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u/gzcl · 5 pointsr/powerlifting

Another great read, one that was recommended to me by another guy around these parts, is Power by Fred "Dr Squat" Hatfield. Much more easily digestible filled with great concepts that stand today.

Edit: I figured I might as well help build some libraries while I'm in here.

Top 5 for Brain Gains

Those first three are big bucks. So I opted to go to the library, I suggest many of you do the same. Photocopiers are the shit. (Or just gift yourself a $100 book.)

These last two are relatively cheap and extremely helpful. The first a great stepping point for some of the nuances of strength training. Appropriately written by a doctor who squatted a grand, most appropriately titled "Power."

And it pays to not be a dumbass about the very basics:

u/AmazonInfoBot · 1 pointr/powerlifting

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u/Furystryker · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

nice! I'll definitely check them out. I was looking here: or elitefts bands because of amazon gift cards. Just sitting on it a bit to make sure they see usage, but I feel banded bench/DL would help improve my explosiveness.

u/RailsIsAGhetto · 3 pointsr/powerlifting

No experience but honestly they just look like wrestling shoes. ASICS makes the Matflex for less than half of what you'll pay for other stuff. Matflex are probably the best bang for the buck deadlifting shoes.

u/SmileAndDonate · 1 pointr/powerlifting

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Amazon Product | Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 3rd edition
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u/Lodekim · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

You are stronger tham me, but I can give some comments.

  • I've never used knee wraps but they can take time to learn. As for sleeves the older all blue ones like this are nice. The newer ones are not durable enough for squatting. There's plenty of other good kinds too, but I'm happy with mine.

  • Chucks vs shoes with a heel is personal preference and leverages. I recently switched to chucks after a year of using lifting shoes because the lifting shoes pitch me forward when I squat wide and I usually go too deep if I go narrower. It's 100% personal preference. I'd say do a few weeks of heavy training in each and see what feels better (and more consistent).

  • I think wrist wraps are worth experimenting with, but if you don't have any issues they're not likely to make a big difference. I can use a wider grip with wraps but that's because I do have pain without them when going that wide near my max. I don't think they'll add anything.

  • A few inches off the chest is a normal sticking point for raw benchers. There are lots of suggestions (training with longer pauses, extra chest work, extra shoulder work, overload work) but it's likely to always be the weak spot unless you bench close grip, so it's mostly just getting stronger. I'd say make sure you're uncomfortably tight, but I doubt you have a 370 bench without knowing that already.

  • I don't think the singlet matters much. I've used an old one I borrowed from my gym owner both times I've needed one.

  • I don't personally like deloading for 2 weeks, but I'm not elite and my technique suffers if I don't lift heavy for that long. I doubt it's necessary either, but you'll have to learn over time what works for you. It's definitely useful to do lighter weights as you get close. In the past for a Sunday meet I lift heavy up through Friday the week before (9 days out) then light (50-70% for low reps to keep technique on point) the Monday and Wednesday before the meet. In the future I wanna try a little heavier on that Monday, but I don't want to be near my max for at least 5-7 days.
u/euphoric_owl · 5 pointsr/powerlifting

I know it sounds gimmicky but doing the recommended exercise for tennis elbow with this flexbar completely fixed my tendinitis. If you are a strong dude you probably want the Heavy one.

u/PungentReindeerKing_ · 3 pointsr/powerlifting

Car buffers are the ducking best. They’re better than the actual sports massage things. This one specifically

u/rbrandrick · -1 pointsr/powerlifting

Practical Programming is suppose to be good:

I have recently started to read it and it is quite in depth. Although, I don't know how credible it still is.

A simpler book, that I do like is ProgrammingToWin:

u/SerNicka · 1 pointr/powerlifting


This stuff is really good as it's stretchy so you can tape of the joint without losing the movement.

u/HammertimePT1855 · 2 pointsr/powerlifting
White one is great in 1.5 inch size. I've tried all others and they just don't work as well.

u/lift_heavy_things · 1 pointr/powerlifting

the book for starting strength is

Practical Programming is the follow up that will teach you how to program your own intermediate/advanced programs.

u/Magic_warlock0- · 30 pointsr/powerlifting

Shilling the Reebok Men's Crossfit Lite TR Training shoe. I can really spread my toes and not slide getting into a deadlift. They're really secure for squatting, too, plus you can use them for many other things!

u/HurricaneHasan · 1 pointr/powerlifting

I've been using the blue rehbands for about 3 years, and they're still in good, usable condition.

u/xiphos1992 · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

I don't know about wraps but Reband knee sleeves are a great investment imo. Sleeves. They are great at warming up the knees and getting everything moving. They have really helped with any sort of pain I had IN my knees in the joint area. However, it seems like you are having pain above the knee. Perhaps this is a mobility problem? Do you regularly stretch your quads and hamstrings? And do you regularly work your hamstrings?

u/dza76wutang · 1 pointr/powerlifting


I've seen a few guys at my gym in those. They looked like Reebok Chucks. I'll keep em on the short list. Much obliged.

u/Jami3San · 1 pointr/powerlifting

if you want a pair to use during other activities I would get a second pair similar to the Hookgrip knee sleeves. the hook grip ones can be pricey but there are cheaper versions on amazon.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 3 pointsr/powerlifting

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u/myryuo · 0 pointsr/powerlifting

sorry for hijacking the post... but OP is using amazon referal service in his link to make money off you.... dont click on it if you plan on buying the shoes.

here is one without it:

u/M4ntr1d · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

Hey dudes, have an equipment question. I'm going to purchase some knee sleeves soon and have narrowed my search down to the following:

  • Strength Shop Single Ply Hercules

  • Strength Shop Double Ply Thor (I should note these are on sale right now for $23 USD.

  • Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve - Model 7051 (I think these actually went up in price since I first checked.)

    I have a bit of a budget on this (at or below the $50 USD mark) so if there's another brand that may be better I'm open to suggestions. Doesn't have to be IPF compliant (I'm not competing). Also, I'm not quite sure the difference between single ply and double ply other than "one more ply than the other" which I'm assuming means a bit more support.

    Edit I am an actual retard and didn't notice the one very small line on the Rehband sleeves that mentions they are sold as singles and not a pair. This changes things.
u/bball2 · 1 pointr/powerlifting

Have you ever done a Smolov cycle Greg? Would you find it comparable to the Bulgarian method?

Also any recommendations to further look into the Bulgarian method? A bit of searching around recommended this text:

I'm at about a 450 squat right now and was planning on running a Smolov cycle to break the 500 squat barrier early next year.

u/kiwiiboii · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

I do a similar thing to this. I just bought a cheap one on Amazon.

Try it out. And try filming yourself up close and seeing if your form changes at all. It was so slight for me I couldn't tell when I filmed from normal range, but I noticed during my sets and when I filmed up close that my chest was sinking in and my shoulders were coming up too high.

u/YankeeMagpie · 1 pointr/powerlifting

Adidas HVC wrestling shoes - $60 on amazon.

adidas Hvc 2 Black/White...

u/TinderThrowItAwayNow · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

I use this bag. Fits a smaller bag that I carry around the gym. Both pairs of shoes, belt in one side pocket, food in the other. Can't complain.

u/Onsager · 1 pointr/powerlifting

He co-wrote the new edition of Practical Programming

He has a youtube channel where you can see him lift and give some coaching tips. He is known as a programming guru.

u/Archiballz · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

Adipowers at sizes 9,10, and 11 at $90 with code CYBERMON

u/redshrek · 1 pointr/powerlifting

I use IronMind starps. They are very good quality and I have used it to pull up to 700 lbs with no problem.

u/acatisfinetwo · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

Is it gone? I had golf/tennis elbow and bicep tendinitis a while back.

These got rid of the elbow pain. Rest, light curls and rows helped with the bicep stuff. While the therapy helped immediately, both took a while (3-6 months) to get rid of completely.