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u/MobileVortex · 10 pointsr/scamp

i have a flipbelt and it's great. You can fit quite a bit into it, and nothing will ever fall out of it. It's not quite as cool as a fanny pack but it's also great for running.

u/munchies777 · 4 pointsr/scamp

You just inspired me to get some lights. Just ordered these lights from Amazon.

u/JJGemini_ · 1 pointr/scamp

I was looking into this.... what do you think is better

u/SociopathicScientist · 1 pointr/scamp

For chaffing this is the best goldbond by far....the powder and cream work but nowhere near as well as this.

Walgreens usually has them

u/fearthealex · 1 pointr/scamp

These are the earplugs I have. They come with a tiny carrying case that you can attach to a bag/camelbak. They don't change the quality of sound, just make it a little quieter. I consider them an essential if you want to be close to any of the stages and still keep your hearing.

u/atmgss10 · 1 pointr/scamp

This is what we bought.
YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart,Beach Red