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u/ellzray · 3 pointsr/popups

Congrats on the camper! I camp with kids and the wife in a little Coleman Columbia, and I have experience with a couple toilet options.

If you have younger kids, the cheap little toddler training toilets are easy to use, and then the adults can take care of the cleanup.

We have a seat that uses bags, which is also short like the one you mentioned. Don't worry about the height, short is easier for the kids, as well as being "easier" for the adults (squatting position is the natural poop stance). Get some additive to throw in the bags to gel/solidify the liquids. Some come in tide-pod like packets.

We currently switched to a cassette toilet for solid waste. It's a bit of home comfort for the wife. Really no easier or harder to use than the bagged ones. But it nicely self contained. As for the cleanup... the one we have is actually really easy to empty, no real splashing or spillage, but man it reeks. You can empty these at home in the toilet if necessary. Don't do if you can help it. I've found the best is to hit a rest stop on the way home and empty it there. Here's what I use: Palm Springs Cassette Toilet

Hope this helps. Either way, have fun!

u/eurcka · 1 pointr/popups

I'm by no means an expert, but I can share what has worked for my husband and I so far. We bought a 1985 Bonair not that long ago and had similar issues.

Luckily, most of the problem was our canvas. We spent some time cleaning the tarp using this Mildew Stain Remover from Amazon. It will take several bottles if you are cleaning the whole canvas. Just spray on and watch the magic happen. It did remove the waterproofing for our canvas however, so we needed to use this Waterproofing product as well.

We also re-upholstered all of our cushions & that helped freshen up the inside of our pop-up.

If you have issues with rotting wood etc, that could be a different story; I do not have any advice on that one.

Good luck! It's lots of work, but definitely worth it in the end :)

u/GOTaFROGinYOURpocket · 3 pointsr/popups

Flex seal tape will leak. It did on my 96 Jayco popup and forced me to rebuild the entire roof frame. Look into Eternabond. Its expensive but it is the best version of seal tape you will ever find and EXTREMELY sticky. Ive had it on my popup for 2 years now without a drop of water getting through.

Otherwise, the camper looks to be in great shape! Have fun!

u/biggree · 2 pointsr/popups

I have a 50W flexible solar panel with about 30-40 feet of cable. Very light weight and easy to stash anywhere. This seems more than good enough to keep our battery charged up during the day....assuming we didn't get a site that was too shady. You can pick them up from Amazon for about $80. You can get larger watt panels but they start getting pretty big. Hmm, I see an 80W one here that doesn't look too big...only 33" x 27" (vs 24" x 27" for the 50W). ( )

Oh I forgot that you also need a solar charge controller. I have tried two of them now. One cheap and simple...this last one I splurged for a Victron Bluetooth controller so that you can see your battery being charged on your cell phone...and current voltage. Works great assuming you are outside wanting to move your panel and see that it is working without going inside your popup to see what it says on your monitor. I got the MPPT 75/15 and bluetooth dongle for about $150 total. Add in some wire and fittings and you'll be looking at about $250 total. A lot but it is an investment you'll use for years and years.

u/carolinaloyal · 2 pointsr/popups

I’ve got a rock wood premier, 2018. Assuming they’re pretty similar, I’ve got a bit of a wacky setup for my grey water. For the shower drain, I use this:

Valterra Black T01-0091VP Swivel Drain Connector-90°, 1-1/2" x 3/4"

To connect to a regular hose that I run to this:

Barker (11104) Tote Tank - 22 Gallon Capacity

For the sink grey water I connect a brass 90 degree elbow to a 3 foot hose (if the hose is too long your sink won’t drain) to this:

Barker Manufacturing Company 10887 Barker 5 Gallon Tote-Along Drain Water Tank

The sink 5 gallon tank is too small, I have to drain it every couple of days. The whole setup is a little difficult and I want to figure out a way to run it all to one tank instead of two. Just as a heads up, measure the shower drain pipe, it’s smaller than the one most RVs have, so if you buy a tank with a hose, it probably won’t fit. Might have to look for an adapter of some type.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve got more questions, hopefully I’ve already made all the mistakes and can save you some headache. Also, check out Lots of knowledgeable folks there.

u/neoneddy · 1 pointr/popups

For batteries, don't do marine. Get CG2 Golf Cart Batteries form Sams Club or Batteries Plus. best $ per Ah around. 6v 2230ah for $100 usually. Two of those will give you power to boondock for a week.

For creating 120v power I use one of these

Except mine is a 24v variety and 3000 watts, cus I now have a bus, but that's another story.

With the above box you can charge your batteries, get 120V from your batteries if need be as well as have an automatic transfer switch when on shore power. Really nice.

u/ajt666 · 1 pointr/popups

Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V, 0.75A Battery Charger

You can get these at pretty much any hardware or autoparts store. They aren't for recharging a dead battery but they will keep it topped up during the off season. I would also recommend getting some terminal protective spray to help limit terminal corrosion.

CRC 05046 Technician Grade Battery Terminal Protector - 7.5 Wt Oz.

u/ChewyTKE609 · 3 pointsr/popups

Do yourself a huge favor and buy this instead - Trailer Tire Leveler

u/deltarefund · 2 pointsr/popups

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Folding Camping Trailer Cover, Fits 8' - 10' Trailers

It spent the winter under like 4 feet of snow and ice and held up well.

u/Jinxy73 · 2 pointsr/popups

Look up the "Bal RV leveler". I spent a couple of years driving on and off of blocks until I found this thing. Look for one somewhere at a decent price and then grab one. You can pretty much pull into any unlevel lot, toss that thing in and be level in minutes. That used to be the most frustrating part of the journey for me.

Best investment you will make.

u/partybarge12 · 2 pointsr/popups

Ac meter: bayite AC 80-260V 100A BYT-VAEM-034 Digital Current Voltage Power Energy Analyzer Meter Ammeter Voltmeter with Open-close Current Transformer Split Core CT

Dc meter: bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A LCD Display Digital Current Voltage Power Energy Meter Multimeter Ammeter Voltmeter with 100A Current Shunt

u/photobanana · 3 pointsr/popups


We have this one. Use kitty litter in the bottom and trash bags.

u/Subrandom249 · 1 pointr/popups

Try to follow the wires from the adapter at the truck back to the lamps underneath. Look at all the connection points and anything that looks remotely suspect disconnect, expose new copper, and reconnect.

Worst case you can get some magnetic trailer lights that attach to your bumper, would be better than nothing