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u/restoruss · 2 pointsr/restoringdick

Thanks for sharing this. I've started doing this and the stretch is fantastic. I use the elastic tugger strap looped together with two rubber bands on it. I either attach that to my knee brace or this shoulder strap I found. Works great.

u/restoration-elz · 1 pointr/restoringdick

Yep, I experienced the same problems as well with the tape and wrapping so I experimented with all different soft and hard materials thinking that soft materials would be more comfortable as I would sometimes get pinches etc. But I think the pinching actually comes from the movement in the soft material creating mini creases in the skin which then pinches over time. Also before taping at the start, I would make sure to unroll any creases in the skin but would still get pinches until I custom moulded my own size and shape ring.

Edit: Yes there are all different brands but the link you posted is exactly the tub I bought haha.

u/Vincent778 · 3 pointsr/restoringdick

Thanks dude!

Yes, the bulb can be a bit heavy. I had good luck with this socket:

It has a clip and it can be used to sort of prop the bulb up. Just have to take the big shade off.

Also, I’ve taken the clip off and just propped its back end up on a pillow.

u/LastStr8YtMale · 1 pointr/restoringdick
This is the website of the guy who makes the DTR. I strongly recommend adding on the 'direct air' package if you are going to order a DTR.
And ordering some check valves like these ( to make using the direct air method even easier for you.

u/islandGUY__ · 1 pointr/restoringdick


The Red Light:
HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm LED...

The light Stand I Use:
LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp,...

The red light bulb is heavy so I have to work with the lamp angles but is really great.

u/atatsu · 1 pointr/restoringdick

I would recommend you find thicker o-rings. I first started with black ones similar to that and they're thin enough that they can cut into your skin which doesn't feel all that good.

Someone else here at some point linked these:

Which I purchased and they are at least twice as thick as those black ones (and also seem to be the same ones that DTR Chuck sells on his site) and IMO they work much better.

(and yes they make your dick look small)

u/MJRocket · 1 pointr/restoringdick

I've found that something around 13/16 works best. Here's a link from Amazon:

211 Silicone O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Red, 13/16" ID, 1-1/16" OD, 1/8" Width (Pack of 25)

u/pudtittles · 1 pointr/restoringdick

That's bad ass, thanks for the tip. A lot cleaner then what I've been doing. I've been using the roll from an ace bandage cut to length and wrapping it in tape. It does the job, but it can bend and warp, so it's annoying.

Edit: Are there varieties? Easy enough to buy just by googling? This Stuff?

u/Evolvingson · 3 pointsr/restoringdick

Hello Guys, I wanted to share a technique I use to retain. Mostly I do this on days when the skin needs rest. The weight of the ball provided a littel pull. And dam it feels good.


here's the link to where i bough them

u/Picker-Rick · 4 pointsr/restoringdick

I tried the thinner orings and different materials but most of the time I was actually using them as a rubber band and the stretch was holding them in place. That extra tension was cutting off circulation and caused it to hurt after a couple hours or stretch and fall off entirely.

These new ones are thick and don't stretch hardly at all which makes it hard to put on but here is hardly any tension but they are staying put.

As a bonus I found that you can twist them into a figure 8 shape, and then insert it to act as a keeper.