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u/Arthurlurk1 · 221 pointsr/rickandmorty

Okay so I'm going to make a mass post of this whole thing based of what I've gathered on the internet.
So obviously there's a giant wienermobile inspired rick driving around, notice the awesome vanity plates and Mr. meeseeks Airdancers coming out of a meeseeks box.

Before we get to the merchandise I'd like to note that the stores will be open for around 2-4 hours depending on your location so check ahead online for your stores hours and be sure to get there around 3 hours early if you want to get everything you want as people mentioned the store has eventually sold out of product.

I'm not sure if this limited to 100 pin was specially made for this occasion or if they will be available at each stop.

Also not sure if these stickerswere given out or given with each purchase but they were also selling shirts of the same design you can buy online for $20

And now for the list:

poster* $10 (some people that were still in line once they closed up got one for free)

Funko plush $8 ($6 less than retail)

squanchy grow figure* $8 (homage to season 2 finale)

Funko pop figure $10 (equivalent to discounted retail price)

Rickmobile toy car(photos needed) $15

Meeseeks desktop whipper
(photos needed) $20

Aluminum retro spaceship(photos needed) $40

Meeseeks box o fun game $30

Monopoly $40 (better deal on amazon here)

sock pack $10 (~$2 less than discounted retail price)

Iron on patch set
(photos needed) $12

T-shirt* $20

Hoodie* $30

snapback hat* $20

backpack* $35

poopybutthole towel* $20

meeseeks ceramic jar set $30 (save on shipping at the rickmobile otherwise purchase here)

gwendolyn pool float* $40

*Rickmobile exclusive

And some photos of the merch setup

Edit: pretty impressed with myself that I got every item that was available, sorry to the stops who does have every piece of merch yet, more info and missing images on this photo list

Okay so if you can't make it to any of the stops and must resort to eBay, expect many people to go only to resell on there so don't pay crazy prices at first because the prices will always eventually drop. I would say don't pay more than double but I know what it's like to be really desperate for something.

Please help find More photos to help update this post.

Edit: I got autocorrected from more to Moreno and no one said anything

This is the shit I'm talking about. Don't pay these prices. The prices will get better as the rickmobile makes more stops.

u/Cyno01 · 4 pointsr/rickandmorty

Yeah, the various comic books subreddits have some great beginner reading guides, check their sidebars, most of them centered around a specific hero or something. As for procuring them, your local library probably has trade paperback editions, which are usually like 10 issues that form one contained story, might be worth it just to stop and browse. But also comic piracy is easy and widespread, i recommend ComicRack for a CBR reader, but Marvel Unlimited is pretty worth it, and DCs upcoming service might be too.

Most of the big crossover events arent that great, you have different writers writing the same characters at the same time and it winds up being a big mess, but some of the smaller crossover events that are more self contained are ok. Like this is a great Batman arc. Sounds like a lot, but comics are only like 25 pages each. DC does have a lot more self contained books, like you dont need much Batman knowledge to pick up The Killing Joke or Year One or something.

Given whats hot right now, i wouldnt necessarily recommend the original Infinity saga, but if you really want to jump in with both feet, this is a lot of fun.

Thats the origin of the modern movie Guardians of the Galaxy for example so theres some familiar faces, but its got all this fun stuff with the Negative Zone and the Cancer-verse, and also Thanos and Galactus and...

Also theres Rick and Morty comics.

u/bs-scientist · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4

If you’re doing some browsing online you’ll see that you can also buy individual comics, or volumes which are half the comics in a season in one book. The cheapest per comic is to buy the full book which is what I have linked above.

If you’re a fan of the show, I definitely recommend the comics. They are a good length, stand alone, and are different stories from the show. There’s a Jerry and Doofus rick one, a ball fondlers one, etc.
That and the full books are VERY well made, I’m honestly impressed. And they include a section that has the cover art for all the individual comics and the volumes so you can see that art to.

u/mm_sacrilicious · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Just came in from Amazon, it's pretty decent quality. It has the first 10 volumes of the comic, 40 pages of (honestly amazing) cover art and that neat-o sound chip that'll definitely not turn on while I'm sleeping!


u/akanyan · 415 pointsr/rickandmorty

There's a million ways to support the creators without paying for cable. Buy the Blu-Rays, Buy some merch (I'm pretty sure this site is official merch, etc etc.

u/ocentertainment · 14 pointsr/rickandmorty

Not to diss if you just really like Monopoly (if so, enjoy!) but there are also a couple other Rick and Morty tabletop games that are, in my opinion at least, way more fun.

Total Rickall is basically a recreation of the episode of the same name. It involves lying to your friends! $15:

Mr. Meeseeks Box o Fun is a ridiculous dare game where you have to complete stupid tasks so Meeseeks can die. Reminds me a bit of Quelf, for anyone who's played that. $30:

Regardless, cool gift!

u/elastical_gomez · 3 pointsr/rickandmorty
  1. Adult Swim has the episodes for free

  2. Itunes

  3. Amazon

    Those are the ones I'm aware of at the moment, if there are more, please comment below!
u/HunterVanPop · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

I think it was total rickall the game. Is actually pretty good. You can get it here

u/NinjaNinjaRevolution · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Yes, that one, but I ordered it from the US amazon rather than a 3rd party on the UK site, but it shouldn't make a difference, there's only one pressing of the disc at the moment as far as I know.

u/nobody2000 · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

I just saw a recipe video on youtube for homemade sauce. It looks pretty amazing.

Now - the McDonald's version will probably taste like cayenne, ketchup, and soy sauce, but I'll hold out until I can get my hands on the real deal.

So far, I imagine the closest thing to what McDonalds will put out is probably this:

u/aarswft · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

There you go, as low as $1.99 and you don't even have to buy cable. What a find! The link will work for the next episode as well. Enjoy!

u/Inspire_Strikes_Back · 3 pointsr/rickandmorty

Does Volume 1 include every issue? Where do the comics take place in the story line time wise? After season 2? Weaved in?

Sorry for all the questions... I'm new to comics (this is actually the first one I will have ever purchased).

u/mrlanrat · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

I found it in white

Not as good as black, but better then teal.

OP, where can we source the black version?

u/The_Revolutionist · 4 pointsr/rickandmorty

I, too, would like to know where OP found the black one. I found a white one on Amazon, but I think printed graphics on white mugs look super lame

u/ZynoT · 11 pointsr/rickandmorty

It took me 10 seconds to find your answer for you.
The good thing about Google, you can literally ask it anything.

u/yooman · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Also worth noting: the whole first season is also available on Amazon Instant Video, which I personally prefer to iTunes immensely.

u/fairly_bookish · 17 pointsr/rickandmorty

The Amazon link you provided is from a third-party seller, so you actually wouldn't be supporting the creators at all if you bought that. Amazon doesn't typically sell single issues of comics themselves.

You can, however, get the trade paperback from Amazon, which collects the first 5 or 6 issues.

u/anonysera · 5 pointsr/rickandmorty

I have this one. The art looks just like the TV show for the most part.

EDIT: Looked again...I see the sloppiness...

u/avatar_ENG · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

I would wait and buy it directly from amazon. I bought my copy from amazon for $15.00. I have no idea why MyQuickMart is charging $30.00.

Some other 3rd party sites have it for $10.00 but are currently sold out.

u/CUNT_MUNGLERS_GF · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

My university sells a bunch of posters at the beginning of the year, and I just asked if they had any Rick and Morty posters.
You can also find it on amazon though ^^

u/BlackStrain · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Canadian Amazon link:

Currently $31.25 CAD which means for some reason it's way cheaper in Canada than the US after conversion (though I don't think Americans can order from

u/Lincolns_Revenge · 4 pointsr/rickandmorty

It still exists, at least at the time I'm typing this:

But you can't find it any more by searching the site. My guess is that Amazon wants to sell more digital download copies until it gets a little closer to the release date.

u/johncoxon · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Just checking as I'm paranoid: you ordered this one and it wasn't region locked when you played it?

u/vithiasorrows · 4 pointsr/rickandmorty

According to Hot Topic the cash is flurbos. But it's cheaper on Amazon.

u/teslajr · 18 pointsr/rickandmorty

I know there is an art book to be released in Sept. You can pre-order it on amazon.

u/RonSwanson420 · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

Roiland said on twitter that it would be soon, but didn't give any specific dates. If it's following the release window of the first season Blu Ray, then either later this month or early next month.

It comes out June 7th.

u/TweetPoster · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

>2016-03-14 17:45:48 UTC

>Season 2 #RickandMorty bluray/dvd out June 7th! Pre-Order now!


[^[Mistake?]](/message/compose/?to=TweetPoster&subject=Error%20Report&message=/4aesfo%0A%0APlease leave above link unaltered.)

u/T_Rollinue_ · 87 pointsr/rickandmorty

It's from the comics. You can read them here.

It's on google drive, so there shouldn't be any issues for anybody. The typical websites that host the comics are usually unsafe places to be browsing. But now that most of it is on my google drive, it's way safer.

They put a lot of work into these things, so I also suggest getting physical copies of the comic to support them.

And for anybody who has to get shit done today, be warned. It can easily take 3 hours or so to read through them all. I take no responsibility if you binge read them when you've got shit to do.

It has now been updated to include issues 16-19

u/sas41 · 4 pointsr/rickandmorty

Don't encourage this, don't buy monopoly, don't be "that" guy, monopoly has got to be the worst board game in existence, it feeds on fandom culture by releasing these, mostly pointless, "themed" boards. I bet Rick hates monopoly (the board game in this case)

Go get the Total Rickall game if you want a R&M Themed board game, it's rated quite well.

u/H0neyBadger · 2 pointsr/rickandmorty

in time i'll make a custom wig, but for now, i bought this:

Now what I'm going to do to style it is take clips and square off the hair (not the densest wig, it's cheap) and cut it a bit shorter so it's more blue (essentially cut the white out) then aquanet the bitch into a form that looks similar to rick's hair.