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u/Streetmix · 2 pointsr/rage

Dozois's Year's Best Sience Fiction is a good compilation of short fictions. This year's was especially great. I like my science fiction idea-based, exploring concepts and hypotheticals, and I thing the short-story format really lends itself to that.
Rudy Rucker keeps publishing great novels.
By other authors, Nod and 2312 were both very worth my time. Intrusion was excellent, The Dog Stars was excellent, there is just a lot of good books published if you look around for them.

u/ProcrastinHater · 7 pointsr/rage

Here it is on Amazon too, with reviews. Generally liked for the price. Couldn't find any youtube reviews or anything, but I can personally attest that it records very solid sound (better than my gopro hero2 did) and the video is plenty good. I'm not shooting action shots (I'd use my gopro for that), but it's more than enough for dash cam footage.

u/fna4 · 3 pointsr/rage

This refers to rule under Leopold well before the time this picture was taken, but it's a great read.

u/wwwhistler · 1 pointr/rage

there is a new book talking about that very subject i have not yet read it but i intend to. i have heard the author speak on the book and it seems like a good read.

u/FoxyKG · 2 pointsr/rage

I feel that you will enjoy this.

u/MWozz · 11 pointsr/rage

The big book of boy stuff, one of my favorite books as a child

u/Smacky_Da_Frog · 5 pointsr/rage

I bet it was this:

The publishing date is 2006 instead of 2007, but it sure fits the description above otherwise.

u/Dynax7 · 18 pointsr/rage

Justice was served.

Gamers went on a rampage on her amazon reviews and voted her book down to hell. In some way serving her a piece of her own medicine: "I haven't read her book, but it sucks".

She later apologized.

u/xphateslater · -5 pointsr/rage

Amazon Link

Lets change that 4.5/5 rating...

u/IWannaFuckEllenPage · 9 pointsr/rage

Here's the rest of the reviews if you want to rage some more:

Keep in mind that there are more 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews, despite the fact that a lot of the 5-star reviews are under Amazon Verified Purchase (which means they've actually bought and read the book, while the same seems to be absent with the 1-star reviews. I wonder why?

And sorry for the massive amounts of jpeg, but it's a 1400x5750 image.

u/DorkQueenofAll · 6 pointsr/rage

If anyone wants to learn more about this topic, there is a book called King Leopold's Ghost. It has a very well-researched and heartbreaking view on the crimes committed.

u/ladieslovetheflow · 1 pointr/rage

I have this one, but with the mount from this one (the one that you responded to). It has the ball joint mount, not that two arm mount that is shown in the ad.

Here is a clip from today, which I've nicely cut off before the expletives in response to the driver's actions. It's a bit grainier and darker after putting it on YouTube than the .avi file is on VLC on my computer (which I used to cut the clip out, not sure of any quality loss there since it's the first time I've used VLC for that)

u/SolidSaiyanGodSSnake · 3 pointsr/rage

It essentially comes from the vagueness of many laws (therefore open to interpretation). Stuff like unintentionally walking onto federally controlled land, conflicts between state and federal laws, wire fraud by lying or exaggerating about something on the phone, and yeah lots of copyright bullshit. If you are interested you can read this book:

u/bobbeabushea · 5 pointsr/rage

David Benetar wrote a book called:
Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence

  1. it is wrong to bring someone into the world if that is going to cause that person too much pain.
    e.g. If you are sure that person is going to have AIDS or live in extreme poverty, so that she will suffer an immensely excruciating pain.

    He, then, argues that:

  2. All lives, even the best ones are very bad. So you know, for sure, that by bringing someone to life, that person is going to suffer so much pain. Far more than pleasure.

  3. Therefore, it is wrong to procreate.

    Further conclusions:

    In this line of thought, abortion, for instance, in the early stages of pregnancy is not only right, but morally mandatory. In addition, he establishes a very important difference between "lives worth continuing" and "lives worth starting", arguing that we are not morally obliged to kill ourselves. Absolutely not. But since by bringing someone into life I will expose this person to serious harm, it is best not to bring anyone into life.
u/padsboltssaints15 · 1 pointr/rage

It's anti-choice only because we don't give people the choice to murder an innocent human being. Anti-choice is a negative-sounding name that people like to stick onto the pro-lifers to make us seem like bad guys who don't give a crap about freedom for women. But that's not the case at all. Federal law prevents murder, right? If you kill someone, you go to jail for life and probably get the death penalty. But there's no one out there protesting that law saying "It should be our choice if we want to kill people!" Why? Because anyone with at least a single-digit IQ knows that murder is wrong and should be against the law. Pro-lifers believe that abortion is murder, period. The discussion should stop there. So yes, you could say that pro-life is anti-choice; it takes away the freedom of someone to murder an innocent human being.

Also, I don't want to start some silly internet fight, but I'm slightly offended by you telling me to "open my eyes about the pro-life agenda." I assure you I know all the facts and have heard every argument. How? By reading this book. This is the most complete, easy-to-understand and compelling collection of pro-life answers out there. I'm sorry if I sound preachy or anything, but anyone who really has an open mind about the abortion issue should give this book a read.

u/CoruscantSunset · 5 pointsr/rage

Obviously these girls are assholes who should be kicked in the teeth, but this is a pet peeve of mine. Not every person who kills an animal and doesn't care is a potential serial killer.

Some people are just assholes who don't think that animals have any value.

I mean, Hitler was a vegetarian (according to The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich), an antivivisectionist and (according to the same book linked above) around the time that Hitler joined the German Worker's Party he was so concerned about the hunger of mice he used to leave bread on the floor of his room for them at night.

One man's concern for the welfare of animals didn't translate into a concern for human beings. Another person's cruelty to animals doesn't mean they'll be cruel to people.

u/W_O_M_B_A_T · 1 pointr/rage

> but American "justice" confuses and terrifies me regularly.

American Criminal Law is basically about domination, conquest, ostracism, and systemic alienation by the "Master Race" just like almost all of our nation's history. At least the official history which tends to condone such behavior if not lionize it. "after all just look, the master race is still in charge and we still don't have to play by the rules." We've never had a "Magna Carta" moment in our history. The master race being rich white male landowning Europeans. If you weren't at least four of those, Americans don't care about your history if not outright hating and fearing you.

Read for example "Slavery by Another Name." by Douglas A. Blackmon (bit of an appropriate name) or "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander.

It's systematic abusive behavior written into the laws. It's basically the same kind of stuff that abusers do to their kids. The only reason why we're not a third world country like, say the Phillipines, is that we were the only major country not destroyed by both world wars, so all the scientists and technicians in europe moved over here in the early 20th century.

So, imagine an impoverished alcoholic who abuses his wife and kids, living in one of europes many slums in the 18th's century. Image he gets dissillusioned by his lack of any kind of career sucess (because he's an abusive drunk sociopath) Now, Imagine he decides to ship it over the pond to seek his fortune (partially because his wife and family all hate him.

These are America's founding fathers. Abusive nasty classless wife beating fucks. Seriously. These are the people who wrote out earliest legal system.

We're sentimental about our roots in Europe despite the fact that everyone hated our ancestors often for good reasons over there. We think this makes us awesome that we were willing to take this grand misadventure, when we didn't actually have a choice.

It wouldn't have happened if the actual americans hadn't been devastated by several pandemics introduced a century before.