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u/shadoskill · 1 pointr/secondlife
There is a 17" model for a bit more money.

Got mine from amazon for 1000$ USD (Google says thats 860 Euro?) As long as u run sl with the nvidia gpu(adding a exe to the auto start list) it will run like a dream.

As a heads up Second life hardware wise the CPU is most important, then ram, then gpu.

Since sl can only use 1 cpu core the better the cpu that can do single threaded tasks the better, the gpu is mainly used for shadows, shaders, and a few other settings.

u/allthegoo · 1 pointr/secondlife

Thanks for posting the link to the podcast, looks interesting and can't wait to give it a listen. You might enjoy Hugh Howey's story The Plagiarist which deals with the death of a virtual world. Well worth the $0.99!

u/spookyspooks · 2 pointsr/secondlife

You can thank this book. It's required reading in some of the anthro classes at my school and probably a ton of others, meaning a whole lot of class projects about Second Life.

u/BubbleGumSelf · 1 pointr/secondlife

Anyone read the book mentioned in the article Coming of Age in Second Life?