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u/pineapplesf · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

I take it from Harry Potter and Divergent he likes strong, morally-white protagonists on journeys to save the world. I don't know his exact reading level or interests, so I will make the following suggestions by category. I ranked books in each category by difficulty.


Teen Fantasy:


Dealing with Dragons: Funny, easy to read, dragons, magic, and sarcasm.

The Lioness Series, Immortal Series, or The Magic Circle Series: Strong female leads and interesting to read with great stories (Think Mulan). My brother loved them.

Artemis Fowl: Strong, morally ambiguous but ultimately altruistic, sarcastic, and smart protagonist against the world.

User Unfriendly: Dudes get sucked into a video/rpg and try to get out without dying. Like Tron, but less sci-fi and more fantasy.

Halo: One of my brothers who HATES reading -- or at least is incredibly picky actually stayed up all night to finish four of Halo books. He also really likes the games. I don't know which one is the first or the best but this one had the best reviews. I dunno if it is dark either -- I haven't read it :'(.

The Dark Elf Trilogy: Darker than anything else I have on here (or can be) hero vs world type fantasy. Drizzit = my brothers' hero growing up. Kinda WOW-esque? Having played both, I understand how much of WOW is inspired by DnD. I personally didn't like this.

Redwall: Harder to read, talking animals save the world from other talking animals. I personally hated this series, but my brothers read every single book in the series at the time.


Adult Fantasy:


Magician: Magic, totally badass protagonist, BORING first couple chapters, but ultimately the most OP hero I have ever read. Amazing, truly amazing. I think it is two-three books in the first series.

Harper Hall: Dragons, music, strong, but lost protagonist. Deals with sexism and gender biased. The other books in the cycle range from sci-fi to political fantasy.

Dragonbone Chair: Strong, badass hero vs a dragon. What happens? He becomes more badass. It is a lighter verison of LOTR/Sword of Shanara (which is probably too much politics/genetics/enviromental commentary -- generally boring-- for him right now) --

An even lighter alternative, more teen book is Eragon. That being said, I absolutely DETESTED these books. I don't care if he was 16, he didn't coming up with any of his own material. But -- a lot of people really like it, so your brother might!




Ender's game: Amazing ending, especially if he likes videogames. I haven't seen the movie, but my Dad said it was "loosely inspired" from the book. All I know is the book was world-changing. It has some legitimately dark points (like gouging out a giants eye or drowning puppies).

Johnny Maxwell Trilogy: This dude is cool. I didn't know until I linked it that it is hard to get a copy >.<.

Dune: This, like LOTR, is VERY political and can be very easily boring. It might also be too adult or hard for him. There is mental illness and just crazy people in the later books.


Mature Humor:


He should be ready for some British humor, which is a little more mature than American humor (sorry) and much more sarcastic. You also have to be in the mood for it, especially if you aren't expecting it.

Sourcery: Really, really funny.

Hitchhiker's Guide: Also funny.

Magic Kingdom for Sale -- Sold: American. Funny take on fantasy books.


I kept away from darker books where the protagonist is morally grey (Artemis fowl and Drizzit being exceptions -- though they are both still definitely heros), sex, questionable themes, or general mental derangement.

I also stayed away from more modern books, which I have read a lot of if you would like recommendations for those instead. I read a lot in general, so if you have a questions about a book in particular, I can try to help.

Edit: Links

u/twocats · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

I may be late to the party, but it seems you haven't received many suggestions.

For her decorating spirit, this book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well, seems like a great fit as the book is wonderfully written, not just photos and ideas, but it looks amazing nonetheless. You probably wouldn't go wrong with a cute jewelry box in pink, a quality one - on Amazon I've seen cheap looking ones or pretty expensive ones, although quality stuff.

Since she loves gardening, maybe she'd like a metal bicycle-shaped planter, beautiful to have in the garden. Or a gardening kit with high quality tools.

u/lazyAgnostic · 1 pointr/santashelpers

For programming, what kind of programming is he into? Here are some cool programming books and things:

  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python This book has a lot of beginner projects that are actually useful.

  • Arduino A little microprocessor that he can use to make cool projects. I'm a software engineer and I had fun playing aroung with this. Plus, you can use it for actual useful things (I'm planning on making an automatic plant waterer, but you can look online for all the awesome stuff people have made).

  • Raspberry Pi Similar to the arduino but it's a full computer. For more software-heavy projects than the arduino. I'd probably recommend starting with the arduino.

  • Great book about how code and computers actually work that's geared towards the "intelligent layperson" link.

  • If he's already programming and wants to create games I can recommend this one.. Not good for beginners though.

  • If you want to give him a well written tome about game programming here it is. Again, not really for beginners but really good for someone wanting to learn about game programming
u/msim4044 · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

For your sister: you could get a Lush gift set with different bath bombs and lotions they have tons of pre- packaged Christmas gifts. Otherwise you could make like a spa kit? Include some lotions, nail polish, and some slippers. She would also probably appreciate a good book, you could get a fun memoir that almost everyone will like. A couple of good ones are (Mindy Kaling's)[], (Tina Fey's)[], and (Amy Poehler's)[] Another really fun book is Humans of New York which is on sale right now. Pinch Provisions offers some really cute emergency kits [] Maybe she'd like a perfume set or a cute mug with a starbucks gift card or some tea. You could also make a college kit for her; include advil, 5-hour energy, some candy, a starbucks/dominos gift card, tide-to-go pen, purell, first-aid kit, some nice pens.
For you parents you could get them tickets to a Comedy Club or Theater, or even just tickets to the movies and a nice dinner. Another possibility with movies is to make a little gift basket; include your favorite movie or one you think they would enjoy and then some popcorn and various candy []. I'm not sure if your parents would enjoy it but a spa day? They could get a couples massage and just relax. Hope some of these ideas help!

u/doubledecker73 · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

You and I have a lot in common OP as a 23 year old male software engineer who enjoys video games and fantasy type stuff. I just moved out of my parent's house this past March and like another commenter said, you will get hammered with expenses you might not have thought of. I had to go out and get all sorts of kitchen cookware and dishes and linens etc. So depending on your timetable I would HIGHLY recommend either asking for that stuff now or for gift cards to places you can get that stuff at. I'm asking this Christmas for kitchen stuff because i still haven't got around to getting everything I need.

Do you drink beer? What about pint glasses with Game of Thrones or World of Warcraft logos? Hell, check out other things on, there is a load of stuff on there that is pretty neat.

You mentioned you like DIY projects but are limited on this? Do you mean in terms of space and tools? What about things like Arduino or Raspberry Pi kits that don't take up tons of room or extra tools? You can develop some pretty cool DIY applications with those.

Does your girlfriend play video games? Recently my girlfriend has gotten into games more so I am always on the lookout for games we can play together, especially couch co-op type games. Or maybe check out some board games, there are some pretty cool RPG type games you can get into that you both can play together. Or maybe movies or TV shows you can watch together.

Do you sit at a desk at your job? You could always ask for little things to put on your desk or in your office/cubicle, whether it be small posters or a unique stress ball or something. Last year my girlfriend got my a little Hobbit lego set I have set up on my desk along with a football shaped stress ball. Maybe something like that depending on your work/job situation?

I am still trying to think of more stuff but hopefully this helps, let me know!

u/verticalnoise · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

He sounds like a good recipient for a Buddha Board.

I'd also think of a pile of great books that delve into the therapy/specialty he's interested in, knowledge goes with any lifestyle. Or maybe a book on how to build furniture yourself that's easy to make and light on the environment.

> Preferably something basic, that improves quality of life and will last a lifetime.

Victorinox Swiss army knife with lots of necessary features. For $50 I don't know too many things that will last a lifetime, maybe someone else here knows better.

u/erpascal · 1 pointr/santashelpers

For your mom:

  • Sounds like she likes dystopian novels with strong female narrators. Cinder and Endgame have movie deals so they'll be out in a few years. She can be ahead of the crowd!

    For your boyfriend:

  • Honestly it sounds like you have his gift covered. The only thing you can add to it really are some chocolates or little joke gifts that are inside jokes for you two.

    For your boyfriend's dad:

  • I really like the boat Christmas idea. Things you can do with boats... well, an ornament works, but the purpose of it is to be on the tree (right? I'm Jewish) and on Christmas the tree is in its last day. Does he like sushi? You can find a sushi boat place and get him a giftcard.

    For your boyfriend's mom:

  • Not weird to get her something from LUSH. Sounds kind of perfect, actually.
u/Kate_Pansy · 5 pointsr/santashelpers

I got my space-loving ex these binoculars for stargazing and he really loves them. I also got him a print of the heart and soul nebula, if she has space (heh) for art on her walls. I think this goes with her interests and is also pretty lovey-dovey (heart and soul!). I used the hq image from NASA and got a poster made through a company in the UK (I'm sure there are other companies who do the same with good prices).

u/punnypuffin · 4 pointsr/santashelpers

A few ideas:

  • He likes cartography, writing, and you later say “nerdy” in your post. So maybe a book of fictional maps? This book (available here) gets generally good reviews and has essays reflecting on the maps, etc... If you spend elsewhere, I’m sure you could find a map or three online and print it, age it, and make it interesting in a different way.
  • He likes typewriters and jewelry, so perhaps a typewriter key as a ring? They have the letter “Z” available. It would be more hipster if it could be used for wax seals, but that might be more of 10 years ago interesting than current.
  • Depending on where you live, maybe the Les Miserables tour will be in your area? Not sure if that fits the budget.

    Hope one of these helps you come up with something!
u/jozinhoo · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

A drone, but that's over 200$ for a decent one.

What about a small, powerful flashlight she can keep in her purse? For general safety and when traveling. Something like the Olight S1R II baton.
Bonus is she can use it to to "paint" in light-photography.

u/opaforscience · 1 pointr/santashelpers

If she likes classic cooking, you can get a nice hardcover set of both of Julia Childs "The Art of French Cooking" cookbooks for around $60, i believe. That plus a great cast iron pan and maybe some spices that are a bit of a splurge (think saffron and vanilla bean) would be a great cooking themed gift!

u/neotipex · 1 pointr/santashelpers

Not really gag gifts, but a few ideas...

A cool journal? This one could be fun:
Desktop white board for organization/lists.
A healthy eats cookbook.
An inexpensive fountain pen.
Watercolor/brush set.

u/cramp · 5 pointsr/santashelpers
u/cbalogh · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

I'm a huge space geek myself. Here are some of the things my gf has given me as presents that I've loved: Lego Space Shuttle (it's above your price range but they do have a smaller version); Metal Art Apollo Lunar Lander (they also make a Mars Rover version); Celestron Binoculars (great for checking out the moon, stars & planets - I would also suggest a tripod to go with it). Hope those help!

u/Rivarr · 1 pointr/santashelpers

There's an illustrated version of the first harry potter book that came out a couple months ago -

This coffee mug - or this -

There's lot of fun little fake/cheap memorabilia you can find online like a snitch or time-turner, even a wand. Maybe she's more mature than me though.

u/Currywursts · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

Yes!! I have two cats and they go crazy for this stick toy:

I have one very similar and it's very entertaining to hold it just a little bit above them and see them leap for it and paw at it. Plus when you get tired of it, stick the pole somewhere (like sticking out of a drawer) and let the toy dangle so they can play with it like that as well!

u/BlandAnn · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

Everyone loves CAH! Another one that is a huge hit with my drunk friends is Telestrations. Warning: everyone just draws penises.

u/akwayfarer · 1 pointr/santashelpers

Some neat ideas for artsy people are a Buddha board and an expert coloring book.

u/pixielady · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

A Buddha Board for sure. Artsy and spiritual - you paint on it with water and it fades away in time.

u/AmandoCommando · 6 pointsr/santashelpers

I have some interests similar to your girlfriend and this is on my list!

u/flairness · 1 pointr/santashelpers

For our white elephant exchange at work, I am giving a zombie chia and my boyfriend (yes we work at the same place but did not meet there) is taking telestrations

u/Eeeee_Eeeeeeeeee · 2 pointsr/santashelpers

In college with no kitchen (does he have a fridge?) I found a small George Foreman grill to be really useful. You can make burgers, vegetables, grilled cheese/panini sandwiches, etc.

There are different styles/sizes/price ranges but here is a small one: