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u/USAFWRX · 10 pointsr/rally

I haven't built a lego set in years, so it was quite satisfying and nostalgic to click this little guy together. Legos have certainly seemed to evolve since I'd last built with them, this set contains a lot of curved and angled pieces which really help to accent the aero features of the real Fiesta. This will definitely make a nice desk ornament. My girlfriend called me a dork but I really don't care!

Edit: realised I did the front wrong. Fixed it now

Edit again: heres the link since a few people have asked

LEGO 75885 Speed Champions Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC

u/FridayInc · 5 pointsr/rally

This is an afterglow 360 controller, it's a wired USB replica of a standard Microsoft 360 controller that works automatically on any windows PC. It is $27 and will make you infinitely better than using your keyboard.

u/Crabbity · 1 pointr/rally

Check these out:

Thats what i used to remove my sound deadening tar bullshit.

Stick it in a drill, get a heat gun, warm up the sheets of ungodly bullshit and scrape away. Takes about 15mins per sqft.