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u/PrinzKek · 4 pointsr/poppunkers

Dude I have the exact rig for you.

I'm currently running a VHT Special 6 Ultra Tube Head and running it through an Orange cab.

VHT AV-SP-6HU Special 6 Ultra Amplifier Head

It's only around $300 and gets massive tone and volume out of its measly 6 Watts. They sell a combo version for $100 dollars more but I just love the tone of orange so I had to get the cab. The two channels are both great and it also has a foot switch to engage the boost from the "ultra channel" while using the clean channel. The tubes that come with it originally aren't too shabby, but it's an easy amp to mod and you can find some other tubes online that really make the amp a beast.

For reference her is my Rig

It's loud enough to play over a bassist and a drummer in the little pop punk band I'm in but would likely have to be mic'd up at an actual venue outside of practice and home.

There are plenty of affordable tube amp options around, this is just my input. Best of luck with finding the amp for you!

u/pokeba11 · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

I've never worn ear plugs, and I've been to ~ 150 shows over the last 10 years or so, so take this with a grain of salt... When you're close to the stage, you'll be closer to the speakers and more susceptible to hearing damage. If you're in the back of the venue, it's still loud, but not as big of a deal. I read an article once (can't find it presently) that stated a live concert of 4 hours of loud music can take something ridiculous like 6 months off your hearing or something. But clearly I've never listened.

A few years ago I saw Deaf Heaven in a really small venue and literally had ringing in my ears for a solid week. That was the point where I knew I had done some pretty severe damage. So now I either stand far away from the speakers, or if I know it's a small venue and want to be close, I wear some musicians earplugs, so the noise isn't distorted, just quieter. Something like these would do the trick if you're worried about it:

Also wanted to chime in about moshing - don't worry about it! Have fun, and if it gets too rowdy, just push your way to the side of the crowd or back a few people away from the pit area. Not a huge deal at all. Watch out for crowd surfers! I've gotten kicked in the head a few good times from simply not being aware that they were coming. It sucks, but it's a part of the experience.

I'm actually going to this show tomorrow night, and i'm super stoked! I hope you have an awesome time!

u/stayhome · 1 pointr/poppunkers

I think my favorite that I've come across is the Fulltone OCD, and of course the Tube Screamer, though that's usually better for boosting an already-dirty signal, if you're looking for a nice crunch. Those two are pretty standard in this kind of music.

I'd also really recommend checking out Joyo pedals - they're a Chinese company that makes clones of American pedals, but at a fraction of the cost. I've got their Ultimate Drive pedal - it's a clone of the OCD, and it's ABSURDLY cheap. Sounds great, even in shootout videos with the OCD on YouTube. Overall, Joyo's pedals are great for testing the waters with certain effects before you shell out cash for high-end stuff, and in some cases, they're just as good.

u/PotatoRoyale8 · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

Not a musician, but I've been going to many many many concerts for almost 10 years, and because of not using hearing protection (as a dumb teen) I have super mild tinnitus! I recently started wearing ear plugs and honestly the "christmas tree" shaped silicone ones like this did the trick and I didn't feel like the sound quality was totally ruined. It feels so much better to not have my ears ring post-show even if it means sacrificing a little quality anyway.

I have also tried Earasers (on sale now, also available on Amazon) and I must say they do a great job at dampening sound without reducing quality. I'd recommend trying a higher dB filer though, I don't think the standard ones protect enough. I ended up returning just because for my purposes I couldn't justify spending $40+ and there wasn't a craaaazy difference to me.

(Edit: posted comment before finishing)

u/dadrawk · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

Being able to hear when you're 50 is pretty punk. I always bring along a pair of earplugs to a show unless I'm absolutely sure it's going to be low volume (like an acoustic coffee shop performance).

I like these earplugs from Etymotic. They reduce a huge level of volume but retain most of the sound quality except for a little high end rolloff. It's a trade I'm more than willing to make. I first wore these to a John Mayer concert in an arena and it still sounded fantastic. They even come with a little rubber carrying case and a kevlar cord to keep them together.

If you don't feel like shelling out $25 for earplugs, at least get a bulk pack of foam earplugs and stick them in your glovebox. You can usually seat them just right in your ear so that they reduce volume but you can still hear the show pretty well.

u/jaufwa · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

Thanks! It was all people submitting their own sheet music (not tabs), including some where we paid a professional transcriber for make them (eg Dark Blue). I made it because there weren't any websites at the time doing that for piano sheets like there were for guitar tabs (Imagine that, a time when there wasn't a website for something! Dark ages!) Luckily I'm happy to say the site was rendered obsolete by, and Jacks Mannequin realised an official songbook so I happily retired it.

Having got a bit older and wiser now though, I'd personally recommend not bothering with sheet music at all, I think it gets in the way. I doubt Andrew ever wrote sheets out (something to ask in the AMA maybe!). If you practise chords and scales and ear recognition and all that lessony stuff, you can work the songs out from listening to them. (Just my two cents!)

u/Noffy4Life · 1 pointr/poppunkers

I don't know your budget, but if you can afford it, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120 has lasted me quite a while and I have had zero issues. Great reviews, and the cartridge it comes with is good quality.

u/MartyFufkin · 1 pointr/poppunkers

This one?

If so, that is the exact one I had and I loved it. Was honestly my favorite piece of equipment.

u/fremenist · 1 pointr/poppunkers

Joyo pedals make a really decent mesa clone pedal that's dirt cheap. It can help give you that nice tone on a budget. When I play punk or pop punk I run that pedal with a TS-9 and my rig rips. You'll probably want a noise clamp too as the high gain causes a lot of white noise.

u/xrm4 · 1 pointr/poppunkers

One of my personal favorites is Jazz Is The New Coke.

If you like that, then try Extra Medium.

If you like that, then download their first album DorkRockCorkRod.

u/Pez88 · 1 pointr/poppunkers

I personally have a Denon DP-300F. I've had it for almost three years and it works great. Though I did have to adjust the motor since it played a bit fast out of the box. I've also heard good things about U-Turn and Audio Technica.

Unfortunately, record players are one of those things where you get what you pay for. You can't really cheap out on them unless you find an older used one. Please don't be tempted by the lower prices of Crosely and the like, they will damage your records after a few plays.

u/episgscustom · 3 pointsr/poppunkers

You said that you were using Line In to your computer, right? If so, that's what is causing the latency. Unfortunately, your best solution is getting a USB audio interface like the $30 Behringer UM2.

u/CarCrashRhetoric · 1 pointr/poppunkers

Since you say you're not a dude: They make a lot of things like this.

I don't drink at shows and I've never owned or used one. I honestly only know they exist because of Spencer's. So you might want to look at user reviews before investing in one.

u/StoJa9 · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out/Screws Fall Out is an absolute banger. Max volume in the car for that one

u/medioxcore · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

These guys originally went by plan b and were only briefly known as sonny before breaking up. I had no idea they put out anything more than just a single under that name, so thanks! I actually have a hard copy of their first album.

Not sure where you can find it streamable, but if you want, I can send you a zip :)

u/xderek182 · 3 pointsr/poppunkers

This might be what you're looking for.