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u/Snywalker · 3 pointsr/savannah

I always recommend a lightweight long sleeve t shirt for bug and sun defense if you're working outside.

Also, I'm a big fan of less harsh chemicals. Ones with citronella, and herbs and mints seem to work well for me and smell somewhat decent.

Another idea, depending on what you do and where you do it, is a citronella candle. The bucket style candle can cover a 10/15 square foot area. It may not help much at a construction site, but if you're in the same place like the roof top bartender, it could be beneficial.

u/robotjackie · 6 pointsr/savannah

this'n.. came with our account. if you're in the market for a security system, they're the best we've found around here. let me know if you want to try them - i think with my referral you'd get a free month or something.

u/adept1822 · 1 pointr/savannah

There are recent reviews in this product listing from purchasers in the United States. Using Amazon appears to be a typical method.

Kinder Chocolate, CASE, 10x100g

u/gatowman · 2 pointsr/savannah

I got a generator last year about a month before Irma hit.

First thing is first, be prepared to do the first oil change the first day you use it all day. Your manual will say that you need to do it after 5 hours. RTFM and see what oil you need, but my B&S engine takes SAE30, 10w30 or syn5w30. It only took a quart so you should get one. Any brand works.

I put my generator in my fenced in back yard, but if that were not an option to me I would have it out front and chained to something big. Plus if you hear your generator go off and everything turns off you're going to go investigate it anyway so when/if it happens, check it ASAP. It could have ran out of fuel or some dickwad is trying to liberate it from you. Even then I could still operate a pair of bolt cutters and with the help of a friend get the generator ready to roll pull all the plugs shut it off and cart it to the truck before you get to it. If someone wants to, they will steal it anyway. Just secure it with a chain and lock so you can possibly claim it on your homeowners/renters insurance.

We only ran ours during the day to keep the fridge running and our deep cycle batteries charging at first but then we got the box fans running, the home theater, cable modem, router, switch and two PCs on after a while. Rule was that we ran it until we used 5 gallons or it got dark, then we switched over to just having a fan running and the TV going at night on the batteries. This was all on a 5250W/7000W generator and a pair of deep cycle batteries.

It might also be a good idea to buy a [Kill-A-Watt}( or similar item to get an idea of what your planned devices will draw so you can not only make sure you're not overloading your generator but not overloading your extension cables.

As for rain, we didn't have that issue last year. We also bought nearly a dozen sheets of OSB to cover the windows in case we had to evacuate for a CAT3 or above so I still have that lying around so I'd probably use that to cover the generator. Don't cover it with a tarp by itself. It might also be a good idea to not run it during the pouring rain (unless necessary) since electricity and water don't mix. If water is pooling around it, it shouldn't be running and should be moved. Those are a lot of angry pixies that would love to fuck your day up.

u/lawjr3 · 1 pointr/savannah

If you can find one of these, a bug canopy is about one of the best things you could get for yourself. It keeps you shaded in the middle of the day and there will be so few bugs, you'll think it's not working... until you go outside of it again...

Ever since my wife bought me this for xmas last year, I have probably quadrupled the time I spend in my backyard.

u/moonpuddles · 3 pointsr/savannah

Is the party planning committee on break?

They are a Canadien candy that are responsible for many of my cavities. I have no regrets!

u/bostonwhaler · 4 pointsr/savannah

PBS is the most difficult channel to get in the Savannah area. I sometimes will get it with my ghetto "rabbit ears ziptied to the roof" setup here in midtown. PBS is 32 miles away (vs. 16 or less for most others) which is out of the range of the Leaf.

Get yourself a TVFool report:

A good economy antenna is the RCA/Audiovox ANT751. If positioned properly (WNW), you should have no issues pulling in PBS.

Edit - /u/thebassdude is the local DIY antenna guru as well. Give him a shout, and/or check out some of the "build your own antenna" tutorials online. You don't need much more than some old wire coat hangers and a scrap piece of wood.

u/andrewstanford · 3 pointsr/savannah

murrry is the man...totally abrasive when he talks to you, but he knows anything and everything you wanna know about the city. He was one of the guys, along with Jamie Caskey ( that trained me to be a tour guide when i was there about 8 years ago. I highly suggest these two books!

u/gattzu20 · 2 pointsr/savannah

not sure if this link will work but has worked for me and my fiance's dog that has every possible allergy you could think of.

She also has the problem with her anal gland where she is constantly messing with it until she "milks"it(I know gross) and we have been feeding her pumpkin puree and it has done wonders for her. Basically she never has solid bowel movements so it doesn't put pressure on the gland so she does it herself. the pumpkin seems to make her have solid movements and it does the job for her.