsr/poledancing

I'd browse around stores with the intent of "would I feel cute doing pole in this?"
Literally wear whatever you want it really doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable and can grab the pole.

Swimsuit bottoms can be cute! Just make sure it's a material you like the feel of. I have some super short bike shorts and also pink jersey shorts that, while they definitely aren't long, have a little bit of a flare and are sooo so comfy. I pair them with a cute wired sports bra.

I'm outside of the USA too but I got these on Amazon and they're really nice for pole.

u/GoodGivingGrant · 2 pointsr/poledancing

Shaving your legs can be a huge pain in the ass but I have found it makes a gigantic difference in my ability to not only grip the pole but maintain my stamina during multiple classes. If you happen to sweat heavily (like me), your body hair is not only collecting and creating more moisture but it's preventing anything you apply on your skin from being fully effective. Grip aid, for example, just gets caught on the hair instead of your thighs. If you've been using a razor for shaving, I would ditch it and instead pick up a simple electric wet/dry razor instead. You can even get away with just shaving your inner thighs and back of knees if those are the areas of greatest concern.

u/otarono · 1 pointr/poledancing

So I have this issue too, especially on chrome. My skin is super dry but sometimes my palms are way too sweaty if I'm trying new stuff out or it's hot. If my palms are sweaty, I do tite grip 30 mind before and then dry hands during practice.

BUT, for my dry skin, I bought glycerin and cut it with 50% water at first - later I went to 75% water and found I liked that better.

You need to give it time to dry and get used to the pole burn again, but I can actually grip the pole now lol. I would highly recommend it 100%. I moisturize with corn huskers oil on pre-pole days.

u/Crochetems · 2 pointsr/poledancing

Amazon. This one:

I mean I really deliberated on getting this because it's not XPole but all the positive reviews along with the price convinced me.

Keep in mind that this off brand one doesn't come with a bag and it's also not bottom loading. I had 8" popcorn ceilings in my old place and it wasn't a hassle necessarily, but you do need a ladder or step stool or something. You would need one anyway to find the joists in your ceiling. Other than that I really can't tell the deference between mine and the official XPole ones my studio has.

Though Amazon does sell official XPoles as well, which I think I will be upgrading to soon.

u/spillingpictures · 2 pointsr/poledancing Juliet! I LOVE these shoes. I've had so many pairs. I did pole barefoot for a few weeks and it just felt sooooo odd to me, the second I put on my slippers I felt so much more confident and comfortable.

u/overlydefensive · 2 pointsr/poledancing

Here's your ladies on Amazon

The key here is that they are platforms. For me, regular heels are MUCH more difficult to walk in. This was my first pair of dancing shoes. The strap keeps them on and the plastic can actually help you climb and grip. I've owned 3 pairs. I've not known 'stripper shoes' to come in 1/2 sizes. In other shoes I bounce between an 8-8.5. The first pair of these shoes I bought a 9. They fit much more comfortably at first. The 8 felt pretty darn tight. The 9 was a mistake. The plastic on these stretches as they warm up. When the 9s became warm my foot would slip down and toes would start to creep over the end and feel all around unstable.

My rule of thumb on these shoes is this; if it's comfortable brand new then it's too big. If it's tight and I want to break them in a little quicker I use a blow dryer to speed the stretching process.

u/kcbrush · 2 pointsr/poledancing

These are not super cute, but I've worn them regularly for almost 3 years and they're still in great shape and super comfy.

u/seldomvanilla · 2 pointsr/poledancing

Not flats, but potentially helpful:

Just enough heel to get good spin on, low enough to help recovery. I used these for the first few months of dancing before graduating to my 8in.

u/wineandcatlady · 1 pointr/poledancing

Portable Fitness Exercise Exotic Stripper Strip Spinning Pole Dance Dancing NEW

This is what I bought. I'm definitely going to take this advice into consideration! The reviews on it were great and that's why I went that route instead of buying the xpole.

u/BeccaAnn · 6 pointsr/poledancing

Don’t worry! Many of us have slippery hands. Unfortunately you have to keep trying products until you find one that works. I would recommend:

Dry Hands. Works great. You apply some on your hands and it dries out the sweat.

Tite Grip. I believe you are supposed to put this stuff on a bit before practice and let it dry. It will reduce overall hand sweat.

Firm Grip. This is not for your hands as much as your body. Spray it on to those sweaty body parts that are slipping off the pole.

u/raptor_den · 4 pointsr/poledancing

I had this problem with my chrome xpole too. The only thing that's made a difference for me is this Firm Grip spray (

I have super sweaty hands and this product has made a huge difference. I can get through 20+ minutes without needing to reapply/wipe down the pole. One can lasts me 8+ months of regular use.

u/dorlclwm · 1 pointr/poledancing

One last question --I saw this on amazon:
I actually think I've heard a little bit about x-dance and their pole quality, but I was wondering if this would be a good alternate considering that it's much cheaper than xpole.

u/impeccablepessimist · 2 pointsr/poledancing
  • Tite Grip

  • Lupit Pole Grip Heard from a couple people that this is the holy grail of pole grips.

    Personally, if my skin is dry and papery, that's when I use Dewpoint. Mimics the sweaty, slightly tacky feel of being warmed up really well.
u/moooriel · 5 pointsr/poledancing

They have dry hands on Amazon!

But I know some other ones are Girlie Grip and Dew Point. I've never used those tho so I'm not sure if they're as good as dry hands.

u/dianeruth · 2 pointsr/poledancing

I have these.

If you just search amazon for Pleaser there are a ton of options around 50$.

u/eyeinthesky1 · 1 pointr/poledancing

I want these soooooo bad! They look perfectly short for pole and are adjustable too! If you are unsure of the size, the ladies who make these shorts will help you out! Also, you could throw in some dry hands and a few other small but necessary pole tools.

u/Bambi726 · 2 pointsr/poledancing

I go back and forth between Dry Hands and Liquid Grip. I find Liquid Grip absorbs sweat a bit better. Same as Dry Hands though, I often have to reapply.

u/kikokinaquoa · 1 pointr/poledancing

I had some wrist pain when I started poling. An instructor recommended this to help strengthen fingers and forearms and wrists. I also use a brace similar to this one when I need to give my wrists a break and it's helped a lot.

u/imsofluffy · 1 pointr/poledancing

It depends where it ripped. For me, it was my foot while climbing, so I had to rely on my other foot and this kind of bandage. In your case, since it was around the belly button, maybe the next class use a tank top to cover up the area.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/poledancing

As someone who has gone to 2 classes and just got a personal pole yesterday, everyone here is right. Just in a day of being able to work at my pace without the clock running down paid time, I felt SO much more improvement. You can figure things out. I videoed some of my spins too which is a great way to nit pick those bad habits out of practice. This is the pole I have too. I sent a link to my instructor, and she said it was the same one they have in studio. I love it thus far. I don't think it's quite 45mm, but no real complaint there.

u/ellequin · 2 pointsr/poledancing

For sweaty palms/other body parts, try: Dry Hands, Girlie Grip, PD9, liquid chalk.

For dry skin, try: iTac (might ruin brass poles if not cleaned properly), Dew Point Pole, shaving foam (don't leave it on your palm though. Either apply with the backs of your hands or wash your hands after application).

u/booger_nose · 1 pointr/poledancing

I think it's important to remember that pole dancing is a sport that is different for everyone. There isn't really a strong "standard" at this point. So don't bother comparing yourself to others. Listen to your body, watch yourself and try to improve in ways that work for you. One thing that helped me improve was recording myself doing a trick, immediately watching the recording, and then trying whatever improvements I decided based on the recording. Maybe give that a try!

It's possible you could benefit from a better grip aid. If sweaty hands is your problem, I recommend a chalk. This is the one I use and it's great! The I-tac grip aids are great if you need more grip, but don't sweat. If you sweat with it on, it will actually make you slip more than if you hadn't used it at all.

Also keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I started and starting was really the hardest part. Especially when you first start letting go of fear. It took me awhile to invert properly, because I was afraid. Getting over that fear is difficult but once you do it, you'll be open to a world of awesomeness!