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u/iConoClast04 · 2 pointsr/scooters

>What are some ways of preventing theft of the scooter? Does it involve some specialty lock or perhaps being specific about where I park?

I have a [Gorilla Alarm] ( on my scoot but sometimes it goes off unexpectedly and it drains the battery quick if you don't ride your scooter often.

I use to use a U-Lock to attach to my wheel but I've almost rode off a couple of times with it still attached so I hardly use it.

You can get one of [disc brake locks] ( that attaches to your front brake disc and comes with a reminder strap that you attach to the handlebars so you don't ride off with it still attached.

But I highly suggest getting full coverage insurance if you don't have it already in case the scooter does get stolen. Scooters are so light that 2 people could lift it onto the back of a truck and take off. The money you get back from full coverage insurance is surprisingly fair, at least with State Farm.

>I live in Houston. The sun is pretty intense and I love the paint job on my scooter. Is there a way to protect the paint with products or is a simple scooter cover the solution?

This is a great question because if you don't protect the body, it will start fading on you.

You can either use a [paste wax] ( or [liquid wax] ( to give you the best protection. Remember to follow the instructions that come with the wax.

You can use a [spray wax] ( which is the easiest to apply and remove but it doesn't offer the same kind of protection that a paste or liquid wax gives.

Btw, I only used Mother's as an example but most of the brands that you find at your local auto parts store should be fine. Also, make sure to always use a Microfiber towel when doing anything on the scooter's body. Microfiber towels scratch the body the least vs. any other kind of towel.

u/seirianstar · 1 pointr/scooters

I have a 2012 ruckus that I got used from craigslist. I got it for 2000. Works like a charm. Steers easily. Haven't had any issues with it in the year or two that I've had it. I'm in love. I love Honda scooters and smaller motorcycles. One of the reasons I chose ruckus is because of the option to put a storage bag under the seat. I don't have a car, so my ruckus is my way around town. Unless I need to get on the highway, then I use uber or car share. But, for the most part, I scoot everywhere. The bag comes in handy, since I can just take it with me into the store. I also have a backpack that I take with me when I need to do a little bit more shopping. Between the two, I can fit all of my groceries for the week. Mine only goes up to 40 mph(unless I'm going downhill) despite going up to 45 on the speedometer. I usually like to cruise at 35 though, because that's my happy speed. One of the reasons I chose a ruckus over a motorcycle/bigger scooter is I didn't want to go through all of the extra paperwork, lines, test, and classes to get a motorcycle license in my state. I REALLY like that it only costs me 2-3 dollars to fill up the tank(1.1 gal) and I get 117 miles on each tank. I haven't ridden in about 9 months due to health issues, but I can't wait to get back on!

The Honda Elite 80 would be worth looking into if you want a bit more speed.

The Honda Elite 150 can go up to 60-65mph, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with that on the highways(at least not in my area with the way people drive).

The Helix looks like it can accomodate two, and go highway speeds comfortably.

To get the right scooter for you, you have to think about what your needs and wants are. Are you going to use it for mostly fun rides around town? For quick errands? Daily? Weekly? Seasonally? Do you need storage space? Or will you just wear a backpack? Do you want a scooter that has space for a helmet underneath the seat or on the back? If so, do you want room for a full face helmet or half helmet? What speeds are you wanting to do when riding? Are you wanting to ride solo or be able to have someone else with you? Do you care about aesthetics at all? What are the laws in your state for scooters/motorcycle licenses(here, you don't have to have one for 50cc)? What price range do you want to spend on insurance? Is gas mileage important to you?

u/aidanpryde18 · 4 pointsr/scooters

I definitely would not have a test ride of someone else's scooter be your first experience.

I recommend everyone, even if you never plan on riding a motorcylce, to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course. It's a 2.5 day course that will teach you everything you need to know to ride safely and it does it in a relatively safe, controlled environment. Depending on your area, they may even offer the Scooter Safety Course. Having to learn how to operate a manual bike at the same time may seem intimidating, but operating the controls is one of the easier parts of the course. The majority of it is how to handle the bike when things go wrong and that is something that translates directly to scooters as well.

Since you are looking at a freeway legal vehicle, you will really be doing yourself a favor to be properly trained. I have had incidents while riding that I know would have resulted in a crash had I not taken the course.

If you don't have a center in your area, I would recommend picking up the book Proficient Motorcycling. It won't replace hands-on instruction, but it will teach you the concepts that you need to understand.

Also, if you want a learner bike, go with something in the 150-200cc range. Buy it used and once you feel comfortable, you can sell it back for basically what you paid for it and purchase a bigger scoot.

Good luck and ride safe.

u/catherineirkalla · 1 pointr/scooters

Here is a tuning kit

> do the weights matter if I get some stage six one or some generic ones

Unless you are racing a decent set (of 6) is probably $10 or you can go fancy and get $15 ones. NCY weights are more like $20 but I'd consider that high end fancy schmancy.

It's worth noting that your weights should be inspected/changed every 1000 or so miles anyway, so if you bought used it would probably be good to go ahead and change them. Here is a very good GY6 service manual too BTW

You will likely also (arguably) need a torque wrench for reassembling the transmission and a clutch holder. If you don't have these you can get by using other methods or a strap wrench

Its worth noting there are also sliders that you can use instead of rollers. If it makes any difference probably has to do with the slope in your variator and the design of the slider. There are many, many different combinations.

I found one source that says:

> "for every .5 grams heavier , it seems as if you loose about 250 rpms or so. Maybe a little less. "

but I cannot say if that is accurate or not.

You might also be able to change your variator to get a little bit more difference as well. As with changing weights its something some people seem to swear by and others say does nothing. Either way companies like NCY make nice parts that may be lighter and generate less/dissapate more heat, last longer, and offer a smoother ride than stock parts. If you go this route you can usually do it one piece at a time.

I'm still pretty new to all this though :-O so by all means if someone sees I said something inaccurate let me know!

u/johnkiniston · 2 pointsr/scooters

I use RAM Mount hardware for my phone and camera, When I'm not riding the bike it's easy to remove the attachments and leave the bases in place. They also sell locks you can put on the knobs to keep people from operating them.

I'd recommend some saddlebags for shopping, It's no fun wearing a heavy backpack while riding, You can get inexpensive saddle bags that are for large dogs off amazon for pretty cheap

Alarms with pagers are not that expensive actually!

I'd recommend always locking your bike to a large immovable object, 50cc bikes are small and light and easy to pick up and toss in a van or truck if they are untethered.

I have never had my bike messed with or moved in a parking lot, I always make sure to park near the back of the space so drivers see my bike, If I'm shopping and the store has a cart corral that doesn't take up a full spot I'll park my bike in those spots with the carts.

Oh for pants if you can't afford motorcycle specific ones I'd go for a set of 'Firehose' pants, they are more durable than denim.

There was a guy who used to ride with my club that was handicapped and had a handicapped plate on his scooter, he always parked in the reserved spots and never had a problem doing so.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/scooters

This is the battery tender I've been looking at:

I did find an excellent vid on YouTube on how to change the oil and it looks super easy.

If I opt to start up the scoot every few weeks, do I need to do the battery tender, too?

Again, thank you.

u/vapeducator · 2 pointsr/scooters

A 160 mile round trip is 80 miles each way. AAA RV+Motorcycle roadside assistance covers towing up to 100 miles for 4 instances. This is the cheapest way to get your scooter there, and you'll have 2 tows left for the year.

However, I do own this motorcycle carrier that I got from Harbor Freight for under $100, using a 20% discount coupon during a sale. It works fine. I've towed 50cc, 150cc and 500cc scooters on it. It has a lower 400lb carry capacity, but it's aluminum, so it also weighs a lot less to install and stow away afterwards.

I use a Canyon Dancer II bar harness to secure the front fork and wheel securely to the carrier. I also have this set of ratcheting tie downs to secure the back of the scooter. The bar harness and tie downs are important to tightly secure the scooter down by compressing its own suspension.

U-Haul also rents motorcycle trailers rather inexpensively, but not as cheap as using AAA or having your own carrier, if you expect to need to haul the scooter more than once.

u/cherry-popsicle · 3 pointsr/scooters

Sorry this happened, but glad you still have your Ruckus!

Regarding alarms, I keep this in my scooter and turn it on every time I park:

Thing starts blaring at you if you so much as touch the scooter. It's great!

As for trackers, I've heard good things about Monimoto and just ordered one the other day. Looking forward to trying it out.

u/brokedown · 3 pointsr/scooters

. 3M High Reflective tape. This stuff is incredible if you ride at night.

. Top case with extra brake light. The extra storage is super handy, and the extra light and surface area make you easier to see. Plus, you can apply more highly reflective tape to the flat black parts of the case!

. New full face helmet, from a good brand, and with good reviews.

. Full tune-up with oil change, air filter, spark plug. Check your brake pads, tire pressure, and tread depth while you're at it.

u/JakeFortune · 4 pointsr/scooters

Definitely stand up. If not, you'll possibly run into issues with fuel getting in to the evap canister and even issues with how the oil reservoir is filled. To do the best job strapping it down, you might want to look into a set of Canyon Dancers like this

u/cheapngood · 1 pointr/scooters

Right on! Lots of scooters have an AC/DC eletrical system. The basic things, like the igntion, headlight and taillight run on alternating current directly from the stator. "Extras" like turn signals and brake light run off direct current from the battery, and a small portion of the AC from the stator is converted to DC by the rectifier to charge the battery.
With the scooter off:
Good, charged battery will read 12.6 to 12.8 volts across the battery terminals.

A "flat" battery will read 12 volts and probably not crank the bike.

A battery with less than 10 volts is likely dead, deceased, never to work again.
With the scooter running, and good charged battery installed:
Voltage across the battery terminals should be 13 to 15 volts.
You might have to rev the bike a little to see it charging like that.
Every time you crank the bike, it takes 10 minutes or more of riding to charge the battery back up. Sometimes scooters charge so little on their own, they can never catch up.

If you keep recharging your booster pack and hooking it up, it may eventually "leak" enough voltage into the scooter battery to get it to a point where the scooter can finish charging it.

Otherwise, I recommend this charger: It turns itself on and off automatically, adjusting the current as necessary, so it can be left plugged in any time you come home.

u/No_Warhawkz · 2 pointsr/scooters

I second this! Sounds like a great deal if it's actually running well!

I suggest this thing to ever Ruckus owner too:

Life saver for real.

u/deathbytray · 2 pointsr/scooters

Some low-effort accessories that I like:

  1. Suction cup drink holder:

  2. Top case. Seriously, topcases are great.

  3. Grip lock:

  4. Battery Tender.
u/shitstainjane · 1 pointr/scooters

What I did was buy a mount for my phone. Then I just use the phone as GPS and for listening to music. The mount that I got was a RAM.

Combination of




And once mounted it looks something like this

Except that I have my phone turned sideways, not straight up like that.

Then I just put my headphones, put on my helmet over it, and attach them to the phone when I need GPS and I am good to go.

u/schumi23 · 1 pointr/scooters

The fuel filter had never been replaced and I could see visible dirt in it. I'll just get a new one and clamps (something like this seems right?)
For the vacuuum petcock something like would be good? I didn't see anything to suggest it was broken but if it is known to break and cheap to replace may as well do it and have a more reliable bike.

u/dagbrown · 2 pointsr/scooters

Motorcycle battery chargers are relatively inexpensive (say, on Amazon for instance). It's definitely a worthwhile investment, especially if you're going to make a habit of leaving your scooter alone for extended periods.

u/bp_spets · 1 pointr/scooters

Here's mine:

I did the following to increase storage:

Scooter Logic Saddlebags from Amazon

Underseat Storage Tray from eBay

I used the saddle bags for storing rain gear / gloves / etc. The underseat will store smaller items. Big stuff goes on the floorboard.

u/Teamfour · 4 pointsr/scooters

This works well for me. Installed under seat.

Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft...

u/jggimi · 1 pointr/scooters


  1. There are several editions of Haynes manuals, such as Chinese Taiwanese & Korean Scooters Revised 2014.

  2. You describe a 2% grade. While I cannot find anything in a quick Internet search regarding specific grades and 50cc scooter performance, there are some results a quick search will find you. You won't like what you find regarding "steep" hills. Some quick googling will inform a reader to expect poor performance with 2-strokes on climbs, and worse performance with 4-strokes on climbs. I found many "walking speed" descriptions of hill climbs, though the rider's weight will have significant impact on performance. One page I found during this brief search should be particularly helpful, as it covers both performance and safety:

  3. Laws where you live govern operation of powered vehicles on bike lanes and sidewalks. Where I live, both are illegal. Where you live, both might be legal. Spend a few minutes researching what is legal or not legal where you live. Visit your local DMV to get any questions answered that an Internet search does not answer. Note: "derestricting" a 50cc bike to get a few more mph from it may be easy, or may be very complex -- it depends on the bike. But it may not be lawful unless the bike and operator are appropriately licensed and insured. Here, it's fine to derestrict if the bike is re-registered as a motorcycle and the operator has a motorcycle endorsement, but is not legal otherwise. You'll need to do some simple research regarding laws and regulations where you live. There is nothing consistent in how these are treated.


    ^(edited to correct two typos)
u/Heretic04 · 1 pointr/scooters

The only real way to secure it would be to chain it to something solid since most scooters are stolen by a couple of guys hoisting it into the back of a pickup truck.

But since that's not an option for most, I suggest one of these [brake disc locks] ( but more importantly, get full coverage insurance with a low deductible.

u/action_packed · 5 pointsr/scooters

You could buy a scooter cover alarm like this one here

u/electron_junkie · 1 pointr/scooters

These are the bar mitts I am using. They are a bit bulky on my Zuma/BWs but keep out the wind and rain.

u/EYESoftheHAWK · 1 pointr/scooters

There are also underseat bags and saddlebags.

ETA - Sorry, didn't realize this was so old :P

u/housedogmartyfavor · 1 pointr/scooters

I modified a set of kolpin ATV mitts to use for the winters in NYC. I cut two holes in the top and screw the rearview mirrors through the mitts. This way they can't get stolen (lost a different pair less than 1 week after buying).

Before these I wore two sets of gloves and would still end up with numb hands by the end of my 30 minute commute home in the winter. Last winter with the mitts I rode throughout with just a single set of riding gloves.

u/enbay1 · 1 pointr/scooters

Not to mention if you're going to be working on a bike being able to remove stupid JIS or Phillips screws without stripping them is invaluable. Buy this and move on with your life. JIS tip not included.

u/pbae · 1 pointr/scooters

The padlock would definitely stop your scooter from rolling but one day, you might forget it's on there and try to take off which would cause some damage.

They sell [disc brake locks] ( that come with a coiled strap that you attach to your handlebars after attaching the lock to your disc. The strap is a reminder that you have the disc brake attached before you try and take off.

I just got and installed one of [these] (

Although it's just an alarm without an ignition kill, it is pretty loud and it only took me about an hour to install.

This alarm also has the option of adding a 2-way remote which supposedly works for up to a 1/2 mile away and it notifies you if your alarm is going off.

I highly recommend this alarm if you could spare $100 bucks.

u/atotalpro · 2 pointsr/scooters

I would check the fuel petcock and the vacuum line that goes to it. The TaoTao I just bought used, had a similar issue and there was a vacuum leak in the line that goes from the intake to the petcock. Also, check that vacuum line for fuel as that is a sign that the diaphragm in the petcock has failed.

u/cla_ydoh · 4 pointsr/scooters

Have you checked to see if there is fuel getting to the carb? There probably is a vacuum fuel valve between the fuel filter and the carb, bolted to the frame. If the hose is cracked or torn, or the valve is bad, the carb won't get enough, or any, fuel. Try bypassing it and try starting it then.

I had this exact issue, though mine would start and idle just fine, but die after about a minute on throttle. Got a new carb, same issue. Found I had a torn vacuum hose at that fuel valve. I replaced the hose, and it ran just fine. For a little while. It would die after a few more minutes. I bypassed the valve, and it ran properly all day. So I checked the valve by sucking on the vac hose and seeing how much fuel was flowing out of the fuel line to the carb, and found it was just a trickle.


A replacement is about 6 dollars, and at least is an easy thing to check before you order.