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u/sigmoid_stew · 2 pointsr/promos

I would like to find my father. I would like that ipod
I would like to see my son but that is not anything you can help with, sorry. I would like to take a trip to Fiji. I would like my education financed. A barns and noble gift card would be cool. How about a trip to the salon? A couple tanks of gas?

This is totally something I would do if I were rich. Kudos to you sir

u/Naish23 · 2 pointsr/promos

I'm not getting any presents this year, but if you want to give something. Then i'd like something like this. But thats just selfish thinking of me expecting that 1. You'd wanna pay so much. and 2. That you're going to choose me over that Clean water well idea. But if you don't want to buy me a wacom, i'd also be happy with just a good book or something. I heard House of leaves is good.

Even if you dont pick me or something, I just want to say you are a great guy and props to you for this kind of christmas spirit. This song is for you.

u/LittleGreenWeasel · 1 pointr/promos

Shirts like this became popular ironically for awhile (see the reviews as an example of some of the jokes people made.) Anyone who wears them unironically is usually unashamedly nerdy, a little sheltered, and totally unaware of the meme-status of shirts like this. My coworker was definitely this kind of guy, and I loved his innocence and his over-the-top passion for Vampire: The Masquerade.

u/r2002 · 6 pointsr/promos

That's certainly a valid choice. I'll make it even easier for you. Here's a straight link without any affiliate codes to the PS4.

A few things:

  • Yes, I do earn affiliate income from Amazon if you buy it via my submission link. But your purchase is not more expensive, so I'm not sure what you've lost by using my link.

  • I purchased ad space from Reddit. The money paid helps support this site. Of course not trying to sound altruistic or anything -- I bought this ad because I thought I could make a few dollars of beer money. But this ad helps Reddit as well.

  • I'm not some outsider who just randomly stumbled upon Reddit. I've been here 6 years and a charter member of Reddit Gold.

u/keywester · 1 pointr/promos

Third time this has been posted, but I still love it, reminds me of the Hutzler 571 banana slicer.

u/TheLameloid · 23 pointsr/promos

Great, now I have to delete my Amazon browsing history before I start receiving "suggestions".

Oh, it seems I already got one.

u/AmazonCav · 1 pointr/promos

Doctor, if you have an issue feel free to PM personally. We won't be switching the Sunday Ticket deal for banana slicers, I promise.

u/chipvd · 1 pointr/promos

Hands down, THE best USB Cable on the market. Hands down.

u/domesticon · 2 pointsr/promos

I love the fact that in the section "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" Uranium Ore shows up.

u/AwesomeDay · 0 pointsr/promos


Found it somewhere on that site, hahaha.

u/HappySod · 1 pointr/promos

I'm more amused, confused and impressed by Uranium.

u/LeftHandedLieutenant · 2 pointsr/promos

Thanks for the reply (and the gold!)

I am looking forward to buying your book. Do you have plans on releasing a print version? I saw the kindle version on Amazon.

u/falor42 · 1 pointr/promos

I came here to say that I only bought one of those items, and it was definitely for the reviews!

u/averad · 2 pointsr/promos

You can get it brand new for $309 on and I don't have to worry about who used it previously.

u/bernice22743 · 3 pointsr/promos

Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook,Crochet faster and smoother with a electroplated Nickel tip,black friday offer,you can grab it on now 50% discount.

u/VIJoe · 10 pointsr/promos

> Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought: The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas.

u/BMG2307 · 2 pointsr/promos

Frequently Bought Together from your link: NSFW

This & that

u/shit-post · 6 pointsr/promos

I don't know how I got here from a lobster costume..

Edit: I can't even..

u/Lady_Pheonyx · 1 pointr/promos

And you can buy a yodeling pickle to go with it

u/Dinosoarman · 10 pointsr/promos

Oh, is that how it works? You just grab bag a thing that people suggested to you? :O


Put uranium under your archenemisises chair and give them asscancer.

u/DonutDonutDonut · 5 pointsr/promos

Also, "Customers Who Bought This Item..."

"Forbidden Lego: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against"

BRB, Christmas wishlist

u/keiyakins · 1 pointr/promos

You're using the lowest price offered on the 'new' listings. Unfortunately, lots of sellers do things like $0.01 (+ $4.99 shipping). You can see this on the current #100, a USB A-USB B cable

u/Fonebone1 · 3 pointsr/promos

Almost as WTF was this one which was right below in the "Customers were also interested in these items" section:

u/nevercares · 2 pointsr/promos

Very disappointed Tuscan Whole Milk is not listed. 1,291 reviewers cannot be wrong

u/lacylola · 1 pointr/promos

>Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Forbidden Lego: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against!

I so want this book!!!