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u/uscmissinglink · 9 pointsr/runningmusic

Seriously, if you buy anything but the Motorola S11 HD, you're crazy. These are amazing for the price. Comfortable, decent sound, waterproof, lightweight, with a long battery life and easy interface. I love mine. Love them.

I've bought them as gifts three times. All three recipients call me on a regular basis to tell me how much they love them. They send me flowers and pay my rent for a month. They have named two children after me, solely because of these headphones. One offered to let me conceive a child with his wife (I declined). I am the primary beneficiary in all their wills and life insurance policies. These. Are. Amazing. Headphones.

u/merqumab · 1 pointr/runningmusic

I feel the same way you do about in-ear headphones. I've been using the Sony MDR-ZX770BN for the past year and I absolutely love them. They have good battery life and have wired fallback (if you plan on using them when not running). I find them super comfortable, the side-ear music control is great - I highly recommend them.

u/nanefy · 1 pointr/runningmusic

I use these and I love them. They were really inexpensive, they have these silicone hook things that hook into your ear as well as the buds so they properly stay in place. They come with a decent set of different sized buds and hooks to fit most ear shapes. I've had them for two years and they still work perfectly 👌

u/steinamo · 1 pointr/runningmusic

My go-to wired earbuds were always these:

Super cheap and sound great.

I recently bought these:

I actually like them a lot. The band that dangles backward could be super annoying because it's floppy, but I wear a headband to keep it in place. Sweat can accumulate in/around these, but I did a 10-mile run last week and it never affected the sound for more than a moment. Really digging the bluetooth/wireless aspect and I would recommend them, even though they're not perfect.

edit: it looks like the yellow Plantronics are on sale for $76 right now, great deal.

u/DeliciousSoma · 7 pointsr/runningmusic

I have been running with the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones since March and I love them. 7 hours or battery life. They connect really quickly and there is very little lag when using the physical buttons. The sound quality is good but do note that they are designed to allow you to hear things around you even when listening to music. This is a nice safety feature, but I can see how some people would prefer earbuds that would block out external sounds. For the price, $81 USD, I feel like they provide quality for affordability.

u/AttackPug · 0 pointsr/runningmusic

I always just use a pair of Phillips earbuds that hook over the ears, a lot like this. $9. They have hooks for your ears, and they go precisely nowhere while running. I wear glasses, big chunky plastic hipster looking ones. Never had a problem with the ear hooks. Never had a durability problem. You've really got to step away from $70 earphones for this application, or be honest with yourself why you're really so desperate to spend $70. You can buy them on Amazon. That way none of your friends will see you in a WALMART, where you can certainly find phones like this without waiting for shipping.

u/thechilipepper0 · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

So they fixed the comfort issue? When I was looking into the Motorolas a few years back, the main issue was comfort, namely that they squeezed too much. Also price. I ended up going with a plantronics, which was noticeably lacking in sound quality (little to no bass and suspect clarity), but otherwise solid.

How's the sound? You said it's decent, the page claims better than wired. I don't need studio audiophile quality, but at least comparable to this Despite the cheap price, they have decent bass and clarity.

u/atageek · 3 pointsr/runningmusic

MEElectronics M6
Great sound, they don't fall out, water/sweat resistant, memory wire.
I really love them

u/agedpunk · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

These are my go to running headphones. They sound pretty decent for their dirt-cheap price and hold up pretty well to sweat.

u/bladel · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

If you find a set of headphones you like, see if you can switch out the tips to Comply foam tips.

You'll have to experiment with the right size, and they need to be replaced every few months, but these will stay put. I use them with my Jaybird BlueBuds X, and they are amazing.

u/user_none · 1 pointr/runningmusic

I've looked at Bluetooth earbuds and haven't found anything all that great. While I'm keeping an eye out, I've settled on some wired ones that are working very well.

u/cjbrigol · 1 pointr/runningmusic

These are so perfect I can't even explain!! I cannot run with buds but these are soooo comfortable

u/Jumpmendous · 10 pointsr/runningmusic

If you are okay with wired headphones, Yurbuds do a fantastic job staying in the ear for me. They have not fallen out in any of my runs. They have decent sound and are fairly inexpensive.

u/GandalfTheUltraViole · 1 pointr/runningmusic

I use Jlab Fit 2.0 and love them. Totally sweatproof, I've even washed them in the sink after a particularly sweaty run. Good sound quality, they've never slipped even a bit, and they come with two audio cable lengths.

I'm a bit heartbroken at the moment because mine got hooked on a branch and now the left ear goes in and out.

u/jvlpdillon · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

I have used MEE earbuds for a few years. At $16.00 the price is right. The sound quality is good. I like the wrap around so they do not fall out.

u/RockPaperAwesome · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

This guy is what I use. It is cheap, works off of a file system so I can make different folders for playlists, and has physical buttons which are so much easier when running. I don't have to look at the screen. Also, it accepts a micro SD card which is nice.

u/RedGene · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

I won my first pair of Yurbuds in a marathon and have sworn by them ever since. About $20 USD.

There are a lot of different varieties, I currently have the black ones of these.

u/TheTerje · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

I use "Philips Flexible Earhook Headphones". They hook over my ears so they don't fall out and they a super cheap but have decent sound.

u/Bobertishere · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

These are the ones right here. I've never seen them this cheap though, they are usually about 30 bucks. I've had 2 pairs both last a couple years of use in my experience, I use them for running, working out, or yard work. They come in a few different colors. I'm rocking a black pair right now.

u/lightbear · 2 pointsr/runningmusic

Sorry, on mobile. I have gone to this pair over and over. I am not willing to spend a lot on something that is going to have sweat poured all over it. Plus, I like the it wraps around the ear. Can't really beat $7. You could buy two in case you lose one.

u/joeverdrive · 1 pointr/runningmusic

All these options require a second device, usually your phone. Why carry your phone around when you run? I'd rather have one less thing attached to me when I'm hitting my 6:00/mi intervals.

I run with these Sony headphones. No wires. No bluetooth. No hassle. Drag and drop songs. Three sizes of ear molds. They don't fall out. The music is loud and clear. I have bought four pairs in the last eight years. They are everything you are looking for and so good.