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u/MoistSquid · 15 pointsr/softwaregore

Not OP, but we've deployed Ubiquiti products in a few of our enterprise customers and it is running great. I am not sure how much you already know about networking, but I'll explain for anyone else reading.

First, some background to fully understand what it is you are trying to do. The thing that most consumers call "routers" are really three things: a router, a switch, and an access point. TLDR the router portion is the thing that actually moves traffic between machines, the switch extends how many physical ethernet ports you have, and the access point gives you wifi.

The Ubiquiti Access Points (UAP) are just access points. You will still need a router to route traffic, and your consumer one will work just fine for most people. If you are looking to get something more SOHO, Ubiquiti also makes their own router/firewall (check out USG, or ideally EdgeRouter). For all intents and purposes, it is a pretty good idea to separate the roles of your network (physical appliances for the router, firewall, wireless, etc...), and you can have as many UAP's as you'd like for wireless. The UAP's run off of Ubiquiti's 24V Power-over-Ethernet (POE), which can be provided via a POE injector or with a Ubiquiti Switch (either Unifi or EdgeMax). So for a basic network, you'll disable the wireless functionality on your consumer router, and plug a UAP into a port (obviously you'll need to pass it through the POE injector first). Rinse and repeat for however many UAP's you want, maybe another one on the other side of the house for example.

The UAP is pretty useless on its own, though. It needs a piece of software called the Unifi Controller. The software is free, and you can run it on Windows, Linux, or with Ubiquiti's appliance called the Cloud Key. Within Unifi Controller, you'll setup the UAP's; e.g. setting the visible wifi name (SSID), security, channels, etc... It isn't too complicated, the interface is really intutive and anyone who is even slightly technical could figure it out. The controller also serves another really important feature, which is zero-handoff. As long as the controller is running, your device will connect to the access point with the best signal. This is the seamless switching you asked about.

Ubiquiti also is focused on mesh networking, although we are generally pretty against that for businesses for reliability reasons. Of course, the exception to that is Cisco Meraki, which is a hybrid that will self-heal. If you lie and say you are an IT professional, you can get a free Meraki with a 3 year license. Just make sure that you follow the rules.

As a note, I would stick to the UAP AC's. They are the newer version and run great. For consumers, the UAP-AC-LITE is going to work fine. Obviously there is more to networking and wireless solutions than what I went over here, but this is the general gist of it.

u/JTadaki · 2 pointsr/softwaregore

四/よん/yon = 4
Try if you have iOS. I'm not sure if Imiwa is on Android, this app serves as a dictionary.

Also checkout the 1st Genki textbook and workbook, they are used by schools all over the US and my professor teaches from it daily.

Textbook: GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese (English and Japanese Edition)

Workbook: Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Workbook I [Second Edition] (Japanese Edition) (Japanese and English Edition)

I started with Duolingo as well and it wasn't a great start. These books will help further your Japanese learning. I've been studying for two years starting in August, they really work.

r/learnjapanese is also a great place to check for viable resources besides the ones I mentioned.
Good luck! 頑張って!

u/King_Tamino · 4 pointsr/softwaregore

Thanks, I digged a bit on Amazon. The linked one is the later model of the one I own.
Amazon names the one you linked as newer model, when I open up "my orders" and check it up.

However, I own mine since ~ 2010 and I'm pretty confident, the "gore" shown by OP can be "reproduced" on mine.

I'm pinning this thread and can hopefully upload a short clip today evening (about 10 hours ... currently at work and have a bit stuff to do afterwards)

u/tiedyedschwifty · 1 pointr/softwaregore

Seems like a dodgy demographic to be messing with like this amazon.

Also, I tried to get the kindle version of these awesome pants, but it was just some book about drugs...

Edit: Missing word re-assimilated.

u/IslamicStatePatriot · 2 pointsr/softwaregore

Active Desktop?

Now that brings back some memories. Fucking push technology and IE4 and damn I'm nostalgiaing hard.

u/CoherentBeam · 847 pointsr/softwaregore

It’s a Gakken Worldeye. It’s primarily made for showing planets.

u/AyrA_ch · 2 pointsr/softwaregore

My capture card works up to Windows 7 (VideoMate C200 Pro).

New ones aren't that expensive: 35 USD

u/Allaun · 3 pointsr/softwaregore

For those that don't know, The comic is Transmetropolitan

u/scynscatha · 3 pointsr/softwaregore

"The Republic of Thieves" by Scott Lynch. It's the third book in a series, The Gentleman Bastards. First book here.

It's a pretty decent series, if you're interested in heists or fantasy. Caveats: the main character is kinda whiny and self destructive, and there isn't any "period appropriate" speech. Lot of F-bombs, which is a little jarring for some people.

Well written and interesting characters, but doesn't really tread new ground, as it were.

u/xDylan25x · 7 pointsr/softwaregore

> The UTF-8 encoding might contain bytes that are interpreted by the remote terminal as control codes, such that trying to enter a smart quote into the terminal moves the cursor around and corrupts the entire data record.

That...that one is especially terrifying. I'd say, oh sure, backups, but...unlike old computer hobbyists, they aren't going to be using SD card/CF/HDD replacements. They'd be using original equipment, I bet. Reel to reels, 5" HDDs, old proprietary tape storage (ex. 3M DC 2000)...

Side note: Holy fuck there's those 3M tapes being fucking sold on Amazon.

u/the_real_farfetchd · 5 pointsr/softwaregore

where the fuck are you buying your books

u/MichalNemecek · 3 pointsr/softwaregore

SON OF HOLMES AND RASPUTIN'S (the rest cannot be read as it's corrupted)

edit: I googled and the missing word is REVENGE and it's a book

edit 2: Was it supposed to look like this?

u/Please_Pass_The_Milk · 1 pointr/softwaregore

First off, I never said any of the things you're arguing against. You need to learn how to read posts.


>Then you talk about untraceable data steals. If you get any data from it and want it back it's traceable, this includes your "untraceable" attacks.

this is untrue. Tracing is determining information about an attack or attacker in a postmortem, after the attack is complete. If you go to and get phished, that's not traceable unless the bonk of omerica site is still up, and even then it requires significant work. If there's a keylogger agent on your machine, on the other hand, it's possible and even easy to determine what it's sending and where. Even if the information is being collected by zombies, that information can be used to shut at least some of those zombies down, or better yet determine the Leader of the botnet and shut that down.

I'm not saying "unrelated things" to try and "win". I don't care if I "win" an argument on the Internet. But you're spreading disinformation, and that's not okay. Seriously, I recommend getting yourself a copy of this book as a decent primer to Computer Forensics, in spite of the bad reputation that the Dummies series has it actually covers the conceptual bases pretty well. As far as knowing about the state of modern antivirus products, read industry stuff. Tech Republic is okay, Microsoft blogs are usually pretty good (though clearly biased), really I think even the New York Times had an article last year about the ineffectiveness of antivirus in the modern world.

Seriously, though, you're not going to make any headway in this discussion by pretending that AV products are good and useful, or even meaningfully different. It's seriously a closed case, an ended discussion. third-party antivirus is dead. You'd do tens of thousands of times better with a modern adblocker than a modern AV.