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u/daddyman · 1 pointr/santarosa

I found this book a great intro to welding. It's a good read and gave me the basics to where I had a foundational understanding of the different types of welding and felt confident buying a decent mig welder and doing some projects.

u/FabulousAntlers · 1 pointr/santarosa

We've been using Blue Air 211+ purifiers, but they're expensive and somewhat noisy. Replacement filters (they last 6 months) are also expensive, but are slightly cheaper in the off months (e.g., not allergy season).

They work well, but I'd be interested in hearing about a cheaper purifier.

u/Gbcue · 2 pointsr/santarosa

I have a couple of these and these.

I particularly like the Sceptre cans because they're quite stout, unlike the cheaper 5-gallon camping cans you can get at Walmart or other places.

u/dramboxf · 1 pointr/santarosa

My wife bought us this one, and I have to say it is stupid easy to refill a generator with the do-hickey on top. Plus, the mouth is so large that when you're re-filling it at the gas station, the pump handle doesn't keep clicking in your hand.

u/thebornotaku · 2 pointsr/santarosa

I had the manager of Cartunes help me out, he printed out my Amazon order form from when I bought it back in September.


u/FlyingPhotog · 5 pointsr/santarosa

AUKEY Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder with Full HD 1080P, 6-Lane 170° Wide Angle Lens, Supercapacitor, G-Sensor and Clear Nighttime Recording

u/Siiimo · 2 pointsr/santarosa

They are quite literally $3.80.

u/SesameStreetFighter · 2 pointsr/santarosa

Heads up: Pandemic is $24 today on Amazon, if you don't already have it.