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u/K_Search_0789 · 2 pointsr/quotes

This is a very nice quote actually. I've recently written a book about being alone an I might just use this quote as an opener in the next version of it.

I'm posting the link to my book here. Not sure if it's considered spam or promotion. It's free on amazon anyways. I hope you enjoy reading it. Maybe it helps you get started on your journey of not giving a fuck what others want you to do. Here it is: Alone Time

u/Creole_Bastard · 3 pointsr/quotes

I first read the quote in a book I have called The Way of the Sufi by Idries Shah where it was quoted as "You only truly posses whatever cannot be lost at sea." Online, the quote was written as I posted it, so I went with that.

It's a great book... full of great Classical Sufi writings and quotes.

u/joe_n · 2 pointsr/quotes

One of my favorites by him. I forget if it contains this lecture, but I would highly recommend The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist for anyone with an open mind and a critical outlook.

Then again, I would probably recommend all of his books to almost anyone :P

u/gnorrn · 2 pointsr/quotes

This was chosen by journalist Jeffrey S. Young as the title of his 1987 unauthorized biography of Jobs. The very similar saying "The journey is its own reward" is found from the nineteenth century.

u/visvavasu · 1 pointr/quotes

You've stumbled onto something I have been striving to learn about all my life. You might enjoy this book:

u/Arsonade · 2 pointsr/quotes

Glad you like it, sorry though, I don't know of any online versions.

Edit: I know it's a late edit, but this is the book I got the quote from.

u/jmtphoto · 1 pointr/quotes

The book A First Rate Madness talks at length about great leaders in times of crisis who went through depression. Having to endure enabled, or rather forced, them to develop a deeper level of empathy or resolve. It's a great read about the positives of mental illness that not many people are discussing.
Here's a link to the book on Amazon if it piqued your interest:

u/audiyon · 5 pointsr/quotes

Meditations is probably his most famous work. I think it's a collection of various works of his throughout his life.