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u/dblknotspy · 1 pointr/quityourbullshit

I'm not one to make an effort when it isn't needed, but I see a chance here to help. Don't care about the context of the original post. You're post "Literal fake news." why not just "Fake News", why use literal? Is that an effort to insure what you're saying is the bye god truth? When a writer's statement is prefaced by literally or honestly my first inclination is to think the writer is trying to impress the reader with their wordsmithing prowess. My second inclination is to assume that anything this person says that is not prefaced with literally or honestly is specious. Less is better in the written word, yes, you did use 'literal' correctly but you didn't need to use it at all, it only muddled what you were saying. There is a great book that will help your writing and really help your readers understand the information you're trying to convey. I've published one book and countless magazine, newspaper and short story articles and Strunk And White was a catalyst to get me going, here's a link

u/KitsuneRisu · 1 pointr/quityourbullshit

This isn't a personal jab, so don't take this the wrong way but I'd love to see these guides.

My source personally is the Cambridge book of grammar, one of the two main authorities on the actual... rule book of grammar. Yes - grammar has an official manual.

I know that language is constantly changing and I would love to see your sources so that I can update myself if necessary.

u/bobthecookie · 2 pointsr/quityourbullshit

No problem! If you're interested in learning more about Hinduism, I'd point you to Bhagavad Gita: The Beloved Lord's Secret Love Song by Dr. Graham Schweig. It's a translation of the Bhagavad Gita, a section of the Mahabharata, one of the main holy texts in Hinduism. There are also the Vedas, but those aren't nearly as widely read.

The Bhagavad Gita is the third most read holy text in the world behind the Bible and the Qur'an. It's only ~360 pages long, and this edition has an amazing amount of footnotes that explain the context and meanings of every verse. I firmly believe that it's the best translation out there.

u/fancygoldfishfrog · 3 pointsr/quityourbullshit

Sounds like your head and your heart just have a bit of a disagreement then, I understand. It’s so hard to hear how damaging the meat and dairy industry is to animals. The best thing to do is simply not to contribute to it.

Do you buy meat?

Animals are killed long before their natural life expectancy. The flesh inside their bodies would not be optimal for a meat eaters idea of a nice meal if they were killed at their actual life expectancy age.

Regardless, even if an animal died happily, in no pain, at a ripe old age or let’s say somehow humane slaughter has been invented (even though this is literally an oxymoron and impossible) still wouldn’t mean that we have the right to take an animals flesh. They are individuals, not commodities.

Some people find that tricky to get their heads around, if they don’t truly love animals. That’s a vegan’s stance.

But there are plenty other great reasons to stop eating meat, like the fact that animal agriculture is the result of nearly 90% of deforestation of the Amazon. Or that nearly half the plastic waste in the oceans is from discarded fishing nets etc.

Or the health reasons might be more your thing, if animal rights aren’t. Lots of great reasons 🙏🏻

Edit: ps, you might like this book - the animals are treated as proper individuals and not exploited for what we can take from them, it’s really lovely.

u/impy695 · 2 pointsr/quityourbullshit

Sometimes. We can also be much smarter in a group than individually. Check out this book. The Wisdom of Crowds

And this is more than groups coming together to discuss and bounce ideas off of each other (which is of course a valid experience as well). It includes things like how when people guess how many gumballs are in a jar the average of every guess tends to be more accurate than any individual guess.

So yes, you're right but only partially. Together we can do both horrible and amazing things.

u/_minouche · 1 pointr/quityourbullshit

Actually, that definition is debatable. I highly recommend reading Frankfurt's On Bullshit for a thorough exploration of what "bullshit" actually is.

u/StillWeCarryOn · 1 pointr/quityourbullshit

I was talking about the Pearson coloring books. This is the book we used for assignments in my freshman biology class and This is the book we used in my Anatomy and Physiology class. I actually asked for this one for my birthday not realizing it was the same line of books.

u/bluhiem · 3 pointsr/quityourbullshit

no problem hope your course goes well, another intresting book which talks about deception is this one by pam meyer. It is a bit focused on a business setting but it very intresting to read and also provides sources.

u/silent_xfer · 23 pointsr/quityourbullshit

Social engineering is considered a form of hacking from what I remember of the CompTIA Sec+

People outside of tech have a wildly narrow definition of that word.

This book is not full of leet hacks, just quick and dirty tricks for sysadmins: Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two: Tips & Tools for Connecting, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting yet I am told all the time that "that's not hacking"

u/leanstotheleftabit · 6 pointsr/quityourbullshit

The Private Investigator Handbook has chapters on things like insurance fraud, wills, cheating spouses, etc. Each topic has a chapter from the perspective of hiring a PI and how to catch someone, and a chapter on how to protect yourself from someone reading the first chapter.

There's one part in the Cheating Spouse section where the author says many cheaters credit their flings with re-igniting passion in their bedrooms. Or it could be the guilt.

u/HuntsWithRocks · 23 pointsr/quityourbullshit

for me, it was when I couldn't touch my feet anymore and had to sit down and put my foot on my knee so I could tie my shoes.

My recommendation to anyone out there is consistency. Do something that you can continue doing. People often try to take on too much at first and end up failing out eventually.

Build up your drive by picking shit you can consistently knock out. After a lengthy track record of success with your tasks, then maybe you can start adding to them. Focus on the consistency.

For me, i made it a priority to traverse 2 miles a day, 6 days a week. I would run as far as I could and power walk the rest. At first, it was only a couple hundred feet. Took me a year to knock out a full 2 mile run.

Also, i made it a priority to consume my 3 meals a day (eating breakfast like normal people do [used to skip it]). Lastly, i committed to not eating at night (trying to eat about 3 hours before I slept).

In a weird way, you need to harness the curse that anorexic people have. There are people who can convince themselves they aren't hungry. I'm not saying to starve yourself, but I am saying that you body is a fucking liar and will tell you you are hungry when you don't really need food.

Just like with everything, there are fine lines. Don't starve yourself, but think about your hunger objectively. Also, i'm not a doctor. If you have medical conditions that fuck your metabolism, I'm not sure what the recommendations are. However, if you're a generic human with no metabolism or other medical abnormalities, I think you can go to bed a little hungry. Especially if you're fat like I was. I began to embrace being a little hungry before I went to bed. I'd wake up and actually enjoy my breakfast, where i used to eat so much i'd wake up and not be hungry and skip that meal to be 'healthy', only to make up all that ground with bullshit later.

Good luck to anyone out there trying to lose weight. Fuck anyone who says you can't. They don't know shit. People discounted me my whole way through. I was 300+ and now i'm below 180 and in pretty decent shape. Most of those fucks that fucked with me are less healthy than I am today.

TL;DR consistency.

Also, I highly recommend the book Fat Chance (which i just recently read [I've been back in shape for almost 10 years now])

Lastly, if you think you can't do it. Scope our David Goggins:

u/brufleth · 1 pointr/quityourbullshit

If people "don't get" the black lives matter "thing" then I would really suggest reading Ghettoside. It isn't even just the police brutality. Black (often male) lives are treated differently. Over generations of institutional racism and shitty socio-economic practices, a situation where black lives don't matter (or maybe more accurately, matter less) has been created.

u/alcalde · -1 pointsr/quityourbullshit

>See, this is the thing - you assume your way is the right way and everyone else
>is wrong. Yes, according to your culture, it's about making people miserable.

The concepts of "punishment" and "deterrence" are hardly modern or localized inventions; they're fairly universal.

>For those who probably couldn't ever be rehabilitated like Anders Breivik, they are
>at least isolated from the general public and unable to hurt anyone else.

But why does he need to be provided with better living conditions then many citizens? Other than the inability to travel, he can lead a relatively full life, from education to library to leisure activities, etc. This reads like the description of an American senior citizen retirement home. His young victims lost their lives; why is he entitled to live a relatively full one? Far from any sense of remorse, the man threatened a hunger strike unless he got his Playstation 2 upgraded:

Video games, computers, library, gym, school, education, leisure activities... where's the "justice" in this justice system? It's obscene. Do the parents of the victims feel this is a fitting punishment?

>there is nothing to gain from cruelty

How is not providing him with non-necessities "cruelty"? I've stayed in less well-equipped hotels.

>Not everywhere wants to be like America. Deal with it.

Honestly the world is shrinking and the homogenization of culture began decades ago, as outlined in Jihad Vs. McWorld. Cross-border capitalism vs. fundamentalism and factionalism.

u/hithazel · 5 pointsr/quityourbullshit

> Do some volunteer work sometime, and spend a few afternoons having to politely give free stuff to people who already have more money than you do. You'll change your attitude.

I think that one of the biggest reasons that people are so concerned about this fraud is that they can see and experience it, or at least imagine it. I've actually worked in this field for the last two years and I've volunteered periodically before that: what you are describing is an example of toxic charity.

On the other hand, the abuses of the campaign finance system or of investment and banking corporations like Goldman Sachs are much more difficult to wrap your head around and as you said, seem to be intractable.

That doesn't mean we should fall into the psychological trap of spilling ink and dedicating more and more outrage to things that really, frankly, do not matter.

>Right. We should totally ignore ISIS. That'll make the world a better place.

I actually believe this. ISIS is no more brutal or evil than the Mexican drug cartels or Boko Haram, and US intervention in the middle east is at least partially responsible for the birth of ISIS. We have now entered the fourth generation of blowback from political meddling in the middle east that traces its lineage back to the Ottoman Empire and colonialism. As recently as two years ago, we were hearing that this Bashar Assad person was an evil menace that had to be stopped, only to see him supplanted almost entirely. Before that, there was Osama, Saddam, and various other players, many of whom had at one point been US allies or received covert military or financial support from the US.

The point of terrorism is to terrorize a population, and it is insane to let the deaths of a few people (even the tremendously unjust deaths) redefine the entire media narrative and policy priorities of a country where orders of magnitude more people are dying of preventable accidents, illnesses, and diseases.