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u/CupBeEmpty · 1 pointr/providence

Ok here is the lowdown on your questions...

Basic cold weather: a winter hat (I have been happy with a simple hat but you can get pretty much anything that fits your style), a good set of gloves (fuck those shitty knit woolen ones that get wet and cold, invest is a decent water resistant pair but you don't need to go crazy with arctic mittens. You should get a decent winter jacket, but the big thing is just having nice comfortable layers. I usually get by wearing a thick hoodie under a waterproof outer layer, a thin puffy jacket, or a decent pullover.

I would definitely get a good pair of waterproof/water resistant shoes/boots that go at least a little bit up your ankle. Winters in PVD have a lot of slush and spring/fall have a lot of puddles. Dry feet are happy feet.

It rarely gets freakishly cold (single digit cold) in Providence, the city tends to be warmer than surrounding areas because it is urban and near the coast.

Mexicans: There are Mexicans, but nowhere near like California. The big ethnic enclaves in Providence are Portugese, Cape Verdian, and to some extent Italian with Mexicans and other Hispanics rounding out the minority demographics.

Mexican food: Surprisingly, the area has some really good Mexican food but it is hard to find. MY wife lived in LA for a while and I lived just north of the big Mexican neighborhood in Chicago so we got used to good Mexican food. The best places are Chilangos, Taqueria Lupita, and Mijos Taco Truck.

Accents: "You guys" is a bit off because Providence is full of non-Rhode Islanders (colleges, being between NYC and Boston, etc.). There is definitely an RI accent that you will hear (and it can be thick and distinct) but neither myself (midwesterner) or my wife (northwesterner) have ever had a problem with it.

Weed: Sorry, I can't say. But there are big colleges in Providence so I can only imagine.

Fun, cheap stuff to do: Things I like... 1) The Providence Downcity Bocce League, cheap, casual, bocce, can drink beer downtown, good people 2) Skating in the winter, there is a big, outdoor skating rink open all winter 3) Farmers markets, I know I may be stretching the definition of "fun" but there are a lot of good farmers markets around 4) Music, between the Met, Lupos, AS220, and several other small venues there is a lot of good music for relatively cheap 5) The RISD art museum is incredibly cheap and surprisingly excellent 6) Going down to the beaches, cheap, beautiful atlantic seascapes

Safety: The city is safe almost everywhere. There are some pockets of bad neighborhood on the "south side." The "west side" is generally a little more dangerous than the "east side." Basically anywhere on the East Side is safe.

If you have any other questions just ask.

u/puck2 · 1 pointr/providence

George Costanza, the quintessential New Yorker, once said, "My father didn't pay for parking, my mother, my brother, nobody. It's like going to a prostitute. Why should I pay when, if I apply myself, maybe I can get it for free?" The High Cost of Free Parking, Donald Shoup's 733-page tour de force, has the answer. With the exception of a Monopoly board, there is no such thing as free parking. In fact, free parking turns out to be the biggest problem you never thought about. "We all want to park free," Shoup writes. "But we also want to reduce traffic congestion, energy consumption and air pollution. We want affordable housing, efficient transportation, green space, good urban design, great cities and a healthy economy. Unfortunately, ample free parking conflicts with all these other goals."

u/colonelpan1c · 2 pointsr/providence

As far as repair. unless it's in warranty, it's likely going to be cheaper to replace it. many of these units are closed, and aren't easy to charge. If the condenser is all flat on the back, try straightening it yourself with a condenser comb ( If you need help with install, well, it isn't difficult, and you can likely do it yourself. If it's a particularly big unit, have a friend help you lift and support it while you get it in the window.

u/DBradleyRI · 1 pointr/providence

Plenty of good, cheap options out there.

  1. Books. Start with (GTD by David Allen)[]. The Five Minute Journal is worthwhile also as a daily practice.

  2. Online Classes. I haven't tried (this one)[], but Coursera tends to be good (and free).

    Time Management and Communication is a bit general itself. There's a ton of resources. I'd get a personal coach if I were you, but that's more of an investment. Start with books and online classes that are free / cheap.
u/trabblepvd · 3 pointsr/providence

If you have an outside French door, you better be reinforcing that as well. One swift kick and that thing will fly right open. Seen the aftermath of that in PVD also.

They sell kits to harden them and a strike plate, haven't tried either but they seem worth considering. You probably want to put a slide bolt on the inside of the active door at a minimum.

Slide bolt:

Reinforcing kit:

Hardening plate:

(not endorsing any of those individual products, just using them as an example of what I'm talking about. )

u/wenestvedt · 8 pointsr/providence

The gold standard for these is Arrow Street Maps. Here's a link to the RI state book, which will have special pages just for PVD:

You could either pull those pages out and carry them in page protectors, or photocopy them.

And yes, The Map Store up on Main Street should carry this book. This appears to be the current version of it:

u/hippieslayer420 · 2 pointsr/providence

I've installed windows in Providence before. Most had something like this.

u/sonickid101 · 0 pointsr/providence

Check out Peter Schiff's Mortgage Bankers Speech Nov/13/06 almost a year before the collapse of Lehman Brothers Everyone who was wrong in not predicting the great recession was also covering their tracks re-writing history after the fact giving false reasons why the collapse happened. I recommend you checkout the NYT Best Selling book Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and the Government Bailout Will Make Things Worse by Historian Thomas E Woods