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u/use_more_lube · 3 pointsr/sexpertslounge

Some time (not in bed, just casual around time) bring it up, and ask what she'd like to hear. That's your best bet.

If she's shy about discussing it, have her write some things down for you to try.

After play, talk about the experience. Did she like it? Would she like it rougher or more gentle?

Props to you for being flexible and accommodating!

Also, if things progress further, I suggest you check out this book it's a fantastic resource, even if you're just into a little rough and a little dirty.

u/Lunchbox5000 · 2 pointsr/sexpertslounge

At the University of New Orleans there is an extremely informative Sex-ed class, taunt by Dr. King. This is the textbook. I still have mine and read it often. Very useful stuff from the how-it-works to sexual behavior and habits, STDs, pregnancy and contraceptives like condoms and many different form of birth control. Most importantly there's alot about how to talk and communicate about sex with your SO. I've found some of the research and numbers, statistics on certain things to be slightly outdated, alot of it being from the 80's, early 90's though this looks like a newer version than the one I have. Still a fantastic source of good information.

u/hazyjen · 6 pointsr/sexpertslounge

I am a huge fan of LELO brand sex toys. They are made of the highest quality materials, and while they are pricier than $50, they are THE BEST. I would especially suggest these two: and

I have both, and let me tell you, they have not let me down!

u/Rufio-Rufio-RUFIO · 1 pointr/sexpertslounge

the key things that seem to unavoidably fade in long term relationships are tension and variety. there's a school of thought that postulates that we evolved to lose sexual interest after prolonged monogamy...the body's way of encouraging genetic diversity.

but if you do want to keep at this and try to relight the fire, may I recommend:

sounds cheesy I know, but if you do look into it, I'd like to know what you think.


u/bobbity__boopy · 1 pointr/sexpertslounge

This is going to sound harsh, but you asked for advice...

I would suggest watching some porn yourself and taking notes. If he gets hard while you kiss, he most likely isn't the problem. I have a book entitled [The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex] You may think you're okay in the sack, but this book helps girls to know how to take charge in the bedroom.

Maybe you're more into it than he is, but there's a problem. You two need to talk about it, or you can take charge and fix what you need to fix.

If this doesn't work, then maybe it's time to move on. =/ You have to have good sex in order for it to work.

u/TLSOK · 1 pointr/sexpertslounge

I'm thinking this Swiss woman is the top expert in the world on such things:

Benita Cantieni

Get this ebook:

Tiger Feeling

u/JoePants · 2 pointsr/sexpertslounge

Watch porn together. Maybe get some reading material (not fap stuff, but real sexuality stuff).

He might find this useful (I'm serious):