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u/Skyepic07 · 2 pointsr/porterrobinson

I probably go a little overboard (but better safe than sorry), i use these:


I only bring weed/molly to festivals, but i just put them in there and then tape it to the upper inside of my leg. Only way security would ever find it while patting me down is if they're brave enough to get a handfull of my junk first. The cannisters are airtight so "drug dogs" can't smell them. Have had dogs come sniff my crotch before in festival entrance lines and they have never detected anything.

u/Turbopanzer9 · 6 pointsr/porterrobinson

Sorry for the late response!

I bought 40 meters worth of ws2812B LED strips (a type of LED strip that can be programmed). You can get these for pretty cheap of Amazon. Then, I used the adhesive on the back of the LEDs to stick them in these special LED mounting racks that I could mount on to some metal storage shelves.

To interface with the LEDs, I'm using a Pixlite Controller like this one. The cool thing about these controllers is that they can output DMX (DMX is the protocol used to control those big fancy lights you see at concerts) in addition to driving LEDs. Then the programming and sequencing is done in Lightjams. In addition to being the best low budget software for LED pixel programing, Lightjams can also be used to program any DMX fixture.

So I got 5 the cheap DMX moving head lights and controlled them with Lightjams too.

I knew if I wanted to pull of this song, I was going to need lasers, but DMX lasers are stupid expensive. Soooo I had to get a little unconventional. I ordered some sketch cheap Chinese lasers that I wired to a DMX relay. I mounted the lasers to the shelves using camera clamps and controlled them in Lightjams too.

Figuring out how to do all this and building it took me about 6 months. Then, programming took another few months. I am actually working on programing an entire set of songs from the Worlds tour. I am nearly done, and it's about an hour long! I'll be sure to post it here when it's done!

I appreciate the interest, let me know if you want any additional info!

u/exokay · 3 pointsr/porterrobinson

You can buy the whole CD + Blu-ray + Flag package for 2437 yen (~$22 USD) plus however much shipping is from Japan. Probably like 10 bucks or so usually. (Click on the globe to change languages)

Or wait for it to come back in stock on the Amazon US site ($36.15):

Additionally, check this link regarding badges:

HMV and Amazon JP appear to be out of badges. Tower JP and animate may or may not have badges.

u/autopilot_music · 1 pointr/porterrobinson
This is probably the closest we'll get to a Shelter "album". I actually ordered this in July and shipping got delayed in early August, but I'm pretty sure it's a Japan-region exclusive so I sort of expected it to take a while to ship.
e: also I don't think the Blu-ray works in the US.

u/shirazdh · 9 pointsr/porterrobinson

the design is dope but $80? seems pretty steep considering it looks like op is using a jacket from amazon that costs about $20 :/

the $60 hoodie, while again looks dope, seems like its just a gildan blank with the tags cut off.

no disrespect to op but just seems like a significant upcharge

u/NoblePhantasm · 5 pointsr/porterrobinson

It's still available at Amazon JP, that's where I ordered mine. They ship to the US.

u/Crysanthos · 1 pointr/porterrobinson

I think it might be different, no guarantee though. I think the following is the one with the cute Rin badge: also has the following:, which is the same ASIN, B01MRX9NOW, as the one you posted on This one might not come with the Rin badge?

u/Croezz · 1 pointr/porterrobinson

i just found this on amazon? not sure if it's what you're looking for though.

u/louman84 · 1 pointr/porterrobinson

If you have an iPhone, you can buy this plug in mic to fix your microphone problems. It records in stereo and great with handling low frequency sounds (like bass, for example).

u/vinceq7 · 1 pointr/porterrobinson

Do you know if pre-ordering from this english link on amazon's U.S. site would include the Rin badge pin? Or must it be ordered from

u/Nu11ington · 0 pointsr/porterrobinson

Shelter: Mini Album (Ltd Cd/Bd)

this one? is OOS on USA too it seems (for now)

u/endless_haruhi · 2 pointsr/porterrobinson

This listing seems to be still up, and delivers to the US. The other listing on there is from what I've just learned the only one with the incredibly cute Rin badge, so that one will never restock.

I learned this the hard way, having pre-ordered the wrong link :(