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u/RollingRoman · 1 pointr/shortcuts

Hey, guys! I've got a great book about Morning Routine. It's short but has all the essential information on this topic. By the way, these days it's totally FREE, so you can read it right now without any expenses. Hope you'll enjoy it. If so, I ask you to leave an honest review about it

Here is the direct link:

u/SK4T3RG4M3R · 3 pointsr/shortcuts

I found some of the url schemes

The one for Amazon is


Where “B01LYSNZA5” is the product id.

Google assistant’s url scheme is simply googleassistant:// but that’s not very useful since it doesn’t provide any parameters AFAIK.

Walmart’s URL scheme is


Where “47238655” is the product code.

Good luck creating the shortcut

u/Xaositek · 4 pointsr/shortcuts

I have been using these very successfully -

If I recall any NTAG216 will work pretty darn well

u/Yaldeh · 2 pointsr/shortcuts

I have NTAG 215 and they work great!


Here is the link for what I use!

u/dmetzcher · 1 pointr/shortcuts

I haven't noticed any issues with reading and writing NTAG215 tags. Could be that the tags you have are the issue. I bought these. I've used Shortcuts' automations to assign them to shortcuts, and I've also been using Smart NFC to write data to them. The app is great (I think I saw it mentioned first in this sub).

u/qfletcher89 · 4 pointsr/shortcuts

You could tie a card, or any nfc sticker around your home or workplace to trigger shortcuts like turning off the light, playing playlists, sending messages, or doing all three, there are just too many possibilities!

u/CondescendingCracka · 41 pointsr/shortcuts

I bought cheap ones on amazon that work well. Here ya go

Link formatting isn’t working

u/bgue48 · 27 pointsr/shortcuts

Could always just get lil stickers instead, I got a pack of 25 here and highly recommend to anyone looking

u/firemanjoe911 · 1 pointr/shortcuts

So, here is an interesting problem that I have run into.


I purchased these batteries from amazon and on the barcode, directly below, there is a 10 digit set of numbers; however, the actual UPC is below that with the proper 12 digits.


The app only scans where the barcode is and doesn't recognize the UPC since it's invalid and only contains 10 digits. Would there be a work around? when I scan the barcode with the Amazon app itself, it loads the product itself.

u/InsaneNinja · 4 pointsr/shortcuts

Apple takes full advantage of Wifi-Direct, so you may end up not even needing to put your phone on WiFi all that often. Or just simply turn off Auto-Join.

Personally I would use a little Wi-Fi re-broadcaster with a hidden SSID. Such as this.

u/ISaidSarcastically · 3 pointsr/shortcuts

Glad I found this thread dont buy this brand

Every time you do a passive scan it notifies you to visit their website in safari. Is there any way to remove that?

Edit: bad link, referring to another product other than one commenter suggested

u/xx99 · 1 pointr/shortcuts

They’re not cheap, but they exist.

u/ChickenWingDildo · 1 pointr/shortcuts

iPhone 11 pro. I got these tags

50 x NTAG215 NTAG 215 NFC Stickers 100% Guaranteed to Work Perfectly with TagMo! (45 Pieces + 5 Bonus!)

u/I_Am_Now_Anonymous · 1 pointr/shortcuts

I’ve had a similar idea. You can get an alarm clock which can record a few voices if you don’t have a spare device. It was about $25 on Amazon

u/sebapro186 · 53 pointsr/shortcuts

These Timeskey NFC Stickers from Amazon
work flawlessly with the latest iOS beta.

I use them to Airplay my currently playing music directly to my Apple TV when I get home and scan it.

u/chefchip1965 · 6 pointsr/shortcuts

These from amazon work fine

GoToTags Blank White NFC PVC ISO Cards - NTAG215-25 Pack

u/kendals · 2 pointsr/shortcuts

12PCS NFC Tags Sticker NTAG215 1...

Been using these for a while. They work quite well with my iPhone 11.

u/colide81 · 2 pointsr/shortcuts

It could be the NFC tags that you got, I watched a video by one of the guys who used to be on the workflow team and he said not all NFC tags work as good as others. He tested a bunch out and gave his recommendations.

Also he does YouTube videos, they are really informative!

The tags I got-

Matt’s video about nfc tags -

His YouTube channel -

u/BobTheJedi · 2 pointsr/shortcuts

having issues with NXP tagwriter or the tag itself, I bought these today and trying to format them in NXP tag writer with my Nexus 6. I've tried the URL/URI link option but the my XS max does not automatically read them. I have to use the NXP tagwriter or NFC reader app for it to recognize the tags. Am I missing something or just chose the wrong NFC tags?


My URI is formatted like this:

Title: Title

URI: shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=[shortcut]


It doesn't like the URL option it says "Invalid URL Prefix, so it formats in URI

I tried the text option as well

I don't seem to get it to get the dropdown that asks to run the shortcut


EDIT: NVM figured it out, you have to leave the Title out of it, it is only the URI text, if you have title info it doesn't get the dropdown automatically...

So its Link > URI Type > URI: shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=[shortcut] and make sure Description is left blank! all other options are default