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u/PersonalFreedoms · 6 pointsr/researchchemicals

Most Sincere Warnings:

  • Start with threshold doses and wait two or three hours before redosing, nasal bioavailability can be much higher than oral.

  • Nasal administration is absurdly tantalizing when it comes to redoses, to the point you can swear you will only dose X ammount and end up using up your whole bottle in a binge. Be VERY weary of this strong desire.

  • Because of the latter it is absolutely recommended you start with oral dosages so you can better assess the effects in a less compulsive fashion. This way you can research a single day and easily cut off usage for a week or two before the next session. Nasal administration tends to call for more escalation and it can leak into the next day.

  • Please, for the love of Thor, DO NOT MIX FENTS WITH U4, there have already been several lethal and non-lethal Over Doses. This is seriously, utterly, real.

    The Skinny:

  • Caustic substances are horrible when administered on mucous tissue, so a solution is called for. Isotonic saline solution is good enough, cheap, and sterile.

  • Glycerin (Pharmaceutical Grade, UPS Grade, or Pure Grade) is available in most pharmacies as well, it is an amazing substance.
    >Glycerine may be used on every part of the epidermis, including mucous membranes. When diluted to a concentration below 50%, it acts as an emollient and demulcent, finding important applications in ointments and lotions. Preparations for the most sensitive areas of the body-antiseptic, vaginal, nasal, analgesic, dermatological, and burn ointments and jellies-are commonly made of watersoluble bases compounded with glycerine. Glycerine, too, is one of the most widely used ingredients in medical prescriptions. Only water may exceed glycerine in its range of applications.

  • If you use 50% Saline Solution and 45% Glycerin, then you can finally add 5% of Menthol and/or Eucalyptus natural oils or essences (even if they contain some alcohol, the proportion will be too low to be irritant, and the glycerin will protect the mucous from drying up with it). The natural oils give the solution a pleasant smell that can cover some foul odors/taste (U4), and also have healing properties on their own.

    Using this information you can then calculate the concentration per dose, in accordance with your delivery system.

    The standard pharma quality nasal spray bottle (e.g. 1 and 2) can hold 25ml approximately (to the beginning of the neck) but are usually commercially sold with 15ml in them. They can hold 20ml with no problems at all.

    These bottles are almost universally designed to administer .1ml per push, which gives you 10 sprays per ml.
    You will have to make sure how many sprays your own particular bottle delivers by doing trials before adding the active ingredient.

    So usually 20ml will hold 200 sprays or "pushes".

    The standard RC Market U-47700 spray carries 3mg/spray = 3mg/push = 3mg/.1ml. That is 300mg:10ml or 600mg:20ml.


    3mg is a threshold dose of U4, so one spray will deliver threshold effects, 2 sprays will deliver common effects, and 3-4 sprays will deliver strong effects.

    Personally I made my first U4 Spray Bottle @ 2mg per spray, so I could be even safer to begin with. I would spray 4 times (8mg) for a full strong dose without tolerance.

    Because after having redosed a couple of times spraying your nosetrils 4 or 6 times leaves you with too much drip and sniffing like you have a cold, I decided to make my next spray @4mg/spray, this way I only need one or two sprays.

    I recommend you to start with a lower concentration.


    You MUST calibrate your nasal spray bottle.

    First, if you will buy an over the counter spray bottle, ensure it is the pharmaceutical grade one.

    Pharmaceutical grade sprays have finger "handles" used to pull the delivery mechanism down with your Index and Middle finger, while you hold the bottom of the bottle with your Thumb.

    Read the instructions of your Over The Counter nasal sprays and look for said instructions, it they mention pulling with your Index and Middle finger while holding the bottom with the Thumb, then it is the bottle you want.

    If the instructions only tell you to push the bottle as needed, then it is not pharmaceutical grade. Usually the "push the belly of the bottle" sprays are meant to deliver solutions without active ingredients. When dealing with any sort of active drug the bottles call for specific pushes per hour and need consistency, they have an obviously more sophisticated mechanism:

    Vulgar Nasal Spray Bottle vs Pharmaceutical Grade Nasal Spray Bottle

    Once you have your Pharma Grade Nasal Spray Bottle, make the solution with the ratios I recommended above, but do not put the drugs in it yet!.

    Say you will make 20ml at your desired concentration

    Using proper measuring equipment (in reality you need at least a cough syrup measuring cup with graduation in milliliters) measure 10ml of Saline Solution, mix it with 8ml of Glycerine, and 2ml of Menthol/Eucalyptus Solution, mix well.

    You will end with 20ml of solution, pour it into the nasal spray.

    Prime the Spraying mechanism (prime means to push it until it shots a full spray) and then count how many full sprays you get out of it.

    Bear in mind you will have to hold it vertically to get the very last drops out of the bottle (it helps figuring out to which side of the bottom is bent the straw of the nozzle).

    You should get 198-202 sprays out of 20ml.

    If you do get .1ml per spray, you are set.


    Make a new batch of 20ml of the mixture of liquids, and then add the drug.

    At this point you should be using a simple kitchen beaker at least.

    Pour the liquid mixture into the glass beaker, and add the powdered drug.

    I have successfully dissolved 888mg of U4 into 22ml of the liquid mixture.

    About 60% of the powder "melts" into the solution immediately, but there are chunks of powder that will stubbornly stay solid.

    Do not shake too vigorously because chunks of powder will stick to the walls of the beaker.

    Instead heat a big mug of water in the Microwave for 45 seconds, and dip the beaker into the warm/hot water for 30 seconds, then take it out and swirl it slowly for 30 seconds.

    Repeat dipping the beaker into warm/hot water and slowly swirling the mixture until all the powder dissolves into the solution.







u/ResidualLimbs_ · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Yeah just look into the solution and make sure it's clear.

Also make sure you're measuring your weight of substance and how much solution you're gonna use. I recommend the AWS Gemini scale. It's not accurate at super low ranges (hence the need for volumetric solutions), so you weigh out how much you're gonna use before hand. I like to weigh the bag before (full) and after (making solution) to compare how accurate the measurement was (obviously both could be off but they're usually within +/- 5mg which isn't much at this scale. (no pun intended lol).

A cardstock type paper is really good for weighing the powder with a crease down the middle, or what I use: cheap chinese wax weigh papers because the powder doesnt stick to them at all, and they're cheap and disposable. pour the powder into the vial (don't spill!) (here's a list of a bunch of bottles, it's hard to find what you exactly need and they usually come in big packs). My bottles actually came with a little aluminum funnel which doesn't work too good cuz the powder gets stuck to it, so I just kinda crease the paper and pour it into the vial opening very slowly being sure not to spill. Do it over a piece of paper or something if y ou're worried about spilling, since you've already measured it you can just take that paper and pour the "spilled" product into the botttle.

I don't have the full set of these but one of these like this with one scoop end and one flat end is really useful for the flat end to get into corners of baggies and whatnot, so I'd recommend something like this as a a scoop:

My vials are 60ml but I like to have extra space to shake the solution (important) so I only put 50ml at once to leave room for shaking. So say for 10mg/ml of etiz I would do 500mg etiz + 50ml PG. (1ml = 10mg, personal preference). If I was doing flualp I would do 100mg flualp 50ml PG. (personal preference of 2mg/ml since I usually dose between 0.6mg (0.3ml) and like 1.8mg (0.9ml).

To measure the PG you're gonna either need a graduated cylinder or, what I use which is probably slightly less accurate but there of course is a small margin for error as long as you know about the concentration, I use a 10ml syringe to fill the vial. 5 10ml pumps = 50ml.

For dosing lots of people will tell you to count the drops and that "there are 20 drops in 1ml no matter what" which is completely untrue, the only way to know exactly how much you're taking is using oral syringes. They're super cheapa if you can stand to wait a month from china, but you get like 20 (which is kinda required because after a while the lines start to fade on them. each tick is a 0.1ml so a full syringe is 1ml so if you have a 10mg/ml solution a full syringe is 10mg of etizolam, so if you only need 2mg or something it cuts down on the amount of PG you have to ingest. Lots of sites that sell premade solutions overcharge insanely for how little work it is to make yourself, and on top of that give you weak ass solutions like 2mg/ml (of etiz) or 4mg/ml (not even divisible by 10 so it gets confusing trying to dose that!) which make you intake way more PG than necessary. (It is food safe but it's pretty gross and some people can have adverse reactions).


There's lots of threads out there about this too if you need a full on step by step guide just google "etizolam solution" (most common one, it's the same for every substance, you just might want different concentrations for different strengths of drug). I tend to try and make my solutions as potent as possible so I don't have to eat an unnecessary amount of PG, or spend as much time making solutions!

Good luck and sorry for being judgemental earlier, glad you're at least willing to learn and I'm sure your friend was okay, just blew my mind knowing how I reacted to .250mg of flualp with no tolerance, lol.

Also you caught me on a pretty stimmy day so enjoy the fully cited guide, I don't think I missed anything. I don't necessarily use or endorse any of the specific products I linked just used them as examples of things you'd need; except the AWS Gemini 20, which is a must if you're weighing powders.

Sorry for the stim rant but I hope I helped out. Edited to add 1ml syringe dosing information.

u/LSD145 · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

For the spray you just need an empty bottle. This is the exact pack of bottles I got. They're really good, and it's only like 8 bucks for a 3 pack. The same company sells an amber glass version if you want that instead.

For saline you can do a few things, I had some left over from a medical use I had in the past. I also made some of my own after that that works really well. You could probably find some and buy it if you want, but I recommend making your own. Here's how:

Use distilled water (you can use tap water but make sure to boil it and let it cool before using it). Also use non iodized salt: sea salt, kosher, or table salt, it's all the same as long as it's not iodized because that'll dry your nose from what I read. Once you've got those 2 things, add a cup of water and a 1/4 teaspoon of the salt and a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (adjust amounts if you want, this will give you a lot left over). I don't know the purpose of the baking soda but every guide I saw said to use it. Once you got that, then you can make the solution, with either a syringe or beaker to measure the saline accurately and a scale to measure the 4f-mph accurately.

I tried to provide as much info as I could so you don't have to search around. Let me know if you need anything else, I'll do my best. Good luck! This is a great chem and using the nasal spray is my favorite by far.

u/uterusdweller · 5 pointsr/researchchemicals
  1. 2-fdck should be fairly safe to eyeball.
  2. You don't need to spend a ton to get a pretty damn good scale that will last you a long time. The Gemini-20 is the most recommended scale. I have it myself and it's quite good. Everything you would need for $28 from amazon. Free shipping and comes in like a day (see below). If you want to get into RC dissos (or RC anything for that matter), you're definitely going to need a good scale. I promise you you will not regret it.
u/psychoamine · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

You can get a good scale for about 20 dollars. Make sure to have you scale on a level surface(you can buy one of those levels with the bubble in it for like 3 dollars) and make sure to calibrate your scale before every use. Also keep your scale clean and make sure you keep it somewhere where it won't be dropped or anything.

Here's a good scale

Here's a cheap reliable level

Here's a nice little scooping tool for your powders

Stay safe my friend!

u/King_Kratom · 6 pointsr/researchchemicals

Bought these sprayers:

Bought Benzyl Alcohol:

Used the proportions of benzyl alcohol/distilled water in this post to make 15ml solution:

The nasal sprayer sprays ~0.1ml per spray. I worked the math out so i'm getting 800mcg per spray, but i'd guess more like 750mcg.

And a note - Benzyl alcohol is synthesized using sodium hydroxide - at least the more expensive Benzyl alcohol is. And that's safe. But cheaper Benzyl alcohol is synthesized using formaldehyde, so at the end of the day I would go for a saline based nasal spray instead of benzyl alcohol-based, because you never know how the Benzyl alcohol you purchase was synthesized. Though, if you're kind of reckless like me, you can just use BA because it's been found that low dose formaldehyde doesn't really have much negative effect on animals. You can find recipes/ratios for a saline solution. The goal of having a sodium or Benzyl Alcohol is to keep away microbes.

Good luck, I hope it helps you :)

For all you inquiring minds in the future, I don't want any broken links for you, so here they are in order of their presence in my post:

Nasal sprayer wayback link:

Benzyl alcohol wayback link (just so you know what's what):

Bluelight nasal spray recipe wayback link: WB isn't playing nice, so here's a pastebin of the OP:

Looks like they are referral links, but they're not mine. Must have got a referral bug or something from a stray cookie. Sorry! edit: nvm, i was being lazy. fixed the ref links so they're not ref links. At least the original links I fixed, too lazy to rearchive using wayback, sorry lol

u/N-Methylamphetamine · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Nah, I dont trust it. I can vouch for the gemini, but the other 2 scales i have bought on amazon similar to that one were pretty shitty comparitively speaking.

Only 3 dollars more. I realize you tryna save money but it will be worth it in the end, safety is more important than a few dollars

By the way, here is a link for some cheap PG that I use for volumetric dosing, if you need help making a solution fo volumetric dosing i can tell you how

u/Chrysophyta · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I would suggest using the following nasal sprayers:

They are convenient and work well in the context of a research lab.

U-4 is generally caustic and will damage mucous membranes if applied directly as a dry powder, tantamount to animal cruelty. A 0.9% wt NaCl solution is suggested for dissolving the U-4. Solubility will be roughly 20 mg U-4 per gm of Saline solution used. I would suggest aiming for 15 mg U-4/mL however, to prevent precipitation of the compound at colder temps and to prevent clogging the sprayer. The aforementioned nasal sprayers deliver approximately 0.1gm of solution per spray, equating to approximately 2 mg per spray for a 20mg/gm saturated solution.

The best salt for making up the saline solution is Morton's non-iodized salt, finely granulated and free flowing. Make sure to keep the salt stored in a dry place to prevent clumping via moisture absorption. I suggest doing everything gravimetrically instead of volumetrically, due to ease of use and higher accuracies obtainable. Use a mg scale to weigh the U4, and operate in the higher ranges of it's scale (for instance, weigh out 100-400 mg of U4 at a time and make 5-20 gm of solution at a time or more, at 20 mg/gm saturation). Use a common 200 gm capacity 0.1 gm resolution scale for weighing out the liquid solution. Each spray, at 20 mg/gm solution, will deliver 2 mg of U-4. Always test it out with 1 spray at first, you don't want to kill off your animals because someone sent you the wrong thing. Make sure to wait at least 2 hours after the first test before continuing. When using the saline solution, it shouldn't damage mucous membranes, even after weeks of testing. All of this information is for the hydrochloride salt.

I also suggest using amber glass bottles to store, to both prevent bacterial growth and promote compound stability. If you see stringy substances in the solution after a while, throw it out. Bacterial lung infections are not worth the cost. I also advise against using propylene glycol as a co-solvent for the same reason, to prevent bacterial growth. PG is a sugar, and bacterial will grow on it. Ethanol (190 proof in the US) is a good solvent, but is very harsh on mucous membranes. Store unused compound for up to two weeks in the fridge. If you need to store it for longer, loosen the cap on the bottle and freeze it. Re-tighten the cap after freezing. When you are ready to use, loosen the cap, and let the bottle thaw at room temp, and make sure the substance fully redissolves.

I would also suggest against using heat to get it into solution, as it will just eventually precipitate, and you will damage your equipment. If you want to fix the nasal sprayer, run straight D/I water through it until the clog resolves. Do not do testing on a daily basis, eventually life will lose meaning for your animals.

u/bakageta · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

A .01g scale isn't appropriate for measuring out 10mg, even if you had one. Drop the $25 on a Gemini 20. It's not great at weighing under 15mg, but if you don't tare the tray it's not bad either. A milligram scale is basically a must-have for working with these amount.

Volumetric measuring in general is great, but I don't know the solubility of that chem or how well it holds up in solution. Without knowing if it degrades in various solutions, I'd not mix up a huge solution and only mix up what you expect to need short-term. Weigh out the amount for solution, mix at whatever ratio is convenient and measure by mL like you mentioned.

u/filarea · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

This is the same RoA I've been using for hex to save my nose.


  1. First thing you need is saline solution (saline solution with aloe works wonders, buy it at Walgreens)

  2. Second thing you need are these to hold the solution Snoot! sprayers

  3. Pour 15 ml saline with aloe in one of the Snoot! Nasal sprayers.

  4. Measure out 2000mg or 2g of hexen powder and pour it into the sprayerwith the 15ml saline/aloe solution. This will create a 100mg/ml solution out of 20ml solvent,

  5. Hot bath the mixture till the hexen full dissolves with the saline.

    And you're finished! Each metered Snoot! spray constitutes to 0.1ml or 10mg of hexen.
u/314159Eating · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I find this to be the best in the price range. I find it far nicer than the gemini 20, the build quality is great, the accessaries are ok, the carrying case is nice.
I have owned 2 other mg scales, a gemini 20, and a cheaper smart weigh, both were ok, but this one is very nice, especially if you can get it on sale.

u/justinherass99 · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

> Has anyone used those small, timed lockboxes to supplement self-control with any success?

YES. This shit is fucking amazing:


    Honestly, this should be part of harm-reduction 101. IMO, it's as important as having a milligram scale when dealing with potent addictive substances.

    It's not perfect, but it helps so much. It's saved me countless times from redosing addictive benzos and stimulants. I've got my entire stash locked up right now... (8 hours remaining).

    At first you get pissed off, "why the FUCK did I lock it for so long?", then the next day you're like, "thank god I didn't keep redosing".

    You get used to it. Just make a habit of always locking it up after dosing, even if you think you don't need to.

    I was thinking about making a detailed post about my experiences using one of these things. I might do it later. Anyways, I highly recommended these boxes.

    Edit: One hexen-specific tip is to weigh out your dose, lock it up, and THEN take your dose. Because it's a lot harder get yourself to lock that shit up after you're high and immediately fiending for more. Or if you do plan on redosing, lock it for 90 minutes or whatever your desired redose interval is.
u/xenodius · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I appreciate both of those RC's but have never volumetrically dosed them. While your storage conditions sound good I know nothing of their solubility or stability in solution.

I know this isn't what you asked, but you can get a GEMINI-20 that's accurate enough to weigh out doses for both of these chems for about as much as a bottle of everclear.

If you try 5-meo-mipt in PG though, let me know-- it can be smoked and as an innately erogenous and tactile chemical, instantaneous peaking is a useful thing.

u/throw_me_far_awayyy · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

Your dosing is correct, same as I have.

I ordered these syringes from Amazon that are 1ml and can measure up to .01ml accurately. I take around .03ml to a little over .05ml at a time and can dose that quite accurately, and my personal results agree, a very mellow, not drunken dazey sort of high at this dosage.

Once I started this ratio I'll never go back, won't have to ever buy PG again haha. Maybe go down to 1mg/7.5ml or so just to give a bit more wiggle room with dosage but the syringes are very nice and sturdy, don't fluctuate the oral syringes I'd used before, and it comes with 10 if you need extras! Pick em up and you're good to go my man.

u/hawkeye_sutherland · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Just ordered these (and a bunch of other shit, thank you Amazon Prime) to make my own sprays. Snoot brand is pretty good as far as I know, they've got other sizes/types there too if that doesn't work for you.

I dunno about U4 but with fentalogues if they're hcl form you can just use water, maybe saline too (I'm new to making my own sprays so I'm not sure if saline is necessary or not) and as far as I know, you don't use PG for spray solutions, only droppers, etc. That's why you're not getting a mist, PG is too thick, and I've never heard of it being used for spray.

I plan to just use distilled water to make fu-f solutions. As long as it dissolves properly (dipping the beaker in hot water to get rid of chunks) and mix it together well enough I believe that's all that's needed. Try reading around and finding out more, that's what I've been doing.

Safe researching,


u/alphac16 · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Yes. On amazon they sell nasal spray pumps in sets.
You take a shotglass and empty all of your u-47700 into it. Then fill your empty nasal spray bottle with distilled water and then slowly mix into the shotglass and use a tooth pick to stir and stir until all is dissolved. Then add a sprinkle of salt, like 2-3 shakes depending on salt shaker size. Then pour WITH CARE into the spray bottle and enjoy

u/YourOriginalFace · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I've enjoyed using this "Smart Weigh Premium High Precision Digital Milligram Scale with Case, Tweezers, Calibration Weights and Three Weighing Pans, 50 x 0.001g" for about a year now. Drifted at first but with fresh batteries it's all good. Was $45 but it's currently unavailable from Amazon.

u/GReggzz732 · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

You definitely can order them online, they're super cheap, like, less than a dollar. If that's out of the question, you can usually get one at a pharmacy or super market, either on their own or with children's couch syrup. However, these are pretty thick and and it would be more uncomfortable to use.
I suppose you could repurpouse a nasal spray bottle, or even an empty eye drop bottle.
Other than that, you can put it in a gel cap (either buy these on their own, or empty out a supplement that's already housed in it) and fill with the appropriate dose, then with a little elbow grease and butthole grease (probably a rubber glove too), stick it in there. I've done the gel cap method before with MDMA. This is the type of oral syringe you want.

u/kebab_effect · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

- Don't judge a drug by the last 4 letters of its name

- Don't think that just because a drug shares the last 4 letters of its name with another that they both require the exact same dose

- Don't sniff benzo's, that is extremely wasteful. Oral is really the only viable route

- Buy yourself some 0.001g scales. I found these to be the best -

- Benzo's on their own will not cause you to stop breathing unless you combine them with another CNS depressant

- You say you could snort the 200mg in one line; why would you? What could possibly motivate you to take your entire order in a single dose without having the slightest clue about it?

- Volumetric dosing is definitely something you should look into for chemicals that require a dose lower than, say, 15mg (and that's only if you have a 0.001g scale)

- Buck your ideas up. If that was an opiate instead of a benzo you would have died. Don't treat extremely potent research chemicals like a bag of mixed sweets that you can just pop your hand into and eat out off without a second thought.

u/idontreadinbox · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I just boght this scale:

But what is "PG", and why do I need it and the graduated cylinder, if I have the mg scale?

I appreciate your breakdown of info - helping a noob stay safe :)

u/NowhereDefined · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

One thing you can do is never measure anything below 50mg, use a tray or measuring paper and instead of tarring just write down the weight, then add what you need. For example if your tray is 75mg and you want to measure our 30mg then you add to a total of 105mg.

I've got this one which has a varience of about 2mg. It costs a little more than a gemini20 but I recommend it to all my friends.

u/MarsHuntress · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

He's never gonna hear the end of this!

Okay, here's my answer. I go the oral route. I make a solution using propylene glycol (aka "PG").

My recipe for 4-ACO-DMT: .5g powder --> 4ml PG, combined in a small amber dropper bottle. Shake well until totally smooth. In my experience, 8 drops is a good starter dose. I just put the drops into a beverage and down it.

Obviously, you need a scale. You can get a decent one for under $20. One that is highly recommended the Gemini-20.

u/hexachoron · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

The Gemini-20 is a solid scale. Mine has lasted four years now and is still super accurate.

Pick up some weighing paper to go with it. Makes the whole process much easier.

u/Mrunclesam · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

This is exactly what i bought

Only thing is it comes in a clear bag, opposed to a nice box like insulin needles which is much more discreet.

u/A_Fistful_of_Butts · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

I'll paste in what I commented to something similar

"I have a nasal bottle of Hex-en sitting in my fridge right now!

Just remember to add a persevative like ethanol (everclear). It should be 20% of your solvent.

Edit: I suggest this sprayer. Delivers .2ml from amber glass.

Here's a formula I made for determining spray dose


s is mg per spray

d is drug(mg)

l is solvent(ml)"

Right now it's at 10mg per spray. Works great. Haven't used saline so I don't know it's saturation limit.

u/xsoccer92x · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Amazon. These are what I use and they function perfectly.

I keep em in this case

Might as well throw in some Silica Gel Packets

u/sesentaysiete · 0 pointsr/researchchemicals

The Gemini 20 is a great milligram scale and not expensive. You can get it for ~$23 at Amazon

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

You should also do volumetric dosing (im sure someone else will tell you how to do it), but check out this deal on a chemistry scale:

$65 bucks and you can weigh samples that are a couple mg. That model is a slight hassle to use. If you get a chemistry scale also get micro scoops and weight boats. Lastly you have to leave this model on for a few minutes to get a good measurement.

What most people here probably use (doesn't do well below 10mg, can't be used for less than 5mg) costs $40:

u/cyllaaa · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I would not use the PG you have gotten... you can get a quart (32oz) of food grade PG here for $13:

As far as longevity goes PG is going to last a good bit longer than Everclear or alcohol solutions.

u/hypnagoggle · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Please don't do this. Get some good weigh papers from Amazon. They work even better and are super cheap.

Maybe you don't use receipts for this often but there's no reason to subject your body to the chemicals that coat them any more than you have to.

u/Avratz · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals


You need to make sure it's food grade USP! This will suffice! :-)

u/newbieforever2016 · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Gemini scale>>

Kosher food grade usp pg solution

flualprazolam powder

Calibrated measuring cup

Oral syringes

and this

u/MyAccountForTrees · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

Duda Energy Syringepk001 Industrial Syringes with 18G x 1-1/2" Blunt Tip Fill Needle and Plastic Cover, 1 mL (Pack of 10)

u/kcasnar · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Is there an advantage to using amber glass over opaque plastic? I use these, from the same company.

u/deadhead148 · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

I just purchased the brifit miligram durable scale on Amazon. Received it a few days ag. does the trick has a cabration 20g weight and calibration feature. Think I paid $17.99 - 1 coupon. so $17. Seems legit and surable for travel. brifit mg scale on amazon.

u/ScientificSalsa · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

As LSD mentioned you can get food grade PG for cheap on Amazon such as here. Typically those vape shops will rip you off price-wise but it is the same stuff.

u/SYNTHetic-Galaxy · -2 pointsr/researchchemicals

I actually used a mg spoon scooper. To take baby steps after an allergy test. I used these.

u/WhiskeyDex420 · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

American Weigh Scales Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale, 20g x 0.001g

Is that it? I'll order right now. $53 CAD.

u/Ytse22 · 2 pointsr/researchchemicals

This is what I use

I don't think that breaks the sourcing rule.

u/derelict-ship · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

Gempro 250

because with +-1mg precision i dont need volumentric dosing for weighting sub-10mg dosages. with the cheap +-5mg scales this is impossible.

u/Rileyswims · 10 pointsr/researchchemicals

Get this and NEVER take an unknown amount of any substance. This is simple stuff, really. You need to do a lot more research about this stuff.

u/da1man · 1 pointr/researchchemicals

This is the PG I buy personally, never had an issue with it, not sure about any b&ms though that would sell it.

EDIT: You might be able to find PG at a drug store, I forget the exact purpose of it in medical use but if I remember correctly some drug stores will carry PG.

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That's my plan now.... So just to be sure, since in don't trust myself. If I buy 1g and use this formula "1/2 PG (5ml) and 1/2 bacteriostatic water (5ml) into which I dissolve 400mg u-4. That makes 4mg per spray"

(I'd still have to find a 10ml bottle that releases 0.1ml per spray) But if I use that as a guide, Would it stand to reason that using a 30ml bottle 1/2 PG (15ml) 1/2 bacteriostatic water (15ml) into which i dissolve 1g of U-4 would make roughly 3.33mg per spray?

btw no idea what you mean by "buy the scale from the side bar" I see nothing in the side bar. I was thinking this.

and this since it has to be 0.1ml spray.

I'm just checking the math because I suck at it. And even still it good to check numbers when your life is on the line.

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BUY THAT. Or at least suspend your drugs in liquid. For me finger dips turn into finishing a 100mg bag in one night. Also your etizolam should be a white powder with a sparkly appearance, almost as if it was made of plastic.

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Different batches can have different consistencies/densities. It would be irresponsible for anybody to tell you anything other than this - get a scale. If you can afford $20 of ethylphenidate, you can afford a milligram scale.

Edit: Okay, so you got 25 grams of Ethylphenidate, but not a scale. Good game.

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I said 10.000$. Not 10$.

And here you go

Iam not going too answer any of you shit again ahahaha ignorance is a bliss, I guess.

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Would this scale suffice?

Volumetric dosing would be ideal, but a bit problematic for various reasons.

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I bought these a while back. Silica Gel Desiccants 2-1/4 x 1 1/2 Inches - 25 Silica Gel Packets of 10 Grams Each by Dry-Packs

They are far too large, and I will never need all of them. They do, however, work really well. I use them to store lysergamides In the fridge. Amber black baggy with desiccant packs and another baggy storing the goods. After about four months, No noticeable loss in potency.

I've stored 1p-lsd in a drawer and had noticeable loss in potency.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

>Tinnitus may be associated with vitamin B12 deficiency.


On that note, supplements I say are a MUST for using stimulants:

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They make a $200 hefty steel safe version of this concept -- with straight dead bolts -- but I've considered this cheap child's kitchen-esque version for moorish things like a-PVP and U47700 -- but I know for a fact i'd find myself breaking the plastic over the floor

Plastic Kitchen Version:
Steel Addict Edition feat. Dead Bolts:

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By eyeballing "less than half" of your original ~100mg, which could be off by as much as another ~15-20 mg, you most likely gave yourself a heroic dose. When I was really into psychs I would use 15-25 mg and blast the fuck off.

Invest in 0.001 scale, if this were any of a wide range of nondescript powders (vendors do fuck up, the bromo-dragonfly fiasco is a good example) it could have killed you.

Please get a more accurate scale.

I'll just leave this here

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Here's my experiences:

  • Plugging is the best route of administration if you're persistently using. IV is a nice treat, but it does harden veins, and some batches will collapse your veins pretty quickly. The strength and smoothness (lack of side effects) of plugging makes it quite nice. The duration is similar to insufflation.
  • I've trade IMing, and it was not as bad as street heroin. Still wouldn't recommend it, but I IM'd it in my butt and my thigh to no great pain or damage.
  • Oral RoA is similar feel to plugging but slightly longer duration, and a fair amount less potent.
  • If you want to make your own nasal sprays see here. Spray in yo nose at work and say it's nasal steroids, you feel?
  • The withdrawals are intense but short-lived. You should be relatively good in 4 days of cold turkey. It's usually hard to keep food (and even liquids) down. You might need help from other substances like kratom or etizolam.
  • Compared to heroin, it is more of a mental high than physical, although it's quite good at pain killing. I enjoy the feel more than heroin, but I often use heroin to get me through a day at work with no withdrawals due to the short duration.
  • At my height, I was using 300mg in a single plugged dose. I'm also using heroin (couple times a week) regularly so that's making my tolerance higher too. Right now I'm around 150mg-200mg to get a good high but I'm usually doing 60-100mg just to taper down. I take about 4-5 doses a day if I'm actively using. The real killer is that with tolerance the duration decreases. It only lasts maybe 1 hour 20 minutes for me when my tolerance is high. Withdrawals start about 5-6 hours after last dose. 8-9 hours later and you start getting sick. Starts with achiness and nausea for me though.
  • My tolerance might've been slightly fucked (at 300mg) cause I did a few patches of fentanyl some weeks ago.
  • The white stuff is way less caustic, but is only about 3/4ths as potent as the off-white stuff. I would never IV the off-white stuff, and I'd avoid insufflating it too. Insufflating caused pretty bad nose irritation for me with the off-white stuff, and my nose is leather as fuck.
  • Heroin, kratom, etc. will help withdrawals if you want to taper, but some side effects do remain unless you get on really high doses. Sweating and nausea (choleric effects) seem to be the worst.
  • I have not noted any PAWS from withdrawaling after months of heavy usage, but my reward pathways are probably super fucked already from polysubstance abuse. So YMMV!!

    Sorry if my post is a little incoherent, about to nod out right now actually. Happy new years!!

    If anyone has additional questions, I don't mind answering them if I can. I find U-47700 to be great, as long as care is taken. It seems very hard to OD without mixing in other drugs. The only problem is the duration and tolerance fucking the duration even harder.