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u/imustbbored · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

I'm so so happy to hear you have an understanding husband. I see that you don't have many others who understand but seriously if you could either have him or five close friends that understood you would probably pick him, that is really priceless. He will support you through this in all ways and I will pray that you both have strength through it all.

I know how hard it can be to lose a dream job but I don't know how hard it is to go through all you are dealing with, but I truly empathize. You know, there may be something more fitting for you, something that will make you happier if, indeed, you do lose this job. Have you ever had it where you thought you knew what you wanted but life handed you something even more perfect that you couldn't have guessed you needed or ever contrived? I wish for you that is what is in store.

It really is so awesome for my brother, I hope one day soon to talk with him and have him look back. As hard as this is it is so amazing to know those who come through it, its so so so damn impressive you don't even know, so fucking impressive, you are the most awesome people this world has to offer even if you don't know it.

Please remember, it is not you that is failing, please think of it like you would alzheimers or cancer or any number of things that you can't control, be your own best friend please, if this was your friend wouldn't you tell them its so sad to hear them blame themselves for something they can't help? I bet you would, I bet it would break your heart to hear them beat themselves up for being sick. It breaks my heart.

I'm so glad you are not losing hope. I know I am not going through what you are and can only understand so much, but I want you to know it would truly be a pleasure to be here for you, on good days and bad, anytime you want to talk, please feel free to. Truly, it is a pleasure and an honor to be there for someone as amazing as you. I know, I know you think what do I know of you, but like I said I have seen this with not only my close family member but a few other close friends. That you are already this smart about it it really is impressive, of those I know who suffer from this, not one admitted the problem and sought help right away like you are, I can only imagine you are going to be the most successful, in that group of people who really come through this with flying colors and even help those who struggle.

Also, you may want to check out this woman and her book she is a long time sufferer of schizophrenia and a successful law school professor :) Her story is just one of so many, and soon enough yours will be too, God willing <3

u/KorbinDallass · 2 pointsr/schizophrenia

Yes constantly. Thats why I dont watch live tv. It's too dangerous you can feel it pushing into your mind. When its off its a big relief. I don't know why but streaming or dowloading the show is better sorta. Regular sleep , routines and safe spaces , try churchs or whatever works for you. Its trial and error at first. The people thing is real, so I use the ear buds or look down. Harder for their pointed threats to get you if you cant seem them.

Here are some tips i found when starting out.

humming or singing a song several times (my favorite*)
listening to music
reading (forwards and backwards)
talking with others
ignoring the voices
medication (important to include).

Check out NAMI if you havent done so. Your phone can be helpful but since your senses are different most people aren't going to have a full proof plan. Distraction and confidence in yourself is best, followed by a mood stabilizer if possible. It just makes it easier to endure.
Please read this book. You will understand your life better.
Kind regards,

u/rooowdy · 2 pointsr/schizophrenia

There have been dozens and dozens of really profound sightings of UFOs throughout history by some really credible people.

I have not personally seen a UFO myself but the evidence is there. A great book I can recommend is this one.

It covers all the big sightings that everybody interested in the field should be familiar with. Betty and Hill abduction, the disappearance of Frederick Valentich off the coast of Australia and many many more are covered in detail. That's just to name two I know off the top of my head are covered in said book.

I've been interested in the phenomenon since I was a kid, so it probably has nothing to do with my schizophrenia. It's just a thing I have always believed in.

A great channel on Youtube is secureteam10. They regularly post sightings sent in by people from all over the world. I'd encourage you to disregard the stuff about how the moon is hollow and what not, though.

u/where2cop123 · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

Decision-making aside: if you want to get to the gist of "The Red Pill" vs. Feminism/Post-Feminism, you're better off reading psychoanalytic theory to understand how all these manifests from each respective 'group'. I would recommend the work of Otto Kernberg--his book 'Love Relations' spells out the psychological processes the foster the dynamics for inter-sexual romantic relations. It'll do you much better than reading all the psuedo-commentary that is misguided on biased interpretation of empirical psychological studies.

u/PurpleJollyBastard · 2 pointsr/schizophrenia

Yeah, I wasn't told that either. I found that stuff out through my own research.

Heres a source that confirms what I said:


In regards to resources for caregivers, I've heard positive things about these two books:

Surviving Schizophrenia, 6th Edition: A Family Manual

The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life

u/burke_no_sleeps · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

"Surviving Schizophrenia" -- the version I own was published in the '60s, not sure how it fits with modern research; this is an updated version -- suggests trying an elimination diet. Basically, strip all of one food group out of your diet, for two weeks, and record how it affects your mental and physical health.

I've read a handful of unverified research suggesting sz symptoms are linked to undiagnosed and untreated allergic reactions, coupled with an over-production of.. I think epinephrin? not sure. Basically a stress-handling chemical similar to adrenaline.

An elimination diet is an easy-to-do first step towards recognizing an allergy, but the quickest route might be asking your doctor to do a full allergy workup.

The more fruits, veggies, and nuts you can fit into your diet, the better you'll feel, really. Try replacing red meat with chicken or fish, or eating vegetarian meals a few times a week. Canned fruits are fine as long as you strain out the sugary syrup. Fresh or frozen are ideal.

Personally I find that eating salmon, nuts, and yogurt (not all together.. although..) makes a noticeable difference in my mental clarity, and eating a lot of starches or red meat makes me groggy and confused. I also have been trying to keep my caffeine intake low because after two or three cans of soda I start to get really anxious. I tend to carry trail mix or a baggy of cereal around to munch on, so I'm not tempted to spend money on less healthy snack options.

u/ohgeeztt · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

The best book on trauma Ive read is the body keeps the score by bessel van der kolk has good resorces - gabor mate is a good person to look into


Have you checked to see if there was a voice hearing group near you?

u/vwwvwwv · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

Since you are worried about the label but interested in learning more about psychology and mental health, I can highly recommend this book. It's an evidence-based work written by respected researchers and clinicians in the field who cut through so much of the BS surrounding schizophrenia. It has forever changed the way I view schizophrenia and the mental health industry.

u/querent23 · 2 pointsr/schizophrenia

this is a great book. she'd tell you, "Don't romanticize."

u/toolatetobeescene · 2 pointsr/schizophrenia

Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Girl: The True Story of "Renee"

Not for kindle- but I've found it can be e-rented through local library sources. The book gave me hope and helped me feel less alone during a hibernation-like phase post psychosis. I bought a hard copy I read bits every now and then.

u/CanadianSchizo · 2 pointsr/schizophrenia

Here's one that was written by a team of doctors and a group of people with the illness so you get all the facts and a bunch of different first-hand accounts. Very easy to read as it is meant for all audiences. Diagnosis: Schizophrenia

u/Zephandrypus · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

That’s how I feel about anxiety. I rarely know what exactly I’m afraid is going to happen.

I’d recommend this book: Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior. It looks at a bunch of studies investigating the concept of the “subconscious”. Tons of stuff about people being asked what would impact their preference, and then proving themselves wrong immediately after.

I feel like the voices and delusions are rooted in the subconscious, and thus can influence your preference for things in ways you cannot explain.

u/mst2010 · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

Hi Fried, I don't agree that what gets labeled schizophrenia is a "disorder" - that's a value judgment about how people respond to adverse experiences, psychological and biological.

Also do not agree that these problems have a biological origin (if by origin one means cause); that has never been confirmed. What I believe is that there are biological and epigenetic correlates to extreme distress as the person and environment interact.

Lastly, there been many, many accounts of full recovery from a diagnosis of schizophrenia; I thought that issue was already resolved and am always sincerely surprised when people say they think schizophrenia is incurable. I'll paste in here my list of reading of intensive psychotherapeutic approaches to schizophrenia, starting from decades ago and going up till the present, which contains a few hundred cases with many stories of "cure"; I think if people were more familiar with this work they'd be a lot more optimistic:

Wilhelm Reich (1945) – Character Analysis, 3rd Edition

Paul Federn (1952) – Ego Psychology and the Psychoses

Freida-Fromm Reichmann (1960) – Principles of Intensive Psychotherapy

Bryce Boyer and Peter Giovacchini (1967)– Psychoanalytic Treatment of Characterological and Schizophrenic Disorders

Harold Searles (1968) – Schizophrenia and Related Subjects –

Elvin Semrad (1969) – Teaching Psychotherapy of Psychotic Patients; Supervision of Beginning Residents in the “Clinical Approach”.

Bryce Boyer, ed. (1973) - Master Clinicians on Treating the Regressed Patient Volume 1

Silvano Arieti (1974) – Interpretation of Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition

Vamik Volkan (1976) – Primitive Internalized Object Relations: A Clinical Study of Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizophrenic Patients

Bertram Karon and Gary VandenBos (1977) – Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia: The Treatment of Choice

Bryce Boyer, ed. (1977) - Master Clinicians on Treating the Regressed Patient Volume 2

Gaetano Benedetti (1977) – Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia

Harold Searles (1979) – The Nonhuman Environment in Normal Development and in Schizophrenia

Harold Searles (1979) – Countertransference and Related Subjects

Ping-Nie Pao (1979) – Schizophrenic Disorders: Theory and Treatment from a Psychodynamic Point of View

Donald Rinsley (1980) – Treatment of the Severely Disturbed Adolescent

Bryce Boyer (1983) – The Regressed Patient

Herbert Rosenfeld (1985) – Psychotic States: A Psychoanalytical Approach

Herbert Rosenfeld (1987) – Impasse and Interpretation: Therapeutic and Anti-Therapeutic Factors in the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Psychotic, Borderline, and Neurotic Patients

Bent Rosenbaum (1988) – The Language of Psychosis

Thomas Ogden (1988) – The Primitive Edge of Experience

Edward Podvoll (1991) – The Seduction of Madness: Revolutionary Insights into the World of Psychosis and a Compassionate Approach to Recovery at Home

David Rosenfeld (1992) – The Psychotic Aspects of the Personality

Gaetano Benedetti and Pier-Maria Furlan (1993) – Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia: Effective Clinical Approaches – Controversies, Critiques and Recommendations

Michael Robbins (1993) – Experiences of Schizophrenia: An Integration of the Personal, Scientific, and Therapeutic