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u/FeelTheWrath79 · 5 pointsr/sonyactioncam

Hey, congrats on your trip! Whatever you do, don't mount the cam directly to your motorbike. The image stabilization feature does more harm than good in this instance. Put it on your helmet or shoulder or some place. If you want to mount a cam to your bike, then I would recommend the X1000 as well since that doesn't come with the same image stabilization feature.

The X3000 comes with it's own waterproof case and works really well. Sony makes a decent monopod that I have used in the ocean. But any monopod will work as long as it has the correct connector. If you get the version that comes with a a remote, well it connects about 60% of the time. I find it very frustrating to use because of this. And the remote doesn't work under water at all. It is best to simply use your phone and download the play memories app from itunes or the google play store. Also, get a few extra batteries as the video on this only lasts about 25 minutes or so in 4K recording.

Edit: If you use the waterproof housing, the camera can get pretty hot. So I would use it only when going under water some place. I would also recommend the lens protctor which is only compatible with the X3000 and the AS300. There is a different lens cover for the X1000 if you go that route.

Second edit: You might also want to get some sort of material to act as a wind cover for the mic as well since all you will be recording while motorcycling is the wind overpowering the mic. And when you are handling the camera, make sure to use slow, steady movements if you are walking around. Sudden motions using the camera could make a viewer want to throw up, lol.

u/paulmike3 · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

Hey Nic... See any reason off the top of your head why this 128 GB Samsung card wouldn't work for the X3000 (max 4K video settings)? I realize most cards just need to be tested to know for sure, but wondered if there was a detail that I'm just missing. Trying to save a few bucks off the recommended sidebar card. :) Thanks in advance!

u/I_am_Nic · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

Please return it and buy the Sony BLTUHM1 instead.

The clip you own is rather made for the AZ1 and gives you zero possibilities of adjusting it, also it cannot support the weight of the bigger ActionCams.

With the BLTUHM1 you can adjust the camera so good, that your face completly vanishes out of the cameras view like in this video I made.

You can also parts of it together with the adhesive plates you got with the camera to mount it on the side of a helmet like I did in this video.

I ensure you that you will be more satisfied with the BLTUHM1.

I will soon post a full tutorial on how to get great POV shots with the headband on my new channel.

u/enterprise-psi · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

I already have the VCTAMK1 Arm Kit so i can use it with the VCTHM2 if necessary. Thanks a lot guys!

Edit This looks pretty cool.

u/moaningmyrtle15 · 2 pointsr/sonyactioncam

If you haven’t used the waterproof case in a while, check the seals. Try submerging the closed empty case in a tub to make sure there aren’t any leaks. The latex (?)/rubber(?) o-rings on the door do go bad,

Since you’ll be in water, the remote will not work. You’ll be manually turning it on and off.

Take extra batteries with you to swap out on the boat.

Be sure you have floaties on your camera/selfie sticks. Nothing worse than losing your camera into the abyss.

Oh, be sure to buy the desiccant to go inside the case. Camera gets warm in the case and the humid air will condense inside the case

u/billium28 · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

You made the right decision on this camera. The biggest thing is make sure the lens is ok. I went and bought this:

It protects the lens

u/Astrophsx · 2 pointsr/sonyactioncam

I use this one and it works fine for me. Might want to see if there is a difference between pro and evo are.

u/MorleyDotes · 2 pointsr/sonyactioncam

RAM makes a number of different mounts you can use including a suction cup mount and different types or clamp mounts that you can put the 1/4 20 camera ball on.

u/ghostyroasty · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

I got this along with a kit for the camera. Not sure what you mean by leash, but there was a blue one that came with this one. Are you talking about the square openings on the housing at the bottom?