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u/zorbiz · 2 pointsr/proED

I normally eat non-organic fresh foods, but lately I've been thinking more about going organic with food and all beauty products. I am not really afraid of GMOs right now, but am always reading about nutrition, health and stuff, so maybe something will convince me to switch.

I recently watched Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food on Netflix, and found it really inspiring and informative to start eating more real food, and focus less on the calories. As he mentions (or maybe this was in Fed Up, which I watched immediately after), I have the unpopular opinion that a 200 calorie candy bar is metabolized different than 200 calories of unprocessed food, and the fiber/sugar differences are incredibly important.

Diet foods like Diet Coke and Halo Top are often really appealing to me, because I do have such intense sugar cravings, but these are seeming more and more like poison.

This is a really awesome book by Pollan, illustrated by one of my favorite artists. And here are his food rules.

u/throwaway912837198 · 5 pointsr/proED

Suicide ideation is a daily thing for me, you're not alone.

I've also had issues trusting health professionals and I know how much anxiety-inducing it is to look for one, but there's somebody out there who could help you in the environment that you're comfortable in. I've also found mindfulness meditation helpful and research has shown that it is therapeutic for relieving psychological conditions. I recommend reading this book if you are interested.

u/bonedust_pale · 1 pointr/proED

Definately reccomend the FitBit Aria. I got the black one and it looks slick, plus it checks your body fat % and sends all info to your fitbit account. You get updated charts showing your weight and BMI and body fat % made for you. I also have a FitBit One Activity + Sleep Tracker. It shows you how long you've slept and when you're restless. Also counts calories burned (don't know how accurate) and steps taken. The floors climber is way off though! It counts every ride in a car as if you're going upstairs, ugh. For a coffee maker I recommend Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, Makes 34-Ounces if needed, but easy to make 1-2 cups real fast. (They're like $20) I like having to make coffee by hand. I just like little rituals every morning. Keeps me organized and thoughts don't stray.

u/Glitter_Cunt · 4 pointsr/proED

Ohmigosh yes you 100% need a food scale!! This is the one that I have and I really recommend it. I love it so much that I bought a second one for my parents so that I can use it when I visit them lol.

Honestly the hardest part for me about maintaining is eating enough and keep myself from losing more (or gaining weight back when I've accidentally lost too much). Maintaining a very low weight while eating 1000+ a day is completely possible :)

u/Twosi · 7 pointsr/proED

I have the Aria by fitbit for my main scale.

My "double check" scale is this one here. Just to make sure.

I also use: This food scale as my in house food scale.

I have this one for my purse.

I also have these at home for use during the day: Fit Desk 2.0 wanting to get the extension desk for it at some point soon.

Elliptical/Bike Trainer in case I would prefer to "run".

Fitbit HR Charge Love this.

For hydration purposes: Electric kettle stainless steel with no plastic parts touching water ever. Love it.

Primo water pump with a two interchangeable 10 gallon jugs for easy no excuse water drinking.

My coffee maker right now is pretty... meh? I want to replace it this year with the ninja coffee bar.

u/limitlessandfree · 5 pointsr/proED

It's amazing!! It folds up for space. Tracks your time, distance, calories and heart. Also it has different levels of intensity.

u/CatsMossGeese · 2 pointsr/proED

My favorite cookbook is [Preserve it!]
( . There's a bookshop by my old place that only sells cookbooks, so almost all of my disposable income is spent on cookbooks of some kind or another. This book has a pretty good pickling section.

u/OldCrowFreakShow · 2 pointsr/proED

I wish that worked for me, it's a great idea! Scales are a real game changer though I have this fancy nutrition scale, but still unfamiliar with all those neat features.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/proED

Good call!! I ordered this one but do you have any recommendations??? :)

u/DireRavenstag · 2 pointsr/proED

If you can order online, I have this one, and it's awesome.

If you do any kind of arts and crafts type stuff, you could always say it's for that? (Like....I also use mine to weigh my raw wool for spinning, plus I could see myself using it to measure beads/chainmaille supplies by weight for easier packaging, etc.)

u/Bakedalaska1 · 2 pointsr/proED

I just bought this bike off Amazon and I really like it so far. Seems solid and works well!
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

u/Sknie · 7 pointsr/proED

I bought this one off Amazon a couple months ago because it's 4.5/5 stars with over 20,000 reviews, and it's under $30. I love it!

u/nauticaI · 3 pointsr/proED

I just ordered one from Amazon and love it! I've put multiple weights on it and it's right on the dot. It was a little pricier than I was hoping but I'm really happy with it. I'm not sure it's available on Prime anymore though :(

u/moggettt · 2 pointsr/proED

is it this one? im just checking cuz it looks like she has several books about dream stuff n i want to make sure i look for the right one

u/TheManyArchetypes · 2 pointsr/proED

I got this scale a few months ago and it is great. The top can come off for easier cleaning and it seems to still be correctly calibrated. My old one ($30 from target started) giving me wrong readings and I kinda freaked out.

u/Noroeste · 2 pointsr/proED

I've had this one saved on my Amazon wishlist for months
thanks to /u/mushroomlevel

u/supersizetrainwreck · 1 pointr/proED

Have you thought about getting an actual diet journal? I have this one and I really like it.

u/cinnamoncactus · 1 pointr/proED

I have this version of that book
I'm pretty sure they're just different editions, but the one I have has more pictures and has more things to look up in it, I have seen the one you linked before though in stores so either one probably works!

u/Nutrionalt · 7 pointsr/proED

Not a movie, but I've seen Brain Over Binge listed a lot.

u/brontide-holophrasis · 2 pointsr/proED

all her articles on xojane are here, her vice column is here, and this is her book. dunno which one op was referring to though

u/bed_warrior · 4 pointsr/proED

Two excellent reads, I highly recommend:

I used both of these during a year long, very successful recovery plan. They both explain some of the science and psychology of bingeing.

For me bingeing is caused by: restricting, weight gain, general over eating, sadness, anger, stress, frustration, boredom. lol fuck me

If you ever wanna talk bingeing, PM me. :)