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u/Anonamaton · 2 pointsr/proplifting

I’m pretty new as well :)

I live in a really really humid and rainy place, so there’s no need to trap in extra moisture, I can barely escape it myself (I’ve never had a winter with propping though, so I have no idea how that’s going to go)

I have started using the rooting hormones as well, and I think it helps some of them? I need to do a comparison, but I haven’t had the time, ha ha...

I try not to mist the ones still stuck on the mother leaves. I’ve heard it’s best to let them take all the nutrients from the mamas before watering, so I try to do that. I’ll drip water on the roots if they look dried out, however.

Something I have also kinda figured out though, is that a lot of them, no matter how much I try to do the “right” stuff, just don’t make it. Which really sucks, and I’m sure some of it is my inexperience, but...some of them just die.

This big boy came right out of the gate growing huge and strong. I honestly didn’t have to do anything at all.

BUT!! For the watering, I’ve decided to try more targeted watering, and I’ve just ordered [this watering bottle](Pack Plant Flower Succulent Watering Bottle Plastic Bend Mouth Watering Cans Squeeze Bottle-250ML and 500ML to target the roots. Some of the other posters have mentioned it being good to avoid the leaves when watering. So I’m gonna try that :)

I’ve also gone and picked up [this succulent food]( Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food, 8 OZ for the plants that have broken free of the mama leaf.

Sorry for this wall of text!! I hope some of it helps :)

u/wrosel · 3 pointsr/proplifting

this grow light from Amazon was going around r/houseplants for a minute. Of course I impulse bought it. I’ve never had one but I really like it because it’s flexible with a clamp. I do believe my plants are happier. My succulents were extremely etiolated before, but now they’re growing well!

Edit: I also love the timer function and have it on the 12 hour interval

u/mollyyfcooke · 4 pointsr/proplifting

I use a few different ones: first is a Root farm LED which gives me AMAZING results. - they’re pretty pricey so I also have this one that’s more affordable and it’s been doing amazing too!! ACKE LED Panel Grow Light,

u/emmyjayy · 1 pointr/proplifting

We haven't found ones we particularly like at our house since we're always switching up our ~grand vision~ for our plants, lol. This one was the darling of r/houseplants for a while. Definitely search here, r/houseplants, r/succulents, or even r/plants for more suggestions. Threads about them pop up all the time.

u/Sancticunt · 3 pointsr/proplifting

I have my bananas in a wide, shallow bowl, and they are very happy. Strings don't need deep pots because their roots don't take up much space, and this style of pot increases surface area for more rooting locations.

Trimming is a personal preference! A lot of people trim so they can throw the strands on top, encouraging new growth. Or they do it to keep the strands even because they can grow lopsided sometimes.

u/Kris10NC · 5 pointsr/proplifting

All I can say is Seedling Trays!

Mine go from Prop Tray > Seedling Tray > larger pots with lots of props > getting thinned down from there

This is what I got if you're interested! (I also love the tiny tools!!)

u/icygir · 1 pointr/proplifting

Of course! I bought this bulb. I like it a lot, but I want to eventually upgrade my setup haha

u/h1dd3n-pr0cess · 2 pointsr/proplifting

amazon link

Price went up to $27 overnight evidently. I paid $19.99 last night! I chose this one because it has a clamp to clip onto my table, 60W vs most others with 30W, and 3 wand arms that will work perfectly for me because I use a corner area for my plants. This will fan out perfectly. Also has timers and color modes. I don’t know much about the different light modes, but plan on doin some in depth research and experimentation!

u/Chelley449 · 2 pointsr/proplifting

Axe Sickle 20ml Cork Stoppers Glass Bottles 20 Pcs DIY Decoration Mini Glass Bottles Favors Small Jars Corks Message Glass Bottle Small Glass Wishing Bottles for Wedding Party Favors.

I bought some a few weeks ago. I planted my water props this past weekend.

u/taylorbot · 5 pointsr/proplifting

I use K Cups for all of my props! I saved SO MUCH time when I bought this recycling tool made especially for K Cups. Plus, with the lip removed you can fit more in whatever space you have :).

u/lizlemocoolj · 3 pointsr/proplifting

I’m using this one!

Grow Light Plant Lights for...

So far it’s been great- plus you’re able to set it for red/blue/full spectrum light, and it has dimming/timer options.

u/deadgalaxies · 6 pointsr/proplifting

They are a little more expensive but I ordered some of these a while ago and I’ve reused them several times now.

Not trying to knock you OP but I don’t own a 3D printer! :)

u/Ephemeral_Halcyon · 6 pointsr/proplifting

I like these. The bulbs are replaceable and the plug is a traditional plug (rather than a USB into adapter as many are... those wear out very quickly because the adapters are cheap and don't sit in the socket right, but the lights will blow other adapters). I also like that they're white light. When I had the purple bulbs I lost the ability to enjoy my plants as they naturally are because they were always bathing in ugly magenta light.

Still trying to figure out exactly what your prop is. I had the same exact one. Etoliated it the same way before I learned. I can't find the marker for it. I'll keep my eye out next time I'm at the store.

u/Watchingpornwithcas · 5 pointsr/proplifting

Of course! It's this one. Only downside is it doesn't have a built-in timer, but that's easy enough to remedy.

u/MayMay_Day · 1 pointr/proplifting

I got it off of Amazon its super low profile and I just mounted it above my shelf.

ACKE LED Grow Light for Indoor...

u/catmommy1 · 1 pointr/proplifting


9GreenBox - Seedling Starter Trays, 144 Cells: (24 Trays; 6-Cells Per Tray), Plus 5 Plant Labels

I didnt buy from this seller tho, just so u know what to search for. Mine got a clear lid and a white tray to catch water.

u/cosmicgelpens · 54 pointsr/proplifting

I’ve only ever used this one! It get’s the job done lol

u/twaldofs · 3 pointsr/proplifting

We used this one: Garden Safe Take Root Rooting Hormone, 2-Ounce(2Pack)

u/twentyfoureight · 2 pointsr/proplifting

Here’s a cheaper option if you just want the black cells

u/SirTrypsalot · 29 pointsr/proplifting
u/mosqueraa1 · 1 pointr/proplifting

That's rotten. Cut right below that leaf to the left. Put it in water and change it weekly or when water looks gross (Don't let it get to that point) I use bottle water and have successfully root 3 fallen leaves I got from home depot. Now if you want to soil propagate, you will need some rooting hormone like this one. Create a hole in the soil, don't just stick it in. You want the root hormone to stay on the cutting.

u/mother-moon · 2 pointsr/proplifting

Right? I really dislike the idea of a purple light in my kitchen. ACKE LED Grow Light for Indoor...