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u/RottieMama726 · 3 pointsr/servicedogs

My custom cards a friend made for me are worded/designed to look like they’re more fun facts about service dogs than the basic rules and rights. They also have a website name/QR code that connects the reader to the ADA site as well as our Instagram handle.

these are by far my favorite and the most popular ready-made law cards, and they are super effective and informative, while also being completely 200% legal. (I have also pulled the image of this card both front and back off of google images and printed out my own cards on business card paper (like Avery brand etc) cuz I too am broke af)

u/bookishpeach · 7 pointsr/servicedogs

Yes to everything that has already been said here. I'd also recommend purchasing these ADA Law cards:

Keep them on hand and give them out as needed. I'm from Michigan, and we have a local number that we can call to report access issues. I let them know that legally they are only allowed to ask me the two questions and that they can only ask my dog to leave if she is misbehaving. My state doesn't protect SDiTs, but if your state does, print out that information and keep it on you.

I also have on hand printed out copies of ADA's FAQ page (and point out the most important section):

Q17. Does the ADA require that service animals be certified as service animals?

A. No.  Covered entities may not require documentation, such as proof that the animal has been certified, trained, or licensed as a service animal, as a condition for entry.

There are individuals and organizations that sell service animal certification or registration documents online. These documents do not convey any rights under the ADA and the Department of Justice does not recognize them as proof that the dog is a service animal.

It's frustrating to have to constantly educate people especially when you have an invisible disability. It's time consuming and can often aggravate our illnesses. So do whatever you have to do to keep yourself sane and healthy.

My state has a voluntary registration for fully trained service dogs. But I don't whip that out because I want businesses to be aware of federal law and be compliant with it. Honestly, you're going to have to deal with this issue often enough that eventually you'll become a pro at it.

Good luck!

u/SpriteDarters · 1 pointr/servicedogs

OneTigris for gear. They have the best quality and is practical. I love their leash and vest! In addition I have a Liberty Wristband so I don’t even have to hold onto the leash! It’s so helpful with my wheelchair.

u/6tardis6 · 2 pointsr/servicedogs

That harness is almost identical to this one, except it's orange and has a hearing dog patch. If I were you, I'd get it, knowing that if I have a problem with it, Amazon is super great about returns.

Also, congratulations!

u/raptorette-try2 · 4 pointsr/servicedogs

For exercising the body, as well as the mind, i like body awareness exercises. You need some equipment (like 2 ball cushions, or four halfround massage balls), a little more expensive are the k9 fitpaws. I just use the equipment for humans, which i got cheap from someone who thought buying exercise equipment without using it would do the trick :).
You can also do some cavaletti training.

There are facebook groups, where you can get a lot of inspiration for free.

u/sagittarius_a_star · 1 pointr/servicedogs

I found this same product, but this one has three reviews and they're all positive :)

u/kat1010 · 1 pointr/servicedogs

Permanent is not ideal, however it may be an option and its always worth asking. Just don't take it personally if they say no. I used a metal permanent crate when I used to swim competitively, in my young years. Being in the pool 2 hrs in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, I was able to work things out with the pool staff, and my coach to make sure my SD had a secure place to be while I was in the pool. The metal one I used could be folded flat when we weren't using it. So it was tucked away in a storage room, and then placed on an extra large plastic step to make sure he didn't get wet when I was there.

Traveling with the team, he would walk me to the starting point and then I would pass his leash on to a designated team mate who would wait with him while I swam.

Those days are long behind me now, however hopefully I can give you some ideas.

Something like this:

u/ParkieDude · 1 pointr/servicedogs

Teamwork I & II.
Not everyone likes these books, but just helps jog my memory as we have worked a lot with a trainer (I forget my words like "with me" for heeling to the right)

If you are training for Mobility Work, always have full x-rays done and work with a professional in fitting a harness, etc. We owe it those partners who are so faithful to us.

I use a freedom harness and two leashes(short traffic loop for when I need help with curbs, loose surface,inclines) and 4' lead for most walking. My Golden Retriever helps me with balance as needed (so not a full harness) and a few other task.

Photo shows both leashes. SD is in "total relation mode", I often fall asleep when just sitting. No activity, and I'm out. So notice the longer leash looped around my foot, normally enough to wake me, but SD will also tell me "doc's here, wake up!"

edit: words fail me at times

u/SecondBee · 1 pointr/servicedogs

This one

The one I had before is this one which had a better front pouch I could put the ball in, but it wore out in only a few months, while the first one I linked is still going strong around a year later.

u/JaylieJoy · 13 pointsr/servicedogs

Do NOT get an ID. People who use IDs make it harder for the next person who comes along with a legit SD but no ID. It teaches businesses to expect that "real" service dogs have certification cards.

If you want to carry something, carry these. They contain all the information a gatekeeper needs.

Amazon has some good vests and your style preferences will depend on you and your needs.

u/Jeanlee03 · 1 pointr/servicedogs

You could try using bag bomb to help with the chafing. There are also several types of vests/capes that buckle at the neck and stomach instead of under the armpits. Something like this even:

u/Teh_Shadow_Fang · 1 pointr/servicedogs

I got this one through ebay, but that store sold out. freind of mine also got one for her service pomeranian. She bought through this link.

u/SK_Durham · 2 pointsr/servicedogs

We also have a two-pronged approach. A tower of drawers in a closet similar to THIS, but taller/more drawers, and a go-bag that sits near the door similar to THIS.

u/Anon24681357910 · 9 pointsr/servicedogs

I’m assuming you’re in the US? If not, none of this applies to you.

No there’s not. Well it exists but it’s not federally backed and holds no standing.

Some handlers pay the stupid thing to “have proof” for the uneducated business owners. Those handlers see it’s easier to let people believe what they want and to hand them some official looking slice of plastic but then that causes problems for you because they expect you to have it when you have no reason to have it.

There is absolutely no registry, certificate, award or anything. The ONLY thing an employee/owner can as is 1) is that a service animal? And 2) what tasks does it perform? They aren’t allowed to ask for documentation, doctors note or anything. I would HIGHLY suggest she gets something like (or make them) this to carry with her. (they are not certifications. It’s just a handy card with a summary of the US laws and the ADA number they can call if they have questions.