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u/SeafoodDuder · 2 pointsr/projectors

These projectors are all LED based instead of your standard bulb based projector.

LED Projectors:

  • Aren't that bright (brightness = 'lumens') and just aren't good outside under very controlled conditions like under a gazebo projecting onto a dark wall. The less light, the better, especially for LED projectors.
  • Colors may not be as vivid, as sharp/crisp looking as some bulb-based projectors but LED projectors are still good.
  • Cheaper LED projectors don't usually have a lot of controls to set things up. They have an options menu like all other projectors but they don't have a lot of 'features'. They're very plug and play, which can be good and bad.
  • Are much more portable and lighter than bulb-based projectors.
  • Are a big bang for buck, you don't have to replace bulbs like you do in bulb projectors which are $80-$300 (they last for roughly 3,500-7,000 hours).
  • Their picture doesn't really get 'dim' over time like bulb based projectors do.
  • LED projectors will last for 20,000 to 30,000 hours but when they die then they are just done, similar to that of a TV.

    The brand is AAXA which isn't the worst and isn't the best. The majority of their projectors are smaller but have pretty good build quality from what I've seen. I can't really judge on the quality apart from the specifications (480p, 720p, lumens, etc) or looking at picture/video reviews. So, if you're interested, you can go looking through youtube or searching for it on Projector Central. :)

    AAXA LED Pico. Seems great for what it is and can project up to a 60" image, but the very, very low lumens means it's going to be in a dark room 1000% of the time. Has quite a few ports for such a small projector. Much better than many of the $100 no name chinese projectors you see on Amazon that are 480p SD (Standard Definition) or less because this one is 540p HD (weird res, but that's ok).

    AAXA P3-X. Looks like a better version of the LED Pico above, can project up to an 80" image, more lumens but still needs to be in a completely dark room to see anything, more battery life, more ports for different devices.

    AAXA P5. The best and most expensive of the three. It's 720p HD, can project up to 100", still needs to be in a very light controlled room because it's only 300 lumens, you get the idea. The only problem with this guy is that he's better than the 480p projectors but he's not as good as some of the $500-$600, 1080P HD bulb based projectors. So, he has a lot of competition from things like the LG PH300, the bulb-based Acer H5380BD and other used/refurbished projectors.

    Anyways, hope this helped. Feel free to ask questions, I know this was a little long-winded but I try to reply to posts like I'd reply to close friends and family. Even if you're only spending $150 on the LED PICO projector, I'd want you to get your moneys worth. :)
u/juttep1 · 1 pointr/projectors

Well sounds like you’d be fine with a 1080p projector then.

The projector you had previously had 2000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 50k:1 meaning it was fairly bright and had pretty good blacks. If I were you, I’d try to stick to food being a projector with a similar contrast ratio as this will be pretty noticeable to you since you’ve lived with one before. The $1,100 is more than enough to find yourself a suitable projector that will have these features. I prefer LCD bulbs for their longevity and lower replacement cost but that’s just my 2¢ - you’ll find many who disagree.

But if your price point is $1100, 4K projectors are starting to appear near that range. You may wish to consider purchasing a 4K projector as it will help increase its longevity as more and more media will move towards 4K. Plus, 4K projectors usually have pretty great contrast ratios.

That being said, I rock an epson 2030 and it’s totally fine for me as I don’t do 4K and watch mostly when it’s dark outside.

My advice to you, now that you’re armed with the answers to these questions is to head to projector central and explore their home theater by budget categories (top left set of links). This site has more knowledge than could possibly be useful to one person.

I’d say you’d love an epson 2150 and it would probably fit all your needs and you’d love it. It can be had for just under $800 on epsons website or on Amazon

Take all this with salt as I’m not expert but just trying to be helpful. Let us know what you eventually settle on.

u/00raven · 1 pointr/projectors

I'd choose the HC1040. its 469 refurbished on
Cheaper bulbs, great color balance, longer eco lamp life, better features, decent positioning, better remote, needs AV receiver or speaker with hdmi audio passthrough or a P.C..
Gets loud using full power mode but quite quiet in eco with almost no loss to the strength of the projected image even in ambient light.

If you're using a HTPC(like an xbmc device) as the video source its a non issue.
Just need to get a screen that favours the epson in for deep black reproduction and you're set.

The HD142x will have some nice color to it but the adjustments are less intuitive, the focus wheel will get reset every time you put on the lens cap and unlike the HD141x you cannot adjust it from the top only the front which feels a bit shallow increasing the time to focus.
The emphasis on the Black levels seems to come at the expense of white reproduction and even gave other items within the image a yellow or brownish tone.
You'd need much more aggressive settings that the out of the box presets to get the accuracy you want with it.

Now objections:
Epson Powerlite HC2030 Home Cinema 2030 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector (Certified Refurbished)
Price: $342.30 USD as of this post.

3.5mm Audio out included, better black levels, and comes with Amazon's warranty if you really don't like it you have the liberty to return it vs CL.

Save $30, better peace of mind too

u/thedirtiesthippy · 2 pointsr/projectors

Don't have all the answers but I do have some. I just got through piecing together a system for my one bedroom apartment.

This is the projector you are going to buy.

You will not. I repeat, you will not find a better quality to price ratio in any other model. For $383 shipped to your door you get...

720p native resolution. 16:9 aspect ratio 17000:1 contrast ratio 3000 ansi lumens 5000 (standard) lamp life along with 3d capability if that's your thing. It's not mine but it's available and that's nice right?

I bought that for $293 refurbished from their outlet store. So sub $300...Jesus Christ the value is unreal dude. Unreal.

I paired it with an elite screen 100" manual pull down 16:9 HD 4k screen for $78. It's crazy.

I decided to mount mine so I got a $25 ceiling mount. The total is $400 and you have a setup that will give any home theater fan a boner.

Now, Audio.

I picked this up today for $420.

Klipsch sf-2 towers(2 black)
Ksw10 sub
HK avr154 receiver

Truth be told. I'm planning on selling the sub (because I'm in an apartment) and buying a set of surrounds. Want to buy it? $100! lol

I really wanted to keep it under $800 for everything but with new speaker wires, a dark red matte paint for the walls and speaker wire I'm at $860.

This setup is pretty damn future proof as well. It's been out a few years already and will continue to be the best bang for the buck until they no longer make them.

There is my sub $900 home theater setup.

If I sell the sub for $100 (should be easy) I could grab a set of MB652 airs for the rears at $90 shipped.

I plan on making a post next week with pictures and more so if you have any questions feel free. I did extensive research on everything and am very happy with every single purchase.

u/bluesag · 1 pointr/projectors

I'm not well versed in projectors at all but I bought this for myself as a birthday gift and I love it! I put a solar shade in my picture window and the projector sits on my coffee table 11' away and I get a great picture. I'm not sure of the diagonal measurements on my projection but my window is 70" wide and it fills it. Amazon also has a best of list for projectors - that's how I found this one.

u/sparkingthefire · 1 pointr/projectors

You are the best! Now I have all planned out for purchasing. Last question I promise...

I'm 4'8.5" but pretty scrappy. How easy is this crap to mount?
This is the one I'm looking at:

Reviews say it has pretty clear instructions but should I be calling in reinforcements or need tools? lol

u/mistakenotmy · 2 pointsr/projectors

Thats funny. I actually had that mount for a while. I don't want to say it sucks but it wasn't good. It looks ok but adjusting it is a nightmare and I think I ended up bending mine a bit.

You could do something like using a 2x2 piece of wood but you can't just have it sit in the drop ceiling support. Notice the wire coming of the corners of the Peerless tile bracket. Those attach to the actual ceiling. You may be able to hang a small projector from the suspended ceiling but I would be careful.

The peerless unit you link to is just the bracket, you also need the actual mount for the projector that screws onto that piece. Like this:

That is a much better mount and much easier to adjust. That is what we use where I work and I love them. I swap projectors all the time. Probably 10 just last month, so in my situation an easy to use mount is high on my want list.

u/DronesWorkHard · 1 pointr/projectors

Maybe i should mention these projectors have caught my eye, but wondering if i should look at additional models

Optoma HD141X main attraction is 1080 at cheap price

Viewsonic Pro9000 main attraction is laser means i dont have to change the bulb every year?

Optoma GT1080 main attraction is that it says its made for gaming

i know this is a wide range. looking for smarter people than me help narrow it down, or point to other models i should include in the shopping list

u/furlonium · 1 pointr/projectors

My recliners are 13' from my screen. My screen is a 125", which is about 9' in width.

I have a BenQ W1070 as my PJ and a tensioned, motorized Elite Screens as my screen.

The W1070 is discontinued but their HT2050 is the successor to it. I love my W1070 and it's regarded as one of the best PJs you can buy under $1000.

My screen was $570 shipped. I've had no issues with it and installing it was super easy and fast. Mounted two screws to two studs and hung it. I programmed my Harmony remote to be able to raise and lower it.

u/SirMaster · 2 pointsr/projectors

I'd say the Acer H5380BD at $440 is something to consider.

It's 720p, but 1080p at under $600 is just not really a thing.

If 1080p is a must then the best bets I know of would be the Acer H6510BD at $660

Or the Optoma HD131Xe also at $663

Or perhaps the ViewSonic PJD7820HD at $650

But I believe the ViewSonic to be the weakest in terms of quality.

If you do have room in the budget I believe the BenQ W1070 is one of the best values and great quality for under $1000 at currently $743

u/arctic704 · 1 pointr/projectors

Cheers. Actually I think its the other way around. Gamers are particular about resolutions so they usually go for higher res. Business office users are somewhat mostly looking for better brightness contrast 🤔 but I would defo agree with future proof part. Defo shud get atleast a 720p native if you have res in mind 👍how about optoma gt1080 its a good allrounder but definitely a slightly pricier hence 1080 native 3d ready etc. Must check it out here is the link mate

u/ZeosPantera · 2 pointsr/projectors

You would first NEED an LED projector just to cope with the hours of reading. That means (unless you are a loaded college student) going 720p with something like this. Then figure out if you want vertical or horizontal and then how big a projection is comfortable and then how big a font you like and then play with the "Cleartype"-ish options if you have any on the mac.

You may also want to play with different materials to project onto. A white or off white wall will work if it is perfectly flat.

u/zim2411 · 3 pointsr/projectors

That sounds about right for a cheap Chinese projector. I'd seriously return it if you can, get store credit, and put money towards a projector from a real respectable company. That Taotaole is probably a fire hazard to be honest -- that it has 5 stars on Amazon is remarkable and just goes to show how pointless online reviews can be sometimes. This Acer is the bare minimum that's worth buying.

Bonus: This is why cheap projectors are so pointless.

u/bergamaut · 1 pointr/projectors

I see. The suggested refurbished projector makes a lot of sense. If you have the money, this projector has great image quality for its price:

Make sure you're doing everything to help the projector's image. Get a good screen to project on to, make sure there isn't any ambient light, and darken the surfaces surrounding the screen if possible.

u/BoredCharizard · 3 pointsr/projectors

Really depends on what you consider cheap or not. If you don't want to spend more than $100 then any highly rated Chinese projector on amazon would do, be wary of YouTube videos as most are paid adverts by the company. Just be aware that most if not all will state "supported" resolution of 1080p, but if you look at native resolution spec it's going to around 480p (native is the keyword as that is the actual resolution output). Don't expect much functionality or features like usb-c and definitely don't expect it to last. If you have been scrolling this subreddit you might have notice a lot of people requesting help for fixing their low end projectors after a slight bump or drop, etc.

If you bump your budget to $200-$300 you could pick up a Nebula Capsule you're still stuck with 480p, but you gain 4 hours battery life, android os (Apps and the ability to mirror screen), and HDMI all in the size of a soda can. If you want to project on the ceiling just pick up a gorilla pod.

u/SayaV · 2 pointsr/projectors

You can always go for this one. It has an acceptable range of specs. I got an older model of those, the ML300. Really small, not very bright but great for normal use, but the problem here is that I got it refurbished and it overheats every 20 minutes. I even bought a PC fan to cool it and add some lifetime to the LED bulb and it's hit or miss.
If you get the model I linked or a NEW ML300 you're good to go for a fraction of the price.
For projectors, you almost never go other than NEW, not even refurbished. I say this from experience.

u/originalmoose · 2 pointsr/projectors

If you are looking for a good* cheap projector you are on the right track with BenQ. But if you ask me this is not that great of a deal. It's native resolution is only 1200x800. For another $110 you can get this. Which not only is native 1080p and has a much better selection of inputs but its pretty much the best projector you can get under $1000

u/silly_goose4 · 1 pointr/projectors

Hey 3 months late but am considering getting the BenQ HT2050 from amazon here. Got great average review. Did you end up getting the BenQ or the Epson? How do you like it?

I don't have total light control (I'm gonna put it in a living room) so am worried a bit. I'll put blackout curtains that can be drawn when am using it though.

u/Draper14 · 1 pointr/projectors

Thank you! That is one of the top three I have been looking at. The other which is a little under 600 is

Both have very good reviews so I am looking for people like you who have had projectors for some time to lead me in the right direction :)

u/sniper344 · 1 pointr/projectors

Happy to help you out the BenQ HT3050 HD 1080p and check out my GAMING AND HOME PROJECTORS TABLE for other great options.

u/Craw13 · 3 pointsr/projectors

No brainer. BENQ. HT2050 or HT3050

Fantastic customer service USA. Amazing picture. Great all around buy for the price.

u/nitro230 · 1 pointr/projectors

I bought this mount and it’s awesome. Super versatile and solid as a rock...
Vantage Point CGUPM12-S Universal Front Projector Mount - Silver
I have the BenQ W1070

u/JohnnyKonig · 1 pointr/projectors

Sorry, this is one is over your budget at $600 but the Iptoma GT1080Darbee is on sale at the moment ( Great value.

u/josephkentcraig · 2 pointsr/projectors

OPTOMA TECHNOLOGY GT1080Darbee 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector, White

Great projector. Really love the Short throw aspects

u/AXISMGT · 1 pointr/projectors

Anker nebula capsule.

I use mine with my RetroPi setup all the time. And also use with my laptop for quick office meetings.

Regularly on sale on Amazon or Woot for 229-249. Also doubles as a great Bluetooth speaker.

Nebula Capsule, by Anker, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Black, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360° Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4-Hour Video Playtime, Outdoor Projector-Watch Anywhere

The nebula capsule 2 is 499, but also has higher res.

Mate it to a VGA to HDMI cable and you’re good

u/sotodefonk · 2 pointsr/projectors

I dont think you can get good stuff for that money, unless you buy used, which is not worth it in my opinion.

I havent seen a lot of 720p projectors working, but for a little more, you can get an Acer H5380BD for 430 dollars on amazon

Its close of your budget, but if it was me I would save for a 1080p projector... 720p on a 100"+ screen, wont look that nice, but it would look better than the one you selected first, in both resolution and light output

u/CUHWT94 · 2 pointsr/projectors

I was also looking into buying this as a first projector. A word for OP, if you're not pressed for time then you should wait to buy. There's a website that lets you track prices on Amazon to let you see the deal you're getting. If you were planning on buying from amazon then it looks like the best time to buy is January.

u/PoopinWhileIMadeThis · 3 pointsr/projectors

Iv'e been looking at the Optoma HD141x, and for pretty much the same specs you're looking for.

It's 1080P 60Fps capable, 20,000:1 Contrast ratio. 3000 Lumens.

Most reviews talk about it favorably, and as soon as I have the money together, this is the one I shall be investing in.

Here's the Amazon link:

u/JohnCrichton · 2 pointsr/projectors

this is the one that i got - which was excellent. I'm sure your's would work fine as well.

u/thedirtiestsocialist · 1 pointr/projectors

Here is a much much much much much better projector and deal. I just picked this up refurbished from their outlet site for $293.

This is $383 shipped to your door and one of the best, if not THE, best values in projectors.

There is a review for you. Enjoy.

u/BetaMale1 · 0 pointsr/projectors

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

  • The DLP chip has a super fast response time of 16 microseconds and easily supports up to 144Hz refresh rates."
u/Yum_Cha85 · 1 pointr/projectors

I have been hearing that a lot and have been looking into both.

For the Silver Ticket, is the white material the preferred style to get the most gain? The descriptions say 1.1 gain. Would this be the best setup for someone with white walls as well?

Do you have any other screen recommendations that are less then $1k for 120 in? The dealer mention he had Stewart Cima Neve, but it doesn't seem reasonable to buy for my situation.

u/DonFrio · 2 pointsr/projectors

They are the best value in screens. You can get better but at 5-10x the cost. STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120" Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen White Material

u/The---Technician · 1 pointr/projectors

Are you talking about this and this ? If so, both have their own advantages.. In what kind of lighting condition will you be using it ? The 1060 is quite brighter and would be more ideal for a room with more light. The 2150 though has wireless capability that the 1060 doesnt have.

u/STiFTW · 1 pointr/projectors

Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV | Precision Projector Mount with Spider Universal Plate Black

Been very happy with this one. A bit on the expensive side but nice fine tuning adjustment. I paired it with the 6-0” extension and ceiling joist mount.

u/HandjobSally · 1 pointr/projectors

Are you the United States? Here's a used 141x for $384. It's Amazon so if there is a ton of time on the lamp or the damage is more than cosmetic then you can return it. I think thats about the best you can do for value.

u/faust06 · 1 pointr/projectors

This is what I used to mount my W1070. Was pretty easy to set up and has been rock solid. I don't know if it will fit the W1100, but it is very flexible in terms of connections, so I'm betting it would work.

u/llamaslovecarrots · 2 pointsr/projectors

Not sure if this affects your decision to keep the Darbee, but the Epson 2150 regularly drops to $699.

When Amazon drops it to $699 Best Buy, NewEgg, etc will usually price drop at the same time.

u/DJShamykins · 1 pointr/projectors

What are your thoughts on ViewSonic....

This seems like a nice alternate for a couple hundred less.

u/Swampy2016 · 1 pointr/projectors

I did some searching on Amazon and I found one that has good reviews. Like I said I'm not trying to be blown away I just want a bigger screen than my current TV. I'm a broke college student so I figured that a cheap projector is better than no projector.

u/dannysafter · 4 pointsr/projectors

Or this Epson 2150 Home Cinema Projector

The best blacks, color and 3D for the money.

u/spencerg83 · 1 pointr/projectors

Here's a comment I made not too long ago - -

I don't know if this is what you are looking for but...

I have been using this projector since Winter 2018:
Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector

With the following screen:
STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120" Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen White Material

The only gripe that I have with the screen is, if the image is sharp in the center, the corners tend to be just slightly blurry. If text is clear in the center, then it is blurry in the corners. It's tolerable.

And vice-versa: if text is sharp in the corners, then it is slightly blurry in the center.

For my uses, this isn't a problem. I use the projector for gaming and watching videos/TV. PC Gaming and Console Gaming, I haven't noticed any latency issues between controller input and the display.

It's only when I am typing into the URL in the Web Browser at the top of the screen do I notice these blurry issues.

u/gibson_mel · 1 pointr/projectors
  1. Diagonally.

  2. Projectors have a zoom feature which should make it fit, depending on the distance and height. Use the calculator to find out.

  3. Don't get the HD141x; its successor, the HD142x is due out next week. You'll only be able to get 52" from 12 feet away. My recommendation is to paint the wall with Behr Silver Screen paint.
u/Muffinman20051 · 1 pointr/projectors

I do this same exact thing on a monthly basis. I have a theater in the basement with speakers behind the main screen and I have a ceiling mount for my epson 3020 that allows removal with one screw.

I also have a table set up outside with marks indicating where to place the projector and have a pull down screen outside. Depending on how much of a HT snob you become (I'm real bad) you may not be happy with the imperfections in the wall. You may want to look into wilsonart laminate screens for indoors. They are very cost effective and offer a good picture for the price.
So, one of my major hurdles I faced was the sound outside was abysmal compared to indoor. I had to purchase another set of tower speakers just to drag outside for movies. I resolved this by adding a second 2.1 setup upstairs next to my deck and putting an old second bluray player/receiver there. Movie night involves unplugging the projector and undoing the one screw(the mount holds it position), carrying the projector outside and installing it onto the second mount, carrying two polk 50 series speakers outside, and running the hdmi cable through the doorwall. Its relatively fast and painless, all setup in about 10 minutes.

u/robertatbenq · 1 pointr/projectors

Personally, I'd look at the W1070 myself :)

u/thesynod · 2 pointsr/projectors

There is that Anker can shaped battery operated combo projector, android device and speaker. That plus a basic screen and you're good to go.

u/Zebilmnc · 1 pointr/projectors

Movable? Do you mean articulating? If so, then yeah. Something like this...
Vantage Point CGUPM12-S Universal Front Projector Mount - Silver

u/korDen · 2 pointsr/projectors

I think the deal you are talking about is a scam. Most of projectors on Amazon are hijacked by scamming sellers who pretend to sell user items for way below their market value. You can check if a seller is a scammer by going to their profile page. If it says "contact [email protected] before placing an order" - that's a scam.

Another way is to check what else this seller is selling. I saw a few scammers who were selling everything for $400, from high-end projector ($4k+) to cheap photo cameras (<$200) for the same price. They are also all "just launched" or have low sale.

Edit: yup, 2 sellers claiming their are selling HT3050 for $300:

  1. Viva Vida Gallery Just Launched ~ NEW ~ For let us know ONLY at: Joahuk @ computer4u,com IMMEDIATELY BUY AND DELIVERY ~ THANK YOU !!

  2. Aunt Molly's Rain Barrels - ~ NEW ~ For let us know ONLY at: Joahuk @ computer4u,com IMMEDIATELY BUY AND DELIVERY ~ THANK YOU !!
u/Plastonick · 2 pointsr/projectors

You can probably start getting entry level 1080p for that price.

This is generally a well received projector.

Edit: that's not to say it's flawless, but I think this is good for the price.

u/reptoss · 2 pointsr/projectors

I just posted this same reply elsewhere but my top two options if you can go to the $500 range are Optoma HD 143X for $499 and Epson 2150 for $699.

u/rogue780 · 1 pointr/projectors

So, you should have screw holes on the bottom of your projector. They are designed to work with something like this: (I'm not endorsing this specific product. It was the first one that came up when I searched for projector ceiling mount).

These kinds of mounts let you adjust the exact angle of your projector relative to the wall/screen.

If you're set on using the mount that you have, you're going to need to place some objects under the front of your projector to raise the angle and eliminate the keystone as much as possible.

u/xpen25x · 2 pointsr/projectors

you want at least 1280x800(720) native resolution. projector central or avsforum is my go to for projector information. i dont watch youtube reviews cause most of the time they are linked with affiliate links to sale the projectors for them to make money.

to check to see if you would like that resolution the viewsonic has head on down to walmart and pick up their rca projector they are selling right now and try it out. do do yourself a favor. get wxga at least

and no there is no affliate links

u/techhorder · 1 pointr/projectors

If you keep an eye on this sub there has been a couple of decent sales on the BenQ w1070. Currently only $672 on Amazon. It should do what you want and at 1080p.

u/Lulxii · 1 pointr/projectors

I think this is what I'm looking for! I'm not sure how to go about picking one out though.. any tips? How do they compare to the amazon king: Optoma?

I'm inclined to believe that there are billions of projectors out there, but few have been bought and even fewer reviewed.

u/Crash_Pandacoot · 1 pointr/projectors

I bought this one back in october and for being sub $100 its decent. Note the native resolution is not 1080, its been working fine since

Edit: just noticed the distance and screen size and i dont think it'll work. When i get home i can test it out for ya

u/mr_white79 · 2 pointsr/projectors

Reviews are easy to fake on Amazon. It's a piece of junk. 480p resolution is the only spec you need to know.

u/aoakeson · 3 pointsr/projectors

With that projector you would get about 80" image size from 10'. You can calculate the different projectors here: is highly rated, and would give you a bigger image, but still not 120" you might want to look into optoma, or benq to see if one of those fits your needs.

u/Meganormous · 1 pointr/projectors

i recently picked this up. I have plugged it in and projected it on my apartment wall. It looked damn good. Just waiting for my house to be built so I can set it all up.

u/Freddicus · 2 pointsr/projectors

This one's been in my sights, but I don't own a projector, yet.

u/Hitokiri_Ace · 1 pointr/projectors

I've looked around before.. these seem reviewed well.
Any opinion on it?

u/canada_dry99 · 1 pointr/projectors

Why not just a TV? For that price you are looking at cheaper quality no name projectors (or used) but you need a short throw projector that a tiny size, and that runs on battery??

Basically you are looking at 720p or 1080p resolution.

u/ImMortalMystery · 2 pointsr/projectors

Actually did find this:
But I heard the "rainbow effect" is bad with fast moving images

u/NoddysShardblade · 1 pointr/projectors

> 5500 lumens (LED MAX)

would be what's written on the led bulb - if there really is one - not any kind of actual industry standard test result (which is what it is on a name brand projector).

It's probably more like 300 lumens.

A real HD projector, who's specs aren't fake, can be bought on Amazon for less than $400.


Why risk completely wasting $300 on a crappy unit with fake specs (perhaps worth less than $100)?