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u/Rickalicioso · 17 pointsr/sanfrancisco

It may not be fitting for today's city, but it recognizes San Francisco's historical importance as a strategically located military base while still acknowledging its more well-known peaceful and progressive nature.

There's a great map, Right Wing of the Dove, that depicts "The Bay Area as a conservative/military brain trust" from Rebecca Solnit's Infinite City, which I highly recommend. Each map has an accompanying essay, and it's a great way to learn about the different layers of Bay Area history. I'm on the progressive/liberal end of the political spectrum, but I still find this aspect of the Bay Area really fascinating.

u/derwiki · 15 pointsr/sanfrancisco

If you like this, you might also like this book:


    49 short stories about San Francisco from different points in time. It helps give context to different years.. for example, in 1853, SF largely (I think 80%?) male workers who moved had here recently, and were living dozens to a room and surviving on the popular lunch special: free soup if you buy your beer there.
u/BaphodZeeblebrox · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

While I agree with you that SF is certainly "known", there's a reason brands (and, you could definitely treat/consider a city as a brand) continue to advertise. Colgate's been known for a LONG time, but if you talk to their CMO I doubt he/she would ever be content that people are "familiar enough" with Colgate for the time being, so they'll drop their ad spend for the next decade or so until they need to re-up brand awareness.

Good book that explores the subject (with a scientific slant) -

To be clear, I don't know why a city that already has more demand than supply for all that is "SF" and yet clearly doesn't want to let itself get on with the times and grow needs to advertise, I DO feel that were it trying to capitalize on its growing popularity, hosting the Superbowl would re-inforce and further that agenda.

u/Kenobi3371 · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

Exactly, whenever I'm not at work I'll carry oc or more. Sabre sells some that clip into a pocket well for only 7$. There's also products that can attach to keychains. Or if you want the extra liability Taser sells the pulse for 400$ which you can conceal in a waistband pretty easily (it's very small). Alternatively martial arts is an awesome resource -- if you're smaller in stature check out Wing Chun. Hope this helped.

u/Casting_Aspersions · 6 pointsr/sanfrancisco

It's much, much more complicated than that. GM perhaps put the last nail in the coffin of the streetcar system in many cities, but their demise was attributable to a number of complex social, economic, policy, and technological forces.

If you would like to learn more, this is a very comprehensive and academic, but still readable study:

It focuses on LA, but many of the same dynamics hold true for the Bay Area.

u/cowinabadplace · 2 pointsr/sanfrancisco

This is the Chinese exhibit. There's a description of it in this very expensive book from the official photographer, Isaiah Taber. As it happens, John McLaren (after whom McLaren Park is named) wasn't a terrible fan of the fair and its effect on GG Park. He had almost all the buildings dynamited or demolished.

An interesting but unrelated story from the news at the time goes, in part:

> But what the Government officers are worried about is the rumor that each of the Chinese returning will carry with him a certificate of registration as a laborer under the McCreary act, and that sooner or later all the certificates so carried away will return with a Chinese attached who will be landed. For one of the actors at the Midwinter Fair to change his silk garments for the coarse blouse of a workman, to shave his head just a half inch more across the crown, and with a little India ink to make a mole or two as distinguishing marks is an easy task. Then he comes down and registers as Ah Bang, a gardener from across the bay, and getting his certificate takes it home with him. To a countryman in China about his height and age the actor sells his laborer's certificate and the purchaser proceeds to duplicate with India ink the distinguishing marks called for by the paper. It is not a hard task for one Chinese to personate another, the race resemblance being so strong that reputable white men have time and again gone upon the stand and under oath positively identified a Chinese who later on proved to be an impostor.

u/BaghdadByThaBay · 2 pointsr/sanfrancisco

Incredible shot! The book by the same name as the title, Cool Gray City of Love is an outstanding read! Highly recommended if you love San Francisco and learning about it's history and spaces, spread out of 49 chapters.

u/jnish · 25 pointsr/sanfrancisco

May I recommend getting an airhorn?

As a motorcyclist that has been hit twice by motorists not paying attention, I feel like I've got some hard earned wisdom on this topic. You really have to let the pride of right-of-way go, get out of their way and let them know of your presence. Right-of-way doesn't matter anymore when you're in the hospital.

u/nonosam9 · 8 pointsr/sanfrancisco

Seems like staying inside, trying to keep the dust off the floors, and using an air purifier is a good idea at this point. If you have a car, you can get a cheapish place on and spend a night in Monterrey - where the air is much, much cleaner. If not for my family (who can't leave), I would be getting out of here myself.

FYI - this is a top rated air purifier for $205 + tax on Amazon, with prime 2 day delivery.

Reviews of several purifiers:

u/mrlionmayne · 6 pointsr/sanfrancisco

Would highly recommend this book to those interested in this sort of SF history. VERY entertaining and quick read—written by the same guy who wrote the book Gangs of New York was based on.

u/a_over_b · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

Nice idea! Your request reminded me of two similar pieces, which I'm pointing you to for inspriation.

First, you might like this guy's take on everyday architecture and life in SF. His (usually single panel) illustrations ran for a number of years in the local paper:

Paul Madonna - All Over Coffee

Paul Madonna website

Second, here is a collection of prints that were created for the national park that covers most of our coastline:

GGNRA branding case study

Regarding your project, the next few I'd do are Muir Woods, the Pier 39 sea lions, the Ferry Building, and AT&T Park.

u/epheron · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. There were parts that were a bit slow but the book covered a lot of parts of the city that don't get much formal writing about. I read it back to back with Imperial San Francisco and enjoyed that book immensely.

u/themandotcom · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

> reading a report from an economist for Trulia

what about other economists who would for state universities, like Enrico Moretti or Edward Glaser or any number of other economists? Will you accept their peer reviewed claims?

u/bobsmo · 7 pointsr/sanfrancisco

great book. Also to bring you up to date on contemporary history 60s - 80s - This book -

Season of the Witch

u/ryan1234567890 · 4 pointsr/sanfrancisco

Chapter 6 of The captured economy has a great summary of how we got to where we are. Give a copy to your coworker.

u/jef_sf · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

Linking for anyone like me that needed a search to see what book you meant. Though I'd recommend buying from your local store if possible of course:

u/Amanda_Hugnkiss · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

I'd recommend a small cannister of pocket pepper spray. Ultimately harmless and some are accurate up to 8 feet away.

7 bucks and can go on a keychain.

u/SanFransicko · 3 pointsr/sanfrancisco

No, I was thinking about Moscone, whoopsie. He was also involved with Diane Feinstein in her activism days and then her mayoral campaign. I read Season of the Witch maybe a year ago and it was fascinating. I don't know where I got Agnew from.

u/at_work_now_ · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

Pretty sure Bird and Scoot use this scooter from Xiaomi. I've been debating between buying this or a Boosted Board vs just Ubering it to my office from the Caltrain.

Lime I think makes their own scooter. Their scooter seriously sucks when it comes to handling bumps on the road.

u/user_none · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

I haven't been wearing a mask, though I agree with you on the usage of them. Luckily, I've had very limited exposure to the outdoor air. Still, this shit is bad.

For the indoor filter, I can tell you the Coway AP-1512HH works well.

u/ajanata · 5 pointsr/sanfrancisco

I have 2 of in my apartment, they work well enough for me.

u/lordnikkon · 37 pointsr/sanfrancisco

because Xiaomi just flooded the market with these new scooters and 3 different companies started buying them up and slapping their logo on them. You can buy those scooters on amazon for $500

This scooter only came out at the beginning of the year and it is the first electric scooter to be imported to the US in mass numbers

u/NDoilworker · 26 pointsr/sanfrancisco

I'm a fan. You can buy one yourself for 500$ apparently the company was trying to keep the manufacturer a secret but here it is:

u/nnniccc · 4 pointsr/sanfrancisco

You could make a case that the period, roughly, 1945 to 1980 in NY was one of the great creative nexuses of human history. I recently finished reading two memoirs: The Man Who Would Marry Susan Sontag by Edward Field and City Boy by Edmund White, both of which took place in pre-Juliani NY. The city they depicted was endless, exciting, personally transformative, and immensely creative.

Read them also makes me realize that people often don't realize it when they're living through one of those times and that almost certainly we are right here in SF.

All of that's not to diminish the problems that NY had. The city practically went bankrupt in the 70s and had to be bailed out by the federal government, and the ever escalating crime badly traumatized the psychy of NY.