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u/The-Neutral-Planet · 1 pointr/policeuk
  • Advice?

    It's all about the book learning in training. Yes you'll have role plays, but what gets you out of trouble is knowing what your powers are, what offences have been comitted, what the general procedure is for dealing with X. Commit to your role plays when you have them - but don't just learn to the tests, really sit down and read the material.

    Don't assume in investigation, be it "at scene" in a roleplay, or theoretically through scenarios. Always ask the question. An example, I've lost count of the amount of times people haven't asked "did you see him do it" when a victim is telling the officer what they "know" the suspect did. When asked the victim suddenly hasn't seen anything, but heard a loud crashing sound and what else could that be?!

  • Acts and Sections?

    Honestly you pick it up. Learn the points to prove to start - theft, burglary and robbery should be by heart. The main three use of force should ideally be by heart (Sec.3 Criminal Law Act, Sec.117 PACE, Self Defence [common law]). You don't need to learn everything else word-for-word. Again, reading the material will help you to pick this up. Honestly the most useful book I found to supplement my learning was this. It's a little on the pricy side to be honest but invaluable to read up on offences and small enough to pop in your patrol bag until you don't need it any more. I wouldn't say it's essential though, if I recall correctly the Police Mutual fund hands out some nice Points to Prove books at training schools that every other (non-nerd) probationer seemed to have and get by on.

  • Kit?

    I have too much kit as it is, but the essential extras you'll need? Long cuff key, torch, decent pen (you will be doing ALL the writing). Boot polish whilst in training school. Trainers respect appearances and learning to buff boots (if you can't already, along with ironing properly) is an essential skill that will do you well in the future. Oh and when you get out of training school, a patrol bag is useful for your stuff.

    Oh last thing, practice drill, like marching etc. So many student officers can't do it and the 3 days (if that) that you get practice before your passing out parade is not enough time to do it properly. If you want to look sharp on your parade square, learn some drill as you go through.

    Good Luck!
u/needsmoredragons · 6 pointsr/policeuk

Mechanix gloves, they are proper decent.

These are quality gloves which are great for police work. They provide a good amount of protection, the palms are made out of a tough synthetic leather material, this will protect your hands from getting cut up from any debris or assorted detritus you may encounter during your duties. The other benefit of this material is you can use a touch screen with it. It is also quite water resistant, unlike woolly gloves. The back of the hand is made out of a fabric material, which is very breathable in summer. On some models there is a velcro strap for them, on others there is just some elastic (personally I have the elastic ones as they are easier to get on and off). There is also a Velcro loop to help you get them on and off. They are very dexitile and easy to manipulate, unlike leather gloves. Meaning you can get your kit out easier, work zips and even do a quick initial search. They also pack away quite easily, unlike bulky leather gloves, meaning you can keep them in your tacvest or a pocket. They are quite warm in winter, but if your hands get cold just slip on a merino wool liner underneath and it will keep you warm. They do a range of models, all of which are good and fairly cheap.

Mechanix Fast Fit gloves - I like these ones. Very cheap at £13. They are the ones you can slip on and off. These are the ones I use for work.

Mechanix Original - Same as the fastfit ones, but with velcro and more expensive. The velcro can be a failure point though.

Mechaniz M-PACT - More expensive, but has extra knuckle and finger guards. Also more tacticool if that's your thing.

Sealkskinz - These are very warm glove liners. Merino wool is a lovely material, which is soft and not itch, it also wicks well and keeps you warm when wet. Wear these underneath in deepest darkest winter, they will keep you warm. Also Sealskinz is a good brand for thermals or woolly hats/gloves.

u/The_Pringles_Man · 4 pointsr/policeuk

Any other kit there is that I should get or think of getting soon?
Yeah - handcuff keys. Issue ones are crap, small, easy to lose. You can buy for a few pounds longer handcuff keys. Also, get a pull reel key chain ( you can whack your handcuff keys on it, and then clip it to your belt - you'll never lose them. I bought one during my first week on patrol and I've kept it since. Also get a folder - preferably with a zip. You can put your tickets and paperwork in there - easier to carry around etc.

Any pre-reading material that would be useful to get in the know? Heard of Blackstones but unsure on the exact ones to get.

If you mean the big books don't bother. As someone whose got the books and passed CID, Sgt's and Inspector's exam - they'll be too much and too in depth for you at this stage. Something like this should suffice;

Obviously I should start upping my fitness in preparation as well.
Yup. I would recommend ideally you look at some self defence. If your force is like mine, the stuff they teach you is almost useless and largely consists of push the person away, shout get back, Pava them. I would recommend somewhere that'll teach you mixed martial arts, or something like Judo so you can take people to the ground - even kickboxing. I've had the misfortune of knowing plenty of probationers who fought they were tough only to get battered because they found themselves in someone's house, hemmed into the corner of a room and couldn't readily access their kit. You need to know how to inflict a decent amount of damage should the situation ever arise - not trying to scare you but given the nature of Policing it could quite literally be the difference between getting the offender in handcuffs or you ending up in a coffin.

Brush up on the Cake fine legislation.
I'll refer you to S11(2)(a)(i) and when you finish your training S11(2)(a)(iii)

u/mpbh91 · 3 pointsr/policeuk

As regards boots, I've always worn Doc Martens or Solovair. Just what I find most comfortable.

Don't buy any other kit yet - you don't need it. Once you do, start here.

The book you're likely to need for training school will be Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students. I suppose you could buy it now and start reading if you wanted to, but otherwise wait until you're told to.

The only 'extra' book I would recommend is this handbook - I've always found it very useful.

Otherwise, I previously wrote a long post of advice for new starters here.

Good luck!

u/RegHollis · 1 pointr/policeuk

A tutor is probably the best way and is mostly how I learned, though Duolingo is quite good.

This is the best resource I've found on the Russian language:

u/megatrongriffin92 · 1 pointr/policeuk

You won't find any shops stocking it (could be wrong).

You could buy the 2019 version, I can't imagine it's changed that much.

I'd also recommend this for learning legislation, I found it a bit better for revision, although the handbook for Policing Students was really useful as well.

u/jack_respires · 1 pointr/policeuk

About to start my training end of this month, bought this:

It's a bit of a hefty read mind you. you save £4 too so better snatch it up before this fantastic bargain goes.

u/Odems · 0 pointsr/policeuk

Just get an older edition, 2015 is going for around £3 on amazon. There’s never any major changes, just a few recent bits of legislation that you can look up separately.

You can always check your local library as well, and ask them to get it in if they don’t have it.

u/MrTurdTastic · 4 pointsr/policeuk

Afaik the police investigators books are aimed at those sitting the NIE and looking to become substantive Detectives.

They will go into great detail and the questions in the workbook will be aimed at serious and complex crime.

Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students 2019

This would be more in line for CKP and PC students.

u/tricks_23 · 7 pointsr/policeuk

I had a super in-depth response written out but my phone crashed and I lost it. I'm furious!!!

This is my forté. As already answered there is no specific taskforce. In London (Met Police) they have Operation Trident to deal with the gangs and gun activity.

I know mostly about Liverpool and Manchester gangs if you have any Qs I'll try and answer

Good books to read are -

Young Guns

One Blood: Inside Britain's Gang Culture

Street Boys: 7 Kids. 1 Estate. No Way Out. A True Story.

Gang War: The Inside Story of the Manchester Gangs (more from the history side as it stops around 2003

Shooters (Manchester)