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u/christopherw · 12 pointsr/popping


Periodically I have a TON of stuff like this come out of my ears. It used to be a lot worse.

Here's a fun story (with some useful info): I needed ear canal impressions for custom earplugs recently. Upon checking my ears, the audiologist immediately declared that one of my ears was almost completely blocked with impacted earwax and I'd have to get it cleared before I could get the impressions.

Like most people these days, it's doubtless partly due to high decibel listening - particularly using my closed cup headphones - and general assault from noisy life in general. The earwax overproduction is partly your ear defending itself, and also possibly overproduction due to irritation or environmental factors.

Apparently my eardrum was almost completely covered -- just the tiniest gap through which I was hearing (yet I heard no difference in sound whatsoever between ears, and I'm a sound engineer!).

So, in order to take the impressions you need clear ear canals. To accomplish this within a week, I used the following:

  • medical grade olive oil:
  • chemical based solution (active ingredient Urea Hydrogen Peroxide):

    and this MAGICAL ear syringe:


    DON'T use any products that involve suction or curettess / earpicks / q-tips. You should avoid touching the incredibly sensitive eardrum at all costs.

    Alternating between olive oil and the chemical product I found worked well.

    This part is slightly messy. If you are able to sleep on your side without moving, the simplest way to loosen up the earwax is to tilt your head right over, drop olive oil right into the ear until it feels completely blocked, massage in vigorously and leave overnight. Sleep with your head on a towel.

    In the morning, you'll find some will have seeped out but the rest will be absorbed into the hardened earwax. Later that day, use the urea hydrogen peroxide based product for some more aggressive breakdown. Tilt your head and apply the drops, listen for the bubbling/popping as the solution produces oxygen and breaks down the earwax. Keep your head tilted for a few minutes after.

    A stock of paper tissues will come in useful to daub up the overflow.

    After a while, use the ear irrigation tool. You need to be fairly forceful depressing the plunger, and the silicone end of the syringe needs to be properly inserted all the way into your ear canal for maximum effect. To get a good angle, use your other arm, reach behind your head and pull your earlobe directly out and away from your head - that should straighten up the ear canal a bit (also works well for inserting earplugs).

    I suggest you use warm (not hot) water as it does feel weird to start with. It feels GREAT after a while though, and the bonus of this syringe tool with the channels on it is that you can see the earwax come out.

    Don't stop after you see a few flakes, there's probably 10x as much inside your ear which you just can't see. You'll feel it start to come out before you see it. Once you're making headway on flushing it out, just keep going for five or ten minutes. Repeat this process for a week and it should be all out.

    I followed these steps, along with some reading on the Internet for technique and such, and when I went to my next audiologist's appointment he complimented me that I'd done a much better job than if I'd gone to hospital to get it done. He also recommended I periodically repeat the process to keep the ears clean... Which of course I've not done. I should probably do that.
u/ConfisKate · 50 pointsr/popping

I get these so frequently it's crazy. And they're huge, like 3 times the size of that. I got this thing on Amazon and it's literally a godsend because they're not dropping down the back of my throat as I try to cough them out.


Also, happy cake day! Seems like a nice gift

u/ladiesman317 · 1 pointr/popping

InstaSkincare Blackhead and Blemish Remover Tool Kit - Esthetician Skin Care Set for F...
I had rewards to knock almost all of the price off, I do encourage everyone to sign up for an Amazon credit card btw, phenomenal rewards system

u/beans_seems_and_bees · 8 pointsr/popping

I use this comedone extractor kit, and the one I used is the one on the far right that has the pointy tip at the other end. Yes it helps the pop, it’s much easier and more comfortable than using my fingers.

u/philge · 2 pointsr/popping

Yup they are! I have one just like it. Here's a link on Amazon for around $5 if you can't find one. I got mine at walmart, I'm pretty sure they have them in the health/beauty isle of most stores.

u/pandallama · 23 pointsr/popping

They sell a skin tag remover on Amazon that has great results. It comes with a device that shoots a tiny band around your skin tag. Take 5-10 days to fall off painlessly.

u/bhigh · 4 pointsr/popping

Get an ear cleaning tool. Something like this or this.

You can use a squeeze bulb, but the specially designed ones work better. I have the cheaper one, it works fine.

u/non_nahs · 2 pointsr/popping

I use this on patients at work and it's seriously amazing. I get such satisfaction from removing their cerumen.

u/SQUIRRELS_ON_DRUGS · 1 pointr/popping

oh lord yes, even doctors use them but they generally charge about $60. This device seems to be the most popular.

u/Faeidal · 7 pointsr/popping

How about 20 of them
You’re welcome 🙂

u/nosoupforyou · 0 pointsr/popping

I love how you just flung it to the floor, after grabbing it with your fingers.

Also, you might want to buy a blackhead removal tool. They are cheap.

u/misaxchan10 · 3 pointsr/popping

JPNK Blackhead Remover Tools 6 PCS Professional Surgical Extractor Blackhead & Blemish Remover Kit with a Leather bag

$12 Amazon. =)

u/baddogg1231 · 1 pointr/popping

JPNK Blackhead Remover Tools Kits (6 Pcs)

Has worked wonderfully so far, seems quite durable so should last a very long time.

u/Exekyel · 1 pointr/popping

I used popsicle sticks first, rough, would not recommend. Then an oral irrigator, but I moved and couldn't fit it on the new faucet. Then an electric jet, but it's really expensive and mine broke. Now I use these syringes, and they work as well as (maybe better than) the electric jet.

You can use them one-handed and hold a flashlight in your off-hand! Fill the syringe with water (optionally add mouth rinse) then hold the syringe with your thumb and pinky on the top of the barrel and your index finger on the end of the plunger. I may have monster hands, so you may not want to fill the syringe completely (so the plunger won't stick out as far).

Tl;dr? Buy these.

u/Wangjohnson · 8 pointsr/popping


Edit: InstaSkincare Blackhead and Blemish Remover Tool Kit - Esthetician Skin Care Set for Facial Acne - Easily Cure Pimples, Blackheads, Comedones, Acne, and Facial Impurities

u/doritodream · 26 pointsr/popping

I got a pack of 250 individually wrapped lancets on amazon for like $10! Stainless Steel Lancet

u/banditomcclain · 66 pointsr/popping

I got mine on Amazon. Someone on this sub linked in a comment on another post. 200 count is a lot but I'm sure there are other uses. MEDIpoint Stainless Steel Lancet, 200 Count

u/enanadejardin · 5 pointsr/popping

I have the same one and got it from Amazon.

It’s an excelent set, I recommend it.

u/KissMyDupa · 3 pointsr/popping

Here's one for $4.99 with Amazon Prime. You won't have to wait a month for shipment :)

Beaute Galleria - Premium Stainless Steel Bend Curved Blemish Extractor Tool for Remove Comedones Whitehead Blackhead Acne Pimple

u/NerdyButSexy · 1 pointr/popping

Yup. This is the one I bought:

Airgoesin™ Lighted Earwax Removal or Tonsil Stone Remover Tool, Blue, 3 Tips, Tonsillolith Pick Case + 1 Irrigator Clean

u/pandroidgaxie · 2 pointsr/popping

The kit that /u/queen_frostine linked has both, the lighted curette and the syringe (you fill it with water and press the plunger to shoot water into the crypt.) It seems an additional metal scoop is included as a "free gift."

u/LaNyan · 1 pointr/popping

Because I want one as well, Here you are.

u/d_random · 10 pointsr/popping

I have ear problems too and this powerful ear flusher works great. It's the same one doctors use.

u/Bill_Door_Et_Binky · 6 pointsr/popping

Pimple tweezers, similar to These. Very popular among Chinese poppers; I first saw them on Je’s channel, way back before she started using gloves. Dr Lee’s taken them for a test drive, too.

Versatile: tweezers, lancet, & extractor in one.

Many of the ones you’ll see in use have an eye on the other end for applying a clear “crystal jelly” to pops that are bloody. I’m guessing they do it for barrier purposes.

u/fraggedears · 26 pointsr/popping

If you don't want to apply new products without testing, you could use sterile lancets and then pop a hydrpcolloid bandage over it. /r/skincareaddiction may have some feedback too. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

u/raceytay07 · 3 pointsr/popping

Just from the quick research I did, it's this tool. I'll be trying it out as well.

u/ElectroNeutrino · 48 pointsr/popping

Are you trying to squeeze them out with your fingernails? Because that will be pretty difficult. Either use a blackhead extractor or in a pinch, the curved end of a bobby-pin.

u/catydid0617 · 7 pointsr/popping

It’s a lancet. Specifically a medipoint one. I was given one previously by an esthetician after a wax for some ingrown hairs. I’ve been using them ever since. Found most recently on amazon.

Edit: product name. Added link.

u/Ashcrack · 2 pointsr/popping

I bought one of these and have been doing it myself for a few years with no issues(syringe tip is angled so you can't shoot straight through your ear drum or something). Just gotta use some olive oil ear drops for like a week to soften up the ear wax then use the syringe.

u/MirtaGev · 38 pointsr/popping

I can't believe no one here has mentioned TagBand. Is it possible none of you know of this lovely thing?

u/malfoy-the-ferrit · 6 pointsr/popping

It’s a comedone extractor.
This is the kit I use (but I’m just an amateur)

u/urvirb · 3 pointsr/popping

I usually use these dot ones They work overnight and come in a couple sizes.

u/You_R_Dum · 1 pointr/popping

It's the loop end of an eyehole extractor. You can find it in the 3 piece kit

u/Brrito · 2 pointsr/popping

I think I searched for blackhead remover or something.

This is the one I purchased.

u/prattastic · 27 pointsr/popping

Too many people here from /r/all who don't know what a comedone extractor is.

u/kariosa · 3 pointsr/popping

I have these
They take a bit of practice but can confirm they work.

u/Remmib · 3 pointsr/popping

Order these now.

Mine just came in the mail and I used them tonight. They are fucking brilliant. As someone who has a sensitive gag reflex and found difficulty using qtips, I was able to easily shoot out all of the tonsil stones even the one that was deep that I couldn't see very well.

u/Phylumz · 1 pointr/popping

I believe the tool to be something similar to
Medipoint Splinter Out Splinter Remover, 20 Count
No idea about the rest.

u/glenart18 · 3 pointsr/popping

Super handy and has lasted well over a year!! Husband was getting sore throats and realized bad stones were in place. Had such a hard time removing until we ordered and tried this!

[Tonsil stone removal kit]


u/knikki138 · 3 pointsr/popping

It's called a Lancet

I was desperate to find out some time ago as well. Drove me crazy searching and searching!

u/Daedalus_7777 · 1 pointr/popping

Really easy and practically pain free. You can feel a little bit of pressure as the water builds up against the ear drum but it’s not painful. Feels weird as the water drains out too. Just had to be quite forceful with the pressure on the syringe to really make it jet around the ear canal; and it took several (20+) flushes over 2-3hrs with warm, salty water to get it to shift. Worth the effort though.

The soft nozzle head has a 3 way jet which is angled toward the ear canal walls rather than directly at the ear drum, so there’s practically no risk of causing yourself any harm. This link is for the one I bought from Amazon (UK), you should be able to find something similar if you live in another country:

Acu Life Ear Wax Syringe - Amazon