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u/Unspoken_Myth · 1 pointr/shroomers

You know, I initially thought to go with small batches, but I decided against it and went with a monotub. I'm so so glad I did.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting a pressure cooker especially if you decide to do a monotub- and a good one at that. This is the one I purchased and it has done wonders for me. You really don't want to start everything up, use spores, and find out that your pressure cooker didn't reach high enough temperature for long enough, and all your jars get contaminated, and you have to throw all of them away wasting nearly a month and a half of time (me, three times in a row).

I recommend ordering spores or syringes (You can purchase a spore syringe for like five to ten bucks, but I prefer spores because 1 spore print makes 5-10 syringes for the same price) from r/SporeSwap. I store all of my syringes in the fridge, and all of the prints in the fridge as well.

Here is what I followed in regards to things for beginners:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I also want to make the case one more time for doing monotubs if you have the space. You will be much happier with your yield I think, and as long as you properly store them (use a dehydrator on fresh mushrooms at about 115 F until they are cracker dry, store with a desiccant in a vacuum sealed bag. The nice thing is when properly treated, they stay good for a loooong time. Plus, it's super easy to make some cash on the side if you're into that kind of thing because you will have so so much left over.

This is pretty much everything you need to know, besides how to inoculate. That's an easy step though, ask google. Shoot me a pm if you're having trouble with anything related to monotubs.

u/morescience · 1 pointr/shroomers

I'd like to add my two cents and say that while PF tek is generally regarded as the entry point for mushroom growers, I actually think inoculating grains and bulk coir spawn in monotubs is an easier process overall, costs perhaps only a little more, and produces so much more than cakes. Also, monotubs are so easy and just set-it-and-forget-it.

Everything you really need to know about growing mushrooms can be found in RR's Let's Grow Mushrooms series. The series costs $8.99 and is really well worth it, but Frank's 12 steps to Shrooms is a really nice, concise (free) guide with everything you need to know about the method, and How Frank Gets Shit Done is a really awesome link list where he expands on every aspect of his methods.

A pressure cooker is really a necessary investment if you're remotely serious about growing, but it's also a bit of an outlay for a first timer. But really only a bit: I own this Presto 23 qt model, which is enough to do 7 quart jars of grain (really all the capacity you'll ever need), and it's only 90 bucks shipped and works great.

Probably the biggest limiting factor in any first time grow is keeping your procedures sterile when they need to be, and it may be that wild bird seed is simply more vulnerable to contaminates than verm/brf. I've used a basic glove box from day one, and I would definitely say that I had more contamination in more of my jars of wbs than I did doing PF tek. However, I only did a couple of PF grows before moving on to the bulk tek, and when I was finally successful, my first monotub yielded over 200 dry grams (inoculation to harvest took a little less than two months). Your syringe has the potential to do at least two tubs.

Anyway, I would say whatever method you decide to use, don't expect to be able to run out and buy every single thing you need tomorrow. It may be technically possible, but I would take some time to do some research, find out where you may be willing to drop a little extra coin to make things easier on yourself (injectable lids are very nice, although they can also be made yourself), and relax, those spores aren't going anywhere, they'll last months in your fridge.

u/WubbaLubbaDubStep · 9 pointsr/shroomers

Check out the PF-Tek method. I can't link it b/c I'm at work... but you should google and do a lot of research. Watch a bunch of Youtube tutorials. PF-Tek is the easiest and most reliable (IMO) for a first time grower. If you are interested in supplies, you basically need:

For the substrate:

  • 8 oz. wide mouth mason jars
  • vermiculite (you want fine ground... closer resembling sand as apposed to small rocks)
  • brown rice flour
  • Foil
  • Spore syringes (you can PM /u/seekknowledge and he will hook you up)
  • Pressure cooker or pot/steamer combo with a lid

    For your fruiting chamber:

  • Sterilite container (can be found at home depot)
  • perlite (found in the gardening section at home depot)


  • Rubbing alcohol (sterilization)
  • Rubber gloves (for inoculation)
  • A drill to drill holes into you fruiting chamber to provide fresh air exchange (FAE)
  • Food dehydrator for when your little buddies are picked and need to be dried.

    And that's about it. There are some luxury items you could also buy like a fan for further providing FAE, or even an air pump to pump fresh air into the container.

    I would recommend buying your own items separately. When you buy a whole kit, you are paying for a lot of stuff you may not need and all the supplies are easily available on Amazon or at Home Depot/Lowes.

    I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out, but that will get you started. Just one piece of advice... research, research, research. This isn't a quick turn-around project. It takes months from inoculation until you have dried product. If you skip steps, you may have wasted quite a bit of time.

    PM me if you have questions. I'm also somewhat a noob but I've had some successful grows.
u/BarryZZZ · 2 pointsr/shroomers

Agar plates are best used and handled "upside down" with the surface of the agar facing down. It's harder for crud to fall up.

Put a speck on a plate or two and have five or six as backups. This is a multispore culture so a bunch of siblings should start up and go into completion for space. As the growth spreads clear wedge shaped separations should appear as some of the siblings outrun the weaker ones. You can take an inoculum from the leading edge of a fast grower to transfer to clean plates, grow that out and you are ready to go to grains. Just cut a hunk of colonize agar out with a sterilized X-acto blade.

Got mold? Resistance is futile.

What if the first bit of gill shows mycelium and bacterial or yeast contaminants?

Cut a slab of agar out of a clean plate and cover that entirely with it. The mycelium can easily grow through and emerge on top, clean. The bacteria or yeast will remain trapped beneath. Source: Paul Stamets

Hit YouTube for vids on basic aseptic technique. The learning curve on agar can be steep, the rewards are huge.

u/TriggerNutzofDOOM · 1 pointr/shroomers

I ordered my jars from Amazon because I also couldn't find the wide mouth jars at Home Depot/Walmart/Ace/Lowes. Dfw-guy is spot on, he is a helpful dude. Good luck dude, hope you get some nice fruits!

u/_mycelia · 2 pointsr/shroomers

If you have the money, Excalibur dehydrators are incredibly nice. Otherwise, the nesco dehydrators like this one work great. Make sure you go through Amazon or someone who will handle warranty issues for you, though.

u/permanomad · 3 pointsr/shroomers

Read Paul Stamets book Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms, and also The Mushroom Cultivator which details a lot of info on spore storage and culture practises.

Its so easy to get one contam spore into whatever you're doing - ordinary air has so many contam spores in just 1cm^3, its almost impossible to work 100% sterile. But not to worry: the best we can do as cultivators is hold off the inevitable. A good cultivator will do what he or she can to work clean but all the time understands that all grows will ultimately end in contamination - thats just natures way.

The contaminations themselves often sporulate on the surface of cube spores which after finding residence on nutrient media will then 'piggy-back' using the spores which touch each other. The contaminations can often be 50 times smaller, and so can easily rest like a pest on the spores surface. An electron microscopy picture can really show you well what I'm trying to say here. They also reproduce far faster than their larger basidiospore cousins in the cubensis family, so can out compete them for the available resources that you have so kindly provided for them.

Its not that having a lot of spores in a syringe is a bad thing, its just that throughout my experience with cubes I've found that 'less is more' - the more spread out the spores are from each other, the more you can isolate the good strains and culture out the contams. :)

u/Loudhale · 1 pointr/shroomers

I strongly suggest you watch this, then find or buy the whole DVD. It is comprehensive, and RR is well respected (mod on Shroomery). It is, give or take, gospel.

You can find the exact mason jars for BRF cakes here.


You can probably get them cheaper if you are in the US, or bulk buy from

u/xPofsx · 2 pointsr/shroomers

Ok, I'll tell you what you can do to get a few oz's of shroomy delight for yourself for a measly ~$150.

This is going to be my take on growing, or in other words - pofs' tek. Yea...I like the sound of that. Except it's not going to be very detailed.

Pofs' Tek - A guide for the partially lazy

So, basically, I cut out a few steps - that of making your own substrate and and sterilizing it and prepping a bunch of jars and grain spawn. I use Out-Grow's bulk supplies package which consists of 4 quart jars of sterilized rye grain, and 4 lbs of compost (manure-based substrate) and it costs $35 + shipping which was $15 for me for a total of $50

Then I used a 13.5qt clear bin I bought from amazon made by Iris, which cost $5/ea + $4 shipping (which is a steal in bulk, but you'll only need 1 for this guide) which will cost $9, or $59 total

I did this inside so I used a Timer($7), a Lamp Cord ($9), and a 6500k cfl ($8) for a total of $24 on this part (which can be replaced by sunlight if you have a room with natural lighting) and a total of $83

I used spores from - b+ to be specific. I've switched to's spores since, because they are cheaper and come with a lot more spores inside the syringe. You'll run around $15-$30 for spores no matter where you get em and bring the total to $113 assuming $30 for syringe and shipping.

I also bought Polyfill ($7) for a total of $120 bare minimum start price.

And now you have all of the essentials.

I'll write the growing process later.

u/lysergidelic · 1 pointr/shroomers

No worries man! I’m about to start my fourth grow when my spores come in so I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s such a fun process and I’m constantly learning more and more. You should check out this book called The Mushroom Cultivator. It’s such an invaluable reference tool that I’m constantly flipping through when I’ve got questions.

Edit: It’s a little dated, and PF-Tek was published about 10 years later, but everything in the book is still valuable and informative.

u/YellowBrickChode · 1 pointr/shroomers

I found that pressure cooker on Craigslist brand new for $20. Some really nice old lady down the street was selling it. It's regularly sold for $45 on Amazon. As for the grand total, I think it's somewhere around $150-$200. I 'm too tired to add it up now but I'll PM you if you're interested.

u/BugsRucker · 1 pointr/shroomers

this Nesco.

edit: $8 over your budget but get over it :)

u/karma_means_nothing_ · 2 pointsr/shroomers

I have a book, Psilocybin Mushrooms of The World, and in it there's a pic of this woman with a wide brimmed hat that has spore prints all around it. She walks around town spreading billions of spores without a care in the world. I love that kind of initiative.

EDIT: Found it!

u/Djinnerator · 1 pointr/shroomers

Yup, soak 24h with gypsum. This is what I've been using.

Edit: Oh yeah a difference I just noticed, I soak it in hot water. Well, it's initially hot and cools down over the 24h period. Not sure if that would make a difference.

u/gamyak · 2 pointsr/shroomers

Entire books have been written on this subject and all of them agree that several factors go into making a trip insightful. Some of these factors are: set, setting, drug, dose, and guide. Unfortunately for you, 1.25g of cubensis isn't great and since you are doing this tomorrow and still asking for advice, you probably don't have a great set or guide. That leaves you with making sure you have one hell of a setting. Really though, just have fun tomorrow. If you want a more insightful trip, do a bit of reading up on the subject, start meditating, and give yourself plenty of time to make sure everything is set up just right before your next trip. By the way, here is one of me favorite books on the subject.

u/jigpi · 1 pointr/shroomers

Half Pint Wide Mouth Jars (12)

These are the jars that I bought for my shrooms.

You of course also have to pressure cook your jars with the verm and BRF mix for 90 minutes.

Don’t be dirty :p

good luck!!!

u/MasterMush · 3 pointsr/shroomers

It's this one right here. I use the same one. Fantastic piece of equipment. Actually may not be exactly the same one, but looks very similar. Anyways, I have the one I linked and it's worked great. Bought used and have had no problems.

u/noob12341234 · 3 pointsr/shroomers

Like this?

BetterFungi 3 Lb Sterilized Grain Bag with Injection Port (Rye) - Make Your Own Master Grain Spawn

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/shroomers

no. get the stuff yourself at stores and such. this way you know exactly what is going on. You can go big as hell for about 250$, bigger than this kit.

Heres your supply list

Quart jars -12$ for a pack of 12

Aluminum foil- cheap

spores- find a good shroomery sponsor

Pressure cooker- just got this bad boy the other day. get it.

Some 66 gallon sterilite tubs - ~10 dollars each where i get them

some rye berries or wild bird seed - i get it at whole foods by the pound. cheap

vermiculite - 5$ a 32oz bag i believe where i live

coco coir- ~10$ a 3 pack at petsmart

some sterilie supplies such as gloves and isopropyl alcohol and disinfectant spray. etc.

If you want any help at all shoot me a message! im more than happy to help.

u/MycTyson · 2 pointsr/shroomers

SFD is awesome, especially because you can put silicone dabs on either side in the same spot and you've got yourself a SFD filter with an SSIP.

I have plenty of improvised jars (salsa cans, regular mouth pint jars, pasta sauce jars, honey jars, pickle jars etc...) that I have used these tyvek + silicone SSIP lids on and my only advice is to get the gasket silicone as compared to cheap store brand silicone because it takes the beating from repeated injection and repeated sterilizing much better in my opinion.

Alternatively, bags are fun to use. There are spawn bags and grow bags, and again I'll add a SSIP (...and let it cure! The silicone needs to cure first or you'll make a mess.) before sterilizing the bag and inoculating.

I've tried plastic lids, but for some reason they warped and/or contaminated consistently. I didn't like having to use the rubber gasket either, I suppose in retrospect I should have just siliconed the gasket into place. Perhaps it was the particular ones I purchased, but I didn't care for them much myself.

u/4eyedrabbit · 1 pointr/shroomers

Look for millet. (Wbs)

Look for rye grain. I buy off amazon Rye Berries, 10 Pound Box

Or you could buy oats. If you live near a farm supply store they’d have it. It’s for horses

u/Blazeron · 2 pointsr/shroomers

These are the ones I use. They are short and wide which is better than the taller alternative. Shorter jars mean faster colonization time and less likelihood it will stall towards the end. I've never come into any problem birthing them as the walls are straight as an arrow on the inside.

u/MikeHologist · 1 pointr/shroomers

Wait until the jars are cool enough to touch and inspect them. If the jars are not cracked, go ahead and sterilize them. If any of the jars are cracked, go ahead and throw them away and use the remaining jars that are not cracked.

Look into a pressure cooker for next time. This one will hold 10 quart-sized jars.

u/MasterFunk · 1 pointr/shroomers

sorry lmao, this is the same one theyre selling for 150 at my hardware store, I think it might be worth it for me to hook up some sort of online banking for amazon, maybe ill buy one of those pizza cards -_- stupid internet

u/SuchAFungi · 1 pointr/shroomers

I've been using one of these, Prestige Hi Dome Aluminium 6 Litre Pressure Cooker - Silver

Fits 4 jam jars.

u/Jewba1 · 9 pointsr/shroomers

You should read How To Change Your Mind.

The chapters dealing with depression and anxiety really blew my mind and may shed some light on whats going on when you dose.