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u/wild_eep · 2 pointsr/rit

I'm not sure what direction you're looking to go... mobile | console | PC, etc...

Most consoles will have you working with their proprietary APIs, so rather than coding something from scratch, it might make sense getting used to building on some existing APIs.

Put this in your amazon wishlist: Ignore the "for teens" part if that bothers you. This comes with an engine for you to build with that will let you do some 2D games. Work through the chapters here to get a feel for building.

I agree that C++ (Or Objective-C, if you're going to write for Apple stuff) will be your biggest asset. I recommend learning some Java and C#, but most importantly, MORE than anything else, learn how to use revision-control software. Just knowing how to use your revision-control software is a big deal, and will make you more attractive to future employers.

If you can get access to an Android device, look into App Inventor for fun.

Remember, college is all about making yourself useful for your potential employer, and building connections to other smart students who can help you later on. Stay curious, work hard, be friendly.

u/xerolan · 10 pointsr/rit

>I had personally verified that every other step was correct. He started talking about how "it's not the point of the problem", even though it would only take five minutes to explain, and eventually told me that he wasn't interested and just walked out. If he wasn't so insistent, I'm sure he could have easily explained what is going on.

Sometimes, to get a little you have to give a little. He was rude, but you didn't even seem to entertain his request for the actual problem.

It sounds like both parties could have handled the situation better. A perfect opportunity for a crucial conversation. [1]


u/foward2 · 3 pointsr/rit

Consider this list:

Here's some nice stuff to have, but it's not needed:

  • Something to make boiling water that has an auto-shutoff, either a kettle or coffee maker.
  • Laundry detergent. It's expensive stuff, but you don't need much. Try sharing!
  • A "doorstop." I heard something about using a fork...
  • Food. Anything from home is always welcome, and if you don't have a car, much cheaper.
  • A box of 200 earplugs. Kind of optional, but I'm a light sleeper.
  • Something to block out the light at night.
  • Winter clothes, sooner than you think.
  • Headphones.
  • A fan is very important for non-ACd dorms, for those killer first two and last two weeks of the year.

    Only one of these per room. Having two or more is a waste of space:

  • Fridge.
  • Television. You don't need this though. (use a computer monitor if you're a serious gamer)
  • Anything that large/expensive. Pack lighter than you think.

    Stuff I didn't need:

  • Printer. With careful planning printing is free in the NRH computer lab, and many departments have a deal for printing. If you tend to forget until the last second, a printer can be a life-saver.
  • Silverware/bowls. Take-out is king and most microwavable stuff comes in bowls. If you're going to make stuff for yourself in the microwave one bowl is helpful. However, just get some disposable forks from on-campus dining.
u/XpL0d3r · 1 pointr/rit

There used to be a bin in the tunnels that connected Buildings 6/8/9 (no idea of the names of most of those buildings, sorry). When I worked in IT for administrative buildings I used to drop off a ton of old computer stuff there. This was back in 2012 but it's worth a shot.

Alternatively, Amazon has them for like $2, if you can wait a few days

u/Austaph · 1 pointr/rit

$19 is a lot for 16g of caffeine, some water, and a bucket. This is what I use. Requires a scale, of course. The people/person who runs that shop is pretty cool. I ordered 250g and they sent me 500g and a mg scoop.

u/skogovoktober · 1 pointr/rit

Have you considered a practice mute? Very helpful for late practice and not disturbing apartment-mates.

u/wsender · 1 pointr/rit

Try something like that. Any hardware store will have one and it will most likely do the trick. And if it doesn't work as you would like, just return it!

u/yetanotherx · 0 pointsr/rit
  • Extra storage crates. I got some of these, and it's a great place to put a TV, food, printer, etc.
  • Bright desk lamps. As others said, it gets very dark on the far side of the room.
  • Doorstop. You occasionally can find something that would work, but buying a cheap doorstop from the dollar store makes the difference.
u/wastedeggshells · 1 pointr/rit

That site looks questionable.

Here's 500,000mg (1.1lbs!) of straight caffeine powder (no fillers) for 25 shipped:

Have fun kids

u/shadowthunder · 3 pointsr/rit

Or just don't buy it. I've purchased five textbooks total during my first three years, one of which was Advanced Mathematics Techniques, a class not taught at RIT.

  1. Wait until you actually need the book.

  2. Check online for free copies

  3. Check sites like Chegg for cheap rentals

  4. Check sites Amazon for used copies

  5. Buy a new copy (likely online, but compare with B&N's prices just in case)
u/ghost_of_deaf_ninja · 4 pointsr/rit

For clothing and bedding use vacuum bags. Saves a ton of space and are much more easily stored than suitcases or duffel bags. Maybe bring one small to medium sized rollerboard to use when you go home for vacation

u/CoffeeShopPhilosophe · 1 pointr/rit

This course was offered this semester.

For those curious, this course is about Combinatorial Game Theory, not Game Theory.

"Lessons in Play" was the textbook used this semester.

u/Zhang5 · 1 pointr/rit

If you still want it and are willing to wait, you can get it for a bit under $20 from amazon.

u/ProfPangloss · 1 pointr/rit

Side-by-side comparison showed virtually no difference in audio quality, only difference is that these are made out of plastic and use a slightly cheaper foam for the earcups. Oh, and the ~$20 price tag, can't forget that.

u/BenchSpyder · 7 pointsr/rit

Like just the pants? Or the whole MCCUU? Because if it was just a pair of pants I hate to break it to you, but people have been wearing surplus or military-like clothes for years, hell decades, now. And as long as they're not trying to imply or claim service/rank/decorations they don't have, they're perfectly free to do so.

Maybe he has them for paint ball or air soft (you'd be surprised how elaborate some of these courses can get). Maybe they're actual issue, or maybe they're one of a dozen knock offs you can find freely available on the internet.

I get the whole "stolen valor" thing, but this seems like an over reaction for a pair of pants that look like Marine Corps issue.

u/anduin_the_river · 5 pointsr/rit

...and the quality of good earbuds blows gaming headsets out of the water. Dollar store crap is dollar store crap no matter if it's an unassuming pair of earbuds or a massive, flashy-looking pair of over-ear headphones. In-ears that outpace flashy gaming headsets aren't too hard to find, from the $13 KZ ZS3 to the $60 Tin Audio T2 Pro and all the way up to the $1800 Campfire Audio Vega and beyond. It's a matter of buying them for looks or branding instead of sound.